Origami Dollar Bulldog (Janessa Munt)

Fold and unfold the corners Turn over Fold and unfold the left edge Fold in half horizontally and unfold Turn over Fold a waterbomb base using the existing creases Fold the point and unfold Fold the point up to the crease and unfold Fold the point up to the crease Valley-fold on the previous crease Fold the edge down Squash-fold the sides Unfold everything Valley-fold Refold the previous steps Turn over Valley-fold
Note the reference point Valley-fold and unfold Unfold Turn over Valley-fold Valley-fold on the top too Fold the corner and unfold Fold the edge to the crease you just made Make a pinch mark Fold the right edge to the pinch mark Fold the bottom edge to the vertical line and unfold Fold at angle bisector Make a pinch mark Make a pleat bringing the mountain fold to the pinch mark Inside reverse-fold Inside reverse-fold
First, mountain-fold along the indicated edge Then open to complete the reverse-fold
Note the reference points Close it Repeat on the other side Fold the edges to the center Bring the corner up while squash-folding Repeat on the other corners Valley-fold along the edge of the layer behind Squash-fold Repeat on the other edges Fold the left and right corners Fold to the right Fold the two corners Fold back to the left Mountain-fold Pleat-fold Fold along the angle bisectors Then mountain-fold along the center crease Reposition the back Mountain-fold Shape the ears Crimp-fold the tail Pleat the legs Shape the feet Shape a little bit more Bulldog finished!

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100 Responses

  1. ThePbenga says:

    if you sink fold the neck it looks even more like a dog

  2. KaleidoscopeEffect says:

    can you please make Sipho Mabona’s Koi Carp?

  3. Berenice Trevanion says:

    Hi, Jo! Your videos keep gettin' better and better! Love your commitment 🙂 I have a request for you, could you make a tutorial for Brian Chan's maple leaf?? Or any other stylized maple leaf you know of. Hope you can do it! Thanks for your incredible work!

  4. David Nguyen says:

    How to print it EXACTLY double sided?

  5. Toraes Cesar says:

    fui tenta fazer com uma nota de 100 reais ai resgo kkkkkk tomei no cu

  6. Alivette Baza says:

    Really Cool !!! 😀

  7. taNyaNGuO12600 says:


  8. Mei Iris says:

    That is sooo cool. the eyes even look like its in the right place. 

  9. MTWDD20 says:

    Lol I failed

  10. Bastian Gamer says:

    Jonakashima, do you like soccer?

  11. Reik Schröder says:

    i used a real-one-dollar-sized piece of paper. was hard, but it worked 😀

  12. Dana Kubaschek says:

    I love it!

  13. 2142 xts says:


  14. Aston Martin says:

    Kind of looks like Sophia.

  15. عمر الشلفي says:

    I want my name to paper you Collapse

    My name is omar

  16. sn232 says:

    Made this for a birthday gift and everyone LOVED IT! 🙂 Used a regular $1 bill and the eyes ended up perfect on it, very cute…

  17. Cristian David Santiago Jose says:

    woohhh¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ amigo soy un mexicano pero me gusta mucho como ases el origami te admiro mucho

  18. Emilio Saldana says:

    Hey Jo you should make your own app about origami,,
    That would be a lot helpful if you made one

  19. main_lord says:

    Awesome :))))

  20. AwesomePiggy says:

    I like dogs!Also that was really cool on how you did it.I mean a dollar bill turned into a dog!AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jauzin euq says:


  22. dujuan bowie says:

    it is so shocking i almost got the folds the first time but the second time i got it right

  23. deadandwicked says:

    Hey Joe you should make a tutorial for the Goat by Janessa Munt in the latest issue of The Paper on Origami USA. It looks really cool like the Dog !!  Good Job again on your great videos !!

  24. Sanic says:

    no lo puedo hacer

  25. OSRawesomeness says:

    to folded it w/ a regular dollar bill, and it worked fine! Thx Jo! Awesome vid and awesome bulldog!

  26. Happy Durant says:

    Can you please make a tutorial on The dollar koi fish.. its very dificult

  27. baysideX93 says:

    18 min video? more like 3 hours for me. lol i suck at this. 

  28. brielle monkey says:

    I am lost at 6:03

  29. Riata Peluda says:

    Is it me or he has a big ass bill?

  30. I Cook Microwaves says:

    It's a little hard

  31. Akshat Gupta says:

    @Jo Nakashima @Jo Nakashima @Jo Nakashima ,,,, I Live in INDIA, and we dont use dollars. so, as u have shown in origami Dollar bill hare. that sized paper will work when u cut it????

  32. Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials says:

    +Akshat P Gupta yes, you can cut the rectangle using that method

  33. hiroyuki piro nakashima says:

    Very fun!
    I will respect the two great origami master.

  34. nicolas ardila pazos says:

    luego; no es delito dañar propiedad de los estados unidos??? y los billetes son propiedad de los estados unidos. entonces estas cometiendo un delito!!! jajaja

  35. ElPulpoTX says:

    I used this video as an amsr till the music came on and woke me.

  36. PELE PSN says:

    Can you teach us
    How to fold Dollar Origami koi fish .??

  37. Svetlana Sharavina says:

    He has an eyes.. Wow..

  38. Queen Randomness says:

    That's annoying that he doesn't talk 😡😡😡

  39. Queen Randomness says:

    I'm a little bit ok with it 😏😏😡😡😏😏😡😡

  40. Lila Alex Inglis says:

    I make a star out of five $20 bills how can I share a picture of it with you

  41. Wetkeazle says:

    Tried it using a 20 Euro bill, but no dice; you lost me at about 7 minutes. The aspect ratio was all wrong. Still, great tutorial, as usual.

  42. Meta Mulder says:

    i used $2 for all of my money origami

  43. angel gonzales says:

    He is using a huge fake bill so its definitely more easier if your going to do a tutorial you should use the exact item so you are seeing what we are seeing your folds are wayyyyy bigger than a dollar bill and so straight when a bill's cuts slightly differ from each other! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼sorry but this was bad!

  44. deadandwicked says:

    I was not talking to you Blar. please mind your own business

  45. Duke Louver says:

    nice demonstration, glad you went slow and kept your fingers out of the way so we can see what you just folded….thanx

  46. Huong Tickell says:

    thank you for sharing… love it <3

  47. Josh Alviz says:

    super cute!

  48. nguyễn viết dũng says:

    Origami Dollar horse…pls

  49. Isaac Courtney says:


  50. Nguyen Hai Phong says:


  51. Sergio says:

    Lo hice, me quedó igual, descubrir este canal fue lo mejor, pretendo hacer muchos origamis siguiendo estos tutoriales, lo mejor!

  52. isaac brown says:

    Looks more like a pug

  53. Fluffy Star Queen of YT and Stuff says:

    this is hard and I ruined my dollar it looks easy but it is not easy to do.:(

  54. Rachel Nelson says:

    Mine doesnt look any good, but I did it! your video is great!

  55. Jaycob Yamil says:

    Los mejore origami que e visto

  56. zTryke777 says:

    Da pra fazer com nota de R$ 50 ?

  57. John Acosta says:

    muy bien hecho genial

  58. Isabella Wall says:

    So cute!

  59. Md. Khairul Amin says:

    I don't know why you fool waste money like that

  60. Christopher Nathanael says:

    $_$ dollar bulldog

  61. Md. Khairul Amin says:

    oh okay……

  62. alonzo z says:

    exelent my friend . bien echo

  63. Matt Heintz says:

    Excellent demonstration!

  64. alex lumen says:

    very good teacher! thank you.

  65. Kanadeh20_16 Golden says:

    This was insanely hard!! This person is a master at origami, wait no… an origami god!!!!

  66. I’m Cringy says:

    Isn't that illegal?

  67. HG says:

    cara faz tutorial com p reais

  68. Julian Sanchez13 says:

    could you show us how to fold a very very easy dollar pig cuz i was having trouble with the other pig

  69. Daniel Bussiere says:

    can it be done with a normal dollar bill??

  70. Pedro Ferreira says:

    Awesome origami, fuck

  71. Idk Man says:

    13:29…..the head was upside down, I ripped that pupper in half and screamed

  72. Chloe K says:


  73. Ampy Munoz says:

    Can you pllllllllllllllllease make an origami pug??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. GABY ROMERO says:

    who got it… ME!

  75. ツMartin says:

    please tell paper sizes (in inches)

  76. Dean Vine says:

    So small with such a large bill in the end

  77. Alfred Tovar says:

    The beginning went well but when it came to the tougher folds, u failed man. Failed, still got a fish, but i was kinda making folds up in the end.

  78. Rena R. says:

    Fuck yea! I did it!! 🙌😄🙌


    it's so great

  80. Artee Choke says:

    I made one and accidentally dropped it into a bowl of soup…
    R.I.P dog.


    so eazy ㅡ.ㅡ  what happed?

  82. Карина Нестеренко says:

    капец cupets

  83. puixel says:

    Because our bank paper is smaller, I had to adapt the folds a little bit! XD

  84. Ditzy Rose says:

    I usually shout at the person onscreen to move their fat fingers so I can see, but you made it nice and clear. My pupper turned out so cute!

  85. Daniel Cilio says:

    I used a 100 dollar bill, and guess what, it came out good.

  86. PickleJar251 says:

    I guess you could call it a…..


    I'll show myself out.

  87. Nhi Lê says:

    cool and good

  88. Helfried Stolz says:


  89. Helfried Stolz says:


  90. Jinelys Alvarez says:

    very helpful you go step by step very well thanks : )

  91. Holly Jaye says:

    im gonna practice on some $1s first before I go to the $100 bill. I made 1000 origami cranes for my wedding back in 1992…should be able to do this!

  92. roberth delgado says:

    primer comentario en español


    when i go to print the other bulldog it is really small and i don't know why.
    can someone explain me?

  94. Reis Woodard says:

    I could not do this

  95. Debby theunissen says:

    Thank you for this video, I made it from normal a4 print paper and it works as well 😄

  96. Batallosa De nacimiento says:

    I got lost and i quited
    I couldn’t do it 😩

  97. Esly Filipe aj e etc says:

    I made It with a printable its so cute 😍😍😍🐶🐶🐶

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