My German Shepherd loves snow/Mój Owczarek Niemiecki kocha śnieg

Let’s go A lot of snow’s falling Where are you escaping Here you are, let’s go A lot of snow Let’s go A loose Major, without harness & a leash On a meadow behind house A real snow storm Still I saw bigger He went pee Come Major Do we throw snowballs? Weak Come Come! & he saw a snowball Come here We’re looking for again Snow is hard It’s practically an ice. Hard to do, right, something Pretty jump Swiss Shepherd saw you Ready? A lot of fun Come! Come bring, bring! Good dog! So, leave it, where’s it? Oh, good! Ready? Major, a jump I only need to watch out for fingers What’s up Mr. Fluffy Stop Sit Ops It’s broken Major always first It’s not a race, let me take Let me take some ice snowball Major has a lot of fun With ice & snow Right Major? Yes Thumbs up for a happy Major Thanks for watching & see you next time I got Sit…sit Later

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