Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Dog Breed – Duck Tollers

– Everybody knows Goldens and Labradors, but what about other Retriever? The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. In this video, I will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing breed. (upbeat music) Hi, it’s Radim from Rocadog. Let’s start with breed
history of Duck Toller. Yes, Duck Toller is short
version or short name of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. They were fully developed in
the early of 20th century. It is believed that the crossing or breeding involved Goldens, Labradors, Chesapeake Bay, and
Flat Coated Retrievers. And Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers was fully recognized
by Canadian Kennel Club in the 1950s. Thanks to their orange coat, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling
Retrievers look a little bit like foxes, and that is why there were
some rumors back in the day, maybe some people still believe it, that they were crossed with foxes. But that is impossible, genetically impossible to
cross two different animals like that, so it’s complete rumor. But speaking of their coat, it is the most important
and unique characteristics of their appearance. It’s striking and beautiful
and comes in various shades of red or orange. They are double coated dogs. They have dense undercoat
and medium length outer coat. Interesting fact about their coat is that its water-repellent, so they stay dry and warm
when they are working. This is the smallest Retriever of all with height around 50 centimeters and weight between 17 to 23 kilograms. They are in the similar
size as Border Collies or Australian Shepherd. Some people are saying that
they have sad expression in their face. It might be true when
they are calm or relaxed, but when they get excited
you will see a little devils in their eyes. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling
Retriever is amazing for apartment living. They can adapt to it quite easily, but they are high energy dogs. They might be smallest of all Retrievers, but they have the typical
high exercise needs which is common to all retrievers. This is why the daily
long walks are a must but they will prefer jogging or swimming. They really love swimming
and this is very playful dog. So you might play fetch with
him or other games like that. These dogs are friendly
towards almost everyone, especially when they are well-socialized. They have no problem with
other dogs or strangers, and of course they are super affectionate towards all members of your
family including small kids. This is actually very good dog
for families with children. Duck Tollers are very intelligent combined that with their friendliness
and eager-to-please personality and you have
pretty trainable dog. The only problem with
their training might be that they are easily
distracted and easily bored. They sometimes are also very strong willed and independent dogs and
dogs like that will test the boundaries of what they
can and what they can not do. If you are lucky enough to have dogs with these personality traits, you will have to be very
consistent and strong leader. Another annoying thing
might be their mouthiness. They are retrievers, so
they were bred to put things into their mouth and bring it to you. That is why, especially
when they are puppies, they will be chewing and
nipping on everything and everyone. But they are pretty gentle,
but okay, it will hurt, maybe sometimes, but they are very gentle dogs. And they will grow out of
this stage pretty quickly. The grooming needs are not high. Weekly brushing is
enough to keep their coat in great shape. Well these are the most
important facts about Duck Tollers so if you
are an active person who is looking for an
intelligent, friendly, and energetic dog, which
is also pretty independent, this might be the best choice for you. Tell me in comments
what is your experience with Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. If you are new on this
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