My French bulldog loves frisbee

Harvey, You ready? Oh! He got it! 🙂 harvey! So, It looks like he already did it, Let’s try that again harvey. 1,2… No! Three! Oh, almost. Ha ha! Now that’s my harvey. 🙂 Good boy! You’ll get a treat sometime! Good boy! 🙂 Let’s try this one more time. 1 2 Three! OH! Almost! Threeeeee! Poor him. OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, Thank you for watching everybody! Make sure you like and subscribe and see if you have a frisbee for your dog. We bought this at petsmart. Anyways, Bye! 🙂 🙂

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  1. Gage Tv says:

    Like if you like Christmas in 2018!!!! 🙂 🎄

  2. Gage Tv says:

    Thanks for 10 subscribers guys!

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