New York Dog Has $1,500 Luxury Car Collection

ANISHA LAKHANI: How many dogs you know that have a Bentley, a Ferrari, a Porsche and a
Beemer? ANISHA LAHHANI: I’m going to go bold and I’m going to say that Luigi Maestro has
the largest car collection in the United States and possibly out of any dog on planet earth. COMM: Luigi Maestro, the five-year-old Shih
Tzu has a car collection that many New Yorkers could only dream of. ANISHA LAKHANI: Humans can walk too, why do
we have cars, right? We have cars because even though we can walk, we enjoy travelling
so we’ll take a plane, take in a drive, dogs too and they like walks but it’s just
more fun, right? ANISHA LAKHANI: So, I started with the BMW and then there’s the piece of me that’s
like let’s see what the Ferrari’s like – it becomes an addiction! COMM: As well as his unusual collection of
cars, Luigi also has an impressive wardrobe full of canine fashion. ANISHA LAKHANI: Do you want to wear this or
this outfit, Luigi. What do you think? All right, maybe you don’t like any of those. ANISHA LAKHANI: Luigi, his whole posture changes
when he puts on an outfit. This little pajama set or this cool football outfit, Luigi look.
He swaggers on the street, he enjoys it. ANISHA LAKHANI: And I enjoy it too, it’s fun, it’s cute. It brings out his personality. ANISHA LAKHANI: Spoiling is really an interesting
word to me because I used to be an English teacher, so I do tend to think about the word
a lot. Spoil means to ruin and so when I’m buying a living being a toy, that makes him
smile or I’m putting on a little outfit that gives him attention or I’m taking him
to the park and he’s happy, am I making him worse? No, I don’t think so. ANISHA LAKHANI: Luigi I am going to talk to
you about this sweater. Do you have his size? Luigi this is the other choice, a super model, puppy
pride. LADY: Bye Luigi, thanks for shopping Olive & Bette’s. ANISHA LAKHANI: I thought I would definitely
get some people rolling their eyes, maybe they do once we’ve whizzed past? ANISHA LAKHANI: I had never anticipated the
warmth, the friendliness of New Yorkers. ANISHA LAKHANI: I have been with elderly New Yorkers, who have told me, I have never seen
anything like this in my life, thank you for making me smile. It’s funny! I would smile,
wouldn’t you? LADY: This dog car is amazing, I have two dogs and I would love to put them in this
quite frankly. It would be really the best day of their lives. So, super cool! MAN: That’s wonderful! I mean it is so funny and entertaining. I know the kids get a kick out if it, I got a kick out of it. I have
never seen anything like that before in my life. That was real good. I liked it. It made
my day. ANISHA LAKHANI: Luigi is my heart, he just, I look at him and I just feel so happy. I
just, I adore him, I love him like a child. Who wouldn’t? My poor mom, she is a little
upset, she says that she doesn’t want four legged grandchildren. We go back to Thomas
Malthus’s theory that we are an over populated planet. I think it is wonderful that there
are animal enthused people, who view animals as their little babies and are not bringing
more kids in to the world, so, sorry mom! ANISHA LAKHANI: Luigi would you prefer to drive than do this interview? Yeah, he has
had it. So boring, he is so bored. He is very dramatic, don’t, baby Jesus, what, what
happened? This interview is just the most boring thing. Ok I am sorry.

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100 Responses

  1. Lickthesole YT says:

    Rip MARIO 1:22

  2. Gamer Turtle Gameplays says:

    Omgggg so cuteeeeeee my heart hurts ughhhhhhh

  3. Hanna Forever says:

    A shout out from Shih Tzu Hummus in NJ

  4. randomuploadsism says:

    Boo! I came here to see a dog drive a car!

  5. Michael rushoki says:

    She needs a child badly…help

  6. GhoulBeaR Zzz says:

    1:22 in memory of Mario

  7. Gabbi Durham says:

    He has more clothes than I do

  8. j channel says:

    This is cute but definitely take ur dog on a walk Dailey for like 30 mins so she gets his exercise and will live longer

  9. Risa Laughter says:

    Wow……your mom loves u……..that's what matters…….it's her business if she wants to spoil him materially…..

  10. dex ? says:

    1:20 mario hang him self??

  11. Gene Mavoides says:

    Cool dog 🐶

  12. Janya Chanel says:

    Dang my dog has a little Bugatti car

  13. Janya Chanel says:

    Oh and New Yorkers are not that nice

  14. IJ Vids says:

    Luigi is so cute!

  15. Kilometermike90 RobloxVids says:

    Lol cops don't want dogs riding Dirty XD

  16. sam says:

    1:21 luigi hans mario

  17. Omar Deleon says:

    Can’t wait till that damn dog dies😂😂

  18. Nathan Reibel says:

    At least she gives him a choice to pick clothes

  19. All About Games says:

    Did you get drunk on the way over here I stepped in gum. hello

  20. Haider zahid says:


  21. curlyman 72 says:

    This lady should find herself a man

  22. Vii Vii says:

    So rich dude

  23. Soviet Ch33f says:

    Has he gotten a DUI yet?

  24. Eb Tonz says:

    Keep up the great work with him. You’re an amazing person and you have an amazing soul

  25. Russian Turtle says:

    1:20 luigi's brother is just hanging out

  26. PANTHER says:

    1:21 Mario commited suicide.

  27. Ian Nelson says:

    If you’re an English teacher how do you get all that money???

  28. Oofles says:


    Mario wants to hang himself

  29. Evi says:

    imagine seeing your English teacher like this

  30. Shonen says:


    This dog is not retarted (skrrt) (skrrt)

  31. The Red Sisters says:

    1:22 welp, RIP Mario

  32. Ryanair Man7890 says:

    Im jealous

  33. I am who I say I am says:

    You take care of your furbaby any way you want! You love her and she sure loves you!!! So happy for you both!!!

  34. Christine Fernandez says:

    I don't know how I got here but it's not Luigi's fault the owner is in need of attention. It's like mothers who injure their babies to gain attention from doctors and others (that is a bit extreme I know, but it's like that) in my opinion this lady is getting her kicks from the dog.

  35. Alonso Orozco says:


  36. vesanity 1 says:

    I want a cars like that

  37. Pearl Rodgers says:


  38. Pearl Rodgers says:

    she needs a baby

  39. red jacket productions says:

    Did Mario hang himself 1:21

  40. Jada YT says:

    1: 22 Does anyone see Mario hanging himself to death. Rip Mario

  41. SHOURYA SINGH says:

    I'm gonna buy my baby lil car too I just saw it other day in the store.

  42. Animal Wolftar says:

    I feel like I would do this with my French bulldog😂

  43. Lettybabe says:

    My Jack Russell would never sit still in those little cars but we all have our way of treating our animals. My animals are my children so birthdays and Christmas I go all out and buy them tonnes of toys they will absolutely love especially massive teddy bears and giant candy cane rawhide chews for my little dog and they absolutely love unwrapping their presents. If everyone treated animals like they were their children the world would be a much kinder place 😊

  44. Keller Ayra says:

    That’s funny… I got a dog because I wanted a dog. I like to do things with an actual dog. There animal behaviorists that have things to say about the affects of anthropomorphism.
    I wonder how much a rescue could do with the amount of money spent on this hobby. Eating ice cream and riding in a car instead of walking hhhmmmm

  45. Your Neighbour says:

    1:22 Demonetized

  46. unusual chaos says:

    Mario is getting hanged!!!!!! 1:23

  47. unusual chaos says:

    Is she driving dogs car is so this is closer clickbait

  48. unusual chaos says:

    Like is she like controlling it with her phone?

  49. varddd says:

    1:21 danm luigi getting revenge on mario

  50. Garrett Hageman says:

    Feel bad for the dog crazy lady

  51. SCP-096 says:

    How dose the car work tho

  52. Sandi Palazzo says:

    Yes!! my dog had a gray BMW and the neighbors were licking their lips

  53. leone jackson says:

    wait till this dog dies :/

  54. Bodil Blom says:

    1:20 umm uhh. l-Luigi wh-what did you do to Mario?

  55. shane phelan says:

    I sure hope she walks dog and lets him get enough exercise otherwise: So stupid….shes not smart enough to know most dogs that get taken for walks once per day get no where near enough exercise? So hers that gets driven even worse. Your not doing the dog any favours lady. OK put it this way: us humans could pay someone to do everything for us, shop, make bring us food, bring stuff so we never have to move even for going to the bathroom just like being in a coma. Well u know what happens to people in coma for even 1 week? They cannot walk they cannot pickup even their arms etc…..your slowly killing ypur dog by not letting him get exercise.

  56. Alexander Arutiunian says:

    1:22 Poor Mario. Prob got rejected by Princess Peach

  57. Pink and Black Girl says:

    I wish I was so rich, I could spoil a pet rat with so much luxury items….

  58. Larry's universe says:

    1:21 itsa me mar-EHEHEHEHe choking intensifies

  59. Diane Michelle says:

    Music Videos:

    1976 – Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)

  60. Clouds XD says:

    Can I do this with my dog like this is soooooooooooo cute

  61. Nicholas Apostolakes says:

    scariest woman iv ever seen straight up….rip all the kids thatv were in her english class

  62. Olivia Delmissier says:

    So cute!

  63. 2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic says:

    My family has 2 full size rotties. They would never got in that car lmao

  64. Jolteon says:

    I love that the dog is named Luigi and at 1:21 a Mario plush is being hung by a tie or something 😂

  65. dandaman150c says:

    What a crazy woman

  66. Preston Simao says:

    Everyone is tweaking she only spent 2k in total and she’s like o yea we’re rich

  67. Why Is kpop still a thing says:

    *Logan paul has joined the game* 1:22

  68. Brendan Chambers says:

    1:22 MARIO when princess peach refuses to wash the dishes

  69. مرحبا لجميع أصدقائي吸うディック says:

    It's porsché plz stop saying porsh

  70. Oscar Manzano Serna says:

    Doesn't clothes make dogs depressed?

  71. Oliver Turvill says:

    Now luigi is getting all the attention, mario hung himself 1:22

  72. DANTE DIABLO says:

    That's one very sad woman, no wonder Mario hung himself, any man who lived with her would.

  73. Charlie Mccrory says:

    Mario has seen to much 1:22

  74. Cameron Brenen says:

    They just gave her whole address out💀

  75. Marc Anthony says:


  76. Communist In Action says:

    damn, even a dog is richer than me

  77. Dead Channel. says:


  78. Nova Phantom says:

    God, I hate people that dress up dogs

  79. Gunnar Setser says:

    Amatine when the dog dies she will be like all the money for nothing

  80. Gunnar Setser says:


  81. Li Blue Bear says:

    Me: watch's this video

    Me: when you love your dog more then your kid

  82. pubg M Gaming says:

    Buy me a s10 waman

  83. Jake Johnson says:

    We get your rich and have a spoiled dog -_-

  84. Hayden Andrew says:

    Well I want to see her reaction when the dog dies sad

  85. Carie Balberg says:

    Where the F does one get all that money? She is bored, obviously.

  86. Anxiety says:

    Why is that dog richer then me

  87. David Manolache says:

    the dog is probably dead

  88. Luis Goyeneche says:

    What happens when it dies……..?!

  89. Veronica Servin says:

    I can’t have any kids so yeah I have to spoil rotten to my fur babies too. 😊

  90. Aubrey The Gaming Unicorn says:

    I am totally gonna do this for my dog

  91. It’s Lesley :/ says:

    My dog is better cus this owner is ok but she spoils him and Luigi needs air god

  92. Juan Pablo says:

    Poor Shizu

  93. •Natsu-Chan • says:

    Wario choked Mario

  94. Raider says:

    1:21 mario are you ok

  95. Drew Lovelyhell says:

    I'm okay with this as long as she gives to charity and doesn't spend all of her money on her dog.
    Luigi probably isn't any happier than your average pampered pooch, but $1,500 could feed and give medical treatment to dozens of abandoned or abused animals that really need help.

  96. Zac Oog says:

    When a dog has a car and you don’t even have your drivers license yet

  97. Bosskingethan says:

    Omg how cute is a ball of fluff it isn’t? Oh

  98. Pure Oxygen says:

    Oh, jeez I thought it's a New York hot dog.

  99. Louis Tai says:

    4:42 Mario commits suicide

  100. Sabrina Mitchell says:

    Dogs cant reaaallly be "spoiled" because they really dgaf either way 😂 kids..ya, dogs not really

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