New Hampton School | Taze ’20 | The Husky Athletic Experience #newhamptonschool #beahusky

I first heard about New Hampton School through an alum and he highly recommended it to my dad and when I got here, I fell in love with the culture of the school. The coaches really pride their teams on building character on and off the field, the court, the ice, and I think that’s really important when you get to the collegiate level and so they do an amazing job here at New Hampton building you up as an athlete, getting you ready for the next level but also getting you ready for real world situations in college and in life in general. Tony is a trainer for people of all different sports. I cannot say enough kind words about him and he accommodates certain exercises for your sport. Hockey – your legs for ice skating, lacrosse – your shot, golf – your swing, he does everything. Whether you’re an aspiring elite athlete wanting to play at the next level or you’re into music, production, theatre, fine arts, everyone does everything to ensure that you do reach your goal after high school.

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