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[Music] I’m holding it on Elsa and she’s gonna be here helping me look at some of the new products that we got for my new doggy so our new doggy is a French Bulldog and her name is Maui because we decided to get her when we were in Maui and so one of the things that we brought is this toy is this thing that she can pull on and there is a peanut butter students in it again we got her a ball and so this is what we got [Music] [Music] a bone that makes a sound of a crushing water bottle as some dogs next to fresh water bottles [Music] [Music] [Music] this is a toy where you can put some snacks inside so that they can play with it and try to take this neck out [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so this is a harness so you can put the leash and it’s also kind of cute [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah so this does not fit her and the big one does fit her so she’s already a fatty in the next one is another kong product which is the kind of products that you can put snacks inside which hasn’t really yeah I think she doesn’t understand [Music] okay so the next toy is a cooling toy because French bulldogs get overheated very quickly so this is something that you soaked in water and then you put in the freezer and it becomes like an ice cube pretty much and then they just fight it and they like it interesting but cool so you can also put it around them and then thank you but this is for an adult Sade’s a French Bulldog so I don’t think that’s a true yet but let’s open it let’s see if it fits [Music] Oh [Laughter] but I think she yeah yeah [Music] [Music] it’s kind of hot right now – are you stuck I also got around age this one I got here in China and so it also has a light that night since her name is Maui we got her some things that I [Music] [Music] to put some of her toys here oh and we also got her this bowl cuz it was just pretty cute like I do love to stuff you like it so that’s pretty much it guys that’s all I bought I have some other essentials but these are the things that we bought in from Y and so I hope you guys enjoyed the video give us a thumbs up if you think Maui is cute and subscribe follow us on Instagram to see more pictures and videos of Maui and we’ll see you guys next time bye [Music]

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