New Year Resolutions – Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

Simon’s Cat. Guide to Resolutions Be Be less Be less materialistic Learn to relax Read more Unplug Start a hobby Enjoy the great outdoors Travel more Be more romantic Face your fears

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100 Responses

  1. Clorox says:

    Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎅🏻🎁⛄️❄️

  2. Itz_Da_Muttz ៚ says:

    XD what the crap. Good drawing.

  3. Sandra C says:


  4. Elysium Emerald says:

    When are we going to see a simon's cat game on the Nintendo switch???

  5. Remy, Lily and their Mommy says:


  6. TheSoldier702 says:


  7. Selena Fodorean says:


  8. DavidVsNorm says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 🎅🎄🎁

    Mr. LittleDick

  9. Jennifer Hernandez says:

    Cats are the best

  10. guestkid 2019T roblox says:

    12 eopeee sooner ☺☺10 swipe Cole has hope you feel better soon uoedaqt on IPhone ggooo Auto eoope95 toooo

  11. Jeanne Luddeni says:

    I swear every time I see these I crack up perfect Catdom

  12. Tina Gallagher says:


  13. Sea Dee says:

    That was really funny !!!

  14. Dalma Gabry says:

    Amazing,I love it

  15. Manolo Mandevo says:

    @ Simon's Cat

    Big big THANK's to You for make a sunless day to a happy one.
    Simon, you know cat behaviour as so EXACTLY WELL,
    and you are able to create supergood ( the BEST EVER ? ) comicvideos.

    It's a gift to You ! ! !

    wish you well

  16. Skella Doodles says:

    I have two pet kittens

  17. ThermoNuclear says:

    holy shit he told me to read a book.

  18. mariel ivana says:

    Aww where's the exercise more

  19. KitCat Tv Official says:

    I only pushed on this video because he kinda looks like Bart Simpson

  20. TheSWolfe says:

    1st Christmas w/o Lucy, 1st in 20+ yrs w/o a cat in the family home. This really lifted my mood & gave me a giggle. Thanx for that. A Blessed Yule to U & Yrs, & a Peaceful, Prosperous New Year. Simon & Kitty Co!

  21. Betty Smith says:

    I received a Simon's Cat for Christmas and it is the best gift ever. Your cat always bring me a laugh and the "been there, done that" smile. Gund certainly was able to reproduce the cat perfectly. Happy New Year and thank you for bringing some laughter to a lot of folks. People need more laughter and this silly little cat does that. ^..^

  22. Fendora says:

    This is such great advise, except the part where the cat knocks everything down and makes the house a mess of broken stuff. My OCD would be off the charts. Relaxing is good, just not with that cat. LOL

  23. Claire Claire says:

    I love Simon's Cat! Woo Hoo and happy 2018!

  24. Dante's World says:

    This connected with me on an emotional and physical level😂

  25. Clifton Photographer says:

    Simon forgot one.
    "Keep them from using any of my videos in an Emoji 2 movie!"

  26. moskowitka says:

    love it! no need to think about my resolutions now. these will do!

  27. Joel Doxtator says:

    While Simon's Cat is a good homage, this isn't exactly original. This is just Garfield redone.

  28. Lisa Hoover says:

    You guys are truly Amazing! I have enjoyed your talented work emensly….I have watched Garfield in the past and I haven't had so much fun watching a Cat/Kitten animated show…Thank you!…More in 2018!💜

  29. Cartoon Hub says:

    Funny and nice

  30. Motze Katze says:

    what kind of music is this?

  31. G says:

    New year's is my birthday!

  32. André Mota says:


  33. Robert Elrod says:

    Very ncie, very, very nicevideo 😀


  34. Beautiful Art's says:

    nice inspiring

  35. Pink Sony says:

    Thank you God for these videos…they are a blessing

  36. Sandi Angel says:

    Happy new year 🎈🎆🎊🌟⭐️✨⚡️💫💥😃 2018 everybody!

  37. Sandra Serra says:


  38. Henry says:

    Happy new years eve

  39. TheLadyMalfoy says:

    Brilliant as always.

  40. That one Cat says:

    I love simon cat

  41. ahmedshinwari says:

    I will settle on 'Travel More'.

  42. Gamid Magomedov says:

    I do not understand, he or she

  43. Emily Crocetto says:

    Love it!! It's great!!

  44. Michele Conley Eckert says:

    That's my home 100% but add a few extra kitty's hehe

  45. Munongo Marcel says:


  46. Alexzandra Cantu says:

    I love this music 🎶

  47. possible phsycopath says:

    my cat every day. this explains it

  48. Rachel Garcia says:

    I just love cats

  49. Ireallyreally Hategoogle says:

    Interesting compilation.

  50. René' Cruz says:

    😹My 2 Pussycats do exactly the same…lol!🤘

  51. Humble Marty says:

    Find my happy place . . . and keep it that way.

  52. vale rs says:

    Omg i love simon's cat like if you love it too💚💚😘

  53. Gallardohairstudio says:


  54. ẞSarko Lalic says:

    I see simon's cat in the shop!!!!

  55. Cody Taylor says:

    New Year Resolution make the episodes colorful please.

  56. warlockostia says:

    our 2 cats approve

  57. William Remsen says:

    Hilarious, but honestly good Goals! 😃

  58. Rosa María says:

    Ese gato como molesta jajaja 😹😹😹

  59. Acronymical says:

    I’ve played the game Crunch Time. Great game.

  60. Arsen Arsen says:

    🐈🐺🐺🐺🐺Simon cat

  61. becmen Danca says:


  62. mag pej says:

    a moja Pusia bardzo uważa, żeby czegoś z regału czy szafki nie strącić tylko phyczy na mnie, kiedy jestem niegrzeczna :))

  63. 8x Studio says:

    how to make video by software?

  64. Iris Wei says:

    Wow change the speed. It's really cool.

  65. AvPfan 06 says:


  66. Alexander Ramirez says:


  67. Mel Pasnet says:

    How about making better games and oh wait you can't!!! Cunts!

  68. Vincenzo Bianco says:

    Molto belli e rilassanti e divertenti

  69. Helke Zeidler says:

    Was sollen diese dämlichen deutschen Untertitel?! Und falsch übersetzt obendrein.

  70. mikkelnpetersen says:

    Eat more
    Sleep more
    Work less

  71. Laurie Swanson says:

    To enore a crazy 😜 person at work

  72. Vanessa Macias says:


  73. Вика Невечеря says:

    Я ваша большая поклоница

  74. Saroa Valentino says:

    This kid does a speech and gets emotional while up there.. 2019 is now going to be a different goal

  75. wordscrafter says:


  76. Sabrina Phynn says:

    my only resolution this year is not to let the cat out!! 😄😎

  77. Karen Koontz says:

    Happy New Year's and thanks for the laughs!

  78. SoMBRaS says:

    What is the name of the music pls?

  79. Julia Barca says:

    Es cierto que aprendes a ser menos materialista con ellos, los gatos . Lentamente van perdiendo significancia las cosas y van cobrando mayor importancia ellos en tu vida . Eso es muy bueno 😻

  80. Breana Trout says:

    It’s been an emotional time and I’m so happy I have the chance and it’s amazing I am a great White I am so glad you got the best of you so happy happy new Christmas to Christmas I am happy happy thanksgiving to Christmas I love is a good day to Christmas I love is Christmas so I have Christmas happy Christmas to you happy Christmas Christmas happy happy new Christmas Christmas to you and happy Christmas Christmas to Christmas I love is the day I have a little bit to Christmas I have Christmas to you I am happy to you happy 😊 is a Christmas 🎄 was the best way for me and you guys so much fun to Christmas I I have a happy Christmas happy new year and happy Christmas happy new year and Christmas happy happy Christmas happy to you and happy Christmas happy new year happy Christmas happy new

  81. Ray Wellman says:

    Beautiful animations as always.

  82. Mrs La Harris says:

    yes travel more that wht im doing too 2019

  83. lucky sol says:

    I love watching Simon's Cat …

  84. lucky sol says:

    This video is funny.

  85. lucky sol says:

    Thank you for this.

  86. Cashea Adair says:


  87. Cashea Adair says:


  88. Самира Атайбекова says:

    Хозяин кота похож на симсана

  89. Myra1959 says:

    Why he puts up with that cat?

  90. Двести Грамм says:

    Nice music x)

  91. marco v says:


  92. Серг Маноил says:

    обожаю кота Саймона 😻

  93. Macramé_ Macramotiva Tutoriais says:

    Gato idiota

  94. Sarah Strong says:

    Very funny. Thankyou.

  95. Diane Bongo says:

    I see our cats in several of these skits I just love Simon's cat and kitten!!!🐾🐾

  96. anti cons says:

    Musique ??

  97. Ira Zosych says:

    I have a video about New Year's Resolutions on my channel too

  98. locos craks 666 says:

    Like si eres español comenta si no

  99. Добрый Панда says:

    Мультик – шедевр! Музыка – шедевр! 🙂

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