New Cat Breeds: Meet the Hairless SphynxieBob And BamBob

APRIL: It was my dream to produce an adorable bobtail cat that everyone would be able to
enjoy. 00:16
COMM: April Arguin of Jacksonville, Florida has successfully introduced two new cat breeds
into the world. SphynxieBob, and the BamBob. 00:25
APRIL: The SphynxieBob looks identical to a regular Sphynx, has the gorgeous big round
ears and the hairless features, the only difference that makes them superior and unique is the
short little bobtail. 00:42
APRIL: Unique feature of the BamBob is they’re identical to the bambino cat which is a hairless
cat that carries the gene for short legs so they have the same awesome looks and short,
cute little swagger but they have a short bobtail. 00:57
APRIL: You are the world’s first ever. 01:01
COMM: With help from her mother Wendy, April has spent the last three years attempting
to create her new breeds. 01:12
APRIL: We had to really do our research before we started into the breed before we even did
the very first pairing and make sure that the genetics were all appropriate to combine
together. We got expert advice from our veterinarian and really made sure that we were going to
be producing beautiful healthy cats. 01:28
APRIL: So the hairless gene in the sphinx cat is a recessive gene so the first generation
all are actually gonna be produced with fur like a normal cat, so then we chose the best
kitten from that litter and we bred them again back to a hairless cat and then the final
product is the hairless bobtail kittens. It takes three generations to get the hairless
gene back into the kitten and carry on the bobtail. 01:53
WENDY: I’m really proud of my daughter and what she’s accomplished with this breed and
just the amount of work and dedication she has for it is just incredible. 02:05
COMM: With their inquisitive personalities, April insists that these hairless cats are
the perfect companions. 02:10
APRIL: We call them velcro kitties, they need to be with you, and on you and in bed with
you everywhere you go. They are wonderful with children. They love to interact and play.
They’re very outgoing and social. There’s a lot of people that come to us every day
to adopt these cats because they have severe allergies to cats and they can’t tolerate
the fur. 02:30
COMM: April is currently trying to get her new breeds recognised at the rare and exotic
feline registry. 02:36
APRIL: They require a certain number of kittens to be born first and so we are waiting for
a few more litters of kittens before we’ll able to be fully registered. It’s definitely
a passion, it’s not a business or something I do with the goal or intention of making
money. We do this for the betterment of the breed and really just the passion of sharing
these amazing creatures with the world.

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100 Responses

  1. Orb WeaverX says:

    Without a tail, a cat can't land on their feet after falling, which is incredibly dangerous for felines. It's an insult to their evolution to remove such a remarkable ability just because you think it's 'cute' or whatever.

  2. Eva S says:

    Why create new breeds? You selfish woman just want to make money.. these cats are suffering, look at how they’re walking

  3. Wolfy Wlf says:

    Their so wrinkly and cute but they do need a tail to balance themselves

  4. SkyFlower says:

    you literally cut off the tails and give one dawfism. -^-

  5. 9razzler9 says:

    These will never be approved by cfa

  6. aaa aa says:

    So what happens to the cats the hate and look ugly???if they go to the shelter they full!and it is a business your saying these kittens are free????looks lie you need to alter your family's and your face your mother and you look too old???????

  7. ColdFeetComical says:

    Stop selective breeding. Stop trying to play god

  8. Ernest Jones says:

    You are a geneticist. And, i could only imagine the beautiful breeding in other orders. Awesome work I hope, maybe expect you will top this. Wow

  9. Paul McSorley says:

    How many different names are people going to call the original TICA recognised Preliminary New Breed "MINSKIN"…?

  10. Carey De Witt says:

    That should be Illegal

  11. Tonamy Chakma says:

    I wish I can make you hairless.

  12. Green Bay Packer Kayla says:

    Eww very ugly

  13. Reeno Beano says:

    Sphynx's still produce dandruff so they aren't hypoallergenic despite their lack of fur. 2:26
    As someone who supposedly bred a new variation of Sphynx and Bambino wouldn't they know that?

  14. Chi B. says:

    I know a woman who has cat allergies so she bought a sphynx and had to give it away because even tho it doesn’t have long fur it still has enough fur for her to still be allergic!

  15. Chi B. says:

    “We do this for the betterment of the breed” yea ok what a dumb thing to say when you want to make money off of giving cats short legs on purpose!

  16. Elmo Heyns says:

    A cat with no tail is most definitely NOT superior to any cat breed with a tail…

  17. Jayme Field says:

    Their cute but I think they should have tails for balance,plz think more next time ?, my husband and daughter are allergic to cats even if they have no hair the dry skin and saliva are still allergenic

  18. Haikyuu Trash says:

    Humans stop. just stop.

  19. Bunny07 N says:

    I am from jaxonville florida! Yaaay!!!

  20. Sol Wins says:

    There so cute!!!!

  21. saturn says:

    Omg how do I get one ♡♡♡ I want

  22. Sach Tiotto-Smith says:


  23. nunya says:

    April is Hot. Is her "pussy cat" hairless too ? Curious.

  24. Dollectable Dreams says:

    Wow!!! What money can make people do!!! Yeah!! Let's bread one type of new animal (because that is not a cat), not care about the poor thing and make money by being the only breeder around!! That "cat" will not be able to live as a cat. No tail means no balance and even worse, short legs mean he won't be able to jump and run away, jump high if he wants to. He won't be able to do normal things as jumping on to a window to get the sun. How cruel and absolutely selfish and greedy. …..And her mother is proud of what her daughter has accomplished……How sick!!!

  25. Joseph Suarez says:

    Does she even know what epigenetics are? It involves environmental factors, not a controlled one…. Also, it’s called autosomal recessive and the desired phenotypes can skip a generation, not necessarily two, even though it is possible. Not all cats can have the “perfect” genetic makeup either. It only takes one mutation to make things go awry. She’s just wasting her time and energy, but it’s her money and her life…

  26. Constanza _ says:

    A cat with short legs cannot jump!!! And they need their tails for balance !!! She’s SICK

  27. Kammii Kaze says:

    Gorgeous xx I’m obsessed with the Bambob ! Sphynxbob is gorgeous too x

  28. disconnec t says:

    Is it me or the poor gray one has some serious bone structure issues? Her front legs are extremely short and her back legs are almost in V shape and her back is seems like bending.. She seems like she has problem with jumping.. I'm sorry you little one no wonder you look so sad.. We humans do anything for our desires regardless of you want..

  29. Renzsu says:

    Great, you’ve created a whole new breed of disabled animals. Stop supporting breeders like this and get yourself healthy cats with fur, tails and normal legs.

  30. Love Life says:

    Nooo I like the tail

  31. Love Life says:

    What have you done!

  32. Love Life says:

    and youve done the legs in too!!!

  33. Fabian Nakamura says:

    She's talking about "features" like introducing a new smartphone

  34. Jekku says:

    What do you do with all those excess transitional kitties???

  35. Lenchika Gorby says:

    Bettermeant of the breed?!? Heh. Long tail is my cat's favorite feature. And I feel sorry for cats with ugly short barely functioning legs! If in my next life I'm a "Bambob", I'll know I went to Hell instead of Heaven… Please have pity for animals and stop making miserable uglies already, come on!!

  36. Bianca Chapman says:


  37. Patrick King says:

    these hairless cats are growing on me

  38. HERE theTopic says:

    This is horrible. Jobless people nothing to do alone at home.

  39. Carina Fine says:

    I would be interested in getting one of them I don’t know if you sell them maybe you can get back to me or you could tell me where I can get one I like the Bambob

  40. TheOcelotGirl says:

    Idk how to feel about this..

  41. Bobby Kat LittleCub says:

    These people aren't educated! Allergies to cats are triggered by a protein called Fel d1, not cat hair itself. Fel d1 is a protein primarily found in cat saliva and sebaceous glands. The truth is they just want to make money. Sphynx cats were really bred for people that don't want to deal with cat hair on their furniture or themselves. They want them poor cats to be dwarves and tailless to capitalize on their new breeds. They don't care about these cats health and comfort. Adopt and Rescue, don't shop!

  42. KAP P says:

    I love sphynx cats……but watching this video I can only think one thing…..WHY would you do this, WHY????

  43. Gema Garcia esa soy yo says:

    Es una aberración cortarle el rabo a los animales

  44. Lobo G. says:

    It is a shame what such people do to cats.

  45. QuietHands says:

    how does the bobbed tail make that cat "superior" to a Sphynx with all of its body parts? :/ poor things.

  46. JayJohn Maguid says:


  47. 0m3n says:

    Anybody else pet their balls while watching this to feel more involved with the cats in the video?

  48. NOT AGAIN says:

    "for the betterment of the breed"

  49. ashitakaharuo says:

    the way that she talks about "producing" cats says pretty much everything about the attitude.
    i'm not even an animal advocate, but this is just appalling.

  50. Joanna S. says:

    where are the tails?!!!who are these people who bread these poor little ones!!! I own sphinx cat and can not imagine her with out the tail…

  51. Kim Lee says:

    abnormal cats

  52. jas says:

    This is horrible.

  53. paulgollum1 says:

    Vanity over common sense – and these people have the audacity to call themselves animal lovers.

  54. Les Brown says:

    Everyone bitching about breeding cats?
    Obviously they are happy healthy cats.
    Love to have one!

  55. Sonny Trulow says:

    yeah but WHY?

  56. Kinga Dorosz says:

    The only difference that makes them "superior" is no tail? How is that "superior"? "The final PRODUCT"… sad

  57. Tony Callme says:

    like youre holding a moving brain

  58. Anna Rinardi says:

    e un gatto bellissimo chi sa quanti campionati ha vinto

  59. Sean O'Connor says:

    Did she call them products? Yikes.

  60. Rachel Taylor says:

    The betterment of the breed? What about all the cats in shelters being euthanized?

  61. Chris Redfield says:


  62. Shelby Zikeli says:

    as an owner of a sphynx, I love the breed but the idea of adding additional recessive genes to an already limited population makes me nervous. The original breed was only recognized around 1970 and there is so much we don’t know! Not to mention that bambinos already are at a higher chance of spine injury and to take away their balance mechanism is ridiculous! As a “reputable” sphynx breeder you should know that sometimes people have WORSE allergic reactions to sphynx because of their oil production. You’ll never catch me recommending LilNudist cattery

  63. Les Brown says:

    Manx Sphinx.

  64. babyFiona says:

    I want one I love my Sphynx Fiona she’s the best cat ever

  65. Eduardo Madrigal says:

    I just hate selectively breeding animals, you're taking away what they were meant to do as a species and their survival instincts that they are born with. When you create a new life you're not only creating a dependent animal but you're also making future Generations more and more sick with either health problems and short life spans.

  66. TS says:

    I think hair-less, not “hairless” btw, are really cute, but how can you say it’s for the “betterment of the breed” when you crossbred it specifically just to have a stunted tail? Anyhow, since it takes three generations to get the hair-less gene, what happened to the first two generations? And how many were there?

  67. Mirrored {} Chaos says:

    I have a sphinx, hes named kink because he has a "kink" in his tail.

  68. i dunno but yay says:


  69. this is a great name says:

    I really don't feel good about that short-legged one

  70. sixbells99 says:

    This is when humans mess with nature and create ugly gollam cats. Nature would never make something so ugly. Poor cats that humans feel the need to create these freaks, Domesticating animals has happened for thousands of years but it was always balanced, here we are creating genetic freaks just for fun. Dreadful.

  71. barbara cotie says:

    They are very cute though!!

  72. Helena Johansson says:

    the cat needs its tail.This is sick.

  73. Speckled Sweetie says:

    Those cats look like they want to die

  74. Finley Holder says:

    “The final product”. Are you kidding me. Animals are not products. They are individual and breeding them is absolutely disgusting and shameful.

  75. Jan Pierre Luckmann says:

    Cool Cut Cat? Oh YES! I (FromGERMANY) like it! Like to have 1,2,3_4,5( 😉 SONG)! NO HAIR NO TAIL – NOT A FAIL!

  76. kinsey wright says:

    I need the little black bamboo(or whatever it's called) I do agree I want mine to have a tail, but omg his so stinking cute????

  77. GuiltyUntillProvenSober says:

    I am crying they need a tail to balance

  78. Fatimaimouna Imounachen says:

    Quiero unnnnnnnnnno
    Que bonito

  79. Diana Luna says:


  80. Olga Fedorova says:

    Это чудо !!!

  81. TOYBOB CAT says:

    This isn’t a real “breed.” It’s someone mixing two to three pedigree breeds with different mutations and trying to pass them off as a breed. The Rare and Exotic Feline Registry isn’t a real Cat Fancy association, it’s where backyard breeders go to try to pass their mutt cats as a real purebred cats.

  82. Cassie Corsaro says:

    This is sad I want him to have a tail!!!!

  83. marcela saavedra says:

    Que bonitos gatos

  84. Anna-Regina NEUER- says:


  85. Shiroshika says:

    People say these cats are screwed in the wild because they have no fur, yet they are people who are completely screwed in the wild without clothes.

  86. Fuddy Duddy:D says:

    🙁 cute but not a good thing to do

  87. Rosyhearts AJ says:

    The BamBob And SphynxieBob Are Cute,But That Woman Is Being Very Harmful To The Pair She USED To Create These Cats.She Has To Understand That Cats Need Their Flipping Tails To Balance,They May Seem CUTE But Their Story Is Kind Of Sad.Although,Some Cats Dont Have Very Long Or Actual Tails Such As The Bobtail,Japanese Bobtail And Many Other Breeds .So This Isn't Too Bad But It's A Level 5 Bad. They LoOk DrUnK

  88. Trish Stib says:

    April…I am sooo happy you are in the cat word…I have Sphynx and I LOVE their personalities.. I can tell you are doing it right!!!

  89. BlueUncia says:

    Since we did such an awesome job improving dog breeds, am I right?

  90. Jose Barbosa says:

    Muito bonito esses gatinhos

  91. Amanda Elliott says:

    Cool ?? ???? ?? ??? ? you are doing good


    To breed these cats you gotta have money.

  93. Jigglypuff says:

    How cruel to breed these animals

  94. Motormuis says:

    I agree that they look cute, but please tell me why they don't have a tail? Why not?

  95. Casey Rose says:

    Breeding is cruel and immoral.

  96. Amanda Parker says:

    You are NOT a cat lover!!

  97. Cynthia Isako says:

    Don’t promote this !!!!!

  98. God dang says:

    Making"designer" cats.. totally disregarding potential harm to cats

  99. Archaic Dawn says:

    Omg these are extremely cute.

  100. Kokkino says:

    0:34 They're not "superior". All cats are equal.
    Not only to mention that cats are supposed to have tails. They're not humans. Hell, even humans used to have tails before they became humans. What did you do to your people?

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