My New Pet Devil (Surinam Horned Frog)

Guys, I can’t wait to show you our newest
member of the Antiverse! On this channel, as you know, we explore the
amazing and epic worlds of various ant colonies, large and small, ravenous and bizarre, but
our ant kingdoms also share the Antiverse with a variety of other creatures, like vampire
crabs living on the island of Vampiron, snails, fish, and shrimp in the waters, axolotls,
a city of roaches, and even a great green-bottle blue tarantula, named Goddess Azula. But every now and then a new creature will
move into our Antiverse, to integrate into our great society of beloved creatures, and
this new horned beast, will truly amaze you, especially when you see the sanctuary and
home we’re constructing for it, as well as when our new beast eats! Ladies and gentlemen, gather round, and prepare
to create another magical world and discover some interesting things about my new pet devil. Here on the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please subscribe to my channel and hit the
bell icon! Welcome to the AC Family, enjoy! I figured since our Antiverse already had
a Goddess, it was only appropriate to introduce a counterpart to the Antiverse. Unlike Azula, who resides in a drier, dessert/oasis
type kingdom we call the Arachno Sanctorium, our great Antiverse new comer loves its kingdom
nice and wet! (waterfall) I can’t wait for you guys to see what I, your Creator of Worlds,
has planned up ahead, so keep on watching until the end. (blur out shot) Peeking from beneath a wet, forest-green duvet
of moss, awaits our new pet devil. Its eyes lay exposed above the moss as it
lay in wait, patiently for its new home to be built, and for its next great meal. Today, we will be providing this pet devil
of ours both of these very necessary demands. But let’s have a closer look at our demonic
creature here, shall we? Obviously, this is not a real demonic creature
from some underworld, but rather a pretty shy and lumbering amphibian. AC Family, this here is a Suriname Horned
Frog, known scientifically as Ceratophrys cornuta, sometimes known as an Amazonian horned
frog. As its name suggests, it is native to South
America and also sports two horn-like projections from its eyes. Just as it’s doing here, in the wild, it is
usually spending most of its time huddled within self-made pits within the soils or
leaf litter of the rainforest floor, simply waiting to ambush prey that comes along. These frogs don’t actively hunt, but are built
to simply stay still and wait for food to coming moseying along by, upon which this
frog swallows its prey whole, which brings me to one of the most amazing things about
this frog – its feeding habits! AC Family, so get this! These frogs are eating machines! In fact, they eat so much, that they’ve earned
the name “Pacman Frog” in the pet trade. In the wild, they will eat insects, other
invertebrates, even larger prey like other reptiles, amphibians, or small rodents or
birds! Yes, these frogs can eat mice and chicks once
full grown! I can’t wait to show you what I feed it! We must be careful working around this devil,
though, because word has it, they’re quite aggressive and have a big mouth for biting! More about that, later! Our devil frog here is currently a rotund
4 inches in length, but can grow to twice the size. It will be great to document over time how
quickly this frog grows, if it ever will. I’m not sure if this is a male or a female,
but I’ll explain later what my guess is. It’s got a beautiful lime green colour that
I just love, and I know, you AC Family, will come to love this new horned frog, too. Alright, more to observe and discover about
our horned frog later, but first, AC Family, we have some work to do, so let’s put our
new guest to the side for now. It’s time to do what we do best, guys, and
create a whole new haven for our new frog to live in, and I’ve got some epic plans ahead! Here before us are all the materials I’ll
be using to construct what I foresee to be the perfect haven for our pet amphibian devil. My goal for this habitat creation is to create
a marsh paradise, that will make life for the frog easy and comfortable. Here is the terrarium I will be using. It opens from the front giving easy access
to the inside. It’s got some great height which I will make
use of, for our mossy marsh paradise. It closes and locks in place quite conveniently. So the first thing I needed to do was install
the components of the setup. Here is a submersible filter, that will help
keep the waters clean. Water enters these holes, gets filtered and
pumped out through this tube, which I’ve attached. Let’s install this now. The chord runs upward, as well as the tube. Promise, you guys will understand the plans
of this moss marsh haven, as we go along. Next, I wanted to add filter foam to create
a nice barrier around our filter, to keep large pieces of debris from getting caught
in our filter, and also to create some spaces for our next component coming up! Alright and up next, I’ve got a bag of activated
carbon, which I will be place into the sectioned off spaces created by the foam. This carbon will also help eliminate toxic
metals and other substances that might end up in the water. Amphibians like frogs have very moist and
permeable skin, which means they absorb toxins quite easily. Our devil won’t be able to get at this carbon
layer due to the foam, but will be able to experience the benefits of it once this entire
habitat is up and running. Next, I needed some living moss, and I needed
lots of it, so I went to the best moss source I had. My planted tropical fish tank, which had massive
bushes of it growing on driftwood. I went in a harvested a lot of this sacred
and awesome java moss, which grew so abundantly in my fish tank. Now although this moss grows well in water,
it can also grow on land if it stays moist enough. And now, AC Family, it’s time I show you what
I feel is the most epic feature of this paludarium. This here is a background which resembles
a rock wall. It’s got a tonne of neat ridges that make
it ideal for what I call a “living wall”. Let’s start! So with the moss, I arranged it onto the wall,
and used stainless steel wire pieces to pin it into place. Now the secret to getting moss to grow is
to simply not touch or move it once you’ve planted it. Over time, the growing moss will eventually
naturally attach itself to this rock wall, but for now, we’ll need pins to attach it. Some people even use super glue to fasten
their moss into place while waiting for them to naturally attach! Let’s fasten the living wall up against the
back now. Next, to make this living wall complete, I
wanted to add some pothos which is excellent for these kinds of planting spots. I fastened some pothos clippings onto the
living wall using stainless steel wire. I personally love this plant because it’s
so hardy and adapts well to transplants, especially if they’re moving into wetter environments. This pothos will surely continue to grow and
naturally attach over time to this living wall, as long as it is kept moistened, but
stay tuned for my epic plans regarding that! OK! There we go! Living wall all done! What do you guys think? Looks really cool already right? I know, but wait! There’s more! Now here, we have a rock bowl used as a food
or water bowl for reptiles, but in this case, it will be holding our digging medium and
land moss, creating the land portion/island on which our horned frog will be residing. I added tropical plants to really bring the
island to life. Next, time to place the island into the tank. Oooh our world is really starting to take
shape now! Alright, next, it was time to cover the island
with more moss. I’m really hoping this moss continues to thrive
where I’ve laid it. Our horned frog absolutely loves the stuff,
so I’m hoping it will love all of this moss! Now AC Family, are you ready for this? Here’s the absolute coolest part of my architectural
plans for this enclosure. OK! Once again, I knew one of the big things moss
needed to survive was moisture, meaning all of this moss needed to stay moist in order
to continue thriving, so I needed to make sure water was constantly bathing all mossy
surfaces. So here’s the mesh cover which fits nicely
onto the top. And next, my plan was to install this piece
over it after attaching it to the tube leading from the filter. This means, after installation, the freshly
cleaned waters coming from the filter, create channels of water that will constantly trickle
down our living wall, providing all the moss and plants the water they need. The water will also end up bathing over the
moss of the island, thereby keep it nicely hydrated. After adding the water, and turning on the
filter, and making a few adjustments, our new terrarium was complete! AC Family, behold! I’m pleased to present to you, Pacmania. Isn’t it so serene? The water trickled so nicely down our living
wall, just as planned. Have a look! I just loved the look of the plants and all
that awesome moss for the frog to bury in! I loved the wet mossy living wall! I suspect our new frog will love this place! Speaking of which, it was now time to introduce
our horned devil into Pacmania. I new I had to do this super carefully because,
first, I didn’t want to stress our frog out too much. These frogs aren’t exactly the hard-to-catch,
fast moving frogs. In fact, they’re not built for frequent and
regular movement, and do best in terrariums like ours that don’t require the frogs to
have to travel or swim too far. But also, these frogs are notoriously aggressive
and territorial. So, I did my best to keep my fingers far away
from that mouth at all times! Using the duvet of moss to shield my fingers,
I gently pushed the frog out of its carrier and into Pacmania. And then it was in, and instantly, the frog
made itself at home in our marshy, moss island. It was so awesome to see the frog already
liking the home we made for it! It lay happily under the cover of moss, and
I marveled at the look of it sitting still in the setup. She truly looked like she belonged and appreciated
Pacmania. Look at that skin! And those eyes! Now, ready to hear my guess as to whether
this is a male or a female? So apparently, female frogs grow larger than
male ones, and when this big one was sold to me, it was suspected that it was a female
because of her size, but one of the things that made me question this was, while I was building Pacmania, I continued
to hear some interesting croaks and chirps from the frog multiple times in a few hours. Now although females have been known to make
sounds, it’s the males that are truly the song-makers. Plus, males also tend to be more brightly,
ornately coloured than females, so could this possibly be a male, AC Family? Or do you think just a really chatty female? Let me know what you guys think. One of the things, I need to say real quick
was one of the components of Pacmania was pebbles, a substrate at the bottom of the
water part of the setup. I have since removed that, when I realized
it could lead to the frog ingesting it and causing impaction. I now just kept the bottom bare with some
moss. That was totally my bad, guys! No pebbles in frog setups. And now that the frog had settled in nicely,
it was now time for feeding time! Oooohhh you guys are gunna love this! First on the menu! A cricket! Oh I can’t wait to watch this thing eat. OK, it seems uninterested. Hmmm! Well, how about a frog pellet? Success! Our horned frog loved its frog pellets, specially
formulated softened pellets that you can literally feed the frog by hand, or tweezer rather. Haha! Either way, I truly love this new frog of
ours, and find it kinda cute. What do you guys think? Cute? Gross? Let me know in the comments section. I can’t wait to watch how both this frog and
Pacmania evolve and grow over time. So what do you say, what should we name this
new frog? Leave your name suggestions in the comments
and I will choose my top 5 favourites for us to vote on in a future video. Once again, AC Family, we did it! We created an epic home sanctuary for our
newest addition to our growing biological life pool. I truly love that you all were here to discover
and experience this with me! Until next week, it’s ant and frog love forever! AC Family, did you enjoy today’s episode? Do you like our newest pet devil? Let me know in the comments! Next week, we return to the epic life stories
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can follow their stories and better appreciate how these ant kingdoms came to be, and why
we love them so much! AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you’d like to see exclusive time lapse footage of the building of Pacmania! Go check it out! And now it’s time for the AC Question of the
Week! Last week we asked: Why is the protein acquired from this
lizard valuable to the Fire Nation? Congratulations to Akileusz HU who correctly
answered: It’s used to create alates and also is food
for larvae. Congratulations, Akileusz HU, you just won
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