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hi guys welcome back to my channel
before we start the video today I’m gonna let you know that this is a paid
promotion for character options but all the opinions are my own
today we’ll be checking out series 2 of the omg pets a few months ago we did a
video on series 1 and now we have series 2
I can’t wait to see who we have let’s check it out we have a french bulldog
and Dalmatian there are 15 plus sounds they come with a birth certificate and a
smoothie bottle that reveals that gender what do you think we’re gonna get a boy
or a girl a girl a boy a girl and a girl or a boy and a boy I can’t wait to take
care of them they love cuddling in a blanket look guys this a squishy let’s
call them cuddles and snuggles let’s fill out there birth certificates they are so soft and squishy Oh i love it.
There are available at Smyths Toys superstores and Argos snuggles loves to be
petted and if you feed them a smoothie when you leave them alone they will go
to sleep let’s see what my Dalmatians gender is it’s a girl let’s see you at
the French Bulldog is look it’s another girl you have two girls so cool for a
chance to win your very own oMG pet prizes go here now I have four oMG pets
I’m gonna to care for them all so well anyway guys we’ll see you all in our next video Bye

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