My Dog Mikey (Ft. Bella The Dog)

At the start of my last video, I drank tea. That was nice. Sugar’s like important, I guess. I’ve had three dogs in my uh… Dog owning career and each of them have been from Craig- You know what? I got them online. My brother, and I had been wanting as any other kids since we were very little to be “Responsible” enough to own a dog and like any other kids begged and begged and begged until we got what we wanted Gosh my parents are so gullible… Or nice, nice Yeah Probably just nice. After months and months of research (by my dad) and looking for the “perfect” I put quotes on there for a reason We found a dog Sorry, I just have to take a quick… One day while my brother and I were at school my dad went to pick up this dog he brought it back home [and] waited for us to arrive on [the] scene when we did we freaked At least [at] first… They called him Mikey he was a small grey brown and white Yorkepoo. Which is a dog breed combo of a yorkshire terrier and a poodle Take note of the poodle side part. My brother is the kind of person who loves all animals And gets in their faces and shows them all the love he has to offer Not a good thing with tiny dogs, tiny dogs tend to not also be like this, I’m just talking from my experience. tiny dogs tend to be really defensive of their territory hate other dogs and only stay and interact with the [Alpha] person in the house. Back to my brother givin LOVVVEE Mike Mikey was not into it. [he] bit my brother multiple times and my parents had to interject But he would just not stop. He made my brother bleed. Yeah Not nice. [back] to the alpha person thing Mikey stuck like hot glue to my dad He didn’t want anything to do with the rest of the family and myself. While I was writing this my current Dawg literally just stuck her head through the door and walked in. Mikey was Awful and we barely were holding on after only having him for two months well I mean my dad was enjoying it, but everyone else well NO! What happened next was [the] final straw We were with our next-door neighbors, and my brother my neighbor, and I were trying Trying to play with Mikey. We finally found a way for him to follow us We would throw his ball and then run away really fast [we] ran around my old house when Mikey had a sudden burst of energy and Jumped on to my neighbor biting his butt. It was at that time we realized Mikey was Not for us a year passes by with my father still looking for a dog and just days before Christmas [we] come home from [the] bus and open the door to a beautiful Loving caring not at all like Mikey [dog]. She was all like WOOF WOOF And we were all like ah woof woof Bella was a humungous gray standard poodle now when you think of a poodle most people, well at least my dad thought of a toy poodle [I’m] not sure how he didn’t know from the pictures online But he thought bella was a tiny toy poodle when he got to the previous owners house Bella came Running out and jumped on him then the owner came out and was like “So you like her?” Yeah, but where’s the poodle? Funny story, huh? Oh, and you want to know another great thing the owners told us she was four, we went to the vet She was actually [eight]. I mean that didn’t matter to us Though it made us a little sad and mad mad that the owners lied to us & Sad because it meant we wouldn’t be able to have Bella for as long as we might have liked to. On a happier note Bella was the perfect dog [for] my family! Right Bella? Woof. Wait, the story’s not over yet earlier I said I’ve had three dogs in my dog owning career About a year or so after we got bella. We thought she looked lonely boy. Oh, boy were we wrong My Dad again for the third time had to craig you the internet this time We didn’t go for the older dogs instead choosing a beautiful standard poodle puppy called [cliff] [I] named him that by the way. I know you’re welcome He was a luscious black poodle with spots of Golden Brown covering his body But let me tell you puppies are Very difficult to take care of the first night we had him he wouldn’t stop barking and Monie the entire night the next morning He took a poop in our living room fella had never gone potty in the house And so this was a huge surprise, [too] This was all fine and stuff and we might have even kept him had fellas attitude. Not suddenly changed She just went into a state of awful Depression I didn’t even know dogs could experience depression until then she wouldn’t do anything Eat play drink to be honest. This was very selfish of her, but she wanted all of our attention right bella Yeah Cliff [Bachus] was a nice experience I like Mikey we only ended up having him for a month or so [uh] oops Thanks for having the patience with me and sticking through the long wait. We are currently at 25 some Thousand Subscribers, which is actually mind-blowing and follow me on Twitter. Oh? Yeah, you can get a shirt with me on it. Which I like if you want I don’t know you can go down [below] if you aren’t one yourself. [I] got the heather gray Crewneck sweatshirt, which there is also a link for down below and of [course] I want to thank my beautiful dog bella for voicing some parts in this video and my parents any of us was Gonna Interesting while I was editing this I realized I was really pale two months ago Wow, oh yeah, I’m also planning to do more live streams for the series and animators party Except the only difference From [last] time is I’m going to be having less people and will be uploading the highlights to my second channel Oh, yes I have a second channel click the screen to go there and subscribe for good stuff and go flip some to Jibba [losers]

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    <- This channel, is where I will be posting highlights for "An Animators Party" and just random stuff that isn't so serious that I want to post to Atimations. So like, go sub or something. (And have a good day!)

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  4. Jimbob Finkelstein says:

    I have a Yorkie poo and her name is Macy. She's not super mean though.

  5. Destiney Joseph says:

    I begged and begged and begged and begged to get a cat and I got to my parents are so nice that day one name is sunset and other name is Luna

  6. Destiney Joseph says:

    I used to have a ginormous dog and he just showed up at our doorstep in and he was the sweetest thing in the world but he was like a hundred something pounds but I thought he was lap dog he was the sweetest thing ever

  7. Destiney Joseph says:


  8. Kawhi Leonard says:

    How can I send fan art?

  9. the Condor says:

    Tea montages are the best montages

  10. Crackhead Entertainment says:

    Who ells wanna drink some tee????☕☕☕☕☕

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  12. Fox Films17 says:

    My name is Mikey and my dog is named bella

  13. bella loves cats says:

    hay I'm Bella the pooooodel

  14. ELÄIN RAKAS♡ says:

    not my dog :/

  15. plate noise says:

    i didn't get a dog i got a bird

  16. Jhonatan rosental says:

    Thx you for the big inspiration?(im an animator too?)

  17. Kaxtana Oreos says:

    I had a Yorkey (small dog) and he was nice like never was mean

  18. Kaxtana Oreos says:

    He was nice to other dogs he was just the best little dog u can't ask for

  19. Ana Martinez says:

    Do you speak Spanish? Cause when you showed how long it took you to upload this video it said "2 Months Ago" in Spanish? just curious, I speak Spanisk too.

  20. Ironic49 says:

    Who else was drinking tea during the vid

  21. FlyingGayCat says:

    I am new subsriber :V also noice vid ???

  22. sal ty says:

    Ma aunt has a dog named bella .o.

  23. Dark Dragon 6669 says:

    Fuck u

  24. Alex Chischile says:

    I have the same toster as you………. that was random

  25. K33p G01ng says:

    begged and begged and begged and never got a dog cries

    (this was me)

  26. Its Make up show says:

    Lol my name is Bella too! Anyways joined the sub and notif squad

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    Plz upload something

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    Can we colab

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    Pl make more

  30. Molz says:

    I just found this channel i love it soooooooooooooooooo
    Write down rugby rebel on a piece of paper to remember people when your channel was small!!!

    Do it

  31. AkitaTheHuskey says:

    My dog went into depression and died ;-;

  32. Cyanimations A says:

    At the start of this vid I drank tea

    Lol when u don't know how to start a vid lol

  33. ス͓̽パ͓̽ SPIKES イ͓̽ク͓̽ says:

    It's been 2 months dude

  34. Mr SheepGuy says:

    Almost 30k!!!

  35. Mr SheepGuy says:

    Subbed at 29,996 subs

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    I have a dog named bella

  37. Kewl pony says:

    I have a toy pudle she's so cute! And a westie

  38. Diana Cavendish says:

    I was the 963th like

  39. The Garf says:

    Too bad we lost another great channel

  40. Random stuff says:

    Cant you get a dog from a rescue

  41. Random stuff says:

    Cant you get a dog from a rescue

  42. block destroyer Cool says:

    MORE VIDEOS I LOVE YOUR VIDS the first vid I saw from u was kindergarten kids kiss ????

  43. ah hahaa says:

    ¿Tu ablas español ?

  44. Kahli Fontaine says:

    Bella is so cute I hope ? she has had a great past ?

  45. TheDiamondCave17 says:

    Choose wisely. Green tea or black tea.

    green tea = ur awesome
    black tea = ur racist

  46. Gummie says:

    I always had a dog sinceI was 1 XD

  47. Rat Poison says:

    Why does your shirt keep changing

  48. Zoe Belton says:

    Animations: but let me tell you puppies are very difficult to take care of. Me:………. you couldn't have said that BEFORW I got my dog…….. (puppy)

  49. Purpy OwO says:

    W U U F

  50. yesui b says:

    Guys I think he’s dead.

    Jk jk jk.

  51. Yellow Chease says:

    Vets thought our 12 year old dog was a puppy

  52. Judith Baeza says:

    Make more videos!!!!!! BTW Nice video

  53. Kamaiya Peter says:

    Can you please show your face!

  54. Frida Flores says:

    "Craig-" me bro me?

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    Ahaha!! Awesome! But I don't really like tea…

  56. a cow says:


  57. lps_lover lilly says:

    I have a yorkie her name is molly

  58. woke kola says:


  59. Len Friesen says:


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    My dog luna is so smol why she not meen like moikee

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    Y u don't post anymore

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    2:43 Ur dog is so cute? ?

  63. Mikey Lawrence says:

    I guess I'm a doggo…

    My real name is mikey XD

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    Are you dead?

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    2:07 sounds like my tiny dog

  66. Wiggley Noodle Legs says:

    I beg for around 7-8 years of begging for a dog….

    Still no dog ;-;

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    Tea is life ❤️

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    Love how you covered up the Lipton logo

  69. The_Poptart says:


    Read more

  70. Angry virgin Gay nigger says:

    My dog died today

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    Haha my dog's name is Brea

  72. Charlie Mations says:

    How old is Bella now?

  73. Shopping on WINE!!! says:

    Do you know the odd ones out

  74. Poison Fang says:

    My dad told me and my siblings we have to lick our elbows and one day -dad”we going to the pound” us”ok hehehe”

  75. abbe6820 abbe6820 says:

    bella is such a pretty doggo :3

    and great video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The shirts GETS TRIGGERED

  77. Wølfimation says:

    My dog is a

    Maltese+ Poodle

    And the poodle side made her blind….
    Yeah…. she just kinda sits and eats and goes outside for some dumb reason… yeah….

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    I have a yokshowr terer yey

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    I have 2 puppies, there the size of normal dogs, one got depressed for a while, but she's ok now ☺

  80. Audrey Rose says:

    I have two tiny dogs and they are really loving there so cute and love everyone

  81. Sarah P1330 says:

    i have four dogs one more then you hehe

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    The beginning video is exactly what happens to me
    I had a Yorkiepoo
    My sis loves it to much
    She hates every one (except me)
    She bites me

  83. Jenn Torres says:

    My tiny dog was sitting on my lap while I was waching

  84. 21partypilots :] says:

    Lipton tea is Gud ☕️

  85. MsCherade9 says:

    Poor Mikey really needed an animal behaviourist. Dogs don't behave like that unless they are really messed up and need proper animal training to recover mentally so they can be happy companions to people.

  86. Charley Flanagan says:

    iM oFfEnDeD tInY dOgGoS aRe NiCe111!!1!1!1!1!

    This is a JOKE

  87. PLY- animations says:

    Lmfao i dying this video is so good ?? you bought your dogs from craigslist???

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    I have a yorkie poo

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    have a dog named mickey too

  90. FNAF films says:

    My dog died today

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    poor miky

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    Wait a second, why is your youtube in spanish

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    i have a wolf pet

  94. Dallanara says:

    I have a toy Poodle and he is the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  95. Insecure Mess says:

    I have a Yorkie. Same story. Exept she doesn't bite at all.

  96. sweet pea says:

    Omg i have a yorkiepoo to but hes not mean tho

  97. Sheryl Fisher says:

    Sooooo…what happened to Mikey

  98. Jake is a bot dont subscribe to him says:


  99. Bonnie Locey says:

    I have 3 tiny dogs and 1 big dog.

    3 French BullDogs, and 1 LeonBurger.

    My French BullDogs are basically amazing. The older one (Finn at 3 years old) is a dog who loves my mom SO MUCH!! And he is always mad and lazy.
    The other two(Rouge at 2 years old and Hooper who is 3 months old, born in October) are HIPER!! Almost all the time, they wanna play.

    The LeonBurger(a mix of 3 dogs, and is named Bentley at 6 years old) is nice. He is out guard dog and he takes time to like new dogs. He also likes to sleep on my parents bed after they leave the bed :))

  100. Commanderfalcon 15 says:

    Boy were they wrong

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