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all right we got to talk about my weird
obsession with funky desk accessories and stationery welcome to the Sewing Report i’m
jennifer moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
we’re taking a bit of a detour in this episode because i want to address an
issue i’ve had for a very long time and that is my obsession with fun or funky
or eccentric desk accessories stationery stickers pens this love started for me
at a very young age in fact for this video i was trying to go back and find
all of my old Hello Kitty Sanrio goodies that I have and I’ve kept they’re in a
box somewhere and as soon as I find them I’m gonna do sort of a like look-back
retrospective on all of the stuff I’ve kept since like junior high I love Hello
Kitty clearly I love Hello Kitty I love
anything that’s like weird or looks like an animal or some other like random
crazy thing that has been turned into a stationery or desk accessory type item
so I wanted to share some of the things that are in my collection in fact I was
trying to find I have a stapler that looks like a fish and I couldn’t find it
for this video but I do have okay so I got this from
Target awhile back this is a Bulldog tape dispenser and I just love this
thing I love it it’s gold it’s like metal it’s really heavy it’s just super
cute you just kind of want to like cuddle with it I guess I don’t know for
me this was well worth the money and you can replace the roll of tape there you
go he’s the tape isn’t that cool it’s a dog it’s a tape dispenser I don’t
know which one and of course at the same time I also got this gold Swingline
stapler I love staplers I have several staplers
I’m really bummed because I was trying to find my fish stapler
then which literally is like this parts of fish and then this parts like
supposed to be water I need to find it and do another little video about this
because this is something that I’m just really into a while back at Target I
found these pens in like the little section where they have all the gift
you know it’s usually run the cards and stuff and I found this pen that looks
like a dog I bought several they also have cat pens I have those rolling
around somewhere I just really like these they’re so cute I mean look at
this the butt is the cap I just think this is so cool and then I was at Blick
Art Materials the other day and I found this it’s a purple llama pen and he’s
wearing sunglasses the head slash neck like comes off and
then you write with like the head this thing is wearing star sunglasses this
might be the coolest thing I’ve ever owned in my entire life and I’m not even
joking I’m gonna name him Hollywood Hollywood the llama I just I just cannot
get over this pen it was about 650 at Blick Art Materials I only saw one and
it was in the little front section or where they have everything to like
entice you like all the fun erasers I also saw a set of sushi erasers that I
kind of want to go back for still have to see but I am loving this so yes meet
Hollywood allow me that’s wearing sunglasses I just yeah I can’t even this
Cup was a gift from a friend it’s a Hello Kitty mug I’m a big fan
clearly I love Hello Kitty because I also have a Hello Kitty and yet another
tape dispenser this was a gift from a friend oh I just died I just love Hello
Kitty and then when I was at Target again I really do like Target I found
these erasers mini miniature erasers they look like food I feel like I just
needed these erasers in my life there’s like one that looks like a cake one that
looks like an ice cream cone and these were only a dollar for all four again I
don’t know if they still have these at the store but they were really freaking
cool in the dollar spot and you can probably find similar stuff there too so
if they don’t have these they probably have something that’s pretty similar
okay so the other thing I’ve been really fascinated with lately I don’t know if
you guys have been watching all the videos online or on Instagram but brush
or hand lettering I’m kind of obsessed with watching videos and tutorials for
how to do it so of course I had to get my own supplies I got this little dot
gritted notebook and I have been going to town with practicing my own brush
lettering using these pens that were highly recommended now I am a lefty so
writing of course is always a struggle these are called pen tell sign pens and
they have a nib on them so it looks like a brush pen and they have different
sizes so they’ve got like fine you know medium thicker and that’s what I’ve been
using to practice my own brush lettering techniques yes cuz I have been
practicing I found a class on blueprint formerly craft C it was called like
brush lettering for like cards and invitations so I’ve been watching that
class so here’s my progress so far I don’t think I’m doing too bad the one
tip I have seen is because of my lefty I put a paper towel under my hand when I’m
writing so that my hand does not turn like black which is not cool so yeah
I’ll demonstrate how these pens work I really like using these so I’ll use like
maybe the medium one okay let’s see here these pens were a three pack on Amazon
came as a set and I didn’t realize this but they’re like the legit Japanese
version so you get some really cool packaging with it too so let me try to
find the medium one okay I think it’s this one and I will try to demonstrate
some some letters here without getting my hand all funky alright so let’s do I
think the ages are pretty fun and it did take me a while to figure out how to
hold the pen so that you can get those thin up strokes and thick down strokes
but I’m getting better it’s I’m obviously not any sort of professional
don’t call me for your wedding invitations yet but I feel like I have
been improving alright so let me do an age alright so you want to thin ups
alright that did not come out great but all right let’s see here alright that’s
better there we go and the key is just with
like how much pressure you put on it alright let me try and s that s was
actually one of my favorite letters too right okay that that did not
work out well all right that’s better okay so you get the point I’m having a
lot of fun and I’ve been watching so many videos on how to do different fonts
how to do bouncy letters and I’m really getting into this so I’m gonna try to
fill out the notebook and maybe get better and maybe someday I can aspire to
be some sort of fancy letter person and I think that’d be pretty cool so we’re
gonna keep going at cuz I saw it I’ve just been seeing so many videos like
this and it just looks like fun alright there we go alright I’m definitely yeah
this is I’m definitely kind of a weird angle here and the key again is with the
pressure so you got to keep keep practicing just keep practicing and
hopefully I will get better let me try these yeah I was getting
better the other night but yeah I got it I still have a long ways to go clearly
alright alright that’s not too bad let’s try another age I don’t really need to
write a lot of HS but it’s okay alright anyways I’m having a ton of fun but I
just wanted to show you some of the funky desk accessories stationary things
I have a buying and I’ve just been loving this stuff one tip I’ve been seen
everywhere is to use good paper you want it to be really smooth and this paper is
pretty decent quality but I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about a brand
called a Rodya and apparently that’s like the best so I’m thinking about
getting a couple of those pads just to try out because if you try to use like
regular copy paper or just random paper it’ll really destroy the tip of the pen
so that’s something that I’m keeping in mind because this set of three pens is
like eight dollars and I don’t really want to ruin them anyways I hope you
enjoyed this little look at some of my stationery obsessions if you did be sure
to hit that like button subscribe to the sewing report for
everything sewing crafts and DIY projects i’m jennifer moore and i will
see you again in the next video you

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  1. Sewing Report says:

    Would you be interested in a video showing you my "vintage" (circa late 1990's) Hello Kitty collection? Comment below if you do!

  2. Sumsum Bezuidenhoudt says:

    Definitely a problem for me too!😍🌸🌸

  3. LINDA BROWN says:

    Cute collection. I love anything with a cute critter.

  4. Michelle R says:

    You should go check out k Werner designs under lettering section. I think you would enjoy her 😁

  5. Nancy D says:

    Have you checked out Daiso? Or jet pens online? Great places of stationary goodness.

  6. Amber Schembri says:

    I am obsessed with fun office supplies too! I cannot be trusted in stores lol

  7. Valérie Breyton says:

    my weird accessories are Star Wars stuff.

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