Mystery Clues Found for OPENING SECRET DOOR!

– [Bryan] What do you think, bro? – [Missy] Oh, here’s a table runner. We can put this on the table. What is that? – It’s like a key necklace? Alright, should we try, Finn? – Yeah.
– Okay, let’s put the key in. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – Good morning! – [Bryan] Good morning, Finn! Hey, what are you doing over here? – Driving on this thing. – [Bryan] You’re driving
on it, like a road? – Yeah. – Show me! (Bryan giggles) Good morning, you guys. I walked in here and Finn had a trail of toilet paper coming from the bathroom. And he’s using it as a road. He’s driving with this little jeep thingy through the house this morning. Good morning, Finn, I
love you! (lips smack) – Hey, guys!
– Hey, good morning, buddy! Just chilling on the
couch watching a movie? – Yes.
– Yes, guess what? – What? – It is almost Christmas time! – Yay!
– Are you guys excited? Christmas is seriously gonna
be here before you know it. – ‘Cause Halloween is over now.
– Yup. Alright guys, thumbs up this video if you are excited for Christmas, also. – Subscribe to our channel, duh! – That’s right, if you
guys are not subscribed to our channel, be sure to
click that subscribe button. And you can also click that little bell to get our updates in your feed. – Oh hey, good morning! I’m getting ready for the day right now and I heard the boys were
being a little crazy out there. But I thought it’d be fun to
get ready while I’m vlogging. We actually are really excited
for Christmas right now. We’re gonna start decorating today. So, I am going to hurry up and get ready so we that can have a
fun day with the boys and start decorating the house. So, today is actually Saturday,
so no school for the boys. But you guys will actually
be seeing this tomorrow, on Sunday, so it should
be Sunday for you guys. So let us know down in the comments, what you guys are doing this weekend. I was telling the boys, I was like, honestly, when we decorate our house, well, we don’t always decorate our house. Sometimes Fred comes
and decorates our house. Did you guys know that? If you haven’t watched that, make sure you click the I-Card up above and you can watch how Fred surprised us and decorated our entire house. Our house is big and if
we decorate it this year, it’s gonna take us a long time. So I thought, maybe we
should get started now, (chuckles) because it
might take us a few days. So that’s why I was thinking maybe today we will start decorating. Just kinda do like, little things, not set up probably
like a tree or anything but just kinda like, get
rid of all the Halloween, fall stuff, start bringing
in some Christmas spirit. ‘Cause I love Christmas;
it’s my favorite season. I love the holiday, sure, I love the day. Christmas day is always
amazing, but I love the season. I love that it represents
families and traditions, and I dunno how to explain it but it’s just my favorite thing ever. That’s what we’re gonna do today and I’m really excited about it. So I’m gonna go ahead
and finish getting ready. I’m not making a lot of progress
’cause I’m talking a lot. So, I’m gonna hurry up and do this so we can get on with our day. Alright, I am ready for
my day and look at this: I’ve already even made my bed, and I wanted to show you
guys a new little work area in my room; we’ve done
so much with this area. So, right now we’ve actually made it a little more of like,
a office space for me! So, I’m definitely gonna be
changing out a lot of stuff here so you guys’ll have to stay tuned to see what we end up going with or what it ends up looking like. But I have big plans and I
want it to look really cute and I want it to be kinda like, my, like, cute space that I’ve
always wanted to decorate but I’ve never had the time to decorate. But I’ve just been doing a lot more work. I’m always using Bryan’s computer so he finally got me my own computer. Well actually, I believe this is just one of his old computers that
he hasn’t used in a while, and so he’s now giving it to me. I’m gonna use that and
decorate and all that. This is all our podcast stuff, which we need to set up in another area. But I’m super excited
about this little space. You guys’ll have to stayed tuned to see what it ends up looking like. Alright, I am gettin’ these
boys all ready for the day now and I just told ’em we are going to what? – Decorate the house. – [Missy] For Christmas, right? – Yeah. – [Missy] And what was your
first response when I told you we were gonna decorate the house? You said what about–
– What about Thanksgiving? – (gasps) How could he? If you guys don’t know,
it’s a little controversial to decorate the house for Christmas before Thanksgiving, and
a lot of people are like, what about Thanksgiving? You’re forgetting Thanksgiving! We are not forgetting Thanksgiving. We celebrate Thanksgiving, right? – [Ollie] Mm hmm. – But it’s always fun to
celebrate Thanksgiving around Christmas decorations! I’m not gonna put turkeys out when I’m getting ready to eat a turkey! So let me know down in the comments if you decorate for
Christmas before Thanksgiving or only after Thanksgiving. I’m definitely interested
in your thoughts about it. (upbeat instrumental music) Alright, boys, do you
wanna help me decorate? – [Ollie] Yeah! – Yeah? Let’s go through this box,
see what we got in here. – [Ollie] Okay. – [Bryan] Are these those
cool jingle bell necklaces? – [Missy] Yes! – [Bryan] Look at this
cute little Christmas tree! – [Missy] Where should we put this, Finn? – [Bryan] It’s got like cranberries. – I don’t know.
– Oh, that could be our Christmas tree in our room! – [Missy] Yeah? – [Bryan] Oh look it here,
these are those cool trees that we can use for like, on the table. Karma, come check this out,
what do you think, bro? – [Missy] Oh, here’s a table runner. We could put this on the table. – [Bryan] Uh, babe? – Yeah? – [Bryan] Is there something
around Karma’s neck? – [Missy] What the? That’s so weird, sit, Karma. – [Bryan] Karma, sit! Sit, boy, sit! Karma, let me see what’s around your neck. – [Missy] What is that? – [Bryan] It’s like a key necklace? – (gasps) I know! That can open the door that we have in our room! – That’s true, that door
that’s been in your room, we’ve been trying to
figure out what to do. – Ollie, would you wanna
try this key on the door? – Yeah!
– Yeah? – [Bryan] Should we try this little key and see if it opens the door? Okay, come on Karm! – Okay so, if you guys don’t
know what we’re talking about, we actually found a door not that long ago in the boys’ closet, check this out. – [Ollie] I see something! – [Bryan] K, wait,
wait, stay back, though. – If you guys haven’t watched this video, click the I-Card up above so you guys can watch how we discover this. We have actually tried to open it in a lot of different ways. – It’s been unsuccessful, yeah. We even still have like,
the boys’ closet doors just leaning up against the wall so that we can have access to
it in case anything happens. We’re just trying to see
if anything does happen. K, Ollie, you wanna grab the key around his neck? – [Ollie] Yep. – [Bryan] Be really careful. – [Missy] Where did
that key even come from? – [Bryan] Alright, let’s
see the key, Ollie. Let me see it real quick. So, it’s got a heart on it, and it’s definitely a skeleton key. – Yeah, this– – [Bryan] So, let me check the hole. So, this is what the, oh wow! It’s so creepy, you guys,
we gotta get in here. So, the key hole, yeah,
you can definitely, like, see in the key hole. It is a skeleton key so
there is a possibility that could be it.
– This could work. – Alright, should we try, Finn? – Yeah.
– Okay, let’s put the key in. I dunno if it’s gonna work, we’ll see. – [Missy] Did it work? Nothing? (Bryan groans)
(sighs) Shoot! – It’s not grabbing onto anything. I don’t think it’s the right key. – I don’t know if it’s like, a real key or maybe its a– – [Finn] Hey, guy! – Oh, you know what? It actually says, Girl Power– – [Missy] Oh! (laughs) – On it, so I don’t know if
this is actually the key. Yeah, I’m not sure if this is a real key or just a necklace that Karma was wearing. But Karma obviously loves this necklace. So I’m gonna put it back on him. – [Missy] He’s like, I want a necklace! Yeah! (laughs)
– Girl power, he’s pro women. Yes, as he should be, right? Women built this world! – [Missy] (laughs) He
just wants some love. – [Oliver] He’s so cute. – [Missy] Aw, he is the cutest puppy ever. I thought he was gonna help
us get in that room, though. No luck, huh? – Hey, Dada? – [Bryan] What? – Look behind you. – [Bryan] Yeah, that’s your squirrel. – Well, know what he’s holding? A map.
– What? Wait, that’s not a map. – [Missy] Ollie, what is that? – [Bryan] Did you put that there, dude? – No. – [Missy] Finn, did you
somehow climb up there and put it up there?
– Uh, no. – [Bryan] No? Yeah, so this is the squirrel
in the boys’ bedroom, and it looks like there’s
like, a note or something? I’m gonna get it, excuse
me, Mister Squirrel. – [Missy] Yeah, okay. – This is so weird. What do you think it is, boys? – [Finn] Let me hold it, I hold it! – [Ollie] I think it’s a map. – You think it’s a map? – [Missy] A map? – [Finn] I hold it! – [Bryan] You wanna open it? – [Finn] Yeah. – Okay, if anyone’s gonna open it, it’s going to be daddy ’cause
I don’t know what it is, okay? – [Missy] Okay. – Comment down below, you guys. What do you think this is? This is so weird. – [Ollie] I don’t know. – [Missy] Oh, wow! – Oh, whoa! – [Ollie] I wanna see! We wanna see!
– Wait, no, no, no, wait. It says something; I’m gonna read it. Okay, it says: You’re on the right path. A key is what you seek. It was once kept safe, not
so much now, so to speak. – [Missy] What? – That is so weird, look! – [Missy] Uh, there’s
nothing there, Bryan. – It’s g– – [Finn] I wanna hold it! – [Missy] Wait, was there something on? Are you making that up?
– It disappeared! Do you think this is a clue for the door? – Yeah!
(Finn whines) – [Bryan] Look! – [Missy] There was a message? You’re telling me that
there were words on that? – There was a message here. Ollie, what do you think that meant? – It says something about the safe. – [Missy] Wait. – It did say something about, safe. – [Missy] Wait, should we
like, replay what you said? – A key, it said. (sighs) What did it say? – [Missy] Yeah. – Okay, if you guys can remember what the clue said, write it down below in the comments, ’cause
that will help us out. If you guys can’t remember,
rewind this video, and then write it down as I say it so we have the clue in the comments. – [Missy] Yeah. – It said something like,
we’re on the right path. It’s like, it won’t– – [Missy] It was safe but now it’s not? – It was safe; should
we go look in the safe? – (gasps) We do still–
– Why don’t we go look in the safe?
– Have the safe that we found. If you guys don’t know, we
found a safe this summer. And we spent like, a lot of
time trying to get it open. We finally got it open,
found a lot of cool stuff. You guys should definitely check it out. I’ll have it linked up here in the I-Card to go check it out.
– And I remember there being like, a key. Like, a random key. – [Missy] Yeah! – Okay, we are deep in my garage. (Missy laughs)
– And this is where the abandoned safe is. Do you guys remember what the code is? ‘Cause it’s kinda locked. I think I have it on my
phone, actually, let me see. (dial clicking) (playful instrumental music) Got it open! – [Missy] Yes! – [Bryan] Alright, let’s open it up! – [Missy] What’s in it? – [Bryan] And– – [Missy] Oh no! – [Bryan] Yeah, I don’t– – [Missy] Oh no! – [Bryan] Oh wait, wait, wait, there’s– – [Missy] Something? A key?
– Some coins. Some coins left over.
(Missy laughs) – [Missy] We did find a
lot of treasure in here. – There was a lot of stuff in here. So let me show, so there was also like, stuff taped to the inside of the door. So this is actually where the key was. – [Missy] Yeah. – [Bryan] I can’t remember
what we did with that. – I wonder– – [Bryan] Should I call your dad and see? – Yeah, actually that’s a good idea. – He might know where it is. – Hey how’s it going, it’s Bryan. Hey, I opened the safe because we actually found
a crazy clue for that door, and it mentioned a key. Did you do anything with that key that was like, taped in the safe? Oh, you did? Okay, okay, cool. Nah, you guys have fun. Okay, bye. They are at the movies. But he told me he put it in a little box in my office where a
bunch of other keys were. – [Missy] Oh! – Let’s go inside and see
if we can find it there. – [Missy] Okay, awesome. – [Bryan] Look at these cute puppies. Hi, Karma; hi, Luna. You decorating for Christmas still? – Yeah, lookit! Remember Elf On The Shelf, he just, when we were gone he decorated our whole house for Christmas.
– Yeah, I remember that. I’m headed to my office. I gotta find this little
box that papa was saying. Alright, Elvis, where is it? Oh!
(dull tapping) Lost keys.
(keys jangling) Oh no, you guys, sounds like there’s gonna be a lot in here. Let’s see (sighs). Okay, you guys, (keys jangling)
there is so many old keys in here, I don’t even know.
(keys clatter) Let’s just, oh great, okay. I actually feel like this one’s it. I don’t know though, this, there’s a lot of skeleton keys here. I feel like it could be this one. I kinda feel like it was this one. Okay, you guys, I think
we’re getting really close. I think the key is in here, but this is way too
many keys for me to try ’cause I feel like this video would just, be like, way too long. So I’m gonna show you guys
all the keys right here. And on your screen I’m gonna put up a coordinating letter that
coordinates with each key. Comment down below, you guys, which key should we try in
the door to try to unlock? Which one do you think
is gonna unlock the door? If you get it right, we’re
gonna reward you guys with something really, really cool. We just basically need your
help to narrow this down. So vote, and then maybe like,
the top three vote getters for which key it is, we’ll do those three on camera for the next video
and try to open this door. But smash that thumbs up button, you guys, because I feel like we’re getting so close to finally getting in this thing and just, it’s really,
really creeping me out. I really wanna know what is in this door. (ominous music)
Wait, I see something. (gasps) Did you guys see something? K, I seriously think I’m, I see something over there, too. Right in the, wait, something yellow? (sighs) Yeah, we gotta get
behind this door, you guys. So please comment down below,
which key do you think it is? Rewind this video if you
need to and you can pause on that graph where we
put all the numbers. And then you can leave
your vote down below for which key we should
use to open up this door. And smash that thumbs up
button to wish us luck. I think we’re gonna be opening this thing in the next video, and I think the boys and me and you guys are
in for a huge surprise. (mellow instrumental music) So, Ollie, I found a ton of key options to open the magic door but
there was way too many. So we gotta wait for them to vote on which keys we should try to open it with, okay?
– Okay. – [Bryan] I think we’re
really close to opening that door, though, are
you getting excited? What do you think’s in there? – I don’t know, I just
peeked in the door bag and I looked over here. – [Bryan] Uh huh? – And you know what?
– There was something weird, huh, because when I was
peeking through the keyhole or like, the top of the
door, I saw something weird. Something like, yellow.
– A cat? – [Bryan] I don’t know. You think there’s a cat in there?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] What if there’s a new pet? – I think it’s a kitty cat. It was little.
– You do? – [Ollie] Yeah! – Ollie think’s there’s a
kitty cat behind the door. Yeah, there was way too
many keys for me to try. Your dad put it in a box that apparently had a bunch of keys in it. But I think the next
video, by this next video, we should be able to
find out which one it is. It’s exciting!
– Yay! The boys are having a little rest time in the guest room. What are you guys watching in here? – We’re watching The Grinch. – [Missy] Oh, that’s
like the old Grinch, huh? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Missy] (laughs) You guys look so cute. You just havin’ a little
downtime, relaxin’? I’m gonna keep decorating
the house okay, boys? – Okay. – [Missy] Okay, alright,
Finn, sit down and rest. (laughs) That bed looks so comfy and cozy.
– Yeah! ♪ It is to ride and sing
a sleighing song tonight ♪ ♪ Oh jingle bells jingle
bells jingle all the way ♪ – (laughs) That’s right, you guys, we are headed out, apparently
with everyone and their mom, to do some light Christmas shopping. We’re actually just gonna
grab some new decor stuff from Hobby Lobby, and we decided to put on some Christmas music. So, we’re listening to A
Very Daily Bumps Christmas. If you guys didn’t know, last year we actually
released a Christmas EP, and it is the cutest thing ever. – We love it.
– We are listening to it again; we turned it
on the day after Halloween. It’s really cool, it’s got a
couple of Christmas originals, it’s got a couple of covers, Ollie sings, huh, Ollie? You like it a lot, huh?
– Yeah! – (laughs) So if you
haven’t already picked up A Very Daily Bumps Christmas, I’m gonna put it up on
the screen, in the I-Card and down below in the description so you guys can check it out
and listen to it yourself. ♪ Jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ It’s seriously so cute hearing
them sing, though (laughs) – Look who fell asleep. (laughs) I think he’s
had a pretty busy day. Huh?
– Yeah (laughs). – [Missy] Oh! – Hey, big guy. – You can sleep on daddy. You don’t have to wake up yet. Alright, we are home now, and
the boys are actually asleep. But I wanted to show you
guys what we bought today. So this is the start of just like, some new little things that we bought for our Christmas decor. I’m still definitely decorating. I’m trying to get everything
down from the attic that we need so we can decorate. But we got a few more
things: we got some snow. Check it out, we’re watching a movie and I’ve got Bryan helping me
with the puzzle, and Hannah. (laughs) We are just trying to kinda get all our
decorations down from the attic so that we can actually start to decorate, hopefully tomorrow, but
I made some cookies, too. ‘Cause it is one of those nights. So, I think we’re just gonna
go ahead and end this video. I’m gonna (sighs) go to
bed, it’s been a busy day. And tomorrow hopefully I can actually get some decorating done. But make sure you give
this video a big thumbs up if you did enjoy it,
and we will see you guys in our next one, bye! (upbeat instrumental music)

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