New Cat Finally Becomes A Member Of The Cat Gang!!

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  1. walter santi says:

    She is finally an official member of the gang! 🙂
    And for those of you who are unfamiliar with The Mom Cat, here is her whole background story:
    Take care!

    Anne Kedi de artık resmen çeteye katıldı 🙂
    Bu kedinin bahçeye geliş hikâyesini bilmiyorsanız üst paragraftaki linkten tüm hikâyeyi baştan sona izleyebilirsiniz.
    Bir sonraki videoda görüşmek üzere..

  2. Ayu Maharani says:

    She's thicc now??? So cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. CatSara says:

    AWWWWWW! I admire how cats get along with a handicap. Sometimes it´s a blessing not being able to think lol.

  4. Mona Khaled says:


  5. 洋蠟筆 says:

    i like to be a member too

  6. Lone Caucasian Male says:

    She's JUST AS crazy as her kittens!!!!

    Very SPECIAL!!!!

  7. CL says:

    So lovely story. Love your 4 legged gang so much, including indoor gang and Walter. 😘🐈🐱😺😼😻🐕

  8. edileine teodoro says:

    Que lindos, e vc Walter possui um coraçao de ouro💕💝💖👍😉

  9. Al Ed says:

    Love your channel, thank you for the work you do with the voiceless! And thanks for uploading this new video, I always watch them with joy

  10. pagansforbreakfast says:

    I'm a cat and I approve of this message.

  11. Vanessa QIN says:

    So happy to see mom cat became heavier and very healthy cat! Well done!

  12. Mimi says:

    I'm really, so happy she found you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. thegrayrenegade says:

    i love The Momcat and wish her all the best. She was definitely giving you some slow blinks of love and trust.

  14. Jan Mots says:

    Aww it warms my heart to see that Mom Cat has been accepted into the Outdoor Cat gang. She's such a sweetheart, God bless you for looking after them. 😄😄

  15. Kay Novo says:


  16. Will Dwyer says:

    Looks like she's got something wrong with her back legs.

  17. Laura Pearson says:

    So pleased with her health now . Her leg doesn't hold her back at all 💖

  18. tannacy jack says:

    Hmmmm…. I remember her now .
    We used to hangout together .

  19. Candice Sacks says:

    They are all beautiful and happy!🤗😻❤️

  20. HelenaMikas says:

    Oh I'm in tears of joy at her progress .. She has the best home in the world and watching here running up and down was terrific .Gracious she could beat me ….My day is wonderful and all thanks to you and your great work .Thanks so very much ..One scene I always have in my head is way back when you got to follow her and there she was in the bushes with her kittens .Her eyes are fabulous as is she …. Thanks and say a special hello to her from the lady who rates her tops …and did so from day 1 .She has style , determination and charm ..🐱👍
    Happy weekend ,to you all ..Helena

  21. Flaming Gamer36 says:

    I love her derpy run. Lol

  22. Daniel KC Arica says:

    I found your page last year. 2019 was a rough year for me. I had an anxiety problem plus some other healthy issues, all caused by stress. I thought i was going to die in every minute, and i couldn't sleep well for months. Among the things that helped for my recovery is your channel. I laughed and i felt relaxed and comfortable. Now i am ok but i keep on watching your wonderful videos and your beautiful cats. Thank you sir, you helped me a lot.

  23. Dianna Diatz says:

    Dear Walter,
    You are an example of a kind and generous human being, always inspiring me in your sweet and funny cat videos. It is wonderful to see how Momma cat is doing! She needed rest after having the lively and wild kittens to look after.
    I' m so glad she is running, going up the garden stairs, and sleeping in the back yard with the rest of the cat gang. How fortunate for her to be rescued by you!
    How are all her kittens doing?
    Thank you, as always for visits to see "Cat Heaven on Earth"

    May you, your family, and all the furballs enjoy good health, prosperity and joy!
    Dianna (Maryland, US)

  24. Margaret Roselle says:

    So lovely to see her again,well and content and happy!

  25. MissAmelieMarie says:

    Walter, you are a wonderful person. And Momma Kitty is now healthy & happy, as are her crazy brood. God love ya!!!

  26. Asmae asmae says:

    قطط جميلة😻😻😻
    حديقة جميلة🌳🌱🍀🌼🌸

  27. Nillers says:

    So happy for Mother cat!! ❤🤗
    Look at her move up the steps and across the lawn! Wonderful! 😺♥♥

  28. FlowerFairy says:

    So happy for 'Mom Cat' 💜

  29. Jenn K says:

    At the end when she stretches out I just want to kiss her furry belly. She's beautiful and showing everyone her leg isn't holding her back. Thank you so much for all you do. 💕

  30. Xtreme Performance says:

    What's wrong with the back ,left leg? Great videos wish I lived somewhere to have a outdoor gang of cats

  31. Michelle Werries says:

    I'm so glad she is at home with the rest. She is a lovely cat. I miss my mob of neutered ferals.

  32. Steven Zeuner says:

    I get so much enjoyment out of your videos. Thank you for caring for the animals.

  33. celinne700 says:

    She looks so happy and free. She has a sweet, easygoing energy. I can see why she integrated well into the little cat community.

  34. Bigi Bugi says:

    Omg this is so beautiful I might cry…love mom cat so much <333

  35. wolfmanjacksaid says:

    Your backyard is stunning

  36. MegF says:

    Welcomed into the cat clowder!

  37. Dora Arsenault says:

    So wonderful to see Mom Cat enjoying life without having to care for kittens!

  38. Mr Yuvraj says:

    NEW VIDEO 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  39. Ioan Felician Saitis says:

    Iubesc pisicile!

  40. Ioan Felician Saitis says:

    Iubesc pisicile!

  41. Hodor Hodor says:

    D'Artagnan is always extra 🌟

  42. Alexander B says:

    May gods smile upon you since you brought a smile to this lovely cat's face. She has found a safe home and beautiful company. 👍

  43. Jessica Charlotte Crowe says:

    D'Artagnan and the tree stump! :'D

  44. AlexPlay 0809 says:

    Yay a new member. Welcome mom cat

  45. shariys1 says:

    Thank you for rescuing that sweet girl and her little ones!

  46. megadezzies cat cat says:

    I remember her crazy babiez, they were a bunch of cutiez.
    Welcome Mom cat to the backyard, she is very precious. Now the gang is all together.
    I love your videos.💕

  47. john craig says:

    great cats great people…the world isn't all bad

  48. Lisa Parsons says:

    Beautiful cats.😊🐈

  49. abirdkilledmeh says:

    You're the world's best cat dad

  50. marilene garcia says:

    She has put some weight and seems very happy as well . Congratulations 😻

  51. Voicist says:

    0:02 Okay, so momma cat is cray cray 😂


    Good news !!!
    Good for her !!!
    She is so cute, beautiful, nice !!!
    Thanks for sharing

  53. D says:

    I just adore your furry family. Each unique but all are so, so sweet.

  54. Vidchemy says:

    Mom Cat's legs move better. She can run & walk all she wants and get stronger.

  55. Imconfused Indisworld says:

    😻😻😻😻😻 she looks much more healthy n
    Seems she's quite introvert like me 🙈❤

  56. Chubby Dunkin says:

    All the cat is aborable but momma cat is super cute with her back leg. With that beautiful garden you might find me back there on the steps too 😊😊

  57. David Vega says:

    I love the mom cat! Her story is amazing. Brave cat! Definitely deserves a good life for now on! Thanks for taking her!

  58. K H says:

    Awwwww that makes me so very happy to see. Bless little mama’s heart. 🥺☺️♥️💋♥️💋♥️🌿

  59. Emski S says:

    So glad she's joined the gang.
    Running up and down all those steps in the front garden must have been hard work with her poorly leg, xxxx

  60. gabriela dancea says:

    Dear owner, your house is an universe of cats. Very beautiful!

  61. Ro E says:

    I love your videos so much! I love the Mom Cat 🐈, she has gained weight and looks so healthy and cute! Thank you so much for caring for these defenseless animals! We need more humans like you in this planet! 🥰😻💕🐈❤️☮️🙏

  62. TheLuftwaffle - says:

    I'm glad to see her limp isn't slowing her down at all.

  63. Erendira Delgado says:

    ¡Oh how I love your videos! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  64. Ryan McPherson says:

    I want the big head.

  65. Gabrielle Elisa says:

    Wonderful 💖
    Thank you

  66. mousemuffins says:

    A well-earned retirement for a beautiful lady 😊

  67. Princess Love Brite says:

    Give the new cat a proper name! She's so cute, name her Petunia, Paeonia, or you think of her name! It needs to be some kind of flower.

  68. Angharad Keltik says:

    GOD BLESS the Santi family!

  69. BRYAN351 says:

    I love The Mother Cat. She's awesome.

  70. Bu Ateu says:

    Indonesia hadir👍👍❤❤❤😊😊😻😻😻😻

  71. Creamgirl78 says:

    So heartwarming! I love the last long stretch. Happy, lazy cat cays… "yes, this paradise is my home now. You guys are cool.". love all your videos!

  72. Linda Kline says:

    …and it looks like she couldn't be happier!!!!! However, could another woman spell trouble in paradise for the gang????? Yeah, I'm talking to you, d'Artagnan!!!!! lol

  73. Linda M says:

    She is absolutely purrfect. And finally all them crazed purrbabies have left the roost. Now time to meet a new crew. She seems to fit in well. Still a bit spunky. Good job.. tysm for sharing 🐾❣🐾



  75. frank hargreaves says:


  76. Kayson Rhodes says:

    That’s so awesome

  77. Deb butante says:

    I love this hippity hoppity cat ! So glad she's part of the tribe !! I love your heartwarming on this cold New Jersey day !

  78. Maya Morena says:

    Awwww lovely cats 😍❤

  79. Jazzyjazz22 says:

    I remember that lovely cat. I’m so happy she is safe and healthy and living in your beautiful garden with the gang. You’re a beautiful soul. ♥️💙❤️

  80. Holly Siler says:

    Yay!!! It is so comforting to know she is accepted and feels so at ease💖

  81. janice Wolski says:

    Awwww…wonderful update

  82. alvina tech says:

    I love her the most.. The little mom cat..

  83. MsDungeness River says:

    Compared to hyperactive kittens, Backyard Gang is a piece of cake. She looks gorgeous and really gets around on her limp leg. Thank you Walter Santi!

  84. Dianne G. says:

    My long term goal is to retire and spend the rest of my life at your place

  85. preshizmp says:

    She looks great! And regal D’artagnan…such a character lol. 💕

  86. Mr Smith says:

    I would like to chill with them

  87. kwutopia10 says:


  88. patt2175 says:

    Love your channel, as fellow cat lover, your vids always make my sad day brighter, God bless & thank y’all‼️😇👍🏼

  89. Mr Potato says:

    I personally don't like the idea to stay the mom but give away her kids .. family should stay together especially cat don't eat that much compare to dog.

  90. CalvinTraceur says:

    D'artagnan ever the poser!!!

  91. D Turner says:

    The videos of her crazy kittens were the best! Always made me laugh! Glad mama is settling in and enjoying her new life.

  92. jeff robinson says:

    Any cat who is welcomed to this paradise must be special.

  93. Rizki Delfianto says:

    please God, give us more human like this

  94. AmzaingCat says:

    you dont choose cats, cats chooses you 😉

  95. jerrysizzler44 says:

    Her little foot is so cute. Thank you again for taking such good care of her and her crazy kittens! 🙂

  96. Phebe Benson says:

    Walter, thank you for updating on the Mom Cat! This makes me so happy to see her being part of the gang now!!
    I did wondered about her well being after all her babies got adopted. Was she sad and in this big, beautiful place with all the other cats. If she ever going to blend in… so thrilled to watch her run, play and be with the gang!
    Thank you for saving her and her babies and giving her a forever home with you, you are the greatest!!! 😻

  97. J R says:

    A beautiful place they have to live and mama's got it all!

  98. Trisha says:

    MOMMA CAT <3

  99. Andrea Laxamana says:

    how many cats do u have? can u show them all so I know their names

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