OKD – dog training basic course Teaching the beagle puppy the command “Heel!”

OKD – dog training basic course (general course of training)
Teaching the beagle puppy the command “Heel!” Now we will try to teach this doggy to go close-by. So, from this simple movement, that we have a dog running after a meal, we derive a move close-by. In other words, from the view of a dog all the same remains unchanged. The way it ran after a meal the same way it runs now. The only change is that I adjust to it and go close-by. In order for the puppy to get used to the fact that my left hand may correct it, we pet the puppy here. Well done. Good fellow. It’s better to feed a puppy with small pieces of food. Don’t make it pick up the fallen pieces. When a dog starts going with our hand on it, try to raise your hand at once. Here it goes like this. Come here! Maggie! There is also another option when we have food in the left hand. At some point it’s comfortable. If we work with the jerk, the correction and the treat at the same time, it gets not really comfortable to have food in your left hand. Here, pay attention that the dog doesn’t go close-by all the time. Yes, it hesitates. It overleaps, it lags, it jumps. It’s very important in that very moment, when it goes in the correct position, to give it food. It doesn’t matter whether it went to the correct position by itself or happened to be there as a result of a jerk… Either way it must get food only when goes close-by. No! Here you go. Good. Well done. Fine fellow. Maggie! Ok. Heel! Heel! Maggie! Good, good! If you go with your dog like this and feed it this way at least for a week… …and it’s necessary to go with it in a quiet place, where nothing will disturb it. Then, within a week of such feeding out of the pocket, when going close-by it will learn this position.
It will learn that in this position it’s good to get food. Hereafter, when you will correct it in the presence of other dogs, or when it doesn’t want to go,
it will know what position it’s good to be in to get off this unpleasant influence, this jerk, so that to go into its comfort zone. So, at the first stage it’s necessary to form understanding about the comfort zone. At the word of command “Heel!” this comfort zone is situated right here, next to the left leg. And only then much more difficult work begins. We go with a dog at different speed, stop over, and make turns on the spot. All this happens next. First we need to create positive. The dog needs to feel that everything’s awesome, and great. Here, next to the left leg we feed it. Dog training basic course (OKD). Professional Dog Training School

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