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Hello and welcome. In today’s video I would like to introduce you to all the leaks that have been announced so far for the upcoming update, namely the Pet update. In all probability the Pet Update will be released as early as next week. In total there will be more than 24 different pets, because some pictures have already been leaked. Among other things also a picture with the pet interface where you can see 24 pets. In this picture you can see which pets are supposed to be available. Most of the pets are based on the mobs that already exist in Minecraft, like Sheep or Pigman. But there will also be some pets which do not exist in Minecraft at all like a Wahl Pet. Beside the leaked images for the Pet interface, the collection for some pets has already been leaked. So you know exactly which collection you have to raise to unlock a certain pet. You can see the leaked collections here in the table. In the table are also the Pets of which the collection is not yet known, I have marked them blue and green. The blue marking stands for the pets where you can already see the collection in the game, for example the bunny collection. The green marking is for the collections which are only ideas by the community or by myself which would fit well to the pets. Beside the collections to unlock the pets there are also some other collections which become important for pets. One of them is the Hare Collection because you unlock a Random Egg with level 9 or the Leather Collection because you unlock a Saddle with level 7. Probably the most important collection when it comes to accessories for pets is the Carrot Collection, because there we unlock 6 items that can probably be used for pets. Among other things pet food or even a super catching egg. But what to do with these items is not known yet. The great thing about the pets that will be added with the upcoming update is that they are not just for cosmetic purposes, so they don’t just follow you around like the snowman Pet at the moment. They even give you real stats like you can see here at the bat pet. Because through them you get 100 intelligence and 5 speed. In addition to the quite simple stats, each pet offers 3 more stats that can differ significantly depending on the pet you have. For example, the Bat Pet offers significant bonuses with regard to the Spooky Event, because there you can use your grappling hook more often or you have a higher chance of Candy. However, I think that you don’t have the stats on the pets from the beginning once you get the pet. Because as you can see in the choice pets here, this level is 100 and has reached its maximum level. I assume that in the example of the election pet gets 2HP for each level. And at certain levels, for example, level 25, level 50 and level 100 unlocks the three more special stats. However, it has not yet been announced how exactly the new level system of pets will work. You can write in the comments what you think about how the stats work with the pets and otherwise wish you a wonderful day and ciao!

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5 Responses

  1. BongBay says:

    Welches Pet hohlt ihr euch als erstes? und wie oft hab ich bitteschön Pet in dem Video gesagt 😅

  2. Braunfuchswelpe says:

    Meine Video Idee wurde Angenommen 🥳

  3. PvP Tree says:

    Endlich neuer content ich hoffe man muss nicht ewig für ein pet grinden

  4. Der Krypton says:

    Naja wahrscheinlich erscheint es Montag und mann muss die pets immer weiter leveln was meiner Meinung nach immer noch langweilig ist

  5. Sencyet says:

    Seh schon kommen wieder wochen lang farmen für ein pet 😂

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