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You guys know Gabe the dog right? (BORK) Well he died just recently πŸ™ Rest in tranquility sweet puppers! Your borks will forever echo in our hearts. I wish his family the best. It’s always heartbreaking to hear when people lose their pets. All animals want is love and happy, and it’s just so sad because you feel for the people who took such great care of them and loved them and they had an unbreakable bond And I just.. *sigh* I’m an animal lover I can’t help myself (Ari sounds) Ari, calm down! I’m trying to record! Stop! You’re-You’re messing up the recording! (Ari sounds) CALM DOWN! (Ari makes a rebellious scream) When I heard about the sad news about Gabe, it reminded me of my old childhood dogs. I thought I could tell you some stories, because they’re a bit insane. I’m surprised I haven’t told them sooner, to be honest. I had two dogs growing up. The first one was a Shetland Sheepdog, Kaisha. Quick fact, growing up I didn’t know what the breed was called, so I just said “Kaisha-dog.” That’s what I still call them to this day. I don’t have too many memories of Kaisha, because my parents got her before I was born, and I was too young to remember very much from the few years we co-existed, but my mom and dad have told me stories of us. including the one I’m about to share with you… Setting the timeline here, I was really young – three years old. I don’t have memory of this, but my parents have told me about it many times. So, my mom and dad decided that we should all take a nice walk around the neighborhood with Kaisha. I was apparently VERY excited about this, and was wanting to go out right at that moment. They told me to slow my roll, and wait a bit, because they need to get ready, and we would go out later. But Jaiden thought: “…Nah, I’m going now.” So I took Kaisha, and left the house on my own, without telling my parents I was leaving. There is now an unsupervised three-year-old, wandering down the street… walking a dog? I can’t even imagine what that could have looked like. I don’t know how far down the road I got, but by some crazy coincidence, a Police Cruiser just so happened to be driving by and spotted me. As it started approaching, I guess I was like “SHOOT, THEY’RE AFTER ME! ABORT! ABORT!!” And before they could ask me any questions, I start BOOKING it back to the house. It was around that time my parents realized I left, and were getting ready to go out and find me. And they come out to the front to see they’re freakin’ child, (flustered) dog leash in hand, hightailing it from this police cruiser, that’s following me down the neighborhood. Everything was fine, I was fine, the dog was fine. But now you know about the one time I was chased down by the police. Kaisha was a great dog as I was told. She was gentle with me as a baby, and was like my own fluffy bodyguard / babysitter. But she passed away before I was old enough to really remember her. I’ve always loved animals my entire life, and would always beg my parents to let us get another dog. Years and years of nagging, and just: “Please mom, I promise I’ll take good care of it. And I’ll feed it. And I’ll water it and give sunshine and everything a dog needs to grow into a big strong doggo, pleeeeaaase.” And on my seventh birthday, my dad went behind my mom’s back and got me a dog without telling her (High five) Nah okay, we went to look at dogs before as a group, but it was never an official decision we’d get one. So here’s the story of what we got our new dog. My dad went to the place to pick him up We got them from a dog rescue, which is the recommended place to get animals because you save a life and all that. Try to look into rescues and adoptions over breeders. (Just the tip I thought I’d just mention) and when he was holding the dog, getting ready to take him home. The dog started peeing on him. Obviously my dad didn’t want that, so we tried to hold him away from his body, but that made the dog nervous and he turned around and bit my dad’s hand. Not wanting to drop the dog on the floor he tried to [shift] them over to the other hand, but he bit that one too! My dad came home with pee on his shirt, two bleeding thumbs, and a dog, I named them Scruffy. Scruffy was a weird little dog, havanese breed if you’re wondering, he hated my dad, and loved my mom, who was Ironically the only one who didn’t want him. He would follow her everywhere, and when she was at work he’d sit in the living room and do nothing, but wait her to get back. We always joke that he was just a cat in a dog’s body, Come here Scruffy! *Pat* *Pat* Come here! Come here Scruffy! *Pat* *Pat* *Pat* *Walks off* but we love them anyway. My mom gave them haircuts to make it look like he had a mohawk. So back to stories. Every morning our mom would drop us off at our elementary school down the street, and Scruffy would ride in the car too. He’d sit in the back with us and stick his head out the window, but one day he just Jumped out he freaking jumped out the window of a moving car we weren’t driving fast mind you because we weren’t and on the main road yet, but friggin heck it Scruffy You can’t just jump out of moving cars whenever you want, he ran into the desert because he was freaked out and we lost track Of him of course my brother, and I still had to go to school But I was pretty messed up for the rest of the day and by the time I got home he still wasn’t found this is In summer to little black dog in the Arizona sun without water isn’t a good combination And he definitely wouldn’t survive a night with all the coyotes around, he’d be like a little happy meal to ’em We drove around looking for him for a long time I was leaning out the window calling his name and no I didn’t jump out and run away too, we didn’t need two family members jumping out of car windows that day You know I’m saying after searching and searching for so long we were actually starting to lose hope But we finally found him, SCRUFFY! Time for bath, finding scruffy again was the biggest rush of relief I’ve ever experienced in my life Wanna hear about the second time he ran away? This was several years later We were driving back from visiting my aunt in Tahoe as I mentioned we do in a previous video But it wasn’t just my Mom, Dad, Brother, and Scruffy with us, my Dad’s Dad was with us too We call him Opa is this all retired four foot eleven horse jockey to give you an image of what he looks like So we’re driving in the middle of the desert on our way home and we decided to stop at a gas station My Mom and I had to go to the bathroom so she gave Scruffy to Opa and told him to let him go to the bathroom While we went to the bathroom, he was on a leash so nothing could have gone wrong right? Right? Yeah, of course not. While we were in the stall I was still young enough to go in the same restroom stall as my Mom, ok? Opa busts in and yells for my Mom There are a few other women in the bathroom too so they’re a bit startled to see this tiny old man come in and start making a ruckus “Yeah?” and she sees Opa holding the leash with no dog on the end Oh great, pull up your pants we’re going on a run. Since it was all mostly flat open desert We were able to see Scruffy still booking it down the side of the road and since it was a tiny middle of nowhere gas station the few people that were there were all chasing after him too, everyone screaming at each other “Get the dog! Get the Dog!” and running around *Sigh* What a disaster Thing is even though especially as a small dog with tiny legs He could run, those things can friggin run and when he started running you couldn’t stop him It was like Tunnel vision “Need to run, need to run, need to run. W-where am I going? I don’t know.” “If I just run I will get there.” you could try to yell his name, it wasn’t like he was gonna listen He hardly did that anyway So how do we catch him? Driving down the road Towards us was a white van they saw that there’s a herd of people chasing this tiny dog down the road so they turn Sideways open their big van car doors, you know the kind I’m talking about the ones that th-they slide and Scruffy just jumped in! Wha- Scruffy hasn’t anyone taught you not to jump into white vans with strangers? They didn’t even have to give you dog treats to get in there And I could try to lie to you and say they closed the door and drove off with a free dog But they didn’t, they gave him back to us, but think about how easily they could have. “Oh, thanks for catching our dog, We could have never caught up to him.” *Tire screech* I don’t think you would have forgiven me If I tried to pull off that ending and that was runaway attempt number two. He loved us, I promise. Scruffy was a great dog too and even though it might not seem like it because I only talked about him trying to run away from us it was good to be part of our family and we all loved him, if you have an animal Make sure you give them a good pat on the head and tell them you love them. Even if it’s a… Snake, yeah snakes want love too It sad to hear when animals die , Scruffy dying was the first time I ever had to experience death And I was really heartbroken when he wasn’t with us anymore, but just knowing we gave him a good life And he was a happy little dog helped me feel better Make sure you give your animal the best life you can while they’re still around. All animals deserve to be loved and cared for properly. They aren’t your possession they’re a friend and a family member. Give them the right care, the right food, the right toys, the right amount of attention. Everything and make sure you do research beforehand to know exactly what it takes to make sure they’re happy and healthy, too many people Impulse buy animals and the poor thing doesn’t end up being treated for correctly research And then love, that’s the step rest in peace. Gabe keep on Borking Little Pal

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  1. xx gachaboizxx says:

    Scruffy: BATH???(runs away again)

  2. xx gachaboizxx says:

    Even if it's a t rex? A shark? A nuke that can destroy the world at any minute with a timer?

  3. Emma Durbin says:

    -ari 2017

  4. Grace says:

    I’ll water it and give it sunlight

  5. Smashfan YT says:

    Me too

  6. Smashfan YT says:

    I used to have a dog

  7. Smashfan YT says:


  8. elmer reyes says:

    Scruffy didπŸ–•πŸ»the middle finger to jaidens dad

  9. pfcande says:

    I legit had a bit of anxiety up until she said they found scruffy…. Both times.

  10. Max & Nico says:

    I pat my chameleon on the head multiple times,he loves me so much

  11. Jalyssa Jover says:

    I looooove animals so much

  12. Kerry Frith says:

    3:35 my tiny doggo is the same he HATES my dad, and LOVES my mom. (My mom loves him) But if he was around the house he would run under my moms bed πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… (We named him Rocket bc he runs like a rocket)

  13. Kylie Mc Nease says:

    Thumbs up if you love your dog

  14. Dakota Brittain says:

    ha my mom did the same thing exsept she was taking her sister on a walk

  15. RedEyeDominus legend says:


  16. chieko annisa says:

    My cat Die 😒😒😒😒😒😒

  17. Isaac Fraire says:

    calm down……..aaaaaaaaaaaa!

  18. Renae Hard says:

    I have a two doggies and two kitties one doggie is short other is big he’s a coot baby pitbull and one kittie is a tabby kittie the other one is a big fat boi

  19. Sokkie Berri says:

    I was watching this with my cat by me feet. I put my feet on her back and she fell asleep

  20. Ties van Dijk says:

    5:18 opa is dutch for grandfather

  21. Melissa Colon says:

    Rip gabe

  22. CoyoteGameing says:

    One of my dogs, Luna, A German Sheppard attacked one of our small dogs. His name is Max, he survived, however she attacked him because she had a silent seizure. By the way, Max is a Karen Terrier. So now I have a phobia of dog nipping at other dogs, I was in the same room that the attack happened.

  23. Mega Mewthree Z says:

    Jaden: time 4 a bath

    Scrafy: oh hell no ✌️

  24. Deven Smith says:

    Rip gabe

  25. Sexy rat Bat says:

    I love that bird

  26. Henry Craigen says:

    i have a 10 year old cat that my bro got for a birthday present and i was around 1 years old and i remember sitting in front of the door and seeing my bro and mom coming back with my cat called kiki my mom sais that i started to just call her kiki so that was her name from then on and she is a black swedish house cat and she is so cute and people say that black cats give bad luck but she gives good luck i love you kiki

  27. flmingo yass queen26 says:

    Me:I'm in me mum's car boom ima catch scruffy scruffy: goes sonic speed get noob

  28. Rizwan Mirza says:

    In animation why is the dog is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by Laibam96

  29. Danica Disbennett says:

    4:07 yah… thats why we don't roll the windows down more than an inch when our dog is with us

  30. Drew Bot says:

    animals are really HATE when doggos or really any animal so sad πŸ™

  31. R33 Kid says:

    one time when i was 11 i had a lizard named vader (you know after "Darth Vader") anyways i loved him so much cuz he was my first lizard pet but our cats watned him as food so they caught him twice once they ate his tail but the second time it was his lungs so he had breathing problems so we just let him in the wild but the next day it was below 0 so i was super sad

  32. Yeezy_Easy XD says:

    I got a pet dog yesterday

  33. Rudy Gonzalez says:

    Some can of animal lover πŸ˜‚

  34. Maiyah Brown says:

    I have 14 dog jaiden animation!!

  35. Finlay Hanning says:

    I have 17 fish over 100 stick insects and 3 cats

    I think I call myself a animal lover

  36. Gamedummie says:

    Opa is the Dutch version of grandpa

  37. CCwarrior says:

    If you were wondering what the small glimpse of a policeman while scruffy was running was saying, he was saying β€œwoah m8” and on his thing it had β€œtoo fast for a dog that’s 8 pounds”

  38. Alanis Fun says:

    Lets tell my story.
    My dog thats right now 12 years old like me. Sooo i was in dog house and stelll(dogs name) was outside. My mom was yelling at me to get me out and she wanted to pull my leg. So stella jumped on moms back. She is a golden retriever. So my mom is scared of the dog now.

  39. Furry Fur e says:

    Me Listens to this part 7:55 me (moves doggie closer an cuddles and says I love you)

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