My Pet Flying Dragon ( +1 hour My Magic Pet Dragon kids videos compilation)

Ethan,…. it’s too late, time to sleep!
Oh …OH Please, … just LET ME READ one more page MOM!
The mighty Hero! Hey!
Are you at home, Good Sir? What do you want, good lady?
Ah, Good Sir come out a great disaster has come to our lands!
What, was a barn burnt out again? No, not a barn.
The Three-Headed Fire Dragon has eaten all the harvest! Oh, I see NOW.
Wait, I’ll ask MY Mom if I can go fight the Dragon RIGHT NOW.
YES….Go your way, good lady, I will go and bring two fellow heroes with
me AS SOON AS I CAN. After all, we are called The Three Mighty
Heroes! Quite a big Dragon, this one.
Let’s strike him with a club while he’s asleep, maybe he’ll fly away in fear?
Who are going to strike with a club THEN?! Oh, well,… we woke him up, now we’ll have
to fight him! Hey, Dragon! Come face us in a straight fight!
No mercy for you! No mercy!
And who are you, exactly? LISTEN I REALLY can’t see you well AT ALL.
We are The Three Mighty Heroes! ACTUALLY….WE ARE two Heroes and one Heroine!
Oh hi, guys! I’m here! OH LOOK, It’s him!
He ate everything while we were asleep! Don’t bother to whisper, I can hear everything.
Khaaa! You spitting on us, or what?!
Oh! Help! A fire! OH Take that! Aw, it hurts! Aaah! Oh! Take
that! Ouch! Oh! Ow! Take that! Take that! Ouch! Oh! Ow! Ouch! Oh! Ow! Ouch! Oh! Ow! All right then, we’ll be going.
Have a great weekend! You, Dragons, say each other “Make friends,
make friends, Never, never break friends!” Ok, the Dragon is over; let’s go and give
a ticket to the Forest Witch for polluting IT.
Achooo! Hey, guys,! Have you seen the Golden Fish around?
She owes me one… Aha! Here’s a poacher! Take CHARGE OF him,
YOU guys! Oh, look THERE! Cinderella is RIGHT behind
you! … Where? Where? Where’s Cinderella?
What a fraud HE WAS GUYS! Who could expect this from a greybeard!
Little Cabin, could you turn your face to us, your back
IS to the forest. BUT THIS IS my face,
I just don’t look SO good, aaachooo, I’ve got a flu!
Forest Witch! Come out and surrender, you can’t hide away from us,
we can see your wooden leg stretching out of the window!
OH DEARIE ME… she doesn’t live here any more,
she moved out yesterday, ACTUALLY aaachooo! IT ISN’T THE WITCH’S LEG, It’S Pinokkio’s leg!
He is living here now INSTEAD OF HER. Achoo! Ah DEAR NO! We are late again!
It must be a Sleeping Beauty sleeping! Let’s wake her up!
Because with her snoring, she won’t let anybody sleep FOR A LONG TIME!
Who is the Sleeping Beauty here? I’ll show you “the Sleeping Beauty”!
Go away! Who would know that it WAS a Giant? They all
snore alike ANYWAY. Qwa-qwa.
Oh, that’s my arrow. I’ve been looking all over for it.
Do you speak Frog-ese? How can I tell her…?
Why is she Winking at me? Ahem, ahem.
My dearest ER…Qwa-Qwa! his arrow, qwa-qwa, is mine,.
Thank you SO MUCH qwa-qwa. Oh, my Prince Charming, my beloved fiancé!
Qwa-qwa-a-ah… Hey, I want my Fair Princess, too!
Ethan!.. Ethan, are you asleep? ETHAN
Are you asleep, sweetie? ETHAN… GO TO BED
Oh, where is my Fair Princess?

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