NICAP Pet Therapy Program

The purpose of the Neuromedicine
Hospital was to create the, quote perfect patient experience, unquote. So part of that is making our patients and their families as comfortable as we possibly
can. We have a Patient Family Advisory Council that includes both former and
current patients and caregivers who basically come to us and tell us about
their experience. One thing that kept coming up was you know, I really wish that I could have my canine companions as part of my care. A lot of folks have
dogs at home that they’re very close to and they miss them. Dogs have a unique ability to empathize with people. They, they know how you’re feeling. So we have a lot of folks who are quite justifiably anxious about their surgical problems
and dogs are just fantastic at reducing that anxiety level. For example, if you’re going to the clinic and you’re completing your paperwork, what better kind of experience to stroke the ear of a dog while you’re filling out that paperwork. Or if you’re a patient in our hospital, get a visit at bedside with you know, one of our pet therapists, our canine companions. If we can reduce stress, if we can reduce anxiety, if we can get those canine companions putting paws up at bedside and making certain that they get a little snuggle while they’re getting their care, you know, we just know that that’s going to promote

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