My Insane Experience with Misaki/Samurai Buyer (read description)

I’m not one to jump on sponsorship opportunities, or promoting products. I get a lot of emails from companies willing to give me deals or money to mention their products in a video. And, I’ve always turned them down, because I don’t think ads fit very well on this channel. But I recently received one opportunity that would be… …too good… to pass up. SAMURAI BUYER. The reason why this email caught my attention, is because I saw the YouTuber “I Hate Everything” get the same opportunity a while back. He made a really funny video about this, and ended up having some fun with Misaki, who is the owner of Samurai Buyer. I suggest you go watch his video, it’s extremely entertaining. If you stop by, tell him… I say hi. So since Alex had so much fun with Misaki, I thought… “You know what? Why not? I wanna see what I can do too.” And after sending a few emails and talking to Misaki for awhile. I can conclude… That I… LOVE THIS MAN. He’s the most innocent cinnamon roll, of a Japanese man who just doesn’t know English very well. And I can’t express how much he has won my heart. Misaki is gonna be watching this video, because we’re best friends. So, hey Misaki! How’s it going? I’m just going to show everyone our emails and conversations. Then I’ll get right into the items you sent me. Thanks dude. Love ya’. Alright. So it all started when I got the first email here. “My name is Misaki from Japan. We are currently looking for YouTube partners to work with us and promote SAMURAI BUYER.” And he basically says he’ll send me free items as long as I make a video about it. And I was like… “Alright, I understand that this man doesn’t know English very well. Am I doing this? I’m doing this.” “Greetings Sir Misaki! I am Jaiden from United States. I am very in love with many of your store products, and fantasize buying them on numerous occasions. (i’ve never even been on their website before) I am quite honored that you desire to sponsor me a gifts from your shop personally! It makes me feel very special and I hope I have made you proud, good sir. However, on my YouTube company, I do not create content of unboxing the merchandises. This is a problem to say the least. Although I cannot produce a short film to upload for my people, If you send me a box of goodies, I am very willing to share with them on my social medias! Hope to hear from you very soon! Jaiden JaidenAnimations.” At this point, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a whole video about this. So I thought maybe I can get him to send me a box and I can just tweet out the crazy stuff he sends me. BUT OHHH-HO do I have some stuff to share with you guys about this. It would have been a crime NOT to make a video about what i got myself into. Just stay tuned…it gets crazy… “Hello! Jaiden Thank you for your reply! I understand that unboxing video will not really suit your channel. However, we would like to offer you to make some tutorial video of how to use SAMURAI BUYER with your wonderful animation skills which I personally like it. What do you think? Misaki.” “Dearest Misaki, Oh my!! That is a wonderful ideas! You are one brilliant man, Sir Misaki. I am blessed to be in your presence via electronic mail. I would love to share your products to the world with my videos through the magic of motion of animation. How many items will you be sending? I want to be able to make a long enough video, so that my kings (?) will be satisfied with me. I want to make them proud of me as well They are my happy. Harambe 1999-2k16, Jaiden, JaidenAnimation, JaidenAnimations.” “Hello Jaiden!!!!! I am reviewing your animation for past three days I just like them! You can just tell what sort of items you like to get. Maybe something like 120 USD at first. Misaki.” I didn’t know what he meant by ‘120 USD at first’, I thought he wanted me to send him 120 bucks to have him ship the items And I was like “Ahah no, I’m not spending 120 dollars on this.” “Peace and love, Misaki! I’m not sure what you mean by 120 USD? Are you implying I send you money? I cannot pay money because my money goes to my dog that I have in my house. I have to pay him money to keep him happy. It is a complicated relationship. If you would send me the craziest and most insane things you have to offer in your shop, I will be a happy camper! I, myself, am quite crazy and most insane (not true at all) and want to be blown away with the surprises you will be delivering to me. Wow! The more items the merrier, send me as many items as your company can! I can handle it, don’t worry! I accept the challenge. I shot the sheriff, Jaiden JaidenAnimations JaidenAnimations JaidenAnimation Jaiden Animation.” And then he says “100 20 USD for you to choose the items! Misaki.” That, didn’t really answer my question. “Mr. Misaki, Am I paying for this? Or, are you sending them for free? Just send me what you think I would like. I trust you, senpai. Jaiden JaidenAnimations JaidenAnimation Jaiden Animation JaidenAnimates Jaiden Animations.” And then he says, “Hello senpai!” *insert intense laughing* SENPAI. “Okay, I pick up the best items for you! Misaki. “Thank you, very very much, Sir Mr. Misaki!! I will make a good video with them! I won’t let you down! (◕ω◕✿) Before I send you my shipping information, I have one question you must answer: How are you doing today? I am curious because you are a hard working man, and I hope you are doing well. I await patiently for your reply. Jaiden JaidenAnimation JaidenAnimations Maiden Animations Jaiden Animation Jaiden Animates JaidenDraws.” ‘Hello Jaiden senpai.” *Gasp/Laugh.* “I am great, thank you! ANyway, you have Skype? Notice me! Misak i So, I’m guessing that since he’s always talking to a bunch of other YouTube people, who are also aware that he doesn’t know English very well, they’re saying things to him like, “Notice me senpai!” And he’s, picking it up and saying it too. Anyway, so I add him back on Skype, and he says, “Hi senpai.” oooooh he makes me so happy. Then we chatted a bit, and.. he asked if I could hop into a call. No, I don’t like calls, they give me anxiety. But I was like “You know what? I’ll do it” “I’ll do it for Misaki” so we had a nice conversation for like ten minutes I got to tell him I’m half-japanese My mom’s Asian and my dad’s White and he’s like “Oh, we’re similar!” And then he started joking about rice fields??? eheh Is that racist?? I don’t know if that’s racist or not… So now he’s talking about rice fields and goes on to saying, “Oh, you need to visit sometime and see!” I mean All jokes aside, Misaki If you want to fly me over to Japan I am SO down to come visit you since we’re best friends now We will FROLIC in those rice fields just…hit me up! And in the call he also mentions “iDubbbz” iDubbbz is a YouTuber who has also done a video about Misaki and Samurai Buyer His video is more…PG-13 So if you’re not into that stuff, you probably shouldn’t watch it Otherwise, he has a pretty entertaining video, too. So Misaki says “Oh, do you know iDubbbz?” “You’re both in the United States.” … …I do not know iDubbbz but c’mon man we’re both in the United States Why haven’t we met yet?? Sooo That was the gist of the call and he said he’d mail the items as soon as possible So now I’m hyped I’m so excited to make this video There’s so much funny stuff I wanted to share with you guys He messages me again a few days later saying Misaki: “Are you theere ?” And I was like *small gasp* “SENPAI!” (lol jk) Jaiden: “Hey there.” (Hello! Im in bed on my laptop right now *smiley face*) Misaki: “Oh okay!” “I had some English questin.” (question) Jaiden: “Alright.” Misaki: “We will be making Banner on the top page of samurai buyer.” “Like Pokemon, Dragon Ball, snacks, and Japan exclusive items.” “I am looking for the catchy phrase for each banner” “Do you have any idea ?” “Example Pokemon banner:” “Let’s catch ALL POKEMON!” Jaiden: “Like a slogan for the entire website??” and he goes, “NOPE” “On each contents….Banner.” Jaiden: “Ahh” And then he says the categories again So something I suggest can LITERALLY be on the official Samurai Buyer website …and I am FREAKING OUT This just keeps getting better and better I know what I need to do. YES “What if for the Dragon Ball one you wrote, “‘Dragon Ball! Over 9000!!! Misaki: “Over 9000?” “Oh! Power!” Jaiden: “Yeah, because in the show they say that.” Misaki: “I am still open for everything!” “We do not have American staffs here” “But we are selling items for American” Lol Jaiden: “I’ll help ya out buddy! I love slogans!” Misaki: “Thank you!” “Pokemon must GO!!” *amused face-palming laughter* I swear to dog I’m just sitting here watching this whole thing unfold perfectly right in front of me *pftt* How did I get here?? Jaiden: “What about for the Japanese exclusives:” “‘For all your weeaboo needs!!'” Misaki: “Hahaha” “Is it okay to use ‘weeaboo?'” “in the public??” “like business???” Jaiden: “You’re marketing for mainly the teen and young adults, right?” “They use that language all the time.” Misaki: “Oh, okay.” This is all at like, 2 am for me so I was getting a bit too loopy I told him I’d help him think of more tomorrow and he sent me this cute emoji with a guy standing on a podium with confetti So the next morning, he brings up the slogans again And he still needed one for the snacks category So I suggested Jaiden: “I’m hungry!” *woo* “Because when you want to eat snacks, you’re most likely hungry.” He seemed to like that one and that was that for a bit I didn’t really give it another thought until I decided to randomly look at their website which I actually hadn’t done up to that point yet AND LOOK WHAT I FIND! He actually used my slogan for his banner! Legit, it’s on his website! You can go see for yourself! THAT’S MINE!! Oh my god. I got so many of those happy excited tingles He also used his Pokemon one too! POKEMON MUST GO!! I didn’t come up with it But I take credit for it because when he suggested it to me, I was like “YES, USE THAT” *I’m-ridiculous laugh* Ahh this makes me happy Alright, one more thing before we get into the items When I was in the call with Senpai Misaki he asked if I could put him in the video like animate him And I was like, “FREAKIN’ HECK YES!” And asked if he would send me a picture of what he looks like so I could draw him He didn’t want to send an actual picture –I’m assuming for privacy reasons– (don’t worry bro I totally understand) So I asked for a description of what he looks like And he says, … *breath* Now Misaki, you’re going to try a little harder than that I asked him to elaborate and he sent me this photo to use as reference …Okay, sure. I’m pretty sure this is a girl character from an anime But ya know what? We’re a Progressive Era. This is fine. So everyone This is Misaki! Say hi! What’s up guys. Uh…This is Misaki. From Samurai Buyer Um… Please call me as a..weeaboo Misaki. Thank you. And please enjoy your wonderful selection of Japanese merchandise. See you later! So, without any further ado, let’s get into what Senpai Misaki sent us! So I got the box here This is what Misaki sent us. He wrote, “Welcome to Rice Field Jaiden!” Uh… *awkward laugh* I haven’t opened it yet, you can see its still like, taped up so Let’s get into this. I’m excited to see what, uh, he sent us *tape ripping off* *box ripping open* Alright Eh! *tears box flap* Alright, so the first thing I see in this uh, box, is a Fullmetal Alchemist figurine I haven’t seen… the anime but I know that’s a… …spicy anime right now Awww *plastic ruffling* Look he sent little, Japanese Pikachus! Awwww How precious Misaki~ Aww look they can go with my… my Dragonite Awww That’s adorable Alright, let’s see what else is here Uh oh We got ducks What do ya think dude?? Ari likes the ducks Heheheh It’s strange that they were just like, on the bottom. They don’t have any packaging. But….okay And we got a little Cyndaquil Aww He knows that I like Pokemon so he probably sent me A lot of Pokemon stuff Aw this is…aww..Misaki! *laughingly* Look at this! This is adorable I’ve never had so many Pikachus And then… Alright, there’s more ducks There ya go. Then we got a little fan! Open it up This is hard to do with one hand Ooo Look how pretty! 😀 Ari, you need some fan?? I think I know why he sent me so much Pokemon things When he was talking to me he was like, “Oh, do you like anything specific?” And I was like, “No, you can just send me whatever you think I’d like.” And then he’s like, “Oh, you like Pokemon, right? And I was like, “Yeah, I like Pokemon.” And he’s like, “Do you like plush?” And I was like, “Yeah, I like plush.” And then he sent ALL the Pokemon and ALL the plush Hahaha Misaki, you’re so awesome. It’s like a big ol’ happy family There’s the mom and the dad and Ari is taking a child! :’D *laughs* Ari no! (How ’bout I do it anyway) *laughs* Noooooo D: *ring ring* Jaiden: Hello?? Misaki: G’morning Jaiden: Good morning! How are you? Misaki: I’m good, I’m good. H-how are you today? Jaiden: I’m very good, um, I’m working on the video. It should be done in the next couple days. Misaki: Ah okay. Good, good. Jaiden: Alright, so– Misaki: Is it–is it going to be, um, epic video..?? Jaiden: Yes, it’s going to be an epic video. Misaki: Thank you. I like it. Jaiden: Alright, so, what I’m going to do is… I need for your, uh, in the video, you to just say like, “Hello” to everyone and say, whatever you want to say. Misaki: Okay. Yeah. Alright, I-I’m ready Jaiden: Alright Misaki: Hello guys. This is Misaki from Samurai Buyer Uh, Konnichiwa. Uh…. Ni Hao ^-^ Please enjoy your wonderful selection of Japanese merchandise See you later!” Jaiden: Alright, that’s perfect! Thank you so much! Misaki: Is-is, uh… (Misaki being insecure cinnamon roll) Should I be like, uh…. funnier or… Jaiden: You-avhbgsm (figuring out words) Do you want to say another one?? I can take as many takes as you want. Misaki: Yes, so, is there any, like, funny phrase in English or Jaiden: Um… You can say like, “Hey, what’s up guys!” Something like that?? *uncertainty* Misaki: Okay, yeah, I-I’m ready. Jaiden: Okay, so… Jaiden: Alright, let’s go again. Misaki: “What’s up guys! Uh, This is Misaki uh…. Please call me as uh, ‘weeaboo Misaki’ Thank you. ^-^ Jaiden: *laughs* I love that one. Thank you! Misaki: No problem. Okay, Jaiden, uh… Talk to you later. Jaiden: Bye, thank you! Misaki: Bye-bye. *Skype Call OUT*

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  1. Jaiden Animations says:

    Just an update regarding Samurai Buyer. I highly suggest not buying, or at least being very cautious before making a purchase from their website. I haven't been involved in this situation, but I don't condone any actions Misaki has been/is allegedly doing to scam/rip people off. Be careful everyone.

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    Takeo Misaki, I did not believe i would find you in such a place

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    So you like him

  43. Lettuce Inducer says:

    Senpai-Weeaboo Misaki is my favorite person in the entire world and there is no denying it.

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    sweetest lil' cinno bun , i dead >3<

    edit : i checked the page out x3 , so cool! i'm dying to save for something!

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