Oh no! My pet fire ant colony is in danger. But I won’t panic now as this can be fixed. I woke up this week to a rather shocking discovery
when peeking into the City of Ashes, metropolis home of our beloved and expanding fire ant
colony named the Phoenix Empire. Everything seemed normal, the workers were
all active, the brood pile, massive as ever, and the queen Ember Empress tucked snugly
in her bed of ant babies. But just when I figured all was well as usual,
I saw this. The colony’s primary water reservoir had
strangely turned pink! Oh no! Something needed to be done immediately, you
guys! I was familiar with this pink water, and it
wasn’t good news. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
BELL icon. Welcome to the AC Family! Enjoy! So what is this pink water, how did it appear,
why is it bad, and what do we have to do to get rid of it? AC Family, I’ll be getting to all those
answers in just a moment, but I must say, in all my years of ant keeping, this ominous
and mysterious pink water has only happened to me once before many years ago, and if you
are planning on keeping pet ants, you might want to take note of this in case it happens
to you. Also, guys, an important decision is coming
up and I’ll be needing your help today, to make a major decision for this colony via
a VOTE at the end of this video, so please stay tuned for that! So if you’re new here, the Phoenix Empire
is a colony of fire ants that I grew from just a single queen ant some 10 weeks ago. Together on this channel we cared for them,
watched them grow, and evolve, even making their first kill last week. They’re dear to us and are set to become
a great and mighty fire ant colony of millions in the not so distant future. But if you’ve been following the channel
for awhile, you’ll know that sometimes we’re met with challenges and crises that Mother
Nature throws at us, threatening the lives of our dear ants that depend on us to keep
them safe. Wild ant invasions, parasitic mite plagues,
and catastrophes like that periodically occur, forcing us to take certain actions to save
them. Our Golden Empire, for instance, a mighty
yellow crazy ant supercolony, who were almost exterminated by some blood sucking mites last
year, were thankfully saved by way of quarantining the colony with predatory Hypoaspis mites,
which thankfully ate the bad mites off the yellow crazy ants. For all of you who’ve been asking for an
update on them, rest assured that today the Golden Empire is healthy again, and bouncing
back in numbers. So now about this pink water. Though I’m not certain what exactly causes
this pinking, I do feel it’s either some kind of microbial outbreak in the water, i.e.
some bacterial, fungal or other microcellular organism-involved contamination, or some substance
that is produced by such a microbial outbreak in the water, causing it to discolour. Either way, I feel this is not a good thing. Ants should have clean fresh water at all
times, so the Phoenix Empire will be needing a new water source and reservoir right now. And here, AC Family, is where I can show you
guys how to properly make an ant test tube setup! All you future ant keepers, let’s get into
ant keeping tutorial mode! First, I’ll be needing these two AC test
tubes from AntsCanada.com. These AC Test Tubes are designed specifically
for us ant keepers. They’re extra long with lots of space, and
have these small ridges that keep them from rolling off a table giving your ants the nightmare
roller coaster ride of their lives. So, before doing anything else, the first
step is to make sure your hands and instruments are as sterile as possible. Test tube setups need to be super clean to
minimize microbial outbreaks from the get go. You can wear gloves or wash your hands followed
by a hand sanitizer, which I’m hoping all of you out there watching have by now. Next, it’s important to wash and disinfect
all instruments used. This is our pokey! Then, it’s important to use clean, bottled
water. I like to fill it to this rim which is placed
on the AC Test Tubes to help guide you. Then, you place a cotton ball inside and with
a pokey the key is to press down quickly so you don’t have bubbles. And so… Down we go fast! Boom! Shake away any remaining droplets and there
you have it: a perfect test tube setup! While we’re at it, I also wanted to create
a new sugar-water test tube setup seeing as their current sugar-water test tube cotton
has also gone foul with mold. This time, I’m mixing in honey and water
together. Done! Popped in some AC Test Tube adapters, opened
up the top of the Fire Forest, and attached the newly made test tubes to the setups, dumping
any ants that happen to be in the old test tubes inside the Fire Forest to rejoin the
colony. Immediately, the ants checked out the new
living space attached to the City of Ashes and rejoiced at the new fresh water source,
as well as their new sugar source. Haha! Look at how excited they are to make the new
discovery! Now, as for the colony living inside the pink
water test tube, I’ll leave it to the ants to move out on their own. At least now, the colony had a clean source
of water to drink from again. When they’re ready, they’ll make the emmigration
to the new test tube setup or perhaps this… Guys, it’s now time for our final order
of business. Get your voting fingers ready, AC Council! In last week’s episode, I asked all of you,
to vote for the next grand attachment to the City of Ashes, and turns out you guys voted
saying you wanted the Phoenix Empire to finally receive their very first formicarium, i.e.
a proper ant farm for them to nest in. And so, guys, behold the potential real estate
options for the Phoenix Empire: Please watch carefully and help me decide which to choose
for them. First, before you I present what is called
a Hybrid Nest Mini. It’s a smaller nest for new beginning colonies
their size, that comes with a cover for the Phoenix Empire’s ultimate dark-loving comfort,
with chambers and tunnels already cut out for the ants with a section for hydration
through the floor which is refilled by way of an inner tub. The pros of this nest is visibility is superior,
and we’ll always be able to see everything going on in the nest whenever we want, from
brood, to workers, and the queen. Cons are, we won’t be able to see certain
natural behaviours taking place, like the ants building tunnels on their own and ant
hill construction. Next option, we have an Ant Tower Small, which
contains an area inside in which we’re to fill with digging medium for the ants to actually
physically dig into and construct tunnels and ant hills close to the glass. A red film that keeps the ants thinking they’re
in the dark seeing as they can’t see red light, peels off for when we’re observing
them. Hydration also happens from below via a hydration
ring. Pros to this option, are we get to finally
watch the fire ants dig and build tunnels, which I am certain the ants have been eager
to do, as I see they’ve long been attempting to dig and create a nest in the Fire Forest. As well, in the Ant Tower we can finally introduce
some symbiotic, beneficial soil creatures like springtails and isopods which eat their
garbage and poop. Cons are, this is midway to an actual terrarium,
so once the Phoenix Empire moves in here, visibility of certain things may be a challenge
due to the fire ants being so small, and there’s a chance we might never see the queen again
as they’ll have an easier time hiding her here. And so, AC Family, you guys never let me down
with these votes. Both picks make great and worthy first nesting
sites for the Phoenix Empire, but now that you guys know the options, please take a moment
to VOTE here, for the Phoenix Empire’s next royal home. Thank you AC Council for your input. Whichever option wins, will be officially
added to the City of Ashes in next week’s episode, and I’ll be sure to film their
reaction to the new space you’ve chosen for them! I appreciate that you all have been so involved
with caring for these precious creatures from the very start. I do feel like we are taking care of the Phoenix
Empire here cooperatively, as we marvel at their growth and rise to their fire ant glory
years! I wish these fire ants could know and understand
how many of us, watching from around the world are rooting for them, learning from their
evolution, rejoicing at their milestones, and as we’ve done today, fixing their environment
in the hopes to optimize their chances at success. Like the ants do, it’s all been a beautiful
team effort so far, wouldn’t you say? Thank you all for watching, and being part
of this epic journey. I appreciate you for quietly supporting the
ants, and I’ll see you again next week, guys. It’s ant love forever! AC Family, did you enjoy today’s episode? Be sure to tune in next week, when we give
the Phoenix Empire their very first proper nest, so if you haven’t yet, do SMASH that
SUBSCRIBE button and BELL ICON now and hit ALL so you get notified at every upload, because
I believe notifications seem to be broken but the Youtube support team is on it. Also don’t forget to hit the LIKE button
every single time including now. It would really mean a lot to me, guys. Thank you! AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you would like to watch extended play footage of the Phoenix Empire in the
City of Ashes. We got lots of relaxing footage of the ants
as well as fun footage of the ants discovering their new test tubes. Also, just a note: It’s anting season, and
nuptial flights start in the Northern Hemisphere this month! Be sure to visit AntsCanada.com for all your
ant keeping and collecting gear shipped to you in a special package from our ant-loving
facility in the USA, so you can get the most out of your ant keeping experience. We also offer full email support if you need
our help! Visit AntsCanada.com today. And now it’s time for the AC Question of
the Week. Last week, we asked: What is the name of the toxin
fire ants inject when stinging? Congratulations to Nora Garcia who answered: Solenopsin Congratulations Nora, you just won a free
Ultimate Ant Keeping handbook from our shop! In this week’s AC Question of the Week we
ask: Why do we need to push the cotton in quickly
when making a test tube setup? Leave your answer in the comments section
and you could also win a free e-book handbook from our shop! Hope you could subscribe to the channel as
we upload every Saturday at 8AM EST. Please remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and
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100 Responses

  1. AntsCanada says:

    Ant lovers, do any of you experienced ant keepers know what this pink outbreak is exactly? I can only make an educated guess. Also, guys please don't forget to VOTE for a new home for the Phoenix Empire at the end of the video. Thanks for watching this week's episode! Hope you can remember to LIKE, SHARE the video, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL for Notifications Squad) if you haven't yet to join the AC Family! Ant love forever!

  2. Waffles says:

    Answer: so there’s no air bubbles

  3. Kristina Lindelof says:

    To prevent air bubbles

  4. pig hog ben says:

    Ac: answer to stop air bubbles from forming

  5. Adam Wisniewski says:

    Being quick limits bubbles in the test tubes.

  6. Spartan265 says:

    You should make a national geographic type documentary about ants. I think it would be cool.

  7. Tobe Holliday says:

    For the tererriam for the scorpion
    Two choices for name for it are
    Misty Monolith
    Asian Outback

  8. BloodLine Gamer says:

    You use the pokey to leave the water sanitized and no bubbles in the water.

  9. Feynman Was A Genius says:

    You should be careful with the pink water, it could be a member of the Yersiniaceae bacteria many of which are pathogenic like Serratia marcescens. It is a bacteria which does well in fertilized water (likely the ants feces contaminated the water) and can be dangerous if consumed in large numbers. I would suggest when you remove the tube add bleach to the water and leave it to kill all the bacteria before you dispose of the water.

  10. Caden Watts says:

    So no bubbles are in the water.

  11. ThyFlawlessAnimeX Choo! says:

    Isn’t that the Word Of Tank gameplay starting song?

  12. Jlou Cherry says:

    Did some quick research and found this on Wiki "The purple sulfur bacteria (PSB) are part of a group of Proteobacteria capable of photosynthesis, collectively referred to as purple bacteria." later in the article it says that this is common in stagnant water.

  13. Caleb J says:

    Would love to have the chance to see fire ant tunnel construction, something we didn’t get to entirely witness before

  14. Daimo says:

    The tower is much better, but I understand the pain of giving the footage of what you have to your viewers, that the tower will definitely affect that, but if you really care about those ants, you have to do what's best. I will say I do know until they grow, you'll get a better nest for them, so in the meantime, we all must bear hidden details that cant be viewed because of their new home. This is great for when they move to a bigger nest, and can get comfortable, quicker when they've grown attached to the new nest. I do suggest if at all possible, to consider donations if you just wanted to get a bigger nest so this doesnt conflict with you, or your viewers interest in observing the colony. Much love and Thanks!.

  15. Sadet The Hyperactive Princess says:

    IMO I think having them have a place to dig and add some eco friendly cause Ant's are burrowing types of creatures rights?
    so giving them the dirt could reduce stress on them

  16. TheNerdRyan says:

    I feel it should be the hybrid nest, as in these early stages you'll be able to monitor their health and progress.

  17. Wynaut Why-guy says:

    You have to push 👊the cotton ball down as quickly as you can to prevent air bubbles from getting caught in the test tube 🧪🧪🧪🧪

  18. For Fucks Sake says:

    As much as I want to see them, they want digging medium. Let’s give them digging medium. It’s all about them anyways!
    Introducing springtails and such would help keep the nest cleaner too. Perhaps we won’t see pink water again.

  19. Pixlr Q says:

    Tower because they have to diiiig!

  20. Brad Fred says:

    Teacher: where’s ur homework?
    Teacher: what?!
    AntsCanada: my ants eat it

  21. Toxic Sandwich says:

    6:20 noice

  22. Michael Russell says:

    Oh no the ants are getting crona!


    The ants are facing covid19 and I have confirmed the source of the outbreak of covid19!

  24. Siren'sMelody98 says:

    I hope they don't get sick because of the pink water and I can't wait to see there new pice of home!!!! And you push the cotton in quickly so there are no bubbles in the test tube.

  25. Luka Lux says:

    The voting doesn't show for me 🙁

  26. Jorge Bravo says:

    AC Question of the Week: To eliminate the buildup or formation of air bubbles

  27. thatoneguy0722 - says:

    I love these ants, except the ones in my yard.

  28. Welsey Smothermon says:

    i dont want see then disappear.

  29. Deadly says:

    “Hand sanitizer, which i hope all of you have by now”. Corona isn’t everywhere yet 😆

  30. Sparky Santos says:

    Mikey? Both. Choice is good.

  31. Gacha Assassin says:

    What about both?

  32. Thunder taco says:

    Hey ants Canada can you tell me how to take the coutrn out of the tupe

  33. R- Story says:

    the ants can escape if you dont push it don
    for example: if an ant can dig sand it can escape the deeper the cotton goes the tighter it his(or harder)

  34. Idk Dude says:

    To answer the question of the week, it's to prevent air bubbles.

    Hope the empire is doing well and growing strong! Cant wait to see what they move into next

  35. Rebekah Lamb says:

    At my new home there’s a nest of leaf cutter ants which I’d never seen before I thought they were really cool. There was also a small red ant nest that had elites and was moving brood around.

  36. Theresa Drake says:

    So that there’s no bubbles

  37. sam torres says:

    AC question: So that you dont create air bubbles within the water part of the test tube

  38. Badwierdsecretdemo1 Plays says:

    Scrub all areas affected by pink mold, using a loose paste of baking soda and dish detergent (in a 4:1 ratio). — Rinse well. — Spray with a half-and-half solution of water mixed with either bleach or vinegar.

  39. sunrevolver says:

    I feel we should let the ants decide their fate by adding both at the same time

  40. Beppe Björkland says:

    you nead to push it in fast so it wont get any bubbels in the watter! 😉

  41. Brylan Phelps says:

    People: Coronavirus!

    Ants: Pinkronavirus

  42. James Coyer says:

    So not to create bubbles

  43. Nick Balassone says:

    To keep bubbles out

  44. Galaxy gamer says:

    You have to push it down quickly so they no bubbles

  45. Jesse Calvert says:

    Can you add the red film on the to the hybrid nest? That way when you open the cover it wont bother them as much?

  46. ZeroPointAlpha says:

    Would be neat if it were possible to ship that test tube to the MicroCosmos channel.

  47. DxBlack says:

    That's just some purp in they drank…The Queen likes her drank.

  48. The castle of HELL says:

    Sex the final frontier so ooooo lvin on a prayer

  49. WxrpLawful Da nub says:

    I just wanted to know why there is pink in the thumbnail

  50. F.B.I. says:

    I think that the ant tower will be best for the ants. They will get the proper experience they need aswell as a more natural environment. We will still have good visibility of the ants which is great.

  51. Carter Brown says:

    Coronavirus trying to get the ants now

  52. Cal says:


  53. mark cecil says:

    Could you "drill" a hole in the "Pink" water tube to dry it out to ensure they move to the new water tube? (In case they do not move away from the pink tube.)

  54. Joe Freeman says:

    In case your wondering the water became pink because a bacterium from the ants poop, somehow it went through the cotton.

  55. XxfearfuljayxX gamingchannel says:

    So theres no bubbles in the tubes

  56. Toa Gatanuva says:

    Answer to question: The cotton needs to be sterile

  57. Jamal Lambert says:

    to make sure there are no bubbles

  58. Avatar 6283 says:

    Seems like jsab to me

  59. Dat_Boy_Tate Aint gay says:

    This is their corona virud

  60. F.B.I. says:

    The cotton has to be pushed in the test tube setup quickly to prevent bubbles.

  61. gerrit vb says:

    Its the girl cooties

  62. Maurizio Quaranta says:

    This channel from scientific and interesting turned to disgustingly commercial

  63. Rigbys Rigbys says:

    When do the chimera ants come in

  64. jakub stachurski says:

    oh no……

  65. danny lim says:

    How are your ants with the cranavirus are they okay or dead

  66. Carolyn Allisee says:

    I don't know about domestic water supplies, but I do know that sometimes water turns pink due to a population explosion of something called dinoflagellates. I think they're a form of algae, but don't use chlorophyll to photosynthesise, but a pink/purple coloured compound instead, hence the colour of the water. I also know that there are lakes in North America that have this thing in them and the lakes affected are toxic, so you're right to be anxious for your ants.

  67. Shark To Sock / EEE says:

    I vote ant tower small.
    It’d be better for the ants, because if they didn’t dig, they’d be less exercised and be sluggish.

  68. Terry Fulds says:

    It looks like there are filaments in the pink water which highly suggests that its a fungus growing in there.

  69. Payawe Amicare says:

    Use both

  70. Briar Rose says:

    Make sure to please check the water regularly in whichever set up you choose! Since the water is stored in reservoirs, it could be harder to notice it turning pink.

  71. eat pant says:


  72. Hugh ONeill says:

    Déja vu

  73. OG duck80 says:

    The red tower for sure

  74. TheFlame Online says:

    Is this a water COVID-19????

  75. dragonsboon says:

    you should of used a drill to make a drainage hole behind the cotton so that the ants would be exposed to less of the pink water and move into the new tube faster

  76. Rose The Cat Eared Gryffin says:


  77. James Sticht says:

    Answer: To have no bubbles in the liquid

  78. Donovan Cox says:

    It’s corona time

  79. Ymmat in the hat says:


  80. bacon 1234 says:

    I think that is Corona in the water

  81. Anguirosuchus 55 says:

    The "pink" water is caused by serratia marcescens bacteria, which is harmless, but it is better if you clean it up

  82. Apple Song says:


  83. Adie's art says:

    You need to push the cotton in the test tube quickly because it keeps the air bubbles out.

  84. A Upsidedown Shiny Furrets says:

    It’s The Ant Version a of The Boomer Remover.

  85. Bakura Ryou says:

    Answer to question- so there is no bubbles

  86. Ai T O The Gaming Beaver says:

    So no air comes in

  87. francis0seg says:

    Yup it's bacteria, It's not bad for humans but I'm not sure about ants

  88. PlayerYt HunterYt says:

    Who's talking about hand sanitizer you sound like the Coronavirus

  89. Selvin says:

    to stop air bubbles going in

  90. Just ruined your day says:

    Why not both 🤷

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    Why not both

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    Question of the day, so there is no bubbles

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    So there is no air bubbles

  95. Connor Gladney says:

    So you don’t get air bubbles in the water

  96. BAK's BAK says:

    Ants can see brighter red lights like the ones shown here, they just can't see the color. So red light is better than leaving it open, but still isn't as comforting to them as pure darkness. I personally wouldn't recommend keeping ants under red light, the hybrid nest is probably the best option

  97. Danyplayd says:

    Are u gonna test the pink water?

  98. Nutmeg The noob of life says:

    I didnt know pink could be evil!

  99. Johnny Zink says:

    Ant Cansda: these ants can't see the color red
    Me: then why are they called fire ants if they can't see the color red. Red is the main color of fire.

  100. Flare Bolt says:

    Anwerfen AC Questions
    To reduce bubbles in the water

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