My Dog Is Aggressive Towards Other Dogs – Hidden Laws of the Pack

hi guys Mike a chance you landed on this
video because you were searching for my dog is aggressive towards other dogs in this video I’m going to teach you how
to stop your dog being aggressive towards other dogs and hopefully not only
stop the aggression but to give you the confidence to socialize your dog so that they can have loads of doggie
friends without causing you any anxiety about your dog’s aggression by the Human
Rights teaching you know who is this mike well not only have I successfully raise
my own dog graft loss and years beautiful golden Labrador but I’m more
so recent graduates from one of the leading universities in the field of
sociology this has taught me about animal welfare and
psychology so today I’m going to partner up with
doggy Dan and teach you about how to stop your dog from being aggressive we’re going to still with scientists or
us step-by-step process so they implement them today yeah yeah so in this consultation i’m working with
tana he’s an 18 month old staff across massive and his owners asked me to come
and assess them around other dogs because when he was about eight months
or something like that we started becoming a little bit dominant and
aggressive his owner kept him away from other dogs because you didn’t want any
trouble and it’s just sort of the that period of time that he’s been away from
the dogs got bigger and bigger and now it really hasn’t been around dogs for a
long long time and I asked his owner walk out onto the grass and then
offering one or more of my dogs out but i’m going to apply a technique that I
call the parallel walk and it’s quite fascinating I’ll just let all of this role and talk
you through it the parallel walk is exactly as it sounds it’s where you walk
parallel to the other dogs and as you can see we started off quite far apart
from each other work in parallel but we’re going to move closer and closer
together now the idea behind this is it’s the exact
opposite of the sort of a predatory attack from the front if you think about it all animals are
used to the sort of predatory locking on and running straight at another animal
to attack them so if you’re coming straight at an animal dog they can feel very threatened that’s why
when you meet a dog on the pathway is coming towards you it can be quite threatening however dogs
and they will parallel like this it’s far more like they’re part of a
pack you think of a pack of wolves they all walk in the same direction in here
we move much much closer together and tallies in a strong his head around he’s
actually wanting to get towards my dog Jack so we just move away apart a little
bit there but he’s doing really well and these techniques are really what time is
owner and i put in place for maybe 10 20 minutes until tonight come right down
and then we’re able to put them on a line and was able to meet my dog’s name
or subject that muzzle off and he just had a great all time he was playing
around with Inca who’s telling him to go away at this point and the other great fun play with the
jack as well you can see here they got on like a house on fire so there you have it in my opinion times
a good dog he’s a lovely boy is sociable but he is he has got a tendency to be a
little bit dominant so you do want to understand how to be the pack leader at
home that or keep his dominance right down and we will be far more tolerant
around other dogs so guys how did you find that you are I have clean the little bit i have for
these two years exactly how to stop your dog be aggressive I honestly believe that
doggie down it’s great he also continued revolutionize and
transform the way the dog training is toward worldwide with a simple but
extremely powerful techniques if you found this useful and hid light
by sin and leave a little comment I really appreciate your feedback if you’re interested in learning more
about dog training and over to /r
training they are plans free training to show you more of this kind of techniques
give you a little more and make sure and make it a little bit easier to actually
implement this and see massive results and then finally I thank you for
checking out this training and they have light what you have seen here let’s go over
and show your appreciation by this thing www . essential result . com /a dog
training I think you are an experienced love it
so much she’s so much value speaks

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  1. arxiellamae says:

    I got a 7 year old staffy crossbreed when she sees other dogs she barks and tries to get them when she sees dogs like a few
    feet away on a field she's fine but I don't risk it what should I do?

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