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hey everyone it is Friday so it’s time
for another week in the life here on Whitney’s tiny life yesterday I started
this big project behind me where I was reorganizing all of my sewing patterns I
have over 300 of them and I did not have a good way to store them they had kind
of just been here on this shelf and the one above it as well as kind of just
scattered all over the sewing room on the bed that I’m sitting on and just all
over the place and I am tired of that I’m ready for them to all be in one spot
and have a system so I spent the kids nap time yesterday working on it the
kids didn’t actually nap yesterday so I didn’t get as much time as I would have
liked and then I worked on it yesterday evening and I’m back at it today I went
to Walmart and picked up two more wooden crate I kind of pained me to pay full
price for them because these two that I have right here I got at the thrift
store several years ago for like $2.50 each and then these from Walmart that I
picked up today were like $12 but I needed them and I didn’t want to put it
off anymore because I am ready have things organized I’m really really
trying to be organized the crates could use a sanding they’re
pretty rough and I really don’t feel like sanding right now I know I’m gonna
regret that later but I’m not gonna stay on them right now I’m just gonna go
ahead and get everything sorted and organized I’ve already got all the
patterns in order so I just have to get them put in the right boxes and then I
will kind of give you an overview of how I have it all arranged so here is how everything turned out
I am so happy with it in the top box up here and binder I have
my vintage patterns that I don’t want to get damaged so I have the pattern
envelopes in the binder and then the patterns themselves are in manila
envelopes in that band the three bins down here are the rest of my patterns
sorted by company and number so I am so happy with how this turned out I
actually found about 35 patterns in my collection that I am going to get rid of
either because I’m just not interested in them anymore or they are drastically
the wrong size like size 12 which in patterns speak is really small
I am a 16 in patterns so that’s a pretty big difference if I don’t want to
deal with a whole lot of alterations so getting rid of those and I’m still of
course keeping like all my vintage patterns that are in no way close to my
size just because they are super inspiring but for just like basic
costume patterns and stuff that I probably will never need or want anymore
I’m just gonna go ahead and get rid of them and then if in the future I change
my mind and I want to make that costume most of them are still available so I
could just go by the correct size and not have to deal with trying to grade
the pattern and all that see yeah I am probably going to do
a video on my main channel showing my whole new system and like more in depth
about it and I might see if anyone is interested in the patterns that I have
I’ll give you a quick look at them there they are there’s several costume
patterns and then just clothing and stuff some of them have been used that
one is actually the dresses that my bridesmaids wore at our wedding
so lots of different patterns like I said some are new some are used some of
them are secondhand and I’ve never even opened them so I don’t know if they’re
all there all the pieces are there or not but
someone might be able to use them or might want them so I might see if anyone
is interested in like covering the shipping cost and I will send them out
to someone so yeah yeah I’m pretty happy with this so far I’ll have to try it out
for you know a few weeks months whatever to decide for sure if I absolutely love
it and but I think I’m going to and I made sure to leave space in each bin so
that I do have enough space where I can like actually go through them and look
at the patterns they’re not so jammed in there that you can’t even like see the
patterns themselves so that’s good because as I need a pattern or something
I will have to go through them but thankfully I did my entire pattern
collection video on my Whitney sales channel a while back I did get a few
patterns after I shared that video but the majority of my patterns are there so
I can either watch that for a quick reference or usually I can remember like
5 an idea of a pattern I want to make I I know if it’s a simplicity pattern I’m
calls pattern or Butterick pattern so I can just go to that section where I have
that brand of patterns and then quickly flip through so I think it’s gonna be
good it’s definitely a lot better than what I had which like I said was just
I had two of the plastic dollar store bans one cardboard box two wooden crates
and all up in my shelves they’re full of patterns and then I had another
cardboard box and just a big stack of patterns on the bed that I’m sitting on
that I film on and I was just kind of like pushing them around like when I
needed to sit here and film for a Whitney Sews video I would just like
push them to the side and yeah it it not good um so now that I got that done I
think it’s going to motivate me to try to tackle some other areas in my sewing
room because my sewing room is terrible right now it is so bad it is packed to
the brim and messy and awful and I’m kind of ashamed so it to show it I know
on this channel I do show a lot more of my sewing space than I do on my main
channel I’m like in the background step because of the wide-angle lens and
sometimes I wish a lot of that didn’t show but at the same time it shows that
this is real life like I’m a messy unorganized person when it comes to like
my creative space well I’m I’m kind of unorganized a lot but especially in my
sewing room I would prefer to just work on a project and then work on the next
project and working on expression and work on the next project and not like
completely spend a day or two cleaning up and putting everything away because
not everything has a place to be put away and for a long time that was
because I didn’t want to go out in like by organization things and now it’s just
gotten to the point where it’s kind of just overwhelming but I’m going to try
to tackle one area at a time like I did with these patterns and see if I can get
it a little bit more under control I am getting rid of some things which is kind
of hard because it’s a fine line between like I paid good money for that I don’t
want to feel like I wasted that money but if it’s sitting here in my sewing
room taking up space and causing and stress and stuff then it’s not
helping me anyways and then also there’s that like but what if I need it sometime
in the future in five years you know but if it’s an item that can be easily
replaced it doesn’t cost much then is it worth hanging on to for that five years
or ten years or whatever obviously like one-of-a-kind unique
things or really expensive things I’m gonna hang on to but little things here
and there that I don’t use that I might sometime someday maybe use I might start
sending them out the door to the donate place just because I think if I can get
my sewing or under control things will just go better yeah so I’m going to get
this part wrapped up and decide what area to tackle next so hopefully
hopefully it all gets better Hi everyone it is Tuesday actually took a
few days off from vlogging and I just wasn’t feeling it so I decided to take a
little break for a couple days I intended on starting back yesterday but
yesterday was just a it was a bad day we were all were just having a bad day and
I really didn’t want to vlog that because I just don’t like vlogging on
days when I have a bad day because I don’t really want to keep a record of
that I don’t want to remember like when I look back at videos I don’t want to
see the bad times I want to see the good times and I know bad times happen but
it’s the good stuff that I want to remember and want my kids to remember
and things like that so I just didn’t want to I just didn’t want to record
yesterday but yeah today is going better we got up this morning and it’s slightly
cooler today it’s only in like the mid 90s today instead of over a hundred and
so we went to the zoo for the first time in a while and we had a good time and
yeah so he came home had lunch I just got the kids down to bed and Skyler’s
been actually having trouble sleeping lately and so the for the past week or
so every time I put her down for a nap or for bedtime I have to lay in her bed
with her in her toddler bed and hum her to sleep so I have to hum until she
falls asleep or else she just starts screaming and crying and I’m not sure
I think she’s to the age where she started having maybe scary dreams or
something because the other night she did fuss a
little bit in her sleep and then she ended up falling off her bed in her
sleep she’s totally fine it’s just a few inches um yes I think she’s had maybe
some scary dreams and so she like wants someone there with her while she goes to
sleep so like last night I spent over an hour laying in her bed humming to her
before she fell asleep so yeah and you would think that would like make me
tired but it doesn’t it actually like makes me more awake so I’ve been having
trouble sleeping I’ve been staying up super late which is not good but yeah so
anyway bad day yesterday good morning today but now I’m kind of tired I need
to take a shower and so I think I’m just I need to do a lot of computer work but
I think I’m just gonna do the stuff that I have to have done by tomorrow and then
put off the rest of it for another day or so and then I might I might do some
sewing or something I started a project Sunday night I think it was yeah Sunday
night I finally cut out a dress project that I had actually hoped to have
finished to wear to an event that we went to Sunday but I had other stuff
come up and so I didn’t even start it until Sunday which is fine and so I
might work on that here in a little bit I don’t know I’m just I’m kind of tired
and just yeah so I don’t know but yeah so I have to get a blog post written for
my video that’s going up tomorrow and get all that scheduled and then I’m
gonna just see what I want to do after that see if I want to go ahead and take
my shower or if I want to do the sewing so I’ll decide here in a little bit
everyone it is Thursday and I am about to do some editing I don’t really want
today to be a computer day but I need to get a couple of videos edited
I also need to work on the next blocks for the sampler sew along and I’ve just
not been feeling it which is a bummer I hate weeks like this where it’s just
kind of a bluff week and I don’t want to work on the things that I need to work
on but sometimes that happens and I just have to power through them so today I’m
editing and then this weekend sometime I have to work on my sampler so long
blocks I just have to so yeah this week has not been that interesting and I
apologize for that but sometimes sometimes this happens where I just I’m
not feeling it and things just don’t go my way and I you know it happens to all
of us and hopefully next week will be better yeah I think that’s it sorry don’t have
anything exciting to share I’m sure you understand
um yeah leave me a comment letting me know how you get out of this feeling
when you kind of air in a funk and you just have a block week let me know in
the comments how you get past that I would love to know ya until next time

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