Oakley the Husky Dog Walking in Circles | Surgery Updates

Well, good, wonderful, beautiful, morning pawdience. Oh, hi Oakley. Hi, how you feeling, huh? Is it okay if I tell everyone what been going on lately, huh? Good, it’s alright with you? You don’t have to get up or move or nothing, you can sit right there that’s, no, that’s all you have to do, just stay right there. So, if you guys are following us over at youtube.com/snowdogsvlogs or if you’re following us on any of our social sites, that are also listed down below you may have already seen some of this, but uh, I wanted to do a full update video here as well just in case you didn’t see it. You’re good, just lay down, just lay down. You may notice, she has a little shaved spot there and there and there. she actually has one there, and on her other leg she has an incision with a bunch of stitches again. Um, Oakley had surgery last week Wednesday, to remove a fatty tumour, a fatty tumour and then again, on her leg on the other side, we removed a cancerous tumour. If you guys have been around for a while, you know that back in November, she had a soft tissue sarcoma cancerous tumour removed from her leg she also had it removed from her leg, two years ago, as well. Well, it came back, same one that she had in November, came back, so we took her in, and we had it removed. Um, Oakley is almost fourteen years old Jamie and I had a big long talk about whether or not we should do the surgery. The tumour was already almost as large as it was in November, so we talked with the vet, talked to each other, and decided that we would go ahead and, have it removed and this would be the last surgery that Oakley ever has. We’re not doing this again, and now we’re especially not doing this again. Um, so during the surgery Oakley kinda had, had a little hard time when she was under, but she really had a hard time waking up a lot of times when dogs come out of surgery you know, they’re usually given medicine, to kinda wake them up, and then they’re there for a little while, and eventually, they can walk on their own, and when they can walk on their own, you can go ahead and take them home Shelby usually takes about fifteen maybe twenty minutes at the most, and we leave Oakley’s usually a little bit longer, but this most recent time, it was considerably longer. She, uh and when she tried to wake up, she couldn’t really walk, and she was constantly trying to turn to the left, we waited, like, I don’t know, an hour or so, it was probably longer, before we started off in the, in the vets office, and then we ended up going outside, cos we thought maybe, the, it was so sunny, and it was so beautiful out on Wednesday, um, we thought maybe the fresh air would help her out a little bit, so we took her outside, and uh, didn’t really help so finally they just helped me load her up in my jeep, and I brought her home, and when we got here, Jamie helped me carry her into the house. She still could not stand on her own. So, she came in, and we got her comfortable and she slept for quite a few hours. When she woke up She could only walk in circles um, not gonna cry while making this video uh, yeah so, she woke up and I’m gonna insert a video where you can kinda see what I’m talking about. So, she can only walk in circles So, the first night, we had a really hard time with her, she, there was times when she was walking in circles for over an hour uh, we made it through the night somehow, I don’t even know how. She ended up sleeping for like a full five hours, once we finally got her to sleep and I think it was between, her being exhausted and the medicine she was on, so then the next morning, when we woke up, she was still doing circles, but not as bad, and I’ll actually insert that clip, right now um, i had let her outside, and basically, I had wanted to take a video so i could show the vet, so i took this viedo of her walking, to kinda show what she was doing sent it to the vet, and they called me and, they said, you know, you need to bring her in, we think this could be something neurological, So, we took her in, they did a bunch of tests. Besides her circlling, the only thing they really noticed that was wrong, was when they would shine light indirectly into one of her eyes, like instead of shining a light, this way, they would shine it sideways, the light they shined it, or the eye the shined it into would react like it was supposed to, but the other eye reacted extremely slowly, I guess They said, might not really have anything to do with her walking in circles, but just led them to believe again, that something was going on neurologically with her. They didn’t think it was an affect of the anaesthesia medicine, or any of the other medications she was on sorry, my phones going off. basically, they thought it was something neurological so they gave us a bunch of medicine and we we went in, well they decided to call the neurologist and later that evening, the vet, our vet called us back saying they had spoken with the neurologist, and the neurologist from downstate wanted us to try and give her a bunch of medicine some steroids, some gabapentin and some tramadol so the vets office was already closed, so i said okay I’ll come and get it tomorrow, so Fri-an hour to Friday Friday morning I went in, got the medicine I had a few things I had to run around and do, and I said, you know she was doing a little bit better Friday, so I decided let’s wait till Saturday morning, to start the medicine I don’t know if you guys know how steroids work but it’s usually give them three times a day for three days, so its really easy to keep track of it if you start it at the beginning of the day, instead of the middle of the day So, the vet called me Saturday morning wanted to know how she was doing, and she was actually doing quite a bit better, I mean still doing circles, but not so much to Jamie and I were absolutely hopeless, the first, oh my goodness the first night, we were pretty hopeless we thought, for sure, that this was gonna be it we thought that we were gonna have to take her in, that there was, she was so lost, she was so confused, and it was horrible um it was really, really, really scary really scary, so anyway, we talked to the vet, Saturday they said, don’t start her on the steroids, lets give her a couple of days, and see if she slowly gets better on her own now, what did they think it could be? It could be a blood clot, it could be that during surgery a piece of the tumour broke off, and it was in her bloodstream and is kind of cutting off a blood supply to her brain it could be a brain tumour, it could’ve been a stroke, that was the other thing they said it possibly could’ve been she could’ve had a stroke while under or while waking up positive side of it is, is if it was a blood clot a piece of the tumour and even a stroke, she could get better over time she’s about the same today as she has been since Friday morning she hasn’t really changed, she hasn’t got any worse but she hasn’t, fully got back to her normal self but now, she can, like, if she wants to drink water we added a water bowl over here, so she, over, you see, Memphis’s butt I got a new water dish and added it over there, so she doesn’t have to walk into the living room, she’s already figured out how to use it, or not the living room, the kitchen um, she can walk into the kitchen to get water she can walk to go outside but, she does still get caught in loops where she’s making circles um, yeah, so that is our little Oakley update um she’s on this medication for a couple of days, and then we’re gonna go from there, we don’t know, we’re going to see the vet again Friday, as long as nothing major changes, so yeah so, that’s where we are with miss Oakley. Oh, um the surgery on her back leg where she had the soft tissue sarcoma removed, um and this is why we weren’t sure if we wanted to do it or not that tumour, he didn’t get it all the first time and it came back, and it came back again, and he said, it’s definitely gonna come back, and at the rate that it’s growing it’s definitely not a good thing, so yeah, but we’re not making Oakley do surgery again if she went through surgery again, she probably wouldn’t wake up from it, this was pretty bad she had a rough time after surgery, and uh, yeah that was, that’s kinda the story of Oakley. My phone’s going off, so many people are messaging me um but, I just wanted to update you guys here, if you’re not following us on youtube.com/snowdogsvlogs you can follow us there, we do videos over there more often, so you can kinda see a little bit more of what going on and also, a lot of you guys have asked about an Oakley sthirt, an Oakley shirt we did do an Oakley Strong shirt there will be links for it up in the cards, and down in the video description below not gonna lie, Jamie and I are still sacred, still sad, still not sure what is going on and still not sure, what we’re gonna do, but as of right now, the positives are, Oakley doesn’t seem to be in much pain, she’s on some pretty heavy painkillers and, she’s eating well, she going to the bathroom well, she’s not throwing up she just seems a little, a little dizzy and very tired, she’s very tired, but the, one of side effects of the medicine, is drowsiness, so yeah, there’s your Oakley update and the other thing, quickly now that this video is way longer then I anticipated, oh, you gonna get up cos I got up, you dont have to um, you guys mentioned, a lot of you had mentioned what happened to Shelby’s back, uh Shelby had surgery on her back, to remove a little lump, that just ended up being a a little tiny, not little tiny a ruptured, epidermal, cyst we had found it one day, when she were petting her you can see she looks like a little piggy bank, oh hi hi, Oakley, how’s it going, um yeah, she looks like a little piggy bank, this is kinda what Oakley does, is these circles, especially after she just gets up but Shelby had surgery to have another lump removed, it was non-cancerous it was just an epidermal cyst yep, are you showing me your circles see, look guys I can do circles, I could do circles all day long. But anyway there’s your Oakley update, sorry its sad, but I feel like I need to keep you guys in the loop, so you know whats going on with her yeah, you still doing circles? you can lay back down, you were doing so good, you looked so comfy you can see, she has a hard time with that foot and now you can kinda see, where her scar is, yeah I know, that hurts she’s like, yeah guys, this is a little sore but look, there’s a straight line until she turns to go in that room uhhh alright, we’re gonna go ahead and end this, since it was way longer than anticipated again, if you want to see more, check out YouTube.com/snowdogsvlogs Follow us on all of our social sites below, we’re gonna go if you’re new to this channel, and you like what you saw, don”t forget to hit that subscribe button, like this video, and share it with you friends, to help us keep growing the pawdience as always, thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing, stay pawsitive dream big, and we’ll see you again soon, I’m really, really sorry if I made you cry. Jamie and I cried for three days straight we’re not crying as much anymore, I think I think we’re to the point where it’s like we’re just gonna feel yucky, but um, alright goodbye guys

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