My Husband Is An Asexual Drag Queen | EXTREME LOVE

JEREMIAH DOUBENY: When I started doing drag my wife wasn’t the most excited for it but she is very supportive of it now. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: When I did a lot more of
FI drag – which is female impersonation, I would get confused all the time for being
a woman but that was intentional. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: So I guess you could say
that my current illusion that I do mostly is a man impersonating a woman who is impersonating
a man. COMM: Meagan and Jeremiah are not the most
conventional of couples. COMM: A year into their relationship and Jeremiah
started practicing the art of drag. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: What are you going for today? JEREMIAH DOUBENY: I am going to go for something
a little more gender clear than normal. So I think I might, I don’t know how many conquer
my body today so we are going to see how that kind of turns out. I kind of have an idea
of what I am doing. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: Generally. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: An idea. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, you do. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: Or concept. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: So we first started dating
in our freshman year of college. So we met up at homecoming. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: Homecoming. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: Right. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: So I first started getting
interested in makeup when I was about 20 years old and I really didn’t started doing it
seriously until I was about 21. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: And so Jay came to me one
day and he said, “I went to this drag show. It was really cool. I think it’s something
that I want to try out.” So I, at first, I was a little weirded out because I was like,
‘Do we need to discuss something? Do you need to figure out your sexuality? Are you
trans?’ JEREMIAH DOUBENY: At first Meagan was kind
of like, hesitant about it because it was like, you know, imagine how anybody would
feel in that situation you know, your boyfriend is dressing in drag you know, multiple times
a week. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: I think the thing that is
very different about us is that you are indifferent to sex as a concept, is that fair? JEREMIAH DOUBENY: Yeah. Sex like if I never
had technically I don’t think about, probably cared like whole lot bunch. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: He is indifferent; I was
disinterested in sex as a concept before I entered into our relationship. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: To me, in my opinion, it’s
activity. It’s about the same amount of fun as like playing video games. It looks
like a giant version of my highlighting brush. It’s a long stem kabuki blending brush,
general kind of powder brush. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: Whether I have wanted to,
him to or not he has taught me a lot about makeup because he will come and be like, ‘There
is this new makeup trend let’s try it out together.’ And so it becomes this fun activity
for us to do together. 03:49 COMM: It was through Jeremiah’s exploration
of drag that he came to explore his own sexual identity. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: I identify as agender. So
I don’t really identify as male or female and I don’t identify as something in between.
I don’t really feel like I sit anywhere on a gender binary at all. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: So altogether in, I would
say like, materials alone like, not if you count labour or anything like that, my closet
easily has over $5000 in costumes in it. And for makeup, probably this year alone I have
easily spent upwards of $1000 on makeup, just in 2017. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: This one is loose; however,
I haven’t worn this one yet, so I will wear this one. It’s really shiny and pretty. 04:59 JEREMIAH DOUBENY: Normally, it takes me at
least three hours to go from no makeup to full glam. COMM: Jeremiah now brings his drag persona
out and performs at shows a few times every month. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: I get all kinds of reactions
everywhere I go. Usually, it’s a positive reaction. I don’t really have most people
react negatively to my look because I think it’s pretty extreme so most people who don’t
like it, they are going to just give me funny looks. THOMAS JENKINS: Jay and Meagan could not be
more of a perfect couple, honestly. Like, there is always been that little bit of doubt
with Jay and then when you see them together, it’s sparks. It just the most beautiful
couple I could honestly imagine you know, those two are made for each other. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: Usually a performance for
me is about three to four minutes of duration of one song. I do some really-really intense
dancing. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: Whenever I see Jay do well
and see the crowd react well to his performance, I just feel proud of him and happy for him. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: Our relationship is unusual,
it’s unusual in a way that we don’t seem to interact or behave like other couples do.
You know, we kind of go about things much differently. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: It just feels natural and
normal to us. We love each other completely and totally and absolutely. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: Both like platonically and
non platonically. MEAGAN RODRIGUEZ: Yeah. JEREMIAH DOUBENY: Yeah, I can’t imagine
not being with him.

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100 Responses

  1. Indrojit sarcar says:

    This is Disgusting.

  2. Algene Manzano says:

    Her husband escape in mental or in rehab shame on you no respect to your wife you should work in circus or in amusement park

  3. Lemon Squash says:

    Um, quick question, why?

  4. Julio antonio Lopez says:

    He is very handsome

  5. Drab S says:

    Look I love drag but somehow he makes me really uncomfortable

  6. Anthony Gomes says:

    His friend will hookup with the wife or probably already does. That will be a lesson for him to be so crazy.

  7. Leah Awiti says:

    Oh no

  8. Alxyl Vids says:

    Love is really blind😊 if they are happy jusy let them be . ✌️

  9. Carol Mabele says:

    This marriage is doomed

  10. hope 86 says:

    i’m on that side of the internet again

  11. Tahir Khan says:

    Lakh lant kuty dy bachy daly

  12. Groepje 13 says:

    Agender is not asexual.

  13. Vishakha Kurlawala says:

    They are so talented!!
    I hail from India and it's pretty common for people to not know drag and if they do…They either don't understand it or frown upon it and it's hardly seen as an art…Infact, I'm pretty sure that parents won't let their kids interact with drag kings and Queens given the opportunity….
    More awareness is required and really really appreciate Barcroft TV for making 'Extreme love' a concept!

  14. Vishakha Kurlawala says:

    Why the hell are people are referring to the drag queen as a 'him'. They literally said that they're agender.

  15. Lina La says:

    Huh 😊🤔

  16. haya alquzaa says:

    cant u c he just look exactelly like Alex from 13 resones why

  17. Jihane 97 says:

    yes ; that moment when your husband wear makeup better than you

  18. Chin melanin says:

    He's mad cute maybe thts y his wife wanna stay…. but he cute n I think he's bisexual I like him tho sml

  19. Death To All says:

    Bring the end of the world now!

  20. Death To All says:

    This proves that anyone can lie to themself and believe everything.

  21. Tinara Nathania says:

    i feel so bad for her tho…

  22. Amruta Pawar. says:

    Great respect to that lady…
    Even though she's not happy inside, she's so supportive and caring..
    But still she deserves love.. c'mon..

  23. cup cakes says:

    I think their relationship has reached the point where some couple takes longer to reach or straight to divorce. The wife seems shy and nervous on camera. But not unhappy, definitely a bit overwhelmed. They seem happy and grateful to have each others back. Personally I would rather a drag husband than a boring soccer sports junkie.
    Because I think ill be able to relate more to the other. Again they are so young and this might not last "till death do us part " scenario. But they will always have this forever bonding to cherish. He is on a journey of self discovery and I think she should start her own discoveey in whatever direction it might be.. who knows ultimately its what they both want. But I think if she doesn't start having a life outside this setting, she is lost or will be

  24. ZoeBilling456 says:

    I don't care if he is a drag queen or not he is a bad husband

  25. I'm Human says:

    4:12 that voice crack

  26. chunu limboo says:

    'Where does your husband works??'

  27. anildo says:

    I'd sure date them

  28. God first says:

    Okay let me say first drag queen can't be so manly like that … I understand u r doing that just for money and i can see that both of u are not happy with this job

  29. Linda Tabakman says:

    What do they do for a living?

  30. Sipeta Hatami says:

    dude ure losing her

  31. Nanita Limbu says:

    I think he is a bisexual

  32. just Marya says:

    If my boyfriend or husband came to me and ask can I be a drag I would say yes then leave bye-bye honey 😂😂

  33. Diana Njeri says:

    I don't like judging people but the whole thing is soo weird

  34. Desireé Rodríguez says:

    He could at least open the door for her, the guy and his friend got out of the car and she was left behind in that small red car 🙄

  35. i can't choose a name says:

    I feel unconfortable just looking at him , poor women she should leave him

  36. Northern Lights says:

    You guys are all misunderstanding this. Asexuality just means you don't have sex. Asexuals can still have romantic attraction.

  37. It'z_ Sunny` says:

    I feel sooooo sorry for his wife

  38. phyl Livingston says:


  39. Moni Que W says:

    I think the husband might be… well ummm never mind. He doesn't seem to be into her at ALL, so how did they get married? I'm just confused 🤔. They seem like friends ONLY

  40. poland. says:

    this isn't how real love looks. they don't have love for each other in their body language. I don't mean desire, I mean admiration for the other person which is an effect of love. it's not there.

  41. themoohaha says:

    its so selfish to do something like this, if you know this is who you are atleast tell the person first before you marry them.

  42. themoohaha says:

    he says hes asexual but he wears stripper underwear

  43. Mahou Gesu says:

    Everyone's saying she looks unhappy and that no relationship can survive without sex, but I don't see that. Asexuality is basically just an extremely low/non-existent libido, and you don't have an awful lot of control over your libido. I would rather stay with someone who didn't feel comfortable with sex because I loved them than make them feel bad about things they can't control by leaving them.

  44. ok wasted says:

    Did all of you missed the part where she said she is asexual?

  45. sandy bony says:

    Bad luck😑

  46. Stuff Your Eyes With Wonder says:


  47. Nine Ball says:

    The wages of sin is death. Effeminate people can not inherit the kingdom of God. Pray for yourself

  48. marme joseph says:

    You married a joke instead of a real man

  49. Magdalena Glogowska says:

    I thought if you're asexual, you're not interested in having a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend?

  50. come over when your sober says:

    Wow that video title is very specific

  51. And Dila says:

    Woman looks pathetic, she is forcing her self, no self esteem.

  52. Laura Marie says:

    She needs to get out and find someone who will love her truly love her not themselves

  53. charvina doutis says:

    Atlest he do that to make money for his wife 🙂

  54. Arun Theva says:

    Music in the backround

  55. Christina Shakya says:

    Girl is not happy

  56. Jenna Jasad says:


  57. Nubian Queen says:

    Wait… back up a minute… NO SEX??? You friggin' kiddin' me? Sorry but that would be a deal breaker for me. Sex isn't everything but it's the cement that strengthens the bond between two people. They may as well be friends 🤦🏾‍♀️

  58. rachel falush says:

    i don't see why a normal couple living their life the way they want to should be called extreme but ok

  59. shiro Hxxt says:

    Did u guys even read the description? There asexual, witch means they have no sexual feelings, or have any sexual desires.

  60. Gothique Blaque says:

    All fun and games until he decides he actually DOES like sex and finds himself a man.

  61. Mayte W. says:

    I don't Care that He does Draque or they are married.
    It bothers me that she looks unhappy!
    Like: Girl, If you are unhappy, please, be Just friends!
    Nobody would be mad!

  62. Tina Ned says:

    No offence but she really does not look happy about the relationship, I think they should break up because the woman really looks uncomfortable.

  63. Autumn Summers says:

    I feel like he may be asexual when it comes to her, but to other men, he's probably bending over. I would say poor girl, but she doesn't have to be married to him, she's not a prisoner she can leave him.

  64. Lily Vuong says:

    If Jeremiah doesn't identify as as any gender why does the title label them as 'husband'. It should be 'partner', 'significant other' etc.

  65. Sam says:

    hot hung dude

  66. Australian Girl says:

    They look like brother & sister

  67. aj says:

    That jenkins guy is probably screwing her for sure..

  68. SphinX FizA says:

    In summary a married couple with any sexual relationship! He is asexual means very normal they never had sex!

  69. Hasret Demirdöken says:

    All of these comments are stupid you should read what it says in the description. he’s asexual. asexual means that you don’t feel attracted to any gender

  70. jarednil69 says:

    The crowd of 5 people….
    In the daytime.

  71. Triggered Memes says:

    It’s sad if your husband isn’t sexually attracted to you.

  72. Chu Mei says:

    What happen to this world..
    No it's not a hate..

  73. Leikong B says:

    He looks like zhavia without dreads

  74. Marcus Aurelio says:

    He doesn't really care about her. It's all about him!

  75. Katelin says:

    Yeah ? Well, my husband is a trainsexual hamster goldfish drag king.

  76. SherWats Tree says:

    There is more that 7 billion people in this world
    There’ll always be weird ones
    Edit: But the thing that makes me really confused is why does he have a wife and I don’t?!?!
    He is asexual and he has a…wife

  77. Princess Moroccan says:

    This is very strange .He seems to like what is he doing to himself but what abou her .women usually prefer a man to be manly and care about them .he seems and acts like a sex toy .she doesn't look very happy .I think she's just afraid to be alone if she leaves him.

  78. Cath Coll says:

    If they are both happy and love each other

    I say go them ❤️❤️

  79. balbinder bains says:

    what ugly freak needs medical help what gender bender

  80. Raihan Bakhshi says:

    You they really look like siblings

  81. Sl R says:

    They're definitely soul mates, but platonic not intimate ones.

  82. Yes It's Me says:

    She's loving this. She gets all the benefits and security of a man providing for her, but she doesn't have to have sex with him cause he is into men. Win win for her.

  83. Trina Reid says:

    5:45 did this ni🅱️🅱️a just-

  84. Sibi says:

    I think they are both beautiful inside and out 😍

  85. Ashlyn Myers says:

    The wife doesn’t seem happy

  86. Herr Wolf says:

    Your "husband" has a mental disorder and you aren't helping.

  87. Moomin Mai says:

    Everyone be busy judging that they’re not even listening to what this couple are saying. Lemme clear it up: as the title says the husband is asexual and as the wife clarified he is indifferent towards sexual relations whilst she in her own words is disinterested in sex. Everyone banging on about the wife looking upset also well at 6:25 the wife hardly looks unhappy and emphasises she is proud and happy of his drag act. Look around you people in real life aren’t always grinning ear to ear when happy – they just look normal! She also says she can’t imagine not being with him – it’s not a conventional relationship people this is why they’re on YT! An unconventional relationship doesn’t mean people are trapped or unhappy jeez!

  88. Maurice Rémon says:

    How is it even possible that a asexual dragqueen can get a girllfriend and I am still single? I must be very horrible 😅

  89. Big Jay says:

    I enjoy sliding my man meat in and out of a girls warm bum hole ALL THE TIME. Is that bad? It feels better if it's my female cousin's yummy bummy.

  90. Anna Belotti says:

    Sai che rottura di coglioni perdere tutto quel tempo per truccarsi

  91. Profesor Deadpool says:

    When your boyfriend Knows more then you about makeup

  92. Kill Meシ says:

    That Dogs getting more love then her

  93. ruby p says:

    the only time they looked happy was back in the past🥺

  94. Ellegator says:

    I think they're just friends and just wanted thier 5 mins of fame tbh

  95. Joyce Haikau says:

    These People need to wake up.repent and turn away from your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior before it's too late.

  96. Bonecrusher Slayer says:

    3:16 He knows more about make up than his wife does 🤣

  97. Kim H. Hufane says:

    You now you emotionally done with your significant other when you choose to sit back seat instead of passenger seat. 😞

  98. Tyn's Channel says:


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