My Monster Mastiff Weighs 250lbs | TRULY

JOE THOMPSON: What I try to create is a dog that really is breathtaking. They’re tall and massive. My boys are some of the most wanted studs on the planet. JOE THOMPSON: My name is Joe Thompson and I’m the owner of three English Mastiffs. JOE THOMPSON: They’re named after the Beatles and Ringo is him and that is Harrison and that’s Paul. And John will be from a breeding in France, out of Harrison, if all goes well. JOE THOMPSON: My largest boy is Harrison, he is 27 months old and 250 real solid working-dog, everyday-fit pounds. Ringo is 218 pounds; he is the sire of both Paul and Harrison and Paul is right around 170 pounds. JOE THOMPSON: When the dogs are puppies even, they start out life being very big. Harrison was 30.23 pounds at eight weeks old. They’re like, little bricks. JOE THOMPSON: The Fur-Beatles are very high in demand. They’ve got the attention of breeders worldwide; I have high hopes for them. My stud fee for Harrison is $3000, for Ringo it’s $2500 and Paul is around $3000. JOE THOMPSON: My dad fell ill with cancer and my wife told me, “Joe you need a dog, you need a pal.” And hence how I ended up with Ringo. Didn’t start out to breed or stud or anything like that, he was just to help me get through issues with my dad. JOE THOMPSON: I hand cook the meals everyday according to the type of exercise that we did. JOE THOMPSON: I try to feed them twice a day; once in the morning, once in the evening. JOE THOMPSON: My two sons really love their boys. It gives them a lot of – for lack of better term – bragging rights with friends. A lot of their friends like to come and see them. It’s a great icebreaker for them and they’re very active in helping me work these dogs because they have, let’s face it, kids have a lot more energy than us older parents. So, I use them to my advantage as much as I can. JOE THOMPSON: Adding real food to their diet really helps and it also gives them something to look forward to and it makes them feel like, they’re a real part of the family. Just like within people, they are individuals you know. Ringo is the boxer, Harrison is a wrestler and he’s a basketball player and they need different nutritional requirements, different types of exercise and they’re built differently. JOE THOMPSON: What’s special about mine is that they get worked every day, they pull weights, they upstream swim, they’ve treed bears. On occasion we will run into bears, bobcats. On my phone one time several years ago, I happened to catch on video Ringo treeing a bear and I actually called him off of the bear and he came back to me and sat next to me. It’s pretty amazing to see an animal with no fear and putting it’s life on the line for you at any time. JOE THOMPSON: Their temperament is beyond gentlemen and I think that’s breed wide. For the most part, they maintain a very dignified, stoic appearance and demeanour. JOE THOMPSON: I go in the woods with my sons as often as I do with my dogs. It’s a part of our life, they look forward to it. My boys get off the school bus and they’re saying, “Hey, let’s take the dogs swimming!” And in the summer the fun part is, is they get to swim with them and that is really, really fun to watch because my boys can hold onto their necks and they’ll swim in the water like, riding a dolphin, so to speak. Only they’re riding a mastiff in the water and it’s kind of cool. JOE THOMPSON: As my dad always said to me, “You’re safer in the woods than walking down a busy street” and nothing could have been more true. In this day and age to find a place where you can’t hear a car, and you can’t hear a train, and you can’t hear anything, It’s so different you know, there is a sound to silence. JOE THOMPSON: You never bond as well as you do with your dogs or your kids as much as you do when you’re out there and it’s just a big part of our lives, it’s a highlight of our weekends. JOE THOMPSON: Yes, I love them more than you could ever really say in words. Real, genuine love that’s not conditional in any way. They will love you no matter what, no matter what kind of mood you’re in so, really, it’s a huge part of my life.

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100 Responses

  1. Terry loved cali says:

    Trump 2020

  2. Faustaao says:

    I'm sorry but most of the dogs in this video are very obese. English Mastiffs are already very large dogs, there is no need to make them this overweight, especially since they are prone to hip dysplasia.

  3. Faustaao says:

    Lmao the fat dog doesnt even sit unless he shakes a bag of treats at it… who really is running the show in that home?

  4. DSXmachine says:

    Trump 2020

  5. killmonger In game says:

    Wooww This lions are so cute

  6. Mr. America says:

    This guy is MAGA. Trump Train 2020 Woowoo

  7. Jake Fritz says:

    He said they will love you forever as the dogs biting his arm

  8. ToPacyBits says:

    Poor breeding, that dog has so much health problems and can barely walk

  9. Adriana Alvarez says:

    Trump Nation 2020 Latinos for Trump Build the WALL California for Trump Ty Mr President for you support to the Military and Law Enforcement 🌹My Family and I Are Thankful for you Service β™₯️ Love my POTUS β™₯️ Beautiful dogs We have 18 Mo old Presa Canario Mastiff He's the boss 😚

  10. Ernest Austin says:

    Packing those huge dogs in that truck is not healthy for them. Big dogs have hip problems and that shortens their life.

  11. joejoe9810 says:

    overweight Mastiffs, like the owner. Should not have dogs

  12. Carlos Suarez says:

    Wow what a trump supporter

  13. Michael Bell says:

    They are big beautiful babys.πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  14. Gina Anelli says:

    What is pedigree? Health tested parents? Fat is not healthy. Most adult mastiffs r over 200lbs..
    Harrison ? Fawn? I see brindle stripes. No doubt they r loved, but breeding takes years of experience..for the integrity and betterment of the breed. I was Mastiff rescue coordinator for 20 years..we have enough! We need better not bigger or more!

  15. Mike Williams says:

    Agree, something special about silent places!

  16. Moss Boy says:

    Absolutely beautiful dogs, wonderful to see this

  17. Loiska Jerez says:


  18. Big Black Betty says:

    I just love them

  19. Tumshie Whacker says:

    Sorry dude but Ringo and Harrison are way over weight get them to lose 50lbs each and you will still have two very big dogs at 200lbs but they will be far healthier and will live longer , your killing your dogs by over feeding

  20. Luis Rodriguez says:

    Sorry to say but that dog is fat

  21. Omari Bruce says:

    These dogs are a shame of there breed

  22. Brittani Thomas says:

    Wife drinking out a Trump coffee mug πŸ˜‚

  23. Aaron Cushinberry says:

    Forget videos! Cujo Reboot!!

  24. Leslie Ramirez says:

    As soon as i heard him talk i knew he was a trump supporter πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€’

  25. Tommy Anderson says:

    250 pounds of pure fat

  26. lew 1611 says:

    This guy is a obese moron and should be in prison.

  27. no no says:

    That is the most Un-playfull 10 month old dog that I have ever seen. You usually don't see dogs that young so depressed.

  28. JORDAN says:

    This is how much people hate trump


  29. Timoteo Luna says:

    I know this is a large breed but they shouldn't weigh over 200 pounds

  30. Lee_Kenny_best says:

    God I love these dogs

  31. Strykerismyhorse says:

    Cute dog but he’s just fat

  32. Nancy Martinez says:

    Beautiful dogs

  33. MR. 9 says:

    Trump πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ2020! In California 😎

  34. aunquete duela says:


  35. MaxAir365 says:

    Nothing special about this dogs except that they're overweight

  36. Pamela Kilgore says:

    Too cute……wow!!

  37. Donald Hoang says:

    hulk the pitbull look small compared to this dog

  38. TwArDxL says:

    We all know why were in the comments and pausing the video under 3 minutes in πŸ˜‚

  39. Flynn Watts says:

    do you take your Dogs on walks?
    Also Why Trump?

  40. Christopher KIlian says:

    You my brother are truly blessed~

  41. Ram Shaar says:

    Its a beautiful dog i am happy for you i wish i could have 1 β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸΆ

  42. MHG MHG says:

    who else here didn't finish the video and came directly to the comment section after seeing trump decals…LOL!?

  43. Ciscobx Pen says:

    And here i thou my lab was big lol nice dogs

  44. Jim dela Cruz Vera says:

    poor fat doggos

  45. mooncalf 420 says:

    Imagine the food bill every week… and the size of the poo-bags one would need😁

  46. Teddy says:

    the biggest dog looks way overweight

  47. XizoNico Games says:

    Them vs ddk hulk rip hulk

  48. Gage Williams says:

    trump disgust me ugh

  49. Prithvi raj says:

    Imma dislike and report because of the trump mug

  50. Colin Chaconas says:

    Beautiful dogs. It's wonderful how much you love and care for them. Lucky family members.

  51. lindsey says:

    Love them!! Also LOVE the Trump coffee mug 😍#MAGA

  52. I'm ADOS & I SAY SO says:

    A Trump supporting family. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  53. iblack-_ Yolo__ says:

    Yea the dogs are nice and whatever but who else seen them trump stickers πŸ€”

  54. J.ACE - Gaming says:

    Seen the trump mug, instantly hates them

  55. Peggy Little Dragon says:

    What a beautiful dog!

  56. Angela Wallace says:

    It really pisses me off when there are so many dogs in rescue being eauthanised true saying moneys the root of evil.

  57. Azz Seu says:

    Looks so unhealthy though

  58. CooterCoy says:

    Yeah but don’t these pups have shortened lives because of this breeding?

  59. eric white says:

    Truly sad. Putting on that fat on them. That is not muscle. There joints hips goes fast on them. My neighbor has a bull mastiff who us pure muscle not any fat on them. These dogs are pure fat.

  60. tony parker says:

    Dude, your dogs are fat.

  61. Keegan Erwin says:

    There cute as crap

  62. acefjom says:

    Aren't these dogs too big?

  63. Fra4554wwf Medina says:

    Latinos with trump 2020

  64. Hlapeto1 says:

    Imagine the farts with 3 200 pound dogs

  65. pastel gacha says:

    I had a English mafishif and his name was dowser but..he past away and it's sad because he was with me when I was born and when u was one he was one

  66. Chloe Smith says:

    Hey I have an English Mastiff… Who only has a couple years left… :*(
    I think he is 8,and in Dog years hes Older than That…
    My family Adopted My dog and my Brother named him Thor
    *Because he liked that name. and I grew up with him Ever since! When My family adopted him He was a
    Little* Bigger than My Lap! But That was Fine As I grew Older He Started getting Old to But Ever since That Day we Met him and Adopted him He treated me like his own cub Like if I was a English Mastiff Puppy
    And I always Loved him. And He always Pretected me From anyone He also hates Police – Some People.
    As He Grew Older He Would Jump on People and think he was still a Puppy…
    1 time he Ran away but he knew Where we lived Bc he lived there since I think My Family got him…
    and he Remember'd where the House was a Came Right Back!
    I Think My Dog was Met To be my Doggy Pertecter forever! Hes Still alive and…
    He Tries to Dig Holes to get out of our New Neighborhood My Family Moved to Because Its In washington
    Wilkeson where there is Woods and WILD animals like Bears and wolves and Yeah… But if Something goes Bad with him I have Hope in him I believe In My doggy!
    I Love My dog Thor and I will Never Stop Loving My Doggy!

  67. sweet peaches says:

    Just wondering how tall these dogs are? I've had 3 of these beasties (different dogs lol) for over 20 years. It's not difficult to get one to weigh 250 lbs and often have more than 1 weighing 230 but haven't have a 'short' one in a very long time. NO – I do not breed. Also wondering about pedigrees?

  68. Fast Zombies says:

    Waiting to comment again once Trump is impeached!

  69. 78Nathan Morris says:

    Im a owner of 5 English Mastiffs

  70. Camden Scroggins says:

    I love the trump stickers on the fridge but those dogs are fat and one of the main ingredients your not supposed give dogs is bacon grease that’s why there so fat and obeas

  71. Camden Scroggins says:

    There super fat and when he got them I don’t think he did any research because those dogs are obese.

  72. Clint Harris says:

    Would never buy from a breeder stupid enough to openly support Trump.

  73. Mark Myers says:

    Omg there so BITCHEN lucky I love them

  74. W.leo says:

    Dang the dog weights more than me

  75. Yashwardhan Kushwah says:


  76. Yashwardhan Kushwah says:


  77. Yashwardhan Kushwah says:


  78. Dalonda Baker says:

    I hate TRUMP you get a thimbs down no subscriptionπŸ‘Ž

  79. mike sull says:

    how great is that to name them after the Beatles.I'm from Liverpool England .your one nice man and I love your dog's.good luck friend all the best to you and your family.

  80. shitcox says:

    Beautiful dogs & people botching about the bacon grease need to stfu bc they've been brainwashed by the sugar industry. These dogs exercise all day and fat is calories. Kibble is wheat. Dogs don't eat wheat.

  81. Squidiot says:

    Awesome dogs. I love mastiffs. It’s very true that they are stoic and noble as a breed, pretty much every one I’ve ever seen.
    I’ve never seen a 250 lb dog before. My friend had a mastiff named Moses that he said was just over 200 but nowhere near as big as Harrison.

  82. Monsta Fishing says:

    lets breed pot bellied mastiffs, smh we need real breeders not show breeders……………

  83. AlinaGold says:

    Breathtaking dogs? Cause they so big they can't breath?

  84. Dethkl0k 888 says:

    My Mastiff is "Fit," and is 180 lbs at 18 months old. Your big boy is not fit, he is fat, extremely unhealthy, and clearly uncomfortable with his own weight. He'll be dead before 5 years old. Sad.

  85. empresstina876 says:

    It must cost a ton to feed them all plus your family

  86. Chris Campbell says:

    Seem like a cool guy till I saw the trump coffee cup hahaha

  87. King ROLLO says:

    Love you TRUMP πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™β€οΈβ€οΈ

  88. Alex says:

    Bacon grease… Really. Never thought to feed my dogs BACON GREASE. Lmao

  89. Tafari Boozer says:

    Dog is obese!

  90. Keith Kimmey says:

    4 attacked their own owner here in Ct shes fighting for her life not very cuddly

  91. Luis Luna says:

    That’s like feeding a lion pride

  92. joe none says:

    fat dogs

  93. Luke Toring says:

    Trump supporter

  94. Old Scratch says:

    The light one looks the healthiest, hes beautiful, seems like the other two are overweight for bragging rights.. Which is not right..

  95. Tyler Campbell says:

    Terribly unhealthy dogs

  96. Tyler Campbell says:

    Terribly unhealthy dogs

  97. Eli Blacketor says:

    After searching β€œworld’s largest dog,” I clicked on this video because it had the only thumbnail that was not blatantly photoshopped.πŸ˜‚

  98. Snatched Nariah says:

    me when I saw trump.. Me:….Trump. oh no baby boy

  99. Conner Fall says:

    Those dogs look like they are melting into the carpet

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