♪Calming Music♪ Garroth: Neko Atsume cats can’t fly, right? Katelyn: Umm, they’d better not be able to.. Aphmau: They might….! Katelyn: *Weird Laugh Cry* Garroth: Ohhhhh no. Aph~Meow: Hahahah Vlyad: Oh God. Katie: Oh..This is scary AppleMeow: Meow Meow.. Garroth: Oh My IRENE. O-O Aph: Meow? Garroth: You know, you keep bringing us to like weirder and weirder places. Aph: You know, maybe this is just a huge fever dream for you guys. Aphmau: Heeeey Katelynnnnn~ (Hey, that’s Travis’ line!) Kate: Why, Why?! Katelyn: I’m boxed in! Just get me, just get me so I can die of- Aph: MEOW! sweet release. Aphmau: OOOOOHHHH! Garroth: Oh no, there’s 2 of them! Cat Aphmau: You’re lady meow meow! Cat Katelyn: Lady meow, meow, meow Vylad: Are they both giant, or? Garroth: Yes! Katelyn: Meow, Meow, Me-Me-Meow Aphmau: Garroth said there’s 2 of us, so he knows. He can see us. Aph: You see them? Vylad: Don’t move! They can’t see you if you can’t- if you don’t move. Cat Aphmau: OOOOOHHHHH! *Creepy weird laugh o~O* Vylad: That’s terrifying! HAHAHAHA! Aphmau: Heeeey Vylad! Garroth: Oh no… Aphmau: HAHA! Oh I missed you- What I missed you?! Wait what?! Katewyn: OOHH THERE HE IS, I SEE HIM Aphmau: Hiiiiiiyyyyyyyy Aphmau: I’m gunnuh touch you! Aphmau: Why are you so- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Katelyn: I’m on my waaayyyyyy! Garroth: VYLAD NO! Garroth: VYLAAAAD! Katelyn/Aphmau: Hahahaha! Aphmau: Oh look! Garroth: Oh no. Aphmeow: You’re Tubbz. Katelyn: OOWWWWWW! Garroth: What? Aph: You’re appropriate! He’s Tubbs! Kitty Purry:The fat one! Apple: The fat kitty… Vwayd: Right in front of the giant yarn ball there appears to be someone- Gar~Gar: LEAP OF FAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITH! Vlayd: There we go! Katelyn: Whoa! Kawii~Chin: Hehehe! Garroth: Nope! Ugh- FAIL! Kate: Get him, get him, get him! Aph: *War cry* Garroth: AHH what the.. Aph: AHAHAHA! *Squeal>/:D He replied he wants to make out!! EEEE! Wow. Well, Your Welcome?… NO/MEOW (idk XD) (Advice: Don’t mess with a girl’s phone. EVER! OOOHO HEELLOO HEE HEE I SEE A “Delee?” Wait a minute how do you get up there? Uhh like this FINE, you get ’em NYOH! AHAHAHAHAH! Aphmeow? Nope Don’t you wanna just come in bed Lucky cat?? nope nope nope nope…nope nope nope nope nope [Katelyn making Jaws sound effects]( I think?) Stop running away from me! AAAH! Run run! Katelyn must be a really fat cat No!…….Stop! [laughter]🤣 This isn’t fair! I’m a big old kitty, I’m-
I’m old! I’m old and decrepit! HALP! Decrep- *Snicker* no aah nope nope yeah yeah yeahs! NOOO! Kawaii~Chan really ran for that one Not fast enough! Sliding Aphmeow Neahahaha Vylad, what’d be your cat name? Err… my cat name?? yeah uuhhhh… Vla-Vylad Nip… I like it! Vylad Nip! Vylad Nip?? Well goodness me NOPE!…NOPE!…NOPE!….NOPE!…NOPE!…NOPE!…NOPE!…NOPE! NOPE!NOPE!NOPE!NOPE!NOPE!NOPE!NOPE!NOPE!NOPE!NOPE! NO-hoo-hoooo Got’cha! ;3 Neooooooo! D: Yeah… I’m still not Cowboy Cat awwwww I think it was a one- time thing rest in peace cowboy cat I could’ve made so many jokes!… but no… hey hey You didn’t realize there was an outside?? nah Where’ve you been all you’re life?? Outside ironically What cat am I? Anyway, I-I don’t know. My knowledge of neko is not good enough I think you’re Snowball, I forget Oh! Hellloooo! Oh my dear! Meow!Meow!Meow! Oh my goodness! Ugh! [Aphmau Giggles] Yay!! I have a kitty pal! ugggghh! hmmmmm Awwwww! you guys look so cute down there. :3 [Aphmau giggles] Can’t try to get up here, Katelyn? Erh… I’m too big! Haaahaaa! [Aphmau is a Troll] HaaaaaaHaaaaa!>:D [Such a troll XD] Sad Kitty errr…. OK, seriously it’s- Vylad it’s like you just disappeared. I’m good at hiding… Do you just leave , and then come back at the end like: OOOOHHHH Look at meeeeheee I’m Vylad, I hate peeeopleee!(I think that’s what Garroth said XD) hahaha Oh she fell! She fell! [Aphmau screams and scared laughter] Nooo! Nooo! Don’t do it Katelyn! I’m your friend! I’m your BFF! I’m your friend! Don’t do this to meeee!! Why? You did it to me. Friends don’t turn friends into cats! Except for Kawaii~Chan [Nonsense] Naaooooo! Yeah they sure doooooo…(heheheeee) Nice try… ehehehehhhh DX umm ehhhh… okay nope okay….uummm Ok, well I’m stuck. This is- This is great It’s cool…yay.. It’s easy to happen when you’re a big fat cat (Cannot Translate) I’m all alone in this cupboard. c’mon! Good job! Yay! I did it! Oh! What? Awwwww.. [sad Aphmau ):] Weeee! No! WHAT!? Why? (WOOOOOO) [Happy Kawaii~Chan] She had an unfair advantage! We shouldn’t have let her play! You can’t play a cat game no more Uughhh (awwww) 🙁 Vylad killed himself Suck it Vylad! XD ~~Thank you so much for tuning into this episode guys! Remember, if you enjoyed be sure to leave a like, a comment, and check out the description down below and without further ado, we’ll see you later.Take care! Let’s eat Kawai~Chan Meow Merow! AHH! R.I.P Harry ~~Awesome Aphmau Outro Music~~ ~~I Hope Everyone Has A Kawaiiful Day~~ (BAI-FROM A GAMER) ~~Baii

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  1. Aesthetic Weeb says:

    anybody here because of aph's old voice? I am. yep.. minecraft hide n seek in 2019 (。_。)

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    I laughed so hard when Andy said I'm a cowboy

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    Aphmeow is adorable

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    I’m gonna take my cat to old town road I’m gonna meow till I can’t no more

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    are you related to itsfunneh and the krew aphmau?

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    Aphmau:he said he wants to make out

    Garroth:Oh well you’re welcome


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    I still love kawaii chan 😭

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    Who else saw Neko atsume and Aphmau and clicked?

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    I’ve been rewatching this for a very long time,3 years I’ve watched this video! (In the 3 years of course not,watching for 3 years straight)

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