One Of The Kitten Siblings Trapped In A Ventilator Vanished – Where Is He? | Animal in Crisis EP73

It’s been almost a month and a half since the cat has been trapped From what I know, 45 days The ventilator in the apartment basement There’s a cat stuck inside here To examine the inside of the narrow ventilator A small camera tied to a string is inserted into the ventilator A cat is visible! He still seems to have more curiosity than fear A young cat But Two of them When first found There were two cats It’s presumed that the kittens are siblings But But there is only one of them in the ventilator Can’t see the other one Could there be another entrance by chance Apartment manager: Structurally there’s no other place that it could be connected to It’s connected to the duct in the second floor basement The basement’s ventilator installed for air circulation But the entrance that’s connected to the machine room is connected to the machine in the ceiling There’s no passageway to outside and no sunlight can enter inside the ventilator either It’s such a poor condition for a young kitten to bear Apartment resident: Recently I can only hear the sound of one cat I wonder if the other cat maybe died inside Unlike the kitten who continued to be visible The other kitten was very wary Praying that he’s safe We look inside with an endoscopy camera There’s a cat, a cat face But the kitten that we are trying to find has white fur on his face! Spent time searching thoroughly inside If there was a cat carcass we would have seen the carcass Now there’s only one cat that’s alive There were definitely two cats Where could one have disappeared One good thing is that The people who cannot just walk by the poor kitten Apartment resident 2: There’s nothing to eat inside So people take care of the kitten There are residents who have interest He must have been really hungry coming out to greet the meal Without the help of residents it’s impossible to even drink a sip of water inside the ventilator Late evening When the sight of people become scarce The kitten who’s left alone As if he’s looking for someone He keeps crying But there’s no way for him to come out on his own With the help of an animal protection group Decided to rescue the kitten As the surrounding gets noisy The kitten gets scared He avoids the rescue team who enters the ventilator and hides somewhere Animal protection group: I didn’t know there was a space here PD: Is space there really narrow? Animal protection group: Yes and it’s also deep Between the walls of the ventilator and the machine room The kitten had gone through the narrow crevice A faint light shines through the crevice PD: Did you shine the light? PD: Where is that 3rd floor of the basement PD: Is it connected to the 3rd-floor basement? Yes there’s a big hole At the bottom of the crevice between the walls of the machine room on the 3rd-floor basement and the ventilator is a large hole! Rescue team: There’s definitely a possibility that the cat could have come out through this way Because the hole is big and light is visible From the ceiling that has the ventilator the kitten probably fell to the floor Somewhere in the big machine room he must be hiding somewhere They search inside the room carefully He’s there he’s here The kitten is on top of the pipe But upon closer inspection He’s actually the kitten who disappeared from the ventilator How long must he have been alone The rescue is hurried Because he couldn’t drink nor eat the whole time the kitten doesn’t even have the strength to resist Because he couldn’t drink any water I think he has some dehydration symptoms He should seek hospital treatment quickly Thank goodness he’s alive And Crying as if to seek help The remaining one also Got her The rescue is successful! Hey are you not hurt anywhere They worried people for a month and a half Rescue of the two kittens completed Since they were trapped in the ventilator for a long time the kittens couldn’t even see the light First, need to check their health conditions What will be the result of their complete medical examination Vet: When you compare their weights there’s a big difference The kitten who came out first was in a new environment after coming out from the place that they were in together So he must have gotten really stressed from being in a very unfamiliar place The two siblings who’ve been reunited after a long time They must have missed each other so much Vet: The health of the kitten who came out first isn’t that great But if they rely on each other and give each other strength I think he’ll be able to overcome it From now on we hope there is no more separation between the two and that they are always together

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  1. Itz_Gamer PlayzUwU says:

    How about the big cat?

  2. Itz_Gamer PlayzUwU says:

    You guys are caring….
    For saving the siblings and you are the best

  3. Xinus22 says:

    Shouldn't this be Episode 73 and not 71?

  4. Veronica Vero says:

    Gracias por ayudarlos son tan lindos, y que hacéis con ellos? Son tan indefensos

  5. Академия Переезда says:

    Академия переезда
    Что же, добрые люди опять выполнили свою миссию-спасли малышей. Не только помогли котятам, но и соединили их. Нет сомнения, что для каждого котёнка найдётся свой хозяин, который изменит жизнь этих малышей.
    Well, the good people once again fulfilled its mission of saving babies. Not only helped kittens, but also connected them. There is no doubt that for each kitten there is a master who will change the lives of these kids.

  6. Chan Baek says:

    Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  7. InTeCredo says:

    Definitely easiest and smoothest rescue ever!

  8. Setia Maya says:


  9. Ната В. says:


  10. fresh fan of you says:

    Ohhhhhhh wie süs die zwei sind💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  11. Adrian Sanchez Ordaz says:


  12. Jo Ann S says:

    You guys are incredible! 🥰🥰🥰🥰👏👏👏👏🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗🤗🤗

  13. Mohseen Ansari says:

    i pray that every single who have lost there love one will reunite again, like this kittens

  14. lar baabii says:

    Thank you so much from a fan in the UK for helping these amazing animals💗

  15. Verbal Ästhet says:

    Oh, you saved both! Wonderful 😀

  16. Andriana putri says:

    Ya Allah😭😭

  17. Joseph Starlin says:

    kittens's mom?

  18. amorypeace says:

    Thank you so much for saving this cute cats👍❤️

  19. Sana Mahmoud says:

    يريت عنا مثل هيك عالم وهيك خدمه شي بفرح القلب

  20. 52_20 Kimsila says:

    May all kittens find their forever home

  21. DificultOfIngots says:

    Thanks for you but you diffense animals!

  22. Oyl Ox says:

    Poor thing thing

  23. Lulu Z says:

    Since I'm watching this through my smartphone I don't see an option for subtitles 😣. I still enjoy watching your videos even though I don't know what you're saying 😊

  24. Walter Thien says:

    And I have no idea what I was thinking but 🤔

  25. Walter Thien says:

    3 🐱

  26. ibuki Mioda says:

    Господи, я уже думал, что первый умер…

  27. eee12335 says:

    Kill the catss

  28. NAR says:

    10:31 I was crying at this moment, feels grateful both of the kittens are still alive and saved 😭

  29. NAR says:

    Kritter Klub, I really love your channel especially this Animal in Crisis section ! Always feels excited for the new videos… Other channels and sections have much videos but this section have longer version and I love that, umm keep fighting ya ! 💪😣

  30. Malaina Carver says:

    Awh ♥️ I really hope they find a home together!! Adopting siblings is the best thing ever. Whats better than one kitten? Two!

  31. Nedfall says:

    Ihr seid einfach die Besten! Hab jedesmal Tränen in den Augen 🙂
    Greets from Germany 🙂

  32. rosmaini rafdita says:

    I am critter lovers and I love cat

  33. mian ghalib abbas says:

    But Where's the mother cat ?

  34. جوهره ال جواهررات says:

    مساكين القطط حيوانات ضعيفه 😢😭

  35. Gabor Tompa says:

    I Love you cat!


    que buenas personas sois dios os lo premie con una vida larga y feliz


    si yo pudiera me los que daría pero mi situación económica y la distancia me lo impide

  38. Goldy Mine says:

    Is no one going to talk about the other random kitten inside?!?

  39. 하운일 says:

    어휴.. 한마리는 어쩌다가 다른곳으로 나가버려서 밥이랑 물도 제대로 못먹고 그랬어ㅜ 이제는 잘먹고 건강해져라 요 쪼꼬미들아

    +근데 요 채널은 한국인 댓글을 찾을수가 없네 ㅋㅋ 이유를 모르겠다.. 영어자막뿐이라도 한국영상이고 이렇게 유명한디

  40. Mr. Cool says:


  41. Sanudin Udin says:


  42. Meowys says:

    What happened to the yellow eye cat at 3:35? Was he just left in there??

  43. Alicia Ordorica says:

    So Cute!
    Gracias por rescatar.

  44. Suz Rus says:


  45. ceciLOVEtaco says:

    So very happy you got both ! Thanks !

  46. Nicole Falvey says:

    That baby has been down there all alone for a month :'( thank god the baby kitty is out and the other kitty was saved too!! Well done!!!

  47. Deepika Narasimha says:

    God bless you..mad ppl dislikes

  48. Ann Sidbrant says:

    Thank you so much for what you do for these poor kittens! It's wonderful to see.

  49. Dorca Mendes says:


  50. ORIHIME says:


  51. Mary Kathleen Sapp says:

    I simply adore and respect the love, dedication, and service this cou try and her people have for ALL animals! I am in Ohio USA clapping when they found the missing kitten thought to be dead😹

  52. annaaliuk says:

    Amazing story

  53. 和風組_のむФ says:


  54. Cristhian Edwin Cardenas Requejo says:

    Qué tristeza del gatito

  55. Sebastian Jura says:


  56. Panik Panik says:

    The second cat that was saved looks just like my cat who unfortunately died today.She was hit by a car…One year but the same exact day that I lost my previous cat.I am so sad…

  57. ig_Zorn says:

    Thank you so much for that 😻😻😻

  58. Og KUSH says:

    Stucked for 45 days with no food water and still there ??!

  59. Ani rain says:

    Thanks you😢

  60. Елена Круглова says:

    Какие же вы молодцы,спасибо за то что помогаете животным! Дай Бог вам здоровья и вашим семьям!!!

  61. Azerty Lolita says:

    Que Dieu bénit toute l'équipe merci à vous et bon courage et bonne continuation merci infiniment😊❤

  62. نور سمير says:


  63. Zulkifli Kartini says:

    So sweet very nice 😿😿😿😿😿

  64. Its' Syhlaa says:

    Thank you very much to save that animal.
    I very love this channel.
    I Will support you❣️

  65. Magic Coconut says:

    The kitten look like my kitten peanut

  66. Arber Hayes says:

    Thank you for being so kind. : -) XX

  67. peony & says:

    그래서 지금은요? 제발 알려주세요ㅡㅡ

  68. THINKing HEAD says:

    Thank you guys

  69. Mahadika Sheillo says:


  70. sarkam 73 says:

    Thank you for saving two cats
    Cat lover friends 💖🇮🇩

  71. Dark Wolf says:

    De verdad son personas verdaderamente Buenas de corazón!!!

  72. lianhua mila says:


  73. Animals WORL'D says:

    Good job!

  74. lianhua mila says:


  75. riyani idriyani says:


  76. Natalya Rostova says:

    Спасибо за этот проект и людям которые спасают животных!

  77. Sharon Ballantyne says:

    Although It's a different Language, The LOVE ❤️ Shown these Animals is Universal And néeds no Translating..Bravo to your Team and their Big Beautiful Hearts!👍

  78. Jack Black says:

    Great job.

  79. gurjit singh says:

    Thanks Guys your work is really beautiful and important👍🙏🥀🙏🙏💕💕💕💞💞💞🌺🌺🌺💗💗💗🥀🥀🥀

  80. Dana L says:

    A real rescue team we can call it….. they do all to save a life…… such a great team….thank you all of you and the vet…..

  81. Mary Giglio says:


  82. Cats Maine coon & Scottish fold says:

    бедный котик

  83. Bettina Eicher says:

    Thank you for saving these poor kittens!👍🏻❤️

  84. Tetra Wu says:

    You are cool

  85. Cat Roxy Potyike says:

    OMG… soooo happy they were able to save them both…❤❤❤❤❤

  86. Yvonne says:

    Bravo, you guys! What a wonderful save and re-union for the kittens. Outstanding work and video! Hope the kittens find a loving home together too.

  87. Amael78008 says:

    So amazing ! I hope that these two lovely kittens will be adopted together be a foster loving family.

  88. Денис Реджепов says:

    Спасибо вам за ваше доброе дело!

  89. Murka Sidonia says:


  90. MaryEly Layla says:

    Thanks to the rescuers, because they do a wonderful job! … but I ask a question: "Why did the residents of the apartments wait 45 days to call the rescueres?!?" Grazie ai soccorritori, perché fanno un lavoro meraviglioso!…ma faccio una domanda:"Perchè i i residenti degli appartamenti, hanno aspettato 45 giorni per chiamare i soccorritori?!?"

  91. javivi Chimuela says:

    Pobrecito qué bueno que la hayan ayudado

  92. Mona Khaled says:

    THANK you for helping them.

  93. cpolofdezmay says:

    Great rescue, the kittens are so adorable.

  94. Yvan Maximilian Mabilangan says:

    Being trapped in somewhere without anything is so heartbreaking but God gives them strength to survive each day for about one and a half month. They needs a new family to love.

  95. Phyllis Steging says:

    Oh thank heavens they didn't give up on finding them. Kittens get in the smallest of places!!! They were so happy to see one another.

  96. Did I hear Ahhh says:

    How did the cat inside?

  97. tesTQuL MeLaTi says:

    well Done guys!!!Great job❤️❤️

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