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protein. This week, we’re taking a look at the Kong
Genius referred to us by Laura Incognito. This particular model came in orange and is
called Mike after the world-renowned genius Michelangelo. It’s also available in various colors and
a couple different shapes and can all fit together to create different puzzles to entice
your pets. And if the toys themselves aren’t enough
for your pup, simply slide a treat inside and watch the fun begin! The material used is a softer rubber material
rated for average chewers and is, of course, made right here in the US of A.
So now that we know what we’re testing this week, let’s roll this orange thing on over
to Story and see how it holds up after a week’s heavy abuse. And here it is, covered in who knows what
but looking pretty good! We got a lot of play out of this toy and even
had a guest appearance from Bailey, Story’s aunt! We’re going to try something new this week. Instead of breaking down our review into categories,
we’ll simply list the strengths and weaknesses of the toy and then give our final verdict. Starting out with the strengths, the Kong
Genius Mike is an excellent fetch toy. At first, we thought this would mostly be
a chew toy and be destroyed within the first day but Story actually preferred chasing the
thing around. Due to its shape and material, the Genius
Mike bounces erratically so you never really know where it’ll go or how high. This will keep your pup engaged and entertained
for hours. When your arm needs a break, throw in a couple
treats like we did here. We used our super simple 4 ingredient dog
treats which is linked on the screen and down in the description, but you can use just about
any treat that fits. It took Story about 15 minutes to get a treat
out the first time but she quickly became a pro and simply picked the toy up and dropped
it continuously until a treat popped out. The great thing about the Genius product line
is if the toy gets too easy for your pup to use, simply get the other version called the
Leo—short for Leonardo Da Vinci—and plug that baby in! Now you’ve got a more intricate puzzle for
your pup to figure out. And the price isn’t horrible either for
such a reusable toy which sells at around 6-to-9 bucks depending on the size and shape
you purchase. Now let’s tackle the weaknesses of the toy. The first thing is obviously the material
used for the toy. If your dog decides they’d rather chewy
this toy, it likely won’t last very long. It’s made from a plasticky rubber type material
closer to the Squeezz line but a little tougher. It’s clearly labeled for average chewers
so keep that in mind. Also, though I left this toy out for Story,
make sure your pet prefers to not chew this toy before leaving it out for them. The other downside is that you can’t play
tug with it. It’s a pretty slick material and there simply
isn’t enough grip for anyone so it’s purely for fetch and for puzzling your pup. Also, due to the material, when this thing
gets slobbery, it’s REALLY gross to pick up and throw. And obviously as you saw, it picks up pretty
much every hair that’s on the ground. Now that we know more about the toy after
a week’s worth of testing, what’s the final verdict? The Kong Genius Mike receives a well-deserved
4 out of 5 bones and Story’s seal of approval. It has its flaws but it’s still a very well
designed toy that has lots of reusability, especially if you add on to the toy later
on. It’s useless for playing tug but if you
want your pup to earn a treat or have a spastic fetch toy, you can’t go wrong with this
one. And that’s where we end this week’s episode. Let us know if you like the new format and
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