New App Identifies Dog Breeds

-When you adopt a dog, a lot of times you can just be curious as to what breed it really is. But it can also be important for their health. Some dogs are allergic to some things that others aren’t, some might have some skin problems that others don’t. So it’s really good to find out what breed they really are. Luckily, there’s What’s My Mutt. It’s $0.99 and it’s available from the App Store, and we’ll jump right in. I’m going to use my dog, Penny. So we’ll just run through. There’s seven steps. The first step is figuring out what kind of dog she is. So she’s about the size of a Labrador, 45 to 75 pounds. Her legs are pretty much medium size, so we’ll go with that. She’s a little taller, actually. Her tail is pretty long, so we’ll do that right there. And with her ears, they’re kind of like weird floppy style like that. And she’s got kind of his Pit Bull-ish face. Yeah, that’s about right. She has extremely short hair, and she is two colors. She is brown and white. So next, and we can see that she is a Boxer, Labrador Retriever, and Staffordshire Terrier. And if you look at the way she looks right here, that’s pretty much dead on. So this has been your app attack. That’s What’s My Mutt. And now you know what kind of dog I have when I upload 10,000 pictures of it on Facebook.

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  1. nihat says:

    i can't find that app :((

  2. Sand Queen says:

    My dog's name is Penny to

  3. Luv Bug says:

    What’s the app called

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