My German Shepherd and Husky

hi guys, welcome back to my channel! so
today is all about my two babies!! I have two dogs, both male dogs. One is
a German Shepherd , and other one is a Sibierian husky So the Husky is a little older, he will
be six years old this November, and then the German Shepherd is younger he’s a little more than 2 years old so let’s invite them
in, “bei bei….. I talk to them in China So this big one omg… he’s so big… He’s more than a hundred pounds, and him
is 60, 60 pounds last time weighted.. 60 pounds. So his name is ty So his name is Ty, his name is Bay.
This is their english names, they also have a Chinese name. His
Chinese name is a “Tai Lang” and ..come here… so he’s Chinese name is”Da Bei” They understand Chinese If you’re thinking about getting a dog, I don’t really recommend a husky. Even though, they look really cute and
fluffy. really good looking but I don’t really
recommend them, they are really dependent and they don’t like to cuddle with you a
lot, sometimes they might want to cuddle with
you a little bit, but then after like a few few seconds and they will be like okay I’m
gone, then they left. but for German Shepherd, he is very like
to be with people and just sit there and then not thinking
about moving.. really really sweet. Look at the husky!
Just sitting there right it’s like okay you just do your thing
I’m just gonna sit there what you doing? I usually talk to them in Chinese, so when
they hear English, they are like: what is she talking about? I gave his name based on a Chinese cartoon
character, it is a wolf because he’s like a kind of wolfy kind of looking so that’s why I gave him a name “Tai Lang” Let people see your face.. You are so cute… you are cute too~~ see.. He doesn’t want to stay with you, he just want to
go away Are you leaving too? You are staying here with me~ oh you’re back they don’t understand English now and German Shepherd, they are very loyal and
they bark to strangers. they can guard the whole house, Husky,
strangers for them is like a long-lost family member, so exciting to see a stranger. now they’re all gone. Ok hope you enjoy this video, and I will
see you in my next video!

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