Olivia Munn Pet Adoption Interview | Shelter Pet Adoption | Ad Council

(upbeat music) – There wasn’t an exact moment where I was like, I’m going to welcome a shelter pet into my life. But a friend of mine said, you have to meet this dog. It’s the best dog ever. I’ve been hanging out
with him all day long. The first time I met Chance it was 100% love at first sight. He was so sweet, and he was so calm. No matter who he meets, somebody new, he’ll literally come and
just lay over their lap. He’s like, this is what I’m supposed to do here on earth, is to, like, lie on your
lap and keep you warm. His goal in life is to love everyone, and to receive love, that’s it. Just love and be loved. Frankie’s a little scoundrel. He’s very mischievous. He’s not afraid of anything. He’s like the bravest, coolest dog. I honestly didn’t know how I could love someone as much as Chance or anything as much as Chance. And it is true, like, when people have kids they say you’re just, you know, your heart just opens up. And you have another one and it’s true. I just opened up so much for Frankie and I just fell in love. And I was like that’s my little family. They’re everything to me. They are my whole world, my whole family.

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