My Wild Animal Pet: Largest Rodent In The World

Melanie and Rick Typaldos share their home with a rather unusual pet — a rodent the
size of dog. 00:14
This is Gary the capybara — the world’s largest rodent, more commonly found in the swamps
of Venezuela. 00:21
But despite his appearance, Melanie loves nothing more than walking, swimming and even
sleeping with Gary. 00:34
I got a capybara because I was down in Venezuela and I saw capybaras in the wild and I found
them to be both very cute and surprisingly approachable for a wild animal. 00:45
I couldn’t find anybody who kept a pet capybara, but I did find that there was a breeder in
Arkansas and through her I was able to get a baby capybara and once I saw him, I just
though, ‘Aw, he’s so cute. I have to bring him home. 00:57
And it wasn’t long before Gary became part of the family at the couple’s home in Buda,
Texas. 01:02
I love it when Garry sleeps in the bed with me but he doesn’t do that all the time. In
the summer he normally sleeps in one of his numerous dog beds, he’s maybe a little bit
spoilt. 01:15
Melanie has even introduced Gary to her other animals 01:19
We have quite a few animals here, we have a couple of rabbits, we have a couple of tortoises,
we have three chickens and I also have horses. He gets along with most of the animals pretty
well. He does chase the rabbits a little bit but it’s just for fun, he doesn’t really wanna
hurt them. 01:33
And just like a dog, Melanie has taught Gary new tricks 01:38
I think capybaras are at least as intelligent as dogs and I think that they are probably
more intelligent. 01:48
But Gary’s favourite pastime is swimming with Melanie in her back yard pool. 01:53
A capybara has to have some place to swim, so we have an aboveground pool that he uses. 01:59
And after a hard day of playing it’s time for a little cool off 02:03
The best thing about having Garry as a pet is just his personality. 02:11
A lot of people initially mistake him as a dog and then they’re very taken back when
they see he’s not a dog 02:17
They wanna pet him, they wanna feed him treats, they wanna listen to his little voice 02:23
I guess it’s the same thing people see in having a dog or a cat,

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50 Responses

  1. FuzzyTailz says:

    Wow… That's actually kind of cute

  2. Marianne Pool Shooting McGee says:

    Gary is beautiful and I love him!

  3. Jules says:

    Wow I wish my guinea pig got that big ;-; I would cuddle with her for a LONG time

  4. Sharp Pie858 says:

    I've actually always wanted one.

  5. jon fraer says:

    do they poop everywhere like guinea pigs

  6. Mewshi The Dinocat says:

    What a strange looking guinea pig…

  7. Kopie says:


  8. Joel Ortiz says:

    OMG i dont care if it takes big giant poops!!!. i just want it!!!!!#

  9. Matthew Kent says:

    A capybara with a human name?

  10. Jacob Rhodes says:

    Stitched up by pets at home.

  11. Mike Alexander says:

    loved the video

  12. Mike Alexander says:

    loved the video

  13. Cheese is gREATa says:

    Woah what type of breed is the dog

    (It's a joke I know it's a capybara)

  14. Lily B says:

    I want one.

  15. Yawning Hamster says:

    I want one.

  16. P Pow says:

    What a beautiful facial profile you have! And your adorable pet proves that not all best gifts come in small packages…

  17. Bob nagel says:

    I want one for Christmas. I've been good all year.

  18. William Pratama says:

    I've seen many cute animals before, but capybara are just on a different level.

  19. stephanie doyle says:

    Carlos go die 5000 times

  20. Blazin Vireo says:

    Awww its kind of like a monsterzilla guinea pig!

  21. jeffry hammel says:

    Capys are constantly put down. But they are so cool.

  22. deepak chowdary says:

    what kind of dog is that?

  23. Jamie Angel says:

    amazing animal! A massive noble-looking, swimming guinea pig. I wonder if he makes that funny guinea pig squeal noise, only louder?

  24. •.Bakugou Stan .• says:


  25. Readstone Sword 667 says:

    Soo cute

  26. Jouseph Rivera says:

    He acts just like a dog

  27. Navara The ice king says:

    What I need one but if it on my bed it will poop!

  28. ASMR Svenska says:

    Soooo cuute

  29. Blue Berry says:

    I think it is more scary than cute😲😲

  30. d e austin says:

    well, I know my two pet mice are just as, if not more intelligent than dogs

  31. Jurassic Matthew says:

    I want one

  32. Hogsworth Hammer says:

    Wonderful rodent.

  33. Bangtan Bts says:

    I saw these at chessington world of adventure

  34. Icewallowcome21 , says:

    Price $1,750-$2500

  35. Cx News says:

    This thing really just doesn’t look real like i cannot beelive its a real animal

  36. Pablo Honey says:

    It's a big squirrel

  37. Angel Bs says:

    mere pass bhi h but itna bada nhi h

  38. Jimbabwe says:

    a hard days playin… ooooh that sounds rough

  39. Amelia Rose says:

    I'm guessing he swims in a fresh water pool he looks very cute

  40. Earl Rogers says:

    Massive rodent with elongated head and snout!!

  41. darius radmanesh says:

    Since he's a rodent what does he chew on to keep his teeth in check

  42. EJSFilms2K says:

    Your guinea pig got too close to the particle accelerator.

  43. John Smith says:

    I'm surprised it has so many moves in the water. It swims like a seal.

  44. Zach Nolan says:

    U know the ones at auckland zoo are way bigger

  45. kay mager says:

    I always loved capys ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  46. Dwayne Cox says:

    My wife wants one

  47. TJ Gregowicz says:

    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  48. Byrd Family Account says:

    can he breathe under water?

  49. Robin Foster says:

    Cute!!! I want one. I recommend pigeons as pets. They are the best pest.

  50. emmaplayz101 says:

    I though that looked like a guinea pig

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