Dogumentary TV producing the best breed documentaries on youtube the olde english bulldogge to me is the best breed because it’s the ultimate family pet it’s a dog that’s loyal its protective and the greatest part is unlike the English bulldogs you can actually take your dog out and go to the beach and go hiking and do the things that most families want to do with their pets my name is Ari from one-of-a-kind Bulldogs I’m a local breeder and san diego of old english bulldogs also known as victorian Bulldogs and we also run a rescue have been breeding for about 12 years now and been doing rescue for about six years now I’ve always wanted an english bulldog in my mid-twenties i did some searching and just came to find out it was a very problematic breed after doing all my research and hearing about the maintenance and the low life span i realized it wasn’t to breed for me somebody turned me onto the old english bulldog and once I saw my first one i was strong on them the olde english bulldogge historically was used for baiting in the eighteen hundreds when they ban bull-baiting the Bulldog went two directions one direction was crossing it with terrier and turning into the pit bull you see today and the other direction was the modern english bulldog ec today the point of this breed is to recreate the historic look and athletic ability and cut out all the health problems that are so common with the English bulldogs of today in the seventies David Levitt and Greg hermes where to breeders who started the olde english bulldogge they both went their own direction Levitt Bulldogs are very gamey and athletic dogs true working dogs Greg hermes dogs were on the bigger side a lot more American in them but both of them had a vision and they acquired their vision i would say my old english bulldogs vary from david lebovitz quite a bit because I’m not looking to breed a super athletic dog i’m not looking to breed working dogs i want capable dogs i want dogs who can handle basic day-to-day events with their families but I’m not looking for a dog that needs to be worked everyday to fulfill their energy needs i would say David Levitt dogs are the definition of a working Bulldog which is not exactly what I’m looking for i’m looking for an athletic ability but I don’t want too much drive on my dogs not many people can handle working dogs unfortunately and most pet owners aren’t looking for working dogs they’re looking for a family companion most of my lines start from sumo lines and Victorian lines we did have some hermes lines we don’t have any David Levitt lines in our blood my dogs are by now a few generations deep into my own bloodlines sumo a lot of the sumo stuff was from Carlos woods my Bulldogs he’s a Victorian bulldog breeder it’s hard to say where a lot of the bloodlines stemmed from but those were some of the dogs that he used in his foundation and they became pretty popular I’m pretty far drawn off from those lines by now I would say the closest things direct sumo in my bloodlines probably 7-8 maybe even nine generations back pet owners love this breed just noticing from my own clientele about ninety-five percent of them are families they have a breed that they can have around their children and just around their children and a breed that is loyal and protective to top it off health you know a lot of people want to take their dogs out they want to go to the beach in San Diego they want to go hiking and you know that stuff the english bulldog just can’t handle whereas these old english bulldogs can handle basic day-to-day activities the olde english bulldogge the greatest thing is ultimately the health they are bred for health giving them a little longer muzzle and and tightening up the face and giving them a little bigger body is ultimately the difference-maker the old english bulldogs average attend to 14 year lifespan they don’t need their tail pockets cleaned every day they don’t need their face folds clean those aren’t common issues with them in general when breeding for health you shouldn’t have allergies in your dogs you should have nice hips nice elbows and all-around athletic dog that can handle running around and jumping and doing basic day-to-day things one of the most common problems with English bulldogs palette issues cherry I entropion a lot of skin allergies these just aren’t problems that are supposed to be associated with old english bulldogs some of those surgeries can run into thousands whereas an old english bulldog shouldn’t have those problems and should be relatively low-cost when it comes to that expenses some of the problems that pop up with all the English bulldogs all stem back to common english bulldog problems cherry I entropion palette issues pinch nares bad hips but that is all relative to what you put in your lines i’ve noticed many breeders who put a lot of English bulldogs into their old english bulldogs bring back some of those health problems so common in English I don’t put too much English in my lines i try to get a clean structure dog I don’t read for anything extreme you start trying to breathe for a massive head you get some of the problems in that head you breathe for a massive chest you start getting some Bowie arms i’m looking for a clean proportion dog that’s able to handle running around and doing things without any extremities standards vary with the olde english bulldogge david levin has his own standards but most of the other registries are pretty close in line with those standards most of my dog sit about 16 to 19 inches tall most of my dogs way around 60 to 70 pounds I tend to think you should have at least a one-inch muzzle on your dog it gives them the ability to breathe one inch to one and a half inches pretty good making sure you don’t have too big of an underbite once you start getting extreme underbite you start getting issues like ride jaw making sure that you have a nice square chest not Bowie arms not weak pasterns or splayed feet one of the bigger problems with the Breeders is proper angulation on the rear end which is something we’re always working on so one of the reasons our dogs breathe a lot better there’s actually three reasons first is the elongated soft palate flat-face dogs are more likely to have bad pallets which does affect the breathing and often gives them the snort etype noise like a pig one thing I won’t breed is a dog with the bad palette from their muzzle length has another factor having a little longer muzzle gives them the ability to breathe a lot better you can have dogs with long muscles but still have an elongated soft palate and then the third issue is pinched there’s many Bulldogs their nose holes a pretty much pinched shut that affects the ability to bring bring in oxygen and breathe better so if you have a dog with a little longer muzzle open there’s and a clean palette you’re going to have a great breathing dog one of the big things about the original Bulldog a lot of people think it was one specific look I run a page called Bulldog history on facebook and one thing we’ve clearly documented is that in the eighteen hundreds Bulldogs had a variance of look they weren’t reading them just for a look they were breeding them for an ability to be able to fight a bowl but with that work come certain features that have to be there having a dog too tall just didn’t work well with the Bulls having them have two short of a face didn’t work either having a little bit of underbite help them latch onto the Bulls a lot better so what I’m trying to produce is dogs very similar to those historic photos the dog that looks like a bulldog but at the same time is an extreme doesn’t have a super flat face isn’t too short to the ground and isn’t act with too much english bulldog but i would say that is probably my favorite thing about the breed is the variance you can look at a lab they all look the same you can look at a German Shepherd they all look the same but you can look at all the English bulldogs in Victorian Bulldogs you can tell their bulldog but you can see the difference in them with other bull dog breeds I tend to think our dogs are healthier because they’re not heavily in bread and line bread people talk about all the issues with purebred dogs I’ve got many dogs on my property they’re able to eat food with grain in it with numerous meets in it I don’t have one dog with any known food allergies on my yard I tend to think breeding for one specific look and then stacking up over and over for that one specific look is what leads to some of the problems i do believe in outcrossing heavily when I do line breed I don’t library too tight to anything and I only line breed dogs that I’ve produced and dogs that i can i can vouch for the history and their health behind their history with the parents and the grandparents when we outcross we out cross to another olde english bulldogge since there is so much variance it’s easy to find healthy old english bulldogs that aren’t related one of my favorite things about the old english bulldog is that many of them will acclimate to their owners activity level if you’re the type who just likes to lounge around on the couch all day your dog is going to be completely happy lounging around with you but if you’re the type who wants to go on a run and take your dog on a mile hike as long as you condition your dog for those hikes they will be able to handle it basic activity take them on a few walks a day try to give him at least one hour of exercise a day but in general this breed can hang with you if you’re ready to go on long runs and do big activities and they’re also willing to just lounge back with you and be couch potatoes if that’s the type of lifestyle you have the first dog I brought out was bubbles my house pet have produced her mother I owned her father her grandmother on the father’s side and also owned both grandparents on the mom side and even some of the great grandparents she’s probably my favorite dog she’s got a very mellow temperament six years old she’s been very athletic is a pop she could jump six feet high like it’s no problem she’s been a very healthy dog or whole life she went to basic that exams and all she’s ever needed was her shots I’ve never had any food allergies with her or aggression issues with her she’s the ultimate family pet and she’s a vision of exactly what i wanted to produce the next dog is my boy prince prince was produced here his mother was produced here he’s been very healthy he’s athletic he’s very friendly he’s one of my house pets I’ve never had any health issues with him he’s been a tank since I’ve had him as a puppy since he was born here and then you also saw his sister sugar the chocolate girl sugars off the same parents their littermates both of them are very athletic and are the epitome of an old english bulldog when it comes to health and activity levels i would say one of my favorite things about sugar is her body type she’s got good angulation on her she’s not extreme she’s very athletic Bulldog because nothing on her is extreme her chest is an extreme her head sizes and extreme although some people want 20 25 inch heads that’s not what I’m looking for i’m looking for a clean proportion dog and she’s very proportion for her breed mojo is one of my favorites on the yard his temperament is one of the best he’s got one of the best when it comes to hips he’s very athletic he can jump over six-foot fence he’s a very friendly dog he gets along with every dog i put them within the yard I love his angulation on the back he is definitely a structure that i’m striving to get with a lot of my dogs and like I say personalities just one of the best having a dog on my yard that is always happy always friendly always gets along with the other dogs never tries to dominate other dogs is a very good attribute if you’re looking for an old english bulldog go visit some breeders check out their dogs in person asked a lot of questions asked about health testing ask about palette issues it might actually be the breed for you they’re healthy they’re active they have a longer lifespan and they’re great family pets if you don’t want to buy a puppy come check out our rescue we frequently have old english bulldogs through our rescue that have great temperaments and will make a great addition to your family

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100 Responses

  1. Dogumentary TV says:


    Hey guys thanks for watching the videos, to those of you who watch every video, double thanks. You all should know that it's my intention to film every dog breed. The order in which I film them is truly dependent on a lot of different factors, some of which are out of my control. I am a single person producing the content for this channel, so if I don't get to your request immediately, its not that your being ignored. Its a monumental task I'm taking on, please be patient and enjoy the videos as they come. Thanks!

  2. pierre leonard says:

    The English Bulldog became extinct. It was too vicious to keep as anything but a killer. Anyone who thinks that ANY of the new breeds of them are anything but a recreation of what was one hell of a dog, is kidding themselves. I have one of the new breed, an Aylestone Bulldog. I love her to bits. Edit; I'd like to see one of these dogs jump a six foot fence. My dog is fit, but she can't jump/climb a three footer even! Although she may well be capable of going THROUGH it if she has a long enough run up and a blindfold.

  3. onni hh says:

    Well done man

  4. Michael Herrmann says:

    At 5:15 I would really really like to see what a dog can do "without extremities"……does it just roll around on the floor? Poor thing. 🙂

  5. Doc Santoro says:

    Great video.
    The breeder really knows his stuff.
    After two EB’s, we are now on our second OEB.
    No comparison.
    Healthy, athletic, longer lived, great temperament, but every inch a Bulldog.

  6. Amy Coco says:

    This is the kind of breeding I can support. Trying to breed out all those health issues and bad genetics. We need to see more of this happening instead of all that designer bullshit which is basically just designing an unhealthy dog that unfortunate owners will lose too soon due to short life spans.

  7. Mike Acker says:

    The Olde English Bulldog isn't inbreeded to hell.

  8. rose rose says:

    i bought an old english bulldogg today?

  9. Joaquin Soto says:

    I agree with genetic diversity in dog breeds. They tend to be healthier.

  10. Kis Jorgensen says:

    I've got an Leavitt Bulldog, he is 6 months old, and he is one big lump of love. He love kid and cats, and love to play with any dog he mets on his way.

  11. scoobytru says:

    Prince is beautiful. I need a pup.

  12. BIG RICAN says:

    Great video

  13. Jean Carlo Perez says:

    I have an Old English, best dog ever!!! You can check him out on Instagram @ winthebully

  14. helder cardoso says:

    Why bulldog and pit bull breeders are all retarded

  15. Lionel Amador says:

    I can not take this guy seriously with those douche bag glasses

  16. Anni Kalapudas says:

    This is what dog breeding should be about; health and good temperament!

  17. Rhys Hutchinson says:

    Great to see you breeding the health back into these dogs, would love to have one shipped to me in the United Kingdom?

  18. Neil Carr says:

    love the dogs beautiful without the messed up health issues.Cannot understand ruining a dog just for fashion these dogs loo nice with a long muzzle

  19. D Keo says:

    Love the coat on Prince and Sugar.

  20. harry mackenzie says:

    I thought the american bull dog was basically what the english bulldog used to be?

  21. Slaine Saxon says:

    Have just seen videos on renaissance bulldog and wondered how it differs from the bulldogs above? Does this breed warrant it's only video?

  22. SCrawford says:

    This guy is the man. Thanks for the great content like always

  23. MyScotty7 says:

    I live in England and have an Olde English Bulldog And also a British Bulldog (English). My British is from Champion stock and he no problems at all he’s fit, breathes fine loves to walk for miles, my olde English has allergy problems ear problems and others! It all depends on where you get your dog from!

  24. Christianson says:


  25. Jeremy Weiss says:

    My Old English bulldog was the best dog I've ever had! She was really everything I was looking for in a pet! I let my ex take her because our son was very upset she wasn't moving with them. But she just turned 10 a few months ago and still going strong! Definitely the perfect dog breed!

  26. Jason Edwards says:

    Surprised none of you over there, haven't decided to call them "american older English bulldogges"

  27. Bred Game Dead Game says:

    None of these dogs are working dogs.

  28. King Martin says:

    I have one of your dogs, I also have another Old English from another breeder “Best Buds Bulldogs” which may or may not still be active. I know they moved out of the San Diego area though for sure. Here’s the thing, my Best Budz dog is as close to perfect as you can get, her health, her appearance, mannerisms, energy levels, literally everything perfect. My “One of a kind” dog is far from perfect unfortunately. She does have the longer muzzle as you mentioned which is great but you sacrifice the look, she doesn’t look like a bulldog. My other dog has a shorter muzzle and she breaths fine although she does snore a lot but that’s no big deal to me and her face has a way better look.. The one of a kind dog has horrible allergies, she has hives right now as we speak, my other dog does not and they have the same diet. A strict raw diet. The other issues with the one of a kind dog is her temperament, she is crazy hyper lore like a boxer than an old English, her legs are ridiculously long, and her hips are very very narrow. If you are looking at the two dogs side by side or spend any amount of time with them it’s obvious there is no comparison between the two. I love them both but it’s just unfortunate there was no way to predict the future when you buy them as puppies because she was adorable and seemed great. Long story short everything Ari is saying about what these dogs should be is the opposite of what the dog I got from him actually is

  29. Love Givens says:

    The Breeds dont look to good to b honest…. I have Olde E's and they are completely better bred….

  30. genius genius says:

    in spanish please

  31. Alan Deary says:

    Thick American cunts it’s a British bulldog always has been always fucking will be!

  32. Peter says:

    Great video! Please more videos on the Leavitt bulldog. Thanks so much.

  33. LizardMane says:

    where is this rescue at?

  34. weenie boi says:

    i have my own old english bulldog, his name is prince (just like the dog in this video, lol) and he's the sweetest dog i know. :")

  35. Spyrit2011 says:

    Bulldog and terrier mixes to produce the pitbull is a myth, there are pitbull pedigrees that date prior to english bulldog pedigrees.

  36. RaRa Rodrigo says:

    The red one though ❤️

  37. Skye Iron says:

    I have absolutely no issues with this breed. I only wish that I saw more of the Olde English Bulldog and Retro-Mop around rather than the cringe-at-the-sound-of-it-struggling-to-breathe English Bulldog and Pug that one commonly comes across when out and about. This is what the English Bulldog should have been. Shame on those that took things too far and are responsible for the torture of thousands of dogs.

  38. Aaron Huff says:

    Is there a difference between an english bulldog and the old english bulldogge, I was told they didn't exist?

  39. Aaron Huff says:

    I like his bulldoggs this is actually what I'm looking for in a bulldogg

  40. Jen Robbie says:

    Thanks for sharing this info. I'm a fan of the English Bully in terms of looks and personality, but I would love to them get back to being much healthier.

  41. diane9247 says:

    This man really knows how to present his breed!

  42. Rosalind Matteson says:

    This looks great! I love  brachycephalic dogs, but hated the health issues! I may have to look into this.

  43. Boss Levels says:

    Prince is lovely

  44. Ozymandias says:

    This seemed like one long commercial for this guy's kennel.

  45. Courtny E. says:

    what is their temperment

  46. oncall21 says:

    Great to see you reversing the or at least improving the health issues well associated with the British Bulldog.

  47. white owl says:

    This guy must be gone, you can’t say you’ve improved a breed when each has their own defaults, the english bulldog is the all father of limb control and muscle width in the legs, by body to size ratio, there is no dog with the same sized thickness of legs an shoulder/neck size as the english bulldog.

    Just because it does not excel in other attributes doesn’t mean it’s main ones or foundation purpose are useless, that’s like saying a grey hound is a useless guard dog which is true because it has no size or strengths to bring a man down, which again is true, but it was bred specifically for speed, hence mixing any breed with a grey hound is useful for adding speed.

    Look at the johnson bulldogs legs and shoulders compared to a presa and corso, the johnsons is twice as bigger, thicker and more muscular, he also has more control using his legs because english bulldogs are one of the only who use their limbs and rotate them to skate board, to side step and use them remove like monkeys, unlike most dogs who run and gallop like horses. The johnson, alapaha, scott all owe their much more evenly muscular tone to the english bulldog, this guys so called one of a kind bulldogs can move, yet their legs are feeble, skinny and weak looking. Each breed has their defaults and each have their strong points, a bulldog is king in its attributes.

  48. FAST///M3 says:

    My Bully looks like you're bullys. I take him hiking he pulls me on my skateboard. Keep it going. The Olde English is the original English ?

  49. Edgar Gonzalez says:

    Hi, I have a question, do they shed much?

  50. John Roxburgh says:

    pretty dogs where do you get them from

  51. 67 cuda says:

    So, this isn’t an attempt at bringing back the true old English bulldogs that the Bullmastiff has 40% of ? I’m guessing, otherwise it would have been mentioned here.

  52. Joseph Leece says:

    I accidentally got an olde English trying to get an English and honestly I don't regret it at all. I didn't know anything about it but I love my dog and he's great with my kid

  53. Barry Mcockener says:

    We need to see a dogumentary on the retro mop pugs

  54. enrique mejia says:

    My English bulldog is mixed with boxer and she's badass protective when needed couch potato when needed up and going when I'm jogging she's the best

  55. enrique mejia says:

    What do you give your dog for the fur ? Mines looks like she's losing allot of hair

  56. Doug Ullery says:

    I’m no dog expert but I have several dogs and have had many others. My wife and I had always wanted a English Bulldog because they are so lovable looking but a few months back we came across some OEB pups. After some research we learned about all of the health issues of English Bulldogs and how OEB’s were so much healthier. So we decided to go look at the puppies and within minutes a 4 week old puppy put her little chin on mine and then kissed her way to her forever home. Baby Kimber just turned 5 months old and she is the sweetest most loving dog I’ve ever seen. She is very smart, very funny and plays all day with our other dogs. Even at her young age her loyalty is very noticeable and her love and gentleness with children is amazing. She is a bulldog though so she can be stubborn and struggles with boundaries, as she thinks she can plop down anywhere or not move when she’s in the way lol. I’m pretty sure we found our forever breed.

  57. Josh Schroeder says:

    So happy to hear some people out there are trying to create a healthier dog instead of meeting a ridiculous look.

  58. Lucas T says:

    They look the same as an Australian Bulldog.

  59. Al Car says:

    I use to own a female. Unfortunately when my son was born he had problems with itchy skin, after trying everything we determined it was probably the dog and had to give her away. It was a very sad day. Now my son is 5 and asking for a dog and I can't think of any other breed I would rather have.

  60. xxx1015jm says:

    GREAT DOGS VERY LOYAL HAD ONE FEMALE FOR ABOUT 13 years , loved her , best dog i ever owned .
    Ive owned all breeds of bullys love them all but oldees have a spot in my heart

  61. goldengraemes says:

    Couldn’t own a dog with a high back end

  62. bigjule jules says:

    Is there such thing as a tri bulldogge

  63. Linda tuttamore says:

    I have an Old English Bulldog and she is the best dog we have ever had. She was a rescue dog because the breeder couldn’t sell her because of a skin condition. This dog is absolutely lovely!!! She is great with our grandkids and so gentle and well behaved. If you are looking for the best family pet, that is loyal, loving and great with children you can’t go wrong with an Old English Bulldog!!!!

  64. J A says:

    I think at least 2 inch muzzle will be good

  65. Akashdeep Singh says:

    Immediately fell in love with sugar. ❤
    What a beautiful dog she is.

  66. Ryan G says:

    This dude’s good

  67. Vanilla Ice cream says:

    Olde english bulldog and chongqing are rare dog breeds, hard to find.

  68. Winning Bigly says:

    America's already got the old time bulldog

  69. Demarcyo McGee says:

    But that doesn't make them olde english bulldoge if you are going to cross something else into.

  70. Joe Ndode says:

    All his dogs are one of his favorites lol

  71. Savannah Scott says:


  72. Phillip McKenzie says:

    Are these descendants of David Leavitt of Pennsylvania's recreation of what he thought the ancient bulldog of England should be? He xbred the 1860s type English Bulldog, A.P.B.T. , Bullmastiff & an American Bulldog. The dogs he ended up with had profoundly aggressive personalities, & weighed 60-105 lbs. In reference to the modern type of English Bulldog it IS a recreation attempt by "gentlemen" breeders of 1850s England and has NO connection to the ancient type of Bulldog. It was the ancient type that was used to breed the "bull & terrier breeds, the Bullmastiff & the English Bull Terrier. One of the last of these dogs was also used to invigorate & set the type of the Boxer. It was an all white dog & that is why U get white boxers occasionally. If someone can reply on the Leavitt breed I would appreciate it.?.PS. It is highly possible that some ancient Bulldogs may have gone to the U.S.A and some of the American Bulldog types of the late 1700s through early 1800s were established using these dogs.

  73. Luis Francis says:

    Wow, I really like the Olde English… The fact that these in particular, don't have bowed legs.

  74. Colin Fairlie says:

    My favourite bulldog is the old tyme Dorset bulldog

  75. ThisbeandPyramus says:

    Don't like any dog breed with shortened muzzles but this bulldog is an improvement over a regular bulldog. Of course, an APBT or a Lab is even better!

    P.S. All labs and GSD do not look the same. Variance there as well. Especially among the lines bred for work vs for pets.
    P.P.S. Love this guy's commitment to outcrossing. Genetic diversity is the key to good health. But he keeps saying he doesn't like extreme features but all his dogs look extreme to me.

  76. Marceline Ingot says:

    Great video. I have a 3 month old tri blue eyed lilac Old E. Dad is 125 lbs, mom about 50 lbs Im guessing he will be around 75 lbs fully grown. I chose this breed because of the reduction in health issues and increased athleticism.

  77. Karina says:

    I have an olde English. She’s a rescue and she’s honestly perfect. Everything I wanted from an English bulldog, just as cute, and much healthier!! She’s a lot less maintenance than your typical English bulldog.

  78. tj 555 says:

    I own 2 old English bulldog's

  79. Graham Broughton says:

    Out of all the bulldog breed and types for me the Scott am bulldog are the best all rounders and the best looking

  80. Catherine Neil says:

    Wow this guy is really clued up on what every day people looks for in a dog. A lot of dogs end up surrendered and in rescues because people don’t understand what working types require. Terriers, labs and collies all high energy which require a lot of work- not the modern family type. This will keep dogs from being given up

  81. Chantal Lamb says:

    I have an old English bulldog,she's awsome

  82. LUCINE aka LUCY KERIAN says:

    Us there a Spanish , Asian, Arabic or Armenian bull dog?

  83. Robert Stevenson says:

    Health problems come from interbreeding

  84. Anthony Ibrahim says:

    Pitbulls, ebts and american bulldogs are all descended from the original victorian bulldog

  85. Aces & eights AZ HV/AC,Sparky and guns says:

    I love the old English bulldogs their beautiful.

  86. Bulldog man says:

    My English bulldogs were not lazy or weak or lived short lived. They did not have breathing problems and did not have constant health issues. The key to a good bulldog is a reputable breeder.

  87. Jay Thorp says:

    Need two boys

  88. Lord Jagged says:


  89. Tony Taylor says:

    You need to distinguish between the British bulldog which is the smaller of the two and the Olde English bulldogge… There is no such thing as an English bulldog

  90. Jasemine_Hyena says:

    I'm deffinately a lot more of a fan of Olde English Bulldogges, and I hope that they don't have breathing problems like English Bulldogs.

  91. dirty mane says:

    Long hair wtf?!!! Sad asf

  92. Jimmy Nich says:

    And crossing with mastiff to get the bull mastiff, a very nice breed.

  93. Jimmy Nich says:

    And crossing with mastiff to get the bull mastiff, a very nice breed.

  94. Angel Gonzalez says:

    Doubt if they can jump over a 6 feet fence highly doubt it. They still need a cesarean. When they give birth boxer english Bulldog hybrid healthier and less expensive

  95. Jimmy Nich says:

    Sugar has something extreme, you see the size of her tongue?? Lol

  96. Josiah Paz says:

    English only looks cute but it’s not functional struggles breathing old English is a proud breed which is something it should be

  97. Michael Abram III says:

    I want one of these doggs really bad.

  98. Ron Cosby says:

    My cane Corso and pitbull mix is a taller leaner but still very muscular and being 55 yes old he just wears me out lol. Great temperament but very competitive. He'd make a beautiful working dog with zero health problems. Very strong and very fast a great jumper but he needs to be worked and the harder the better. Honestly I've never seen him too tired or give up.

  99. Alissa Mayorga says:

    I have a 6 year old Olde English bulldog and I’m wondering at what age should I stop breeding her?

  100. stormtropper88 says:

    David leavitt oeb’s are the only true oeb’s … everything else is just inbreeds … I actually have the very original bloodline from David , dogs given from him to me . And I have been breeding real thing .

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