Ooma Home — Smart Home Security with Geofencing

Bye Mister Biggles. Watch the house. Ya, Stacy. I’ll get right on that. Ever since we got Ooma Home Security
I’ve been able to take some well deserved R&R. It’s hard to compete with Ooma’s 27/7 protection, for every part of the house. Plus, Ooma is so easy to set up they just
did it themselves. Which is great because, I can’t be doing everything
around here. And there’s no need to pay outrageous monitoring
fees or sign any contracts, which makes Ooma a lot less expensive than those other big name brands. I mean, why spend lot’s of money on home security
when they can spend it on things that really matter. Plus, unlike an old dog, Ooma can learn new
tricks. They just set it up the way they want and
activate different modes for when they’re away or if they’ve turned in for the night. They can monitor the house and review logs,
and Ooma is always on guard. So if something funny is going on they’ll
be notified through the app. By text, by email or by phone call. And Ooma is the only home monitoring system
that actually calls them in the event of an emergency. Giving them the option to trigger 911 remotely
from anywhere. That’s really putting in some extra effort
if you ask me. Ooma can even automatically turn on cameras
when activity is detected, and set them up to recognize familiar faces. Like this handsome mug here. [Water dripping]
Alerts will also notify them of water leaks,
broken pipes and other water related emergencies. [Dog slurping water] Ooma’s geo-fencing feature
automatically arms or disarms the system when their cellphone’s get within range, so there
are no false alarms, nothing worse than getting all riled up… over nothing. [Girl speaking] Hey, Buddy! Guard the house today? [Dog] Oh ya, it was exhausting. Ooma Home. Seriously Smart Security. [Music fades]

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