My Dog’s Morning Routine | Huskies Morning Routine 2018

So, this is what a morning routine with
three (3) Huskies looks like. Normally, one of the dogs wake us up,
before the alarm goes off. Usually is Shelby! Then, she usually awakes Oakley and then,
wakes us up, so we don’t think it was Shelby. But not always! Sometimes,
is just Shelby that comes to wake us up. Once everybody is awake, of course!
It’s time to go outside! You would think, would be a pretty easy thing to do? Sometimes… Sometimes Shelby decides,
she won’t go outside. She just wanted to awake everybody up and
she decides, she’s gonna go back to bed. I’ll usually let at least, Memphis and Oakley out. Then, I’ll sit at the dinning room table and watch them
while they wander around the yard and do their thing. I also, have to try to convice Shelby that she
really should go outside. Instead of trying to run back to bed. Normally, she still takes off down the hallway
and ends going back to bed. I mean… She looks pretty ‘dang’
comfortable, don’t you think? [laughs] After quite a bit of convincing, Shelby usually go
outside and joins the others, at least for a little bit. Once they come back inside, is time for a treat. Because in this house, you can’t go outside
without getting a treat when you come back in. Everybody gets a treat and then, we get ready
to start the next part of our morning routine. Time for the cycle of walks! So, the first dog to go on a walk, of course is
Miss ‘Fluffy Butt’ Oakley! Seniority rules, right? The funniest part is, we can’t barely leave the house
without Memphis going crazy in the window! She doesn’t realize yet, that she is going to get her turn! I usually walk Oakley for a little bit more,
than a half (1/2) a mile, basically just around a couple blocks
here in the neighborhood. We try at whatever speed she wants to go at.
Whenever she wants to go fast or slow, or whatever. If she wants to stop and sniff things,
we just kind of let her do that. Let her go on her own pace.
She really does enjoy going for short little walks. On this walk the neighbor’s cat friend was out. But, Oakley didn’t actually saw her
cause she (cat) didn’t moved. After our short little run around the neighborhood,
is time to head home and walk the next dog. The next in line, is ‘Miss Diva’ Shelby!
[whines] As you guys can tell, she’s protesting and letting me
know, that she should had been first for today’s walk. She usually goes second. She totally knows this. Of course, Memphis stays staring at us
as we walk away. Don’t worry Memphis! You are gonna get your turn as well. Shelby runs at a much faster pace than Oakley. I choose to walk all three (3) dogs separately
because, they actually walk better alone and we just do short little walks, because
it is summer time and is getting a little warmer out. Today, was a little bit gloomy and overcast,
but it was still actually a little bit humid. As we ran around the corner to where the neighbor cat
was, when we walked Oakley, she (cat) was still there in the same spot. Shelby, unlike
Oakley definitively saw her. I think, they kind of had a conversation
without really saying anything. Thankfully, Shelby was really good, when she saw
the cat this time. We just kind of kept on walking. Not only did Shelby get to see the neighbor’s cat. She also got to see the squirrel friend
hanging out on the neighbor’s yard. Again, thankfully she didn’t made
a bunch of crazy noises. She just kind of watched the ‘missy’
ran through the yard. We got back home and Memphis is
still staring out the window. But this time is actually her turn to go for a walk. Let’s give Memphis a moment to let
you know, what she thinks about going for a walk [howls] [Memphis howls] [Shelby cries] [barks] The wait was worth it Memphis!
It’s your turn to go for a walk. So Memphis does pretty good,
when she walks by herself. As I said, totally easier to walk the dogs each, alone. Memphis is a much faster walker than
the other two (2) dogs, which is kind of funny. She’s constantly looking for any of our neighbors
that are out walking their pets and any of the neighbor dogs that are out,
so that she can say ‘Hi’ to them. She’s always looking for squirrel friends
and her favorite house in the whole neighborhood. Is what I call ‘The Cat Ladies’ house! Can you see, why we call it
‘The Cat Ladies House?’ There’s usually anywhere, between…
the most I’ve ever counted was ten (10) (cats). But, the least I’ve had seen
was like two (2) or three (3) (cats). So between two (2) and three (3), to ten (10) cats
sitting out in front of ‘The Cat Ladies House’. That’s Memphis’es favorite house to walk by,
every time we go for a walk. She definitively strut her stuff,
around the neighborhood. This time thought, the neighbor’s cat by the tree,
wasn’t there when we walked by. Is time to take Memphis home,
so all the girls can have breakfast. Are you hungry? Are you ready for breakfast? How about you?
Ready for breakfast? Alright! Let’s do it! Now that all the dogs are in,
it is time for breakfast. In case you don’t know, our dogs
actually eats three (3) times a day. Mainly because of Oakley’s history with bloat. They get half (1/2) a cup of food,
at each feeding. I also add some things to their food. Usually I’ll add some turmeric, an anti inflammatory
supplement that goes on their food. We also put ‘Plaque Off’ on their food,
to help with their teeth. If you’re wondering what they eat,
they eat ‘Wellness Core Raw Rev,’ which is a kibble with
dehydrated raw in it, as well. I also add a little bit more of
dehydrated raw on top of it. Then, sometimes they get cheese
because sometimes they’re picky. Just sprinkle a little bit of cheese on it. They’ll eat it. I actually think they will eat it, without it but I think
is just a condition thing, that I’ve been doing for so long. So, they just want it (cheese). Turn around!
[bark] Turn around! Sit!
[bark] Jump! Sit! Then of course, after they are done eating,
is time to go back outside one more time. And of course, when they come back from outside,
you have to give them a treat again. One for everybody.
Then they usually fall asleep. Literally, they have full bellies and
they’re happy because they got their walk and they usually just lay down
and take their mid morning nap. Alright you guys! There you have it!
Our morning routine. You guys had been asking us to do this
for a long time, so we thought we would. If you want to see other parts of the day,
would you guys want to see a full day in the life? And if so, would you want me to do one per dog,
or one of all the dogs together? Or both? Let us know down
in the comments below. Alright you guys!
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