My German Shepherd always has to get wet himself/Mój Owczarek Niemiecki zawsze musi się zmoczyć

Nice rai….after rain afternoon Yes It was raining a little bit That’s good. It became a bit cooler, so we can go for a walk River ahead of us Well Major, you always have to enter to river, right? Will you go further or not? You must went through here but Exactly, you gonna want to play So what? We stay here & move forward? I see you Come on Ops, it bounced of branch & it fell near you Oh right, now let’s go further Bye. I go I know, you want me to stay there & throwing stones to water He’s coming finally What now? What now Major? Isn’t so hot today Major only wanted to get wet a bit But yes When river is nearby Sometimes even small puddle When Major feels hot then he needs to get cool Those fields are so nice, cause there’s this river A small river But still It’s something else those fields we can’t see them from here, there, higher There’s no river there Major can’t gets cool there before having fun on the field Mountain views Beskidy mountains 2019 We’re going further Go find this ball which you’ve lost, when we played here last time He took the ball and he lost it in the grass. Somewhere here I was looking for but I didn’t find Are you sniffing in the grass? Watch out for ticks You gets pill against ticks But you know, as vet said There’s no 100% of protection from ticks Need to be careful Let’s go further to play in fields Without leash Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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17 Responses

  1. Małgorzata burak says:

    Świetny filmik


    He loves getting wet lol you should definitely do a photoshoots with him in the water

  3. Peter Harper says:

    I’m surprised Major always has to get himself wet, that’s alright it’s perfectly normal. He’s a funny lad though isn’t he.

  4. Stas Brodowski says:

    Gorgeous dog

  5. miski 2 says:

    Mój pies tez zawsze kładzie się w kałuży u w każdej wodzie

  6. 渡辺ボス says:

    Good eveningCool Shepherd🐶♥

  7. Agro Norbert says:

    Dobry filmik!! I dobry Major!!

  8. Nikolaos Aslanidis says:

    In this video. Major is very Happy in the green Landscapes of Poland is so beautiful that I am happy with him also.Bravo Lukas. Good Job.👍

  9. ahmed osman says:

    مش عارف اتواصل معاك

  10. Zuzanna Drózda says:

    Lubisz labradory? Bo ja kocham

  11. Marlis Stelter says:

    Water nearby??? Major is here:) 🙂 🙂

  12. Pjoter says:

    Super film 👊👍🐶☺👌💪

  13. Kamil Cieslinski says:

    Jest super Ile ma miesiecy

  14. Bożena P says:

    Zazdrościmy tych wodnych zabaw 🙂 bo mój owczarek to unika wody. Super filmik. Pięknego i mądrego to miło oglądać 🥰

  15. Ms. Laika The Husky says:

    It's so nice to see Major have fun in the water 😊

  16. Oscar Palacios says:

    GREAT dog

  17. Grazyna Splitt says:

    Major masz w sobie urok

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