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hello everybody
as you can see we’re off to an amazing start tonight with no kinks always on
Wednesday wisdom and more there but we’re trying our best a for effort I
hope to god already yeah and being so active in the chat room right now
a quick shout out before we move forward with XML comment sorry I’m sorry I’m
butchering your name probably really bad Terrell Ambrose on TV hi and thank you
for coming back again yes thank you Auto Studios in a chatroom welcome our
first that’s right turn off the sound and best
friend in your thread of course is doing her work hours as well as being in our
chats dedication thank you appreciate that I know you can’t hear us but you
are in the chat so I know you’re gonna come back and watch it right afterwards
badger fungal Oh another nice hi and this natural journey thank you so much
for tweeting on us today you’re gonna be on the live stream that’s so amazing I
love know you yeah I love knowing who’s gonna be olenin thank you for making it
that’s so great and Joey is in hello my second family with the music entertain
45 hey guys thank you so much for coming in entertainment 45 we just connected
today so glad to have you here yeah I’m welcome I hope you really enjoy please
don’t judge us by the intro we could actually do things good sometimes yeah at broadcasting gauges no they’re just
the two of us in our living room / sometimes bedroom okay the end for the
girl welcome hello from BC laugh my butt off together yeah oh yeah that was that
was a memorable evening we had fun that’s best friend ears thread always
seems to bring that effect in so we get the laughs going this is fun yeah that’s
what we’re here for this is there out Reese’s here thank you
so much for coming oh and how are you trained we’re coming back and
thank you so much here we go yeah it was yeah there’s not much you know pre no
written staff even none at all I would say so there’s certain things like it
all seriously we do want to try and like now solidify the format a bit but I mean
we always want to keep it like this this is yeah we’re gonna get on okay oh Jesus
thing works guys works I’ve created the holy grail you seen in your life oh I’ll
fill up your here thank you Oh excellent I appreciate it anyway you can be part
of it it’s marvelous so wants to hear tonight he’s an artist but I mean he’s
got some great stories and stuff like that fantastic guy we got tonight so
lucky to get him yes I caught his wife stream they made after we did ours I
think was maybe siren I just because was the weekend
yeah Saturday yeah he browses round the livestreams and to chat with people
understand you know enjoy each other’s company so to say and it discovered this
amazing artist I don’t know how I didn’t find him earlier I’m glad I think lucky
stars I did I watch for a good two and a half hours you kept telling me I guess
you’re gonna Bentley your interest in it to like painting yeah but anyway I love
that so I just enjoyed his drawing it just as format is different as well I
love it I love it I mean he does not stuff from the 80s that I liked and he
does video game type of art you know very epic his
mythological base it’s Oh Rob Hoffman so glad to have you here oh yeah for free
beer well thank you sent over here come on where is it we’re waiting
okay redeem on group a junior yes I was just over today yeah I’ve been a couple
of days since we lost connected so it’s great to have you here it’s nice to see
we it’s funny you see some people a lot and then it just takes missing one video
in the updates and we all know the more we add then it starts to get a bit
harder to do but it’s great that’s why I try to look in the in the threads and
see if there’s somebody’s I can say oh yeah I haven’t seen them in a while cuz
a lot of times as we know YouTube is famous for unring the Bell on us so I
really try to keep my eyes out you’re actually one of my favorite streams
thank you so much this sauce we love hearing that’s so much he’s a great
supporter he plays piano amazingly you’ve done opening themes for the fish
sandwich show a lot of piano music especially when I edit photography I
find it’s very inspirational so yeah thank you so much it’s nice to hear you
guys saying that yeah really hard to keep puffing oh my god tweet is this
stream yes thank you so much and yes haven’t yet go out and and just share it
yes it really does that’s the greatest help there could ever be is that tweet
yeah it really does make a difference you can see it’s in the way people come
into the stream yes just press that share button or go over to our Twitter
at which the studios and retweet our post about
tonight’s guests that’s right you think we just appreciate it so much because
the more the merrier it’s gonna be much so much much much more fun for you guys
Richard thank you so much for second hellos and humans are estudios is our
guest for tonight and is gonna be on very very soon and for those who didn’t
hear it that’s very cool from the Commodities birthday yeah we actually I
was very shocked because when we talked initially about him coming on our
livestream and setting up the date he never said anything about the birthday
and then when I when we finally like booked in the time and the day he’s like
Owen by the way it’s my birthday what are you sure you really want to
come on and our a nice dream when it’s your
birthday yeah no that was I was so I mean he’s got a wife and a child not so
like to put out this time to be with us I mean as it it speaks to how amazing
the people are there on their showing in the chats you guys we really truly
appreciate you all oh yes yeah it’s so so so amazing so and andrew is brave
enough to leave me alone good luck guys now I’m very well
lovely spoken today so apologize in advance
yes by the way train man and no I didn’t even order or didn’t see your message
train man has a new video out so if you are interested in trains and maybe even
if you’re not because you might get interested in trains go where’s your
train man’s channel and check out his new video uh history or at the same time
if your internet connection works for that sending the left Pamela Gonzalez
thank you so much in for the yeah yeah yeah well it’s so amazing you guys are
connecting with each other that’s what the chat is here for and
that’s what I enjoy about the chats when I go to other people’s sites James
obviously I love listening to other people’s talking sometimes more than my
own voice when I’m talking is you see it just depends on the day haha but I love
interaction it’s just so fun especially you know it creates such a nice
interactivity and I love it i reaiiy really enjoy it I love the
positivity and all the good vibes and you know and sending love to each other
and checking each other oh you’re coming to say good night okay well do you want
to come say good night to people that’s our daughter Audrey for those of you who
didn’t check out her stream yesterday we had a balloon man on at least well yeah
did you brush your teeth yeah yeah I don’t think they want a smell yeah call
me I will check on you yeah so yesterday we had a balloon man
Tara’s balloon man on with his family there’s two adorable daughters and his
wife so if you haven’t checked that out to go back to our yesterday’s stream
after this one and check it out he made some adorable balloon animals
and it’s not your regular balloon animal as you are used to see this is exquisite
detailed work it was amazing our daughter was
overexcited I think what’s – I don’t know if it was more excited my daughter
or me so oh yeah go and check that out we had come up with a new system here I
feel like I’m getting into the generally every time she says she would take over
yeah what is the name of your introduction
you know look it up it’s what’s it’s a free song it’s kind of neat actually it
works for everything so it’s got an edge to it but then it’s got the the vocals
so it’s great that’s why I liked it for introductions and stuff media hello
everyone one I just come by quickly to offer my love and support I think oh my
that’s so nice thank you the tapes train man do you know what tapes are we’re
gonna keep bringing the legend on do you know what tapes are to answer resuts
ciclo 22 turning into normal and then in brackets what once felt strange so that
helps yeni all the power to you it’s just I I think
I actually found that one of all places was the YouTube audio library yeah songs
from the library the same as Facebook audio library you can download it and
use it for any videos not just for YouTube videos for any purposes a pet
rock is not here for too long he said right yeah so pet rock I just opened
your channel because I want to go over after cuz there’s one someone a while
ago that most likely the Bell is not pushed cuz I haven’t been on in a couple
of days so I’ll definitely go on after the stream is done because I like
keeping connected with you you have eleven minute the direct videotapes oh
okay well that’s for your camcorder you got you’re too young to know those
reference but you’re becoming like our Paul Shaffer here sup unsub is going and
we’ve had that discussion the last time we’ve had a collection okay great
Channel yeah when I want to work left so I’m getting real excited well time to
bring on that saying by the time we could be at home we’re still gonna be
here so I don’t know how but it always go past the time how awesome is that
right I love the name of it oh that is so cool
but some handles that I’m like God why didn’t I think of between the best
friend and your thread and horse yeah okay I got a pause this here because I
think our internet gets a little bit below your Danny for some reason
everything here my goodness my side okay it’s doing good now I’m reaching out to
24/7 music boy screams to find people who are truly interested in what I post
nice connecting with people with similar taste in music
exactly and that’s the one thing that does suck with the way YouTube’s going
we’re talking like you know on fun subbing people and stuff because you get
channels like this and they on sub you and it’s not you don’t think of you it’s
just there’s so many going right now through and then I’ll see you in a
posting like cheese has been two weeks since I heard from them I know yeah I
hate that I for yesterday in like an hour
no yeah so I mean we know why it happens and and yeah you know j-just James cogs
channel it’s literally I’ve pressed the Bell six times in the last two weeks
every time you just gonna manually it just it should be automatic but it’s not
you gotta go and do everything manually so and ice was that it’s just starting
only has 36 supports okay how awesome how awesome is is that only
have 36 supporters so guys please this is a green Channel yeah no swearing sorry sorry I was reading chat the bell
doesn’t work mine isn’t anyway I get now all notifications of new videos from any
people I’m subscribed to that’s right yeah can’t rely on that country lines
gotta do it manually unfortunately that’s what just we gotta
do just can I just came across a person who is beginning to try and make his own
music I talked with him and ended up following him so I can keep up with his
journey that’s amazing that’s amazing and that’s what it’s all about is
connecting and getting together as you know as creators and we have discovered
so many amazing channels during this journey of our own and you know
connected even past the channels and that’s what this is all about is to get
to know you guys know beyond your travel there is so much more to you than a
channel you know it’s just a tiny little piece of you it might take over your
life yeah while are bigger or smaller part but there’s more behind and and
it’s not channels connecting it’s people behind them the disconnecting and that’s
what we love so much about these interviews that we do all it’s not even
interview it’s a chit chat and talk about life elements of channels yes of
course the spotlight you know we want to support channels but we mainly just want
to know more about you so it’s great find a voice getting match that it’s
great to connect BeerBelly travelers welcome welcome welcome welcome there is
an amazing Channel yes I am so glad there was another one like that we were
talking guys about YouTube on subbing people and stuff like that and there was
a very example she came on doors and she’s like that oh sorry because I’m
trying to get our guest on here at the same time was saying that same problem
like they came on her she said I didn’t realize the Bell was unchecked you know Gregory’s into thank you for coming in
hi and he’s in from both of his channels at the same time multitasking Gregory
has his channel that you guys know about and he also has a channel the wedding
9-1-1 that he talked about on our live stream last week so go support that if
you haven’t yet found all on everything brought wedding especially if you’re
getting that so thank you for two thumbs up by the
way yes and okay that’s interesting so once again we didn’t dry round with our
guests before this dream yeah he was so graciously he was ready to do it and
everything else this is Google Hangouts this is Google Hangouts it’s great when
it works great and it’s one pane when it wants to be barky yeah the question is
are you using the same device to login because that might be the problem yeah
is it two laptop hopefully something it isn’t his pc and i told me to uh because
I’m so tall that right now so just keep connecting with you guys while we’re
trying to get guests on don’t go anywhere
I couldn’t find that song lol obsess and guys to make sure you make sure you
check everybody out here because there’s awesome supporters you know that’s the
nice thing it’s not just for the new ones sometimes we miss one or two that
we thought we had and it’s a good way to – this is a great chance to see some of
you know and you just check and make sure that you are still connected you
know make sure these two love your go on and that this guy has like the best
morning channel I’ve ever seen it is it’s like Howard Stern with true and
utter integrity to it I loved it I it’s not even to be honest
not my genre that I would usually watch and I was just like hope I’m trying to
build I don’t know if you know I couldn’t tell you I’d tell you guys but
yeah so it just amazing you’re so different so crazy guys we got a great
mix here so definitely be checking everybody out supporting each other
there’s um we’re full of amazing channels here like I’m just looking in
the list you couldn’t ask for better friends and what you see oh we have them
in Gregory don’t worry and we do that as well before it just sometimes doesn’t
work exactly as we would like to and it’s not only about a guest as much as
we love them it’s also about you guys fear so we don’t mind chatting a little
bit more with you yep Jeff won hi welcome Jeff won yes well if that isn’t
reason enough for support and bail for trailer fire guy that’s right yeah and
you’ve gotta go and check out his dream it’s just awesome now we’re gonna go to
our very patient yes the man of the hour we can’t hear you
oh you can’t hear me hold on one second you know we’re always reading your lips
can you hear me now I think Andrew you have muted it no I looked today yeah no
oh no yeah okay okay at the top of your screen if you can hear me look at the
top and you’ll see like there’s gonna be some microphone signs in that there’s
probably a mute button up there it’s not muted oh you can hear him we can’t
so it’s something on our side okay like I was certain YouTube on No
what it’s oh I I fixed it I’m so glad you caught us in a very professional
night oh it’s okay I have many technical problems so no worries for my what’s
going on here I have a home theater system and that’s where I run all the
audio through and sometimes I have to jump back to the other one cuz I have
stuff downloading or uploading and that’s what kills the quality so I gotta
jump back slow everything stop everything there and then come back over
to here so once again send all hate mail care of peal box well happy birthday to
you my friend thank you so you hear I’m glad to be here I’ve been watching a lot
of the stream so it’s so new to me to be on another strange it’s I get you it’s
even weird to have one we joke every night before we hit the button we look
like a scene out of Armageddon like you know please don’t crash to her before
you can see actually the camera my first dream is ice cream with this thing and
it holds the phone in place but I didn’t realize my leg was shaking so the whole
time the drawing is just oh my god it’s growing pains you know you always learn
something new so we have something up here yeah I want to see that after what
you think if you like we did a while ago get you to tilt the camera up you want
sure let’s do it this is the suit even his dad built oh wow so it’s basically
holding the camera in place that’s so smart okay
that’s why all my videos all you see is my ashy hands well your hands are they
speak for themselves my friend you have blown away that night I and I’ve seen
people drawing on here you know but there’s somebody that sometimes just
real it’s like music certain songs really connect with these certain
musicians Yeah right I just couldn’t stop watching like I was sold or just I
I love your talents I love your work I think you I appreciate it I like to mix
uh like it’s called retro wave yep I like to put that in there sometimes I
put meditation music but just so that if people are watching at home they can
relax and then it some people tell me they they watch it to go to sleep so I
guess I guess I’m human melatonin there’s nothing wrong with that if you
can give somebody a good night’s sleep yes and watch time for you everybody
will watch that exactly I got two guys the other night that told me in a stream
that my hour-long trained video they use it sometimes to sleep like really and
he’s like yeah they like that – don’t – don’t – don’t – don’t like that okay I
guess I’ve never really thought of it that way but sure When in Rome
I can always relax when I’m on a train or a car ride because from outside it’s
just the ambient noise it is that it’s calming you think it’s a loud booming
noise but even on when it’s on video the train whistle isn’t so daunting as if
you were standing outside the horn I’m Ian all right a little early for even
keel so yeah I thought about it more I was like okay I kind of get it yeah yeah
I mean everybody has those little quirks like I know that normally when I’m at
home the only way I can fall asleep is by putting on action movies yes Ian’s
call me down I can’t sleep with quiet my sister’s house is like sleeping in a
morgue like 9 o’clock everything goes out and I
think at first did I pay my bills today and at 4:00 in the morning I’m thinking
why did my punch Tony in the head in grade 4 I cover my whole life and
everything I’ve ever questioned and it’s like please warning come
I need to know he’s asleep I was raised in the city so I’m used to noise
everywhere no one is quiet it’s kind of unnerving
like a horror movie city where your is dim all right Chester
I thought you were so you lived your whole life in the air in the area pretty
much I was born in Puerto Rico but then my parents brought us here when I was
like one so you know I’m pretty pretty for all types of purposes you’ve grown same as a be a best friend and your
thread is in here she’s from the same areas you’re in and she says the same
thing we’re she wants us to sponsor to come that’s the one thing because I’ve
always thought about moving and I said well the one thing that I love the most
is being so close to Niagara Falls because it’s a cheap little getaway I
got an hour drive from here and you can’t beat that
nowhere else the country unless you live in Texas you can go to Mexico but that’s
a little scary you can go you know Canada States it’s all so many things
they’re like even Montreal people don’t realize just how close we are to the US
border it’s literally about 50 minute drive and then you’re crossing over to
Roach’s point because we want to go to Montreal we just take we take the car
going east and then just shoot up yeah it’s almost as long as it takes to get
to Toronto just maybe add another hour to that’s true you’re kind of in the
middle part you know get access to both we always said the Americans always love
Montreal for two things was for the strip clubs in the drinking age or 18
there yep yeah I remember the first time I went up there I would just turned 19
but when told me in Canada the drinking age 19 I was I gotta have a beer but I
didn’t realize Montreal the the the beer stronger its yeah it can be R so I had
two beers and I was already sleeping in the hotel in flexipunch it does yeah and
I don’t want that we were talking with Rick from the
correlation network from Iowa he’s originally from California he’s a huge
Labatt fan and the labbett here is nowhere near as strong as the one up
there yeah it’s different oh yeah the Black Label oh that’s stuff
gonna kick yeah that firfer commercial available beard Black Label is strong
stuff it was a hockey puck to the face yes I love that that’s that will end up
in a blowback commercial soon why is this American on a Canadian commercial
well you guys want Tim Hortons now so yes our biggest chain you know you know
the chain of doughnut places in Canada Tim Hortons yeah yeah my kids love Tim
bits and my wife the Canadian Tim Hortons can’t be oh it’s so much better
than the American one I don’t know if it’s you know rather little owned by the
states it’s not Canadian anymore it’s owned by a conglomerate out of Florida I
believe yeah everything’s old I can water I wouldn’t be surprised if I have
a tank somewhere I’m like the body owned by Verizon your right arm and your left
leg but the rest is owned by shell yeah we sign our Solway everywhere who knows
is gonna owe me I get scared putting my art on Facebook I’m like Mark Zuckerberg
gonna own all my art oh yeah that’s true yeah I don’t blame you yeah you gotta
watch him he’s pretty sneaky he’s been getting roasted over the coals lately
oh yeah well everything’s so weird over here it’s like when when my wife we
cross the border we’re like we’re at peace I have to worry about all the crap
that’s going on over here it’s like everyday something Bad’s happening well
it’s just the population size like a lot of people don’t realize I said the other
night does I’ve seen people when I said in the chat were shocked Canada is the
second biggest country in the world in size but in population with a population
of California yeah it’s so spread out yeah until we don’t have to give up our
just gonna see two bears yeah well that’s hit there’s not a lot to contend
with so at 75% of us live within 100 kilometers of the US border I’ll see
that and I think that’s why you either get the Canadians who have they kind of
sympathize with us then there’s the ones that are like yeah you guys asked for it
but Canada’s not all greedy and I’ve always pushed like my way from Latvia at
first you know they especially in the country print they don’t get as many
tourists and they kind of feel like they paint North America as like a one
picture you know especially Canada in the US they kind of see us as the North
American exactly and I try to explain to them another like well you guys kind of
go in with your big army and I’m laughing I’m like my god you got a
bigger army than us in your tiny country these guys got canoes and shotguns for
the love of God I’ve been saying since I was younger I’ve always wanted to move
to Germany and then it’s like well you know she until she you know I told her
about it she didn’t realize that it’s you know a little bit more advanced than
we are so it’s see most of Europe you know is is a way ahead of us yeah I see
stuff that we don’t have here you know we have had them I don’t know for 15
years at least probably and in Canada they don’t know Canada had we had them
well yeah but now we’re about six seven years States is literally just starting
no I think two years ago I oh it’s just you you watch like football games from
overseas and you see how futuristic stadiums look and you’re like you ask
the football games here and everything’s still a potato they pay for everything
like you take a we took a train one time from the airport in Oslo Norway into
town oh it costs like $70 for the train ride for like a 20 minute train ride but
the Train is fantastic you know you get what you pay for great but over there
they don’t do these things just because we’re in North America we do them all
the time right like going for a drive I know I’m doing in kilometers
I’m awful at converting back and full like that works for me I over there like
these were there summer house eighty kilometres was a big drive you know they
would stop and have lunch somewhere then continue on and it was a whole morning
event yeah that’s that’s not like either sometimes I have trouble adjusting to
their way of like speeding up sometimes yeah I you know as an artist I sometimes
wish life was a little slower but whenever I have time it’s usually late
at night so that’s why my streams are like 1:00 2:00 in the morning cuz that’s
what would I have time if I had time during the day I’d probably be drawing
all day honestly I would rather do work at night like I we didn’t have the kids
a good worker on the schedule I would love to do was this stream at like 1:00
to 4:00 in the morning eggs and you with she’s a complete opposite she likes
doing the daytime stuff I just don’t like waking up early if I wouldn’t have
to wake up you know 6:30 and sometimes five guitarra daughter yeah my daughter
holding over like this are you up yet are you up yeah yeah morning but just
have to wake up we had to go see a notary we were having trouble over there
were her mom had passed away we had got some property and stuff yeah when she
was young she was only 55 so it was you know you’re already having that kind of
hard time now this is the way they look at on time in Europe our appointment was
at 10 o’clock in the morning it was literally less than 10 minutes to 10:00
and they look at you and say okay yeah we better start getting ready it’s like
a 20-some minute drive just to get there and I’m like pulling every hair to my
head will you get off your asses and go it’s it’s something the other hand when
we went went to Iceland they are even slower than that and even I was all my
slope I found it too slow down and enjoy everything you know yeah
I like slowing down when I don’t have something to do but when I got something
to do I want to get it done that’s my heart part like that that’s uh
that’s what what was really frustrating when I used to do conventions because I
would have to get ready that Friday get in the car pack all my stuff then
when I get there there’s really no time to relax and when the next day is
mention yeah and then dealing with thousands of people all day talking by
the end of the show you’re so drained you just want like that moment of just
where everything just comes together just have a cup of coffee and relax but
there’s no slow down button until home kick your feet up it is you come home
more tired than you ever thought you would like you used a company I had
trade shows in California it was in the wintertime so what did everybody say
when we were going oh they poor you get to go to kill bouquet we went to
California but do you think we saw at the Sun no it was 16 18 hour days and
then different 2-3 hours even oh my god I don’t think people take into account
jetlag knowing and they think in a convention center they don’t realize
that you don’t bring the scenery in with you you know it’s the same anywhere you
go it’s gray walls gray ceilings and awful overpriced food that you never get
to eat oh yeah $10 little personal pan pizzas what a ripoff hey it makes you I
used to take my laptop bag and then just shove it with protein bars and stuff
until after the show I don’t blame you why spend on that garb and it’s
literally garbage like you know it’s something if you were anywhere else you
would never even dream of putting in your face you know it’s just like it all
they do is go to like like a no-frills place grab a bunch of frozen stuff and
then just microwave there no no it’s not fine cuisine or anything like microwave
food and they jacked the price up 20% a hundred percent on a fast food
at least you’re getting what you’re getting you know about guys it’s junk
food but it’s a quarter of the price yeah that’s a very good way of putting
it actually oh no that’s it’s not a it’s not as
glamorous as people think I mean it’s fun and you get to do some really
interesting get to meet some great people but there is a downside to all of
it and you come back completely utterly exhausted you know yeah that’s why I I
know that my doctor is just like well you can do a couple of shows here and
there and I’m I’m telling myself I’m like I want to do something at home
where I can just reach thousands of people at once and that’s what made me
want to come up with the with the YouTube channel and it’s already working
cuz you know everybody everybody’s positive everybody gives me great input
and yeah I just try to be a positive person so and then you get into circles
you know when you get to start drawing more positive people around you but you
have to have a positive channel to start the for that to build on and that you
really do like even the first night I was there a Tamilian your drawing away
like I wouldn’t be able to talk to anybody else is what you’re doing and
we’re inviting at a nice pace to everything is what I found some it
wasn’t just your artwork was just spectacular it was they like talk you
know engaging but like I don’t know and the music playing and stuff like yeah
yeah well it wasn’t coming at her first came in I thought you were listening to
Halloween but then you told me like you saying of course copyright music a lot
of the music I like it’s on the borderline because it’s a lot of indie
artists from YouTube but the problem is because they’re on YouTube it counts as
a copyright yeah so I’m like well I can just play meditation music or video game
music and then I found retro wave which is kind of like video game music with
techno it’s good though I was really into it like afterwards was gay I was
really starting to dig it was that will has to match my room because this is
kind of like 80s and 90s all jammed into one room I gotta tell you something cuz
I know I’ll forget and then I’ll kick myself tonight at 2 o’clock in the
morning when I remember your comment you made remember I told you to go check out
the one video I said I recommend for you to see that ass
yeah your comment is that mainly the happiest to think of any comment I’ve
ever had since I started here thank you nailed it when I’m watching it all I’m
thinking of is when I used to go to the arcades and they have all the sega
rallies and all the all those like racing arcades and simulators and yeah
in the music it just and it was like a flashback because it’s nice when
somebody appreciates you’re gonna use an artist you get that and I really do pour
my heart like that video probably has about 40 hours of editing okay yeah
because I it almost looks like a Hollywood movie so like how about those
dark shades from the 80s I wanted that look you know that was like I said it
was always the music video I could never make when I was growing up you know I’m
sorry my computer but I’m getting the happy birthday messages on Facebook I
mean I don’t I’m like it’s kind of distracting striking you I don’t but I
do for us is not a problem at all no the I with the drawing is I noticed that
when I went on YouTube I was like how can I make my channel different yeah
notice a lot of like you said there’s a lot of artists on YouTube but a lot of
them don’t live stream their actual drawings yeah it’s mostly edited so I’m
like maybe I should start live streaming the art and just talking while I do it
because I learned how to talk and draw from doing conventions yes art might as
well just try it out and it works so I I get more feedback from the live streams
and I did on with the with this is fed up videos and then in between I throw
those gaming videos and then I have unboxings with my daughter because she
loves that is really great too I was watching one well that’s where I got
your picture from was one of those unboxings oh well she she had a blast
with that because I don’t know if Toys R Us is closing in in Canada but yeah here
we thought was closing before all of them decided
to close okay Flanders toys for like 29 cents oh my
god well they have I think but I think they might be able I thought they were
able they thought to save some of the cakes Kermie but that was like a couple
of weeks ago maybe no yeah just put into it it’s very weird here in Canada
because Canada is a not a pioneer but we do a lot of work in advancing web
programming okay but one of companies do that but we’re actually way more
reluctant to do shopping online like Amazon took a lot longer to catch on
here buying from Walmart took a lot longer I think the biggest problem too
is people don’t realize that when it does catch on and things become pretty
much internet shopping only yes just gonna shoot up well exactly and I went
into we have a big story here we’ll Sears don’t what’s this here’s one that
was closing yeah and this lady is all excited talking to the saleswoman going
oh my god then these specials are so good do you not realize this poor lady
is losing her job right right and just try to be sympathetic when I go to a
closing store cuz I’m like always s and I’m like I’m kind of sorry you’re losing
your job you know if you have anything lined up you know cuz they don’t treat
retail retail employees like crap you know and they don’t get paid enough as
it is right there’s the Tim Hortons in Canada right now I seen who was opposed
to a little Philip yeah Ontario just raised the minimum wage to
$15 an hour and Tim Hortons stores were refusing to pay their employees that way
so they started cutting out their lunch breaks they started cutting out for the
food that they would get for being there so long there was a bunch of things yeah
and then just recently they started big renovations for two billion dollars all
across Canada instead of raising their salaries yes so it went down from being
the second most popular brand in Canada to being number 50 does the second cup
still exist in Canada I haven’t seen one in a while yes but there’s very few very
few locations I think McDonald’s and Hortons kind of took it over yeah
especially after was which one is the burger Burger King
I think any Jamie yeah I’m pretty sure after this what they did with the
salaries and I’m spending money on renovations instead people are just
joining McDonald’s more yes I just say and it’s unfortunate because it started
as a great story you know very Canadian pride and yeah no it’s not no I think of
Canada without paying up Tim Hortons no exactly it’s every kids on the Saturday
morning commercial with a guy it’s like the cornflakes in the states it says
Canadiana as it gets you know I always think of Tim Hortons getting the entire no-frills yes and what’s another
Canadian stable all right so those are the four that I’m always thinking of
when I think Canada and and if I see Tim Hortons leave it’s gonna be kind of
heartbreaking see we don’t have those in Quebec Swiss Chalet a lot of the stores
didn’t come in because of the language laws they just decided or they bought
like the like staples of course you know is all right in Canada but in Quebec
it’s called Bureau on girl like big office and they bought those out and
kept the name so they wouldn’t have to worry about the language laws everything
so everything so literal in French it’s it’s crazy it is in it’s like people
don’t realize this but there was language laws about signage and to have
any town in Quebec have bilingual signs you have to have at least 50% English in
the town oh I just have to be twice the size more predominant than the English
and they have language plates that go along with little rulers measuring these
damn letters and you can be fined you can be a big I got cut this is a true
story we I went for the biggest private distributor in Canada that does Marshall
amplifiers and all these brands yeah and I worked for them I jam industries and I
was doing work on a website so I was pulling pieces off adding pulling and
for maybe a couple of days I had taken part of the French went off to redo it
it was going by and my boss showed up with a subpoena for him and I to appear
in a court and home come back but that’s easy
because and this is not a kidding this is the on Scott truth they had it
measured to the point we had 19 percent more English on our website than we had
French the fine was upwards of $50,000 and to get out of the $50,000 they
actually had to come in for four weeks we had to change all the systems in all
the company probably about 400,000 lines had to be translated in both languages
Xerox machines will only handle one language at a time they had to pull the
chips out and put french chips into it to satisfy them that’s so excessive its
Gestapo tactics that’s exactly what it is is that it’s on I mean it’s it is
getting better they’re starting to get tired of it there was a restaurant the
other year that got hit because their menu is in French so they want to use
these weird remember the names for pasta and stuff like that they had yeah we had
a pasture gate where they had to translate the Italian names for a pasta
like you know like fettuccine and linguine they all of a sudden have to
name them some kind of French words like yeah words that people never even heard
of in the Lakey and we’re talking French people never heard in their life you
might of the laws just to make everybody speak Spanish that’s a great point I
like that I you might want to get you up here’s an ambassador or something Timmy’s a Canadian institution to bother
treat their people poorly and the sign police is just a joke but a bad one it
is a bad joke it is a bad joke I that I if things like we were like that here
comic books would would go out of business because you know oh yeah a
comic book with English text and then the French text underneath you know they
would just release two books one in French and one in English for a few
English specialty stores like Walmart that they can’t sell books they can’t
sell toys unless there’s a French equivalent or French is on the box
clearly as well all the English schools like say you moved here with see you
move to Quebec tomorrow you immigrated here your daughter wants to go to school
she can’t go to English schools she has to go to French because she has no
grandfather clause Wow well my kids probably wouldn’t care because they
watch paw patrol right on the Canadian dubbing so they’re just listen they’re
listening to French and I like you girls understand that they’re like no but it’s
cute girls one’s ten and the other one is six so they’re they’re uh they’re
getting up there or our son is 11 and our daughter seven so they’re kind of in I got one 20 year old so I cover the
gala don’t ever say I don’t understand the
needs because I do some point I’ve covered it at least once my oldest is she’s 10 going on 30
oh you know and then the little one she’s just so hyper what our kids that
we get to know they grow out of it you know
oh yeah Leslie’s year old it’s but it’s it’s fun you know they they like the
fact that dad draws you know and so they’re they’re always trying to get
into my live streams or though they’ll try to draw on my tablet and so it was the little one actually said well daddy
the name of the company zotero studios my last name Zotero so Martin yeah I
think you got an executive on your hands Jack solder I make her the CEO oh I
don’t deal with all that stuff does too funny
oh I was gonna ask you about the name of your company so that explains that
that’s very see what works well the the thing was is originally when I was in
high school I am I came up with a company name but then when when I was in
college I realized that it was already trademarked so okay coming up with ideas
I was use my last name is you know that’s not
trademarked exactly and it’s was named it really works for a business name to
tell you the truth I really like it yeah well it’s you actually say it correctly
but there’s people who butcher my last name but it doesn’t matter I mean as
long as it’s unique you know and you don’t see a lot of Otero’s around and if
you do they’re related you know you know there’s somebody the family yeah well
it’s funny because I found I did a convention in Pennsylvania once and a
lady comes up to me she’s like because my banner says sallow Tarot and she she
said my last name Zotero so when we go over and it comes to I come to find out
she’s my cousin from Puerto Rico so you know it is a small world my friend
that’s proof of it right there exams name is hard to and everybody spells it
because it starts with a K but you pronounce it with like an X like zina
like Xenopus warrior oh yeah it sounds like Sania Hicks you just the
end of the ax but she goes to the doctor’s office and they always come out
and they’re like cut she’s like yeah that’s me I always laugh one lady a
family friend she started to call me sin because she it’s nice to get a nickname
from someone and it’s like personal nickname for me that person nobody else
calls you that that’s right it’s something special it’s a bond just you
know a person are you that person I see somebody asked your name and they are used to be an IT so my hands like the
flash ties me into what I want to ask you do you want to talk a little bit
about like like I mean not you know you don’t need to talk about the day you
were born where are you kind of led to where you
are today just kind of a short summary on things
you’d like to touch on yeah well not too long ago I I hurt my back when I was
working in IT and you know I was fixing phones and computers and stuff and then
when I was injured I had all this time to myself and my wife kept telling me
she’s like why don’t you draw that’s what you love to do so I kept practicing
and practicing and I finally got the cover on the Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles and so that kind of shot my shot my own but my notoriety to say you know
and yeah waited two shows and stuff and since 2015 I was traveling and then this
past September I got really sick and then that’s when I decided to just make
the youtube channel I don’t have to worry about you know all the all the
traveling and you know making myself worse you can see ya know please bring
it closer ever oh wow so and Nickelodeon didn’t notice but I put Rochester in the
background so Wow that is so cool I mean what a thing to bring to a portfolio I
mean unbelievable and and since then I tried to you know apply for other
positions you know like I applied at Nickelodeon animation okay and Blizzard
and all those but those things take forever to get a call back from you know
kind of like you’re gonna call and say can you be here in two days like it’s
gonna have a bangle like lightning that’s what scares me I don’t I do not
want like a phone call in two days hey yeah like your portfolio can you be here
tomorrow yeah I have a real part time job too so it’s just up and leave so you
know it’s it’s fun but it could be stressful because you know you never
know if if tomorrow somebody’s gonna forget you so and that’s why the YouTube
channel works because someone just type in my name boom they find my YouTube
yeah they keep up with me it’s not like hey this guy just fell off the face of
the earth yeah exactly exactly no I I can’t get over you around that
ninja like that’s so cool it’s so I and when I got it
I said okay I don’t need to do anything else my dream is accomplished but
definitely I mean that’s the world hey listen Keaton’s Annelise is saying we
actually have a connection to South from my brother who is a comic book writer
and runs danger entertainment yeah it’s this is how small the world is so a
couple of years ago Michael her brother was doing a Kickstarter on Facebook okay
no idea who he was but then through his Kickstarter I found his his podcast and
I love podcasts because when I was traveling all the time that’s what I
listened to and so when you know we became friends after that and then he he
always plugged his his sister’s a podcast so then I caught I caught it and
and then when I saw halos in Eden’s video I saw the banner for the podcast
I’m lemon juice I just had to tell him and I told Michael on Facebook I’m like
dude I found your sister on YouTube it is so unbelievable how these things work
billions of and they’re a great channel we had them on and we had so much they
were on a couple of days ago and they were so much fun like listen to I they
made the smart choice you know putting the podcasts on on YouTube because yeah
what’s nice is that you get to watch time if people are listening to them
exactly and if you have YouTube red you can just close the window and it’s still
playing so it’s it’s a I don’t know if you placed through YouTube music but you
know I didn’t know that glad it was really cool no they’re very smart and
there’s they’re very genuine people like we
it’s their certain feeling you sit on like you know and you just feel like now
I just realized it feels like you forget the cameras here and we’re just talking
you know like you know a couple months ago I would never want to you know show
my face it was all about the art but yeah I realize I’m like well people want
to see the personality behind God you know and I know a lot of artists are
kind of shy yeah I got over that shyness from being at shows because you got
2,000 people walking by you and asking it questions so you have to devote an
expose of that point and everyone calls me a character because I’m so goofy I
talk with my hands and I have tattoos everywhere I got hearing so it’s like I
stand out I fight I find you very charismatic I
would I really find you have a great character Oh like for talking to people
in life and so yeah I always that’s why I love cartoons be in comic books
because being larger than life you know life is kind of boring so yeah little
color to it it makes it fun it’s an escape and you get to create your own
sub reality for a little while oh yeah you know function in the car I
think I’m the transporter yeah like Jason Statham and if I’m playing outside
with the kids you know I’m like will always pretend we’re Dragon Ball Z
characters and throwing lightning at each other so I just gotta have fun and
and that’s what you know the live streams are all about it’s like my very
first live stream where I had the digital show up and you can see me
drawing on the computer I was just saying hey what do you guys want to see
me draw and then I just made goofy faces and I think my daughter even came in she
started drawing and you feel all special that’s amazing
I don’t you can get out that is so cool yeah I love you I love your energy into
it it’s it’s it’s it’s a part of you it’s not something you’re doing just for
oh I got to click it so yeah I’ll be better no it’s like giving over the the
remote it feels awful it’s something that’s hard to turn off
it is it is when I go lay down I’m like I’m itching
I’m thinking about what’s the next video I want to do what do I want to draw next
do I want to play a video game and stream it so it’s like my mind is in a
hundred places and it’s hard to you know just kind of a bring it back a little no
but it’s good to have that I feel everybody should try to find what makes
them feel that way because it makes life a lot more a lot more palatable I hate
using that term but it’s someone I can think of right now because life is not
always rosy and stuff like that it’s nice to have a place where you can kind
of find where you can it is therapeutic they have that spot where you can look
great well it’s um when I get down here you know eventually I want to make this
a career as far as YouTube when I do this I don’t think of it as a career I’m
just having fun and it makes the time go by and you
don’t really worry too much about am I gonna get monetized
my whole goal was just to reach people and then if they want art they can order
it but if they just want to watch just watch I’m not I’m not trying to plug a
patreon or just try to get money out of people I want them to or the content if
they want to enjoy it they can subscribe like I’m not gonna be pushy about it
that’s cool I mean that and you know people respect that more and it doesn’t
you don’t especially a win more flies with honey that is true in that because
there’s nothing you know if it gets too pushy that sometimes pushes people when
does the exact opposite of what you were going for well it’s like like I used to
do like I told you I used to do IT but they always push us to sell yes I my
strategy was always not to sell and just connect with you know the person the
customer and they always tend to buy more because I’m not trying to push hey
you need this package you need this phone I’d always just be like hey just
just uh just get what you want if you don’t want it fine um my name’s Sam I’m
happy to help and that that resonates with people it does we’re all human in
the end and we forget that to be on the other side of
you’re talking to at the moment same with YouTube there’s a disconnect
sometimes we have and a great example that was here in Canada where Best Buy
and future shop was both owned by the same company because of course Best Buy
bought Future Shop Future Shop was based on Commission and Best Buy wasn’t and
guess which one is left today and which one is gone
Best Buy exactly and yes size is one part but I mean Future Shop lasted a
long time but the big issue everybody was having with it is you gotta have
this no no no you don’t need this moment you ain’t gotta have this one this is
the ones gonna get you go where Best Buy sir which one would you like to use
which we argue have a budget you know that that that’s proof in the pudding
that trying to force stuff down people’s throats doesn’t get you very far in the
end yeah and you I don’t know about you but sometimes I go to these gaming
channels and some of them it’s almost like they they’re pushing their
carry-ons they’re pushing for donations oh yeah me handling yeah it pushes me it
kind of pushes me off you know I like the gaming channels where it’s someone
who just legit loves video games they want to talk about it and I’m there
because I’m a huge retro gaming fan yeah and that’s how I clear my mind so I can
draw more so I start thinking about all when I’m playing video games I’m like oh
that’s kind of a cool idea let me add that to my next piece and you know it
just builds builds on like you said I got a lot of 80 eighties references 90s
some of my favorite movie are John Carpenter movies okay so for Halloween I
have a whole plan for the month of October I’m just gonna do John Carpenter
pieces oh wow yeah I love I love Roddy Piper core too so you know they live is
like one of my favorite movies of all time oh my God Almighty yes that’s such
a cool idea can you touch a bit more on that idea for Halloween that’s really a
well in in the art world they have something called inktober where an
artist inks every day for the month of October but I said I’m gonna take that
one step further I’m gonna do one video every day
in October and it’s all gonna be horror based so doc carpenters not really a
horror director but to me when I think of Halloween they live assault on
precinct 13 vampires so all those movies kind of influenced me so I’m like well
I’m gonna take October and do that and those are the little plans that I have
for my channel is just to set it apart from any other art channels and that’s
thinking yeah and by then you’ve already built a good fan base by the time you
get to October and that doing something like that’s gonna draw in a whole new
crowd like that’s so smart I hats off to you for thinking of digital or digital
the thing is to like I became friends with a lot of videogame youtubers and
and they’re now fans of the channel when I was there I was a fan of their channel
first so it’s weird huh now they’re they’re like we want to see more art or
else like I actually want to throw a little bit of everything on my channel
and not just make it just art you know late that’s why I have the gaming in the
unboxings and eventually I actually want to do some tutorials too for the younger
kids because there’s something kids see me and they think I’m a big kid like
literally like a son so they they learn well because they’re just focused either
on my earrings or you know how my how big my eyes get when I’m talking about
stuff so they get into it and so teaching kids is fun and I think if they
can get off the garbage that’s on YouTube that the kids watch yeah
something educational I think it might be good cuz some really bad stuff on
here and I’m like don’t watch that you know sunny actually enjoys we often time
dude there are a lots of tutorials of drawing different already known
characters but like simpler version not as exquisite as you’re doing but it’s
actually shows line by line and what he liked to do is sit beside each other and
watch that tutorial and pause it and draw it like compare it and then he has
on his walls like his own drawings of bath
man or Family Guy or things like that love it you know he’s 11 that’s probably
one of the few times we can spend longer time together like playing a game or
something and you really enjoy it so easy since I have the digital pad yes
yes you scanned those or you know put those up on the internet so if a kid
wants to draw it they can just print it out so right that’s the goal is kind of
like oh hey how do you draw this well hey I’ll give you a little link you know
your PIN you can print it and just trace it yourself and you know just I’m trying
to use everything in my disposal to make it make it more fun and different from
any of the other art channels and that’s a great market to get into his stuff
that will appeal to the younger audiences because there’s great you know
if you’re planning to monetize and stuff like that that’s definitely somewhere
you want to be interested in to and then that will really tap into that market so
I think I don’t know if I don’t know if you saw it but that that pad actually
has the ability to animate no yeah I I didn’t try it too much because it is
time-consuming but the comic book that I was creating before I got sick I
eventually want to turn it into a animated comic for YouTube mode so I saw
a black star asked about it and so I just wanted to to you know respond about
that so I I’m Melissa because eggs in yes Tina that’s what she’s loving I had
to I forgot to disable the promo video tonight not other hurts I miss it in the
child because it is hard to be on versus a time I have it so you know something
because it’s funny tonight when we were on we did a dry run you and I got
talking so much it almost felt like the interview started and then I looked at
the watch I’m like oh my god I haven’t said anything up so then I ran out and
then I was trying to get everything set up and then I realized oh I forgot to
eat so yeah that’s why all these things seemed I’ve got because we were Evan of
we don’t know we were on for what 20 minutes I think
oh yeah Tonkin I was watching the whole time and then when when I saw the
message and Twitter I’m like okay and then I clicked the link and it said
you’re not allowed so I’m actually logged in under my personal email so
that’s probably why you see that weird salvadore yeah I know as a conflict it’s
really weird hangouts like if you’re out you’re gonna be out for a bit and that’s
what scares me sometimes that will have the window open ready to broadcast yeah
close it for a minute to do something and then it won’t it will open up and it
will say do you want it you’re about to join a channel and it’s like no I’m
hosting it shut up wait and sighs you’re literally even gonna restart windows
just to get it to reset itself it’s like oh you’re killing me here I always hear
that that a Skype is almost just as problematic so I guess just having
technical difficulties is you know it really is unfortunately we’re just we’re
so close to having all this amazing technology to really do something
spectacular live but it’s just those last hurdles are something to get over
by times but I’ll pass so we have some questions oh is that your art is amazing wholesome
Assad says that Rosario and Bach can you ask her true how his chun-li artist
turned out on the chun-li I have it about 75% done and then I was hoping
this Saturday to do another hangout and draw livestream like at 1:00 in the
morning and then I was gonna finish chun-li on that stream okay oh there you
go Damien yeah it’s a good pitch I plug in anything you’re doing yeah it’s hard
to with the live streams because I can’t give exact times because it’s always
whenever I can get the girls asleep I understand completely I understand
this has been a real shift trying to get an eight we’re still working on starting
at eight and it’s uh it’s tough because ant o’clock is usually like bath bed
look it is here luckily my wife was just like you know what I’ll take the girls
and you can go downstairs and work on it you know do
the life so it’s pretty cool well that was very nice but the girls I
will have that them on sometime all I’m pretty sure cuz they were trying to
knock on the door earlier and my wife’s like no I’ll leave them alone do you
want did you want to introduce them oh there there should be a sleep already
there are yeah okay sorry about that there was about like some made the the
little one is very photogenic the oldest not so much but she warm up
to the stream and then eventually she starts to get like really antsy and then
she’s like I want to do this anymore and they’ll storm off we’ll just try to get
into the frame and then she’s trying to check for her makeup in the in the
camera you p42 Oh forces do I see lord Vader wielding and in Infinity Gauntlet
yes you do it’s actually one of my friends he’s a he’s another comic book
artist and whenever we do shows we always trade prints with each other okay
I thought it’d be tacky to put my own art on the wall so I put all my other
friends art on the wall so that one was by artist called rich Woodall and the
Ninja Turtles right next to it are also from him and then I don’t know if you
can see it from here but one of my favorite comic books is Sandman okay
that’s a Sandman over there and then Superman right under that you got a
collection going yeah and that’s just the ones that I got up on the wall I
have almost a whole portfolio of other artists prints that I’ve picked up from
shows celebrities will sign autographs for me
yeah I’ll bring up a piece of art to them like do you know rate Park is the
name is really familiar he played a dart Darth Maul and snake
guys so I do my journey I do it oh yeah I drew a dark mole and snake
eyes for him and he gave me this that is so cool
I get stuff like that all the time and it makes you feel good because yeah I
don’t know and now you they’re your fans that was exactly that mean that’s that’s
good like you were saying a while ago that’s such a compliment you know I mean
that was an inspiration to you or a mentor appreciate your own work well
it’s um the creator of the Ninja Turtles when the book came out he sent me an
email and he’s just like man I was blown away by your cover he’s like if you ever
need anything just reach out to me and it was just like oh that’s Wow this is a
guy that you know as a kid you look up to and he’s kind of like hey how’s it
going I like your art that’s amazing no but that’s that’s I don’t even know what
dad – that guy’s the icing on the cake is if the creator of Dragon Ball ever
saw some of my Dragonball art and complimented it I mean cloud9
young man you got lots of time for that to happen
biker bushcraft I used to watch Ninja Turtles with my son when they were first
out as a cartoon with them and he says I still like them as an old fart you’re
not an old fart and we hope you’re recovering by the way anybody doesn’t
know biker bushcraft had an accident on his bike and yeah he’s a trooper he’s
gonna be on soon because I never know she does some of the scheduling and I’ve
done that once or twice where I go and say that she’s like they cancel you know
or you PE for 2:04 I don’t think yeah I’ve been drawing all of Iron Man suits
and putting them on my wall like the collip armors in Iron Man 3 oh that’s
that’s awesome i just i my whole thing and the same thing with the I am
creators I like to boost other people right I like to you know bring up other
people and and so by me putting other artists you know work on the wall then
YouTube can see it and then when friends come over they’re like oh that looks
pretty cool I’m like well that was this artist I never try to really promote
myself it’s more but you should have at least something of yours front and
center and the other ones around it one of your like your pinnacle job that you
want that your pinnacle work that you want you know one yeah that’s that’s
usually the Ninja Turtle cover I have I have enough you know I you know I would
be gluing it to people’s faces when they walk probably tired of hearing about it
you gotta the cover digital you deserve every amount to every chance you can
talk about it so I didn’t acknowledge reviewing reviewing playing and more rpm
I’m so glad to see you here god we haven’t connected like what two weeks or
more hey – appreciate it last night so you left the comments I
was pretty cool Oh excellent no great channel that’s why we were together so
those are the ones from the other career movement then sometimes you just kind of
lose each other cuz of the Bell once again usually well one night I actually
went on notifications and there was at least 12 streams going on at the same
time and I’m like oh man how am i support supposed to support I’m a
creator yeah yeah so I’ll get on for maybe 10 minutes and just you know leave
a comment and then when the video posts then I’ll leave another comment and like
just the little things I can do I try well you do what you can it’s like
bar-hopping almost you know you go go from the beach – somebody’s makeup –
yeah it’s a club down the street that’s playing oh yeah oh let’s run across now
and catch this band for 20 minutes I think it’s more like the mall then yeah
okay yeah that is a better way of putting it that’s right we’re going from
the carousel then you go to f1 you go to the record store and then CGG could me i
watch all of them that’s what once that’s what I do yeah I try to do
that sometimes too and then bounce back and forth but if I had a better internet
provider I would be able to do that but if I have two streams up at the same
time everything just gets wonky cuz yeah you know I my my wife is usually using
the Wi-Fi upstairs and the kids are probably watching something so I that’s
why I live streaming at night is perfect because I get the internet all to myself
I think that’s why our son hates that we livestream at 8 cuz I make them shut it
down like we’ll watch a movie or something so yeah yeah exactly you gotta
take a break because otherwise it goes crazy especially for the uploads cuz
they’re never for the stream part I got a concern for every piece that you can
you had some more questions that’s right lots of questions I don’t know which one
to start with but where did you learn it you start drawing how did you realize
that you like doing it I’ve been drawing since I was 2 and I knew at that age
that that’s what I wanted to do and I even when I was thinking about maybe
becoming a scientist in middle school like that’s you know I love science well
I want to become the kind of science the scientist that draws things but you know
I always wanted to draw and then when I went to high school I got accepted to
school the Arts here in Rochester and from there I met a lot of teachers that
kind of put me in the right direction I even had a media teacher that taught me
how to edit and film oh I’ve always had a thing for the media arts and
everything so and you know and then the the turtle thing happened so I and I’m
still always learning I still buy tutorial books
I still watch other artists on YouTube I’ll even take out books out of the
library so I’m always constantly practicing and getting trying to get
better even some of the drawings from two years ago
I try to redraw them and they always look like I’ve improved that’s great but
I find it’s amazing it’s always good to you know not saying that you have
reached potential and just keep exploring your
abilities more and more and learning throughout it there’s a great that
you’re doing and that’s a true you know devotion to the talent you have
definitely I always I always compare art to martial arts I always say that when
you draw stick figures that’s kind of like you’re a white belt yeah as you get
better then you become a black belt when you’re a black belt
then you have to keep training to become a master and you know in karate they
have a saying that you don’t start learning karate until you become a black
belt such a great analogy and you’re great with these things coming up with
them yeah people who are commenting to that they love watching you draw and
it’s just so amazing to watch an artist create and and then that’s a I remember
when we were doing the video for Allison yes and that was something that we got
in the comments too that is so interesting to see kinda like a
backstage part of an artist’s drawing or painting or creating something because
usually we only see their end result you know and then we kind of don’t really
enjoy or we don’t I just don’t let us see really how they create it so at the
way you’re streaming your creation part of it I think it’s amazing and beautiful
like I see all through people were commenting about how they’re enjoying
that a lot I don’t have the little side story but that hates people there’s a
video it’s Allison’s I named it now the one with the painting video it’s one of
the last ones I did and she had a contest last year because it was
Canada’s 150th birthday and she came up with this idea to put out in Facebook
for people to send in their best photos of each of the prompt of one of the
provinces and in the end she selected one picture for each province and
territory she painted them all and she’s selling them and a half the proceeds go
to the choice of the winners charity and and exactly got selected for Quebec
that’s awesome yeah so we got to go to with her while
she was painting and we got to to film her while she
painting and eggs and you take doing the photography so we got to see her picture
being painted in front of us so it was very cool yeah III I saw everywhere last
year just 150 yeah yeah pushed I did there’s a video of mine – a short one
this the Via Rail trains that they did for the hundred and fifty years I did a
video of them yeah really and that’s because it’s kind of uncanny Gian away
cuz we’re always kind of like you’re not supposed to say anything good like you
done anything bad experiment like you’re not supposed to talk about yourself with
any kind of pride or you look like you’re banging your chest yeah it was
like a kid in my Canadian friends always make fun of me because they’re like
you’re you’re pretty much a Canadian is it yeah black star EDM I was loved than
well the tumor to become the artistic Bill Nighy then that would that would
have been awesome I I’d wear a lab coat any day that’s right the other night
when you were doing it I said to both be coming uh what’s his name they’re the
famous painter bob bob ross i mean i said and i said no we just added little
devil wings but that will be our little secret
ya know the one thing i had an idea for too is eventually like i told you i
wanted to draw stuff for kids is i was going to create a character where i come
on camera but not as myself and i already have an idea for the name and
everything so when time is time is ready i’ll do that it’s just with you know I
have like a list of videos that I want to get you know put out there so I might
even do like a little parody of Bob Ross I’ll find like a Halloween clown afro
and just kind of color with it did you know that he was in the military service
yeah and he was tired yelling at people so you know that’s
what and he’s so soft yeah he’s known as a bowl breaker and
stuff he’s the original ASMR yes you played that on TV and you just your eyes
start drooping you’re like oh my god only my mom used to tell me she’s just
like when you used to watch PBS and he’d come on my picture would be half drawn
because you I’d fall asleep at the kanopolis well he wasn’t it’s like a
walking lullaby like you know the black star um brought up my manga I didn’t
know he knew about it I knew I brought it up in the stream but it’s hard to
tell who’s strong a big fan he knows everything about you he said I have I
have the portfolio here this is the actual book it’s it’s completely
finished but my plan is to put it on YouTube oh let me see if I can find like
one one piece that I really loved don’t walk us through it
well this this is one of the bad guys in the book and I close up to kind of get
its face work is so amazing it’s it’s hard though when you do a book because
you have to be your own editor you have to you have to draw every little thing
and so there’s a lot of just little scenes here and I don’t know if you can
see it while there yeah it’s so awkward to hold it’s uh let me see if I can find
another one that’s really detailed you eventually would like to get animated as
well I would love to have an animated movie but I actually want to make it
like a live-action movie and the plan was you know to find friends at the at
my daughter’s karate studio and other friends that are martial artists and we
make the video at the dojo because you don’t need a lot of special
effects you know it’s just it’s gonna be mostly martial arts so that’s a very
smart idea that’s the reason Reese’s yeah because I went to school the arts I
have a lot of friends that are also now music producers or they’re they know
dancers and stuff like that and I don’t know if I need a dancer for the movie
but it doesn’t hurt the no one in case yeah as a side note Phillips said here
you sound like a Canadian so I spent too much time up there sometimes I’ll walk
into a store here in Rochester and I’m like do you know where the washroom is
they’re like what’s a washroom I’m sorry where’s the bathroom I’m always constantly thinking because
I’m looking at the kilometres on my speedometer instead of the miles per
hour so I’m like holy crap I’m going 100 oh wait I mean this is too funny oh my
god I’m waiting oh is this one of your doodles by Doug
oh no I maybe I did add a lot of people what – have you um Blackstar has another
question we should have how do you honor as a side guest for miles since you’re
such a big fan wait with special effect based films what do you think makes a
live-action anime film fail I think it’s got to do with a higher and quad
development and bad effects what do you think well to me because I like indie
films I don’t feel like you need a lot of special effects to get a good story
across and a good example is uh there was a street fighter animated are a
street fighter live-action youtube series and got it lot of special effects
but they got the story across and the martial arts choreographing was
top-notch probably the best I’ve ever seen in a
movie and you know you don’t need special effects
to move a plot along so if you if you find little shortcuts it and it comes
out great what I think kills movies is big studio intervention they always got
to have you know their their say on things and it changes the end story and
like black star said Dragonball evolutions a perfect example
I think Fox was the one that got the rights to that and just they kept making
everything wrong mhm it’s not even like oh this was bad it was just wrong and I
honestly think if you get a fan behind a anime to do them it’s gonna come out ten
times better but definitely because the past should same as music you know I
that’s why I’m I like covers and I hate covers at the same time I admire what
somebody’s take on a song is and don’t get me wrong but there’s something about
a time in a place when something is captured right you gotta watch how you
mess with that because you’re you’re taking the feel out of it and okay yeah
you got you know more digital eyes is more clear it’s more of this even like I
really a lot of times don’t like remastered versions of songs much even
from the same band yeah it kind of ruins it but then you have a good example it
is I don’t know if you’ve heard of Eric Prince no well he’s a he’s like a medium
artist mmm took another brick in the wall okay from Pink Floyd and it feels
like a completely different song but it sounds like another brick in the wall so
it’s a guess me that’s when a cover or a remake is good because every time
something that everyone appreciates and making it new definitely I’m gonna give
you I’m like isn’t there there’s a great example of some of the song and the
music is done they’re keeping the feel of it is the key that’s what I was so
like it’s not I know I sounded like I was kind of dumping on digital it’s not
what I meant what I meant was is doing it without any integrity to the song
right you know you know what I mean or no soul behind it yeah it’s like taking
the Mona Lisa today and doing her like in Photoshop
you know and smoothing all the edges of making it perfectly like then there’s no
more feel to it then it’s just a digital piece but somebody can really bring it
out again if they work with the same integrity that was first used to create
it yeah absolutely I don’t know if you heard and the recent uh I think it’s an
Alfa Romeo commercial they did a wicked game but they they remade it and it I
feel like it’s a completely better song now yep it sounds like like an opera
singer oh definitely I see biker bushcraft says here that is
why movies shot on film are making a comeback and Tarantino is still at the
top of his game definitely look at vinyl sales are coming back again
yeah exactly I mean Iza have shot up recently record star here I think CDs
sound quality’s you can’t beat it that about you brought up a really good point
about the big major motion picture companies getting too involved and
honestly for lack of a term whoring out an otherwise good film contextual things I’m allowed to get
with anyway this one because the only term that really fits to it and this
didn’t he’s a good example you know they they bought Marvel they bought Star Wars
and now if you look at those two entities on film they’re nothing like
their source material yeah it makes sense because they want to make it
marketable to everyone yeah great Star Wars has always been just the geek nerd
thing and yeah everyone really you know but you know that makes them billions of
dollars so they’re not gonna change it so does that fit me because my fan
fiction is so big too because people could kind of put their own little spice
on things will their purist into it I mean that’s what happens look at music
musics great and you love that rock song until your father starts listening to it
then not pop music anymore but the company is
still making huge dollars they don’t care whose listing it just means more
people yeah you know I’m okay with the new generation liking Star Wars and
liking Mario because eventually that’s gonna get more people to read the comics
before but it’s just when when I saw Disney doing that I was just like that’s
pretty much you know studio intervention and you know I always said that if I did
get the opportunity to make my comic into a movie I’d want to have complete
control over it and that’s why I’d probably you know make you know fund it
myself and find actors myself and you know make it on my own you know
yeah a studio telling me no we own your stories so we’re gonna change everything
about it first thing is they make it family like as they cut down all the
rawness out of it to make it as appealing to everybody there’s a big
influence to make sure nobody’s offended nobody’s you mortify you know it becomes
in the same bubble and I believe there’ll always be a place for big
motion picture but we thought that for television and look how things have
changed in the last couple of years look at a word show is most like a lot of the
words are starting to go to in the television show it’s made by Netflix you
know Amazon and stuff like that and that’s the beginning yes there’s still
big companies you need big money right now to make TV shows that’s changing
drastically more and more people are watching most of what they see on
YouTube right movie movies aren’t immune from this either well in in those big
big big budget movies are hurting the like medium-sized budget movie yes today
the bus with the same mess yeah it’s you know you’re going out to the movies on a
Friday with your family what are you gonna watch the one that’s marketed to
everyone or they can that’s kind of marketed to you know hey that guy that
likes any movie say it’s a hundred percent I couldn’t agree with you more
on that you make that’s a very good point and all future now
because comics have dipped a lot and animation isn’t the same like if you
watch animation on TV it’s very it almost looks like a flash animation yep
there’s almost like there’s no work put into it yeah so I feel like the future
is gonna be is these indie animators on YouTube are now going to be the new
place where people get there right there are animation fix and you’ll you know
think we are two things to that one is the availability of bandwidth has grown
a lot bigger yeah which is also allowed for longer videos on YouTube and that’s
made all the difference in the world that’s why now they can compete like you
take hot ones Sean you know what they eat the hot wings and interview yeah
yeah that is genius you know I’m sure every network is kicking their ass right
now that they never thought of that what a brilliant idea and it is becoming
there’s an example of a new modern television show a web-based and now with
even longer time that you can upload on YouTube movies will start to feel that
pinch as well because they’ll be able to put up better length movies that’s
accessible to everybody and their their own boss they don’t have to worry about
it being Network telling them what to do which means we’ll keep the feeling watch
our ATM says I prefer mm animation in your mm over the current animation style
on which biker bushcraft replies animation died in the 80s and Blackstar animation on YouTube now so interesting
that quite a different extremes of the thoughts about that well it’s like what
people said in the 90s that comic books died and then they had a resurgence and
then I feel like the bubbles coming back but you know as long as people keep
telling stories either animated on film or in a comic book I don’t think they’ll
ever completely go away is it it’s it’s ingrained in us all the way
from Greek Greek mythology you know Norse mythology it’s
everything’s there people want to see these stories but everyone’s take on it
it’s like Superman is pretty much our version of Hercules and yes we grew up
in school reading about Hercules and so we can see the similarities and to me
when I see something similar I have more fun with it oh definitely and I agree to
what a buck star was saying that animation just became more efficient
because biker boobs crafts uncle was an animator for Sesame Street for 30 years
drawing a frame and I think in that way for example I grew up with the cartoons
that were stop-motion which even takes even longer time than frame by frame
drawing but I think that what digital world so to say enabled us the same as
with photography for example for me is doing more because it yes is different
but it makes it longer to do things right it takes you more time so it’s
also kind of your creativity squishes in a way as well by having all these
digital ways of doing it an Internet and pad you know and things like that I
think it opens up creativity for lots more people and in lot bigger ways when
do you think about it oh absolutely because you told me 10 years ago that I
can plug my tablet to my computer and draw for people on the internet I’d look
at you like you’re a nut job yeah but I can just get on the computer after you
know being home doing chores just sit here and share the art with everybody
it’s an amazing feeling and it feels like I I have the world at my fingertips
because I have all these ideas now like I’m like I want to do like a live stream
where I tell a story but I draw it as I’m telling the story oh very
interesting yeah and I’ll let the chat kind of
dictate where the story goes I feel like as long as you get people
involved the sky’s the limit oh wow I actually I really like that
idea I think it would really work great with the live stream you know it’s so
sounds so interactive and enticing you know like make it make your own story
kind of thing and you draw the animation for it that’s it you you are full of
amazing ideas it’s it’s hard because I’m I’m really just one one person so
sometimes I don’t put anything up for a couple days because I’m just editing
clips that I’ve recorded so the live stream allows me to get on as many days
as I can and just keep you know keep talking and keep making content it’s not
doing the live animation the other the other idea was the motion comic so kind
of drawing the frames in a comic book but have them moved slightly so it looks
like an animation but then I I’m narrating the voice too because when I
draw um I have the character’s voice in my head because I love doing voice
impersonations oh when I do like an evil monster or an evil villain I always have
like and know he’s going to take over the world and it’s like hey you know and
all those things are going through my head when I’m drawing so I I I have I
have so much fun and having a motion comic where I’m voicing instead of the
word balloons I feel like it would be really fun for people oh yes and I have
hear people agree or than excellent privy and is a key to success yeah
exactly so amazing you’re you’re AB no I have many talents my daughter’s love my
my Yoda voice but I haven’t been able to do it the way they remember so but I
always thought of it like a good good like a hermit character because that’s
what Yoda is so you know this it you just gotta have fun and that’s what
I love when people chat on my live shapes because I feel like they’re
getting it be drawings and the speed drawings that play the music and it’s
speeding through the drawing they’re not getting to see me make you know making
my little comments and goofing around when I draw in some of the videos you
can kind of see my hands moving around because I’m you know I’m either talking
to my daughter or I’m saying something really dumb and combat scene that’s
that’s a tough one I I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a movie called the
raid no it’s a movie from Singapore no no no it’s from the beginning to end
it’s all action in that movie has some of the best hand-to-hand combat I’ve
ever seen raid okay how long ago was it made 2012 I think okay because I have
done that before somebody tells me that and I go and look and there’s like 17
different movies with the same name so that’s why I want to ask you about the
time frame I’m gonna look it up tight it’s called the raid redemption but um
the movie should be fine favorite animation like with regards to the TV
show or movie um well Dragon Balls he is up there
because just the ideas in Dragon Ball Z have kind of stuck with me my whole life
I even got one of the characters tattooed on my arm I was gonna ask you
about your tattoo so there’s a great way to segue into that yeah he’s a he’s my
favorite character because he’s always coming in second and I’ve always felt my
whole life that I’ve always come in second and but I always keep pushing to
try to be first so I always related with that and so that that’s why he’s one of
my favorite characters name is Vegeta sorry I got caught
which crowd gave me an interesting thing he said our dog just treed three
raccoons are you speaking the backwards dragon language but no God I can’t be
much help on this one I think well in the new Dragon Ball series when you want
to make a wish to a dragon you have to say it backwards that’s what he was
referring to I didn’t realize it was rules like so see I’m learning now and
in one of the versions you have to speak in an alien language in order to make a
wish so that shows all its it’s out there but if I can support my body into
any cartoon it would be Dragon Ball it’s at the U P see we’re learning new things
even about because like you P 4204 is for Union Pacific we first met because
of my train videos oh really and I abscess is what I love about this
channel this is what I wanted Furret from the beginning when we decided to
try to do it we didn’t really have a plan said oh cuz we just kind of got in
with both feet but I wanted it we’re all watching each of the videos we kind of a
lot of us met and I’m creator and stuff and that was been great for getting to
find new people and John but this I wanted to take a step further and now
get to kind of know each other better so we’re supporting each other you know
three four or five years down the road by getting to know backstories and stuff
like that about the people who make what they do yeah absolutely and through that
I am a creator I found so many channels that like now I can’t get enough of
like I just see crazy Russian official yes this channel I swear I watched I
binge watched almost all his videos like yeah we’re kind of guilty that what do
you yeah because I love I love science and it’s like a fun way to do science
and and so and then his accent is the best I love it have you seen the movie
Dragon Ball oh sorry where you go Dragon Ball the magic begins
it’s a live-action oh and as a side note guys I keep forget to say please
apologize for the lighting tonight I’m the one who did it in a rush yes we kind
of look goes to note some that’s but at least if I did this it would look I
would look like a shadow see it’s better than us looking like we have no souls so when I edit when I edit I’ve tried to
turn all the drawing lights off because it gets so hot and and then my wife will
come in here she’s like you look like the Phantom of the Opera oh my god the
keyboard and I’m just like editing must draw Turtles one night I thought I was
gonna fall asleep at the computer because I was up all night because I did
a live stream I was uploading a video at the same time I was uploading the video
I was I think I was gaming so it was like everything at once and I’m
surprised my brain didn’t just shutting the live streams where we all fall
asleep like the host and the chatters also sleep and then wake up you know on
live stream yeah I’ve done that before where I I leave a live stream on the
PlayStation and I didn’t realize I left it on and then it’ll just keep like
looping because I have it on repeat video I woke
up and I’m like am I dreaming cuz I swear I just watched this last night and
it’s the same video I got I got a little spider on me they’re everywhere
cold here for that still this room there there’s a lot of spiders which I don’t
mind because they get rid of all the regular bugs but they they sometimes
come and drop down while I’m drying and they completely freak me up oh one day
I’m drawing and then this huge spider leg rape like staring at me I’m like
okay time to go get a drink question about the drawing do your
daughter’s ask you to draw princesses and things like art are complete
opposite of what you yeah it’s a draw okay now they’re they’re actually they
like wrestling they like karate they like Star Wars
oh so they take out they got their dad what no princesses then no frozen they
like princess things but they tend to gravitate to whatever I like Newton
looked cool you know their daddy’s little girl so what about your wife is
she into it as well she’s um she’s more into like like NCIS and you know
detective shows and stuff but she really likes wrestling – so it’s the one thing
that we all enjoy because wrestling is like live action
comic books so you can’t go wrong I know you’re like 12 quotes we could do
like we don’t they show like they guess they featured we literally got like 12
great cuts we could put like you know well I just I I always have these
analogies in my head I always find similarities and things so I feel like
you know sometimes I’m like a walking Yoda you know just just coming up with
weird things so you got a great outlook towards that
you know you can see it’s it’s you enjoy that gifts like not just a passion of
what you’re doing but it’s like yes lifestyle that’s exactly it
I did some jobs in my life like I was a truck driver years ago long haul and I
grew up around fishermen and and forestry and farming guys and you know
you realize there’s some things in life that you do as a job from nine to five
there’s other thing that’s a lifestyle right and I believe that’s the same with
whatever you’re really passionate about if you tie it into your life whether
it’s dancing singing drawing whatever the talent is you get the best work out
of people who really breathe it almost like in their day-to-day lives well I’ve
always always told myself when when I was younger is I was always gonna be
myself and I didn’t care what anybody thought about it so even now I’m 32 I
still wear anime shirts I still wear you know Star Wars shirts
no I just I just try to be the personification of what I make so I’m
just a walking comic book character and people ask you what’s your job I’m like
I draw comic books if you have any more tattoos besides the one your art I have
the Vegeta then up here I have just a Chinese symbol for forever okay the one
of my characters lives forever so I thought it was kind of fitting to have
the the symbol there I have a tiger up here and then right here I have a
pancetta because I’m a huge Castlevania fan oh
good and there’s Ouija boards everywhere so the tattoo artist Lee you sure you
want to get a Ouija board some people think they’re kind of bad luck I was
like I believe I make my own luck yeah oh my god we’re just Dean evening to put
a little Conger up there yeah I think you planned all these I think you got
them on cue cards or Marvel Comics years ago she was a color artist whoa
the colorist don’t get enough enough praise because half the
time on the comics they don’t even get a mention yes so then they don’t get the
residuals from the comics when they sell oh just for the coloring but they don’t
you know residuals as the comic gets popular in popular so and I mean they
help bring it to life I mean you know it’s the color that speaks to people you
know Abby the drawings are great but the color it works hand in hand with it as
well with comics especially because I I started off as an anchor for a smaller
indie comic okay you don’t the book come alive until you see the color because
before then it looks like a flat image like in some of my videos you see it’s
just black and white but then once I start putting colors when it starts to
almost look like it’s lifting off the paper and you know you know life’s in
color so then yeah that’s true it’s you’re a hundred percent right I mean
that’s what makes people help connect with what they see yeah and and you know
I love black and white drawing mm-hmm it’s not until I add a little bit of
gray in the areas that make the black and white pop out it’s almost like you
remember the take on me video from aha yes yes it looked like it was coming out
because they would put these gray tones in that drawing and it it was always
such a I love that video you literally took my one-liner you got all these ones
tonight that’s where I was gonna go look at that you literally mailed exactly was
gonna say evil a black and white those shades of gray make all the difference
in the world yeah absolutely and there was one comic that another
artist gave me at a show and it was all black and white no great tones and I
said do you mind if I take this back to the hotel and maybe put some gray tones
on it and he’s like yeah sure the next day he was like holy crap looks like a
completely different book and I was like I just wanted to test it out and you
know and you know we started collaborating after that actually this is uh this is one of the books that
we did oh I I only did the cover on this one he does everything else but only other artists you don’t have your art on
your walls and you say you’re only cover I have always been taught you know
always be ongoing my my family from Puerto Rico they’re all farmers so I
think I think that’s where I get it from let’s hope that helps you blend in with
Canadians yeah got the farmer tan already you have to move one of my plans
was there’s an animation studio in Toronto and I got the job I was gonna
stay up there a couple months and then apply for dual citizenship I never got
the call back from them and they’re I think they actually went defunct
actually they made the man tune what’s the channel in Canada it’s like yeah a
Teletoon Teletoon took the animation studio for Teletoon now they farm out to
Vancouver so they’re Toronto studio went put that what did Johnny Bravo and all
them great cuz they used to farm out to other other big companies and I just
never got it yeah that would have been a great way to do it I always loved I
always think of my oldest son 20 at 20 I remember him when he was younger
watching Johnny Bravo one watch back oh my hair real fast you know those
cartoons are always a blast because even mother they seemed so raggedly drawn
yeah who’s the voice acting and just the comedy it was hilarious so well one time
candidated well because I mean we never until recently had any TV shows that
ever made it big if somebody did well here the first places were gone to was
across the 49th parallel I mean that was just a
a bomb might uh what’s missus name McDonald we watching Norman Norman golf
do you know nor McDonald oh yeah absolutely I love all the SNL alums and
him like you know he brought up one time because somebody said worry and so funny
and it’s because like he said at the time nobody had any aspiring dreams if
he did stand up in common in Canada that’s as far as it went
wherever you were was pretty much at the pinnacle of it where he said when he got
to the States you know when he got to meet Jerry so I know all these guys all
they were doing was kind of using comedy as a stepping stone to get a sitcom
alright so you know polishing their craft as much and also a side note about
Canadians I don’t think a lot of people realize is I always said we’re the
bridge between Europe we’re we always kind of do less of one like whatever you
take in any scenario we are there do more of it or less than Europe and North
and America and it’s just kind of that way we are we’re kind of an entrance so
if you have more like the Europe has more time off than the States and Canada
has in the middle of them so you know the average of two weeks and at six
weeks there were like four you know we’re always kind of in that middle one
leg in each place I think that’s also why you know when you go over to Canada
you kind of see everyone just slightly happier and whereas here you know we’re
just we work ourselves to death you know to pay for a car that we don’t own and a
house we can’t live in since I came here the optimism that Canadians have in the
best example of that was a couple years ago when around Calgary they had a big
flowers you know it was coming month month how it swells yeah yeah and the
news were interviewing a woman who just lost her house like it literally was
swept away on live right oh well they are asking her well you know how are we
doing like you know her action basically as it was happening and she’s like well
at least I’m alive well house is just a house I hope my neighbors are okay
and I was so stunned it’s not like she was in a shop you know
and yes it’s upsetting but she is still managed to find something positive she
just lost everything but she still managed to find a positive note and and
I think it’s so shows through everything in Canada in general I am no offense to
States but I really think by living here and like watching what is in honoured
States and living here and being from Europe I really think that Canada is
American dream like when people say well I want to go overseas to live American
dream I really think it happens in Canada yeah well the thing here is uh
you know like I said we work really hard and you can get really caught up with I
gotta make X amount of money to be comfortable but I always said you know
as long as I have my family and my health you know and a pencil and paper
to draw on I’m happy happy you know you know we worry about the little things
day-to-day but when something like that happens you really learned it and that’s
as cliches can be but you do learn how to appreciate the little things in life
absolutely especially I had a couple friends when Hurricane sandy hit the
earth some of them lost all their comic books they lost all their video games
and stuff and now their outlook is you know I don’t need material things
because I I lived through it and you know I think that’s the mindset that a
lot of people should have you know what if the internet went away tomorrow
what if video games and and material things went away
you’d have to appreciate you know your health and and family so it’s very
important and I think I think that’s why sometimes I know I have to draw but if
my kids are saying any daddy I wanna do this
I’ll set it aside and go do it so I think that’s more more important down
the long run because then they’re gonna but I remember dad would want to play
with us and stuff later I’m old in a retirement home down the
road I’m gonna be the only old guy in the in the retirement home playing Super
Nintendo I’m sure your daughters they just enjoy spending time with you you
must be such a cool dad yeah I know I’m thinking that they must be like all the
other kids like to come over and like you know well those are their dads
the oldest one is kind of embarrassed to me because whenever I go to the school I
have like you know a Superman shirt on and they’re like don’t see anything
because they know I’m gonna say something goofy or corny carry your
friends like me so what that’s the way it is with my oldest son was like that
when he was a bit younger and I remember that so I laid on thick with him at all
you want to sit with dad come sit with dad and we’re gonna talk you know and
therefore his friends are like roaring I know it’s getting him going I don’t know
enough to like completely get on his nerves but enough just I gonna bug him
here there with it try to bug her but it’s just you know I just she feels
uncomfortable because you know she she’s not getting the attention anymore oh you
got a confirm with my wife like sending me to all those functions because she’s
like I don’t deal well with a big groups of people but they seem to all want to
gravitate towards you at these events yeah yeah yeah you got the character
yeah just a lot of parents so they’ll go to these events and they just stand by
the wall and they don’t talk to anyone and I’m there like I’m like hey how’s it
going I don’t want to be a stuffy parent at these things I I want to be the kids
playing comics and anime yep now it seems like everyone is into it
now that’s right picked on in school all the time they’re like all of you you’re
reading that or and the the best the best one was
there was a girl in in middle score high school and she used to always be like oh
he’s so corny and stuff like that and one of the shows locally she comes up to
the table with her kids she’s like hey I remember you and in oh yeah and she’s
all into it now amazing revenge well today it is the in thing oh yeah
you know actually you know five six years from now everything from the 2000s
will be the new thing yep that’s just the cycle cuz grew in the
90s in the late 2000s everything from the 80s are from the 70s was huge yep
and it everything has to go circle like that and it’s always got to come back
for its Renaissance period right like 80s me as like I loved it that was my
generational thing but now looking back at it once it you know it was gone and I
was older and looking back it’s like well thank God it did because it came
god-awful and that’s what happens with big business because everybody jumps in
the bandwagon it gets worried and worse and worse and every band at the time who
said you know there were a pop band know you’re gonna be a hard rock band so you
have six months to grow your hair out and learn three chords on the guitar you
know what it’s like you can’t listen to new wave for too long because you know I
feel like I’m listening to the same song for 12 hours exactly exactly and I was
gonna bring up an exam when you can do it in any genre and the 80s was a great
example was well Bon Jovi when I was well Bon Jovi actually set a trend but
they get labeled for the trend even though they’re the ones who kind of said
it they’re paying the price for the ones that came after them and ruined it you
know what I mean dev flour all those guys all went through that and it took
them 15 years before they could get on any sides of a stage again right go
through its point of being completely uncool and not want to hear it and oh it
sucks and somebody was listened to in their car but then tell their friends it
sucked and then they finally get to the point where they could come back and do
it again same with 90s we’ll go through the
it was funny you said that because I don’t know if you watch a show called
preacher Lord yes I have seen some of it some of it well there’s a scene in the
new season where they’re all driving in the car and come on Eileen comes on oh
good and they’re all in the car and they’re
like man this song sucks the backs like yeah it sucks but then as it keeps going
they all start singing along to it that’s 80s music in a nutshell sucks but
that starts playing and then you’re tapping your feet and you’re like I
remember this is good they do that Family Guy but the band trade when
they’re when they’re all sitting around the clam I hate rain oh yeah I heard
they’re coming they suck and then finally admit it oh my god I love it’s
like 90s rock there’s some that that’s not that good and it’ll come on and
you’re like I forgot how good this song was yeah yeah exactly exactly I mean
like just the way it goes Oh yep we change taste you know and get saturated
and instead of remembering the good songs that were in that era we kind of
lumped them all together and that one that just all of it sucked but then
after a bit of time you come by there’s a doodles my dog brought up I was gonna
talk about that they donate the music we had a bunch of musicians here Monday
night we had her guitars there was drummers and stuff like that we talked
for a couple hours and Duran Duran is something that’s very special because I
worked for this big music company and I worked with a guy who took after the
looked after the keyboard Department and anybody who knows guys and keyboard
departments are really prudes because they’re very analytical they’re like the
the the Einsteins of the music world you know they tell jokes based on algorithms
so go from there and he brought up Duran Duran and I he said that day and he’s
like I’ve said something about them and he said man he goes do you know how
great those guys are as musicians and I’m like like I drew a blank I’m like I
don’t hate them but I never thought him is like you know musicians right and he
said something that stays with me to this day he said first of all there’s
proof that even back in the eighties the biggest boy bands still had to know how
to play something not just saying and I’m like okay
second part is you take a song like Rio you said go home and play it and start
playing with the site you don’t cutting off all the high end he said listen to
the bass that thing has a phenomenal bass track into it it’s insane I mean
that’s full-on jazz yeah it’s uh it’s one of those things where you fall into
that like you said they fall into the category so then you’re oh that’s just
all manufactured crap but yep there’s some really good stuff in there oh my
god if you look if you ever check out like one of my Spotify playlist it’s all
over the place like I love but I don’t like listening to just one type of music
the only thing that might not be in there is country but yeah it’s just
because a country makes me dizzy it’s just too much Tway meanness in there
sorry if I don’t get a lot of pity for you because I grew up with a father who
vastly enjoyed bluegrass music so every Sunday morning at 6 a.m. he had these
blogs you know those old-time zena’s speakers oh yeah yeah yeah the 8-track
player you know the big is turntable a truss Oh like yes yes all the lovely
seventies colors coming to life Sunday morning six o’clock this is how it
always began and it was just like we you turn to blow up cut the power burn the
house I don’t care I hate it how do you wake up to something like that in a good
mood and we come down on stairs you’d be all my League making breakfast you know
and it’s like you can’t do it nightmares my friend Oh cotton eye Joe best friend
in your third psychotic played in a fun setting is okay but you can’t just pop
it in on on the radio and yeah well look at the
dance version of that song you know and then you think of that friggin frog and I say congrats star black star that is
so cool congratulations yeah I’m gonna have to
bring that up and share it we’re gonna do a share screen that we got you that’s
amazing amazing congratulations no household no stress just a nice
support love it that’s really cool good stuff 201 yep how long we’ve known each
other black star there’s an example and look look once again the bells not rung
oh there it is right there folks yeah there’s no you know and we’ve known
boxer since pretty much the beginning I would say and I had a guy the other week
I went to his channel and I remembered him after from the beginning but I
didn’t I found it somewhere and I said oh you know I like your channel and I
subscribed and he flew back at me a couple hours I look back and two months
ago you said you liked my work and now you’re adding me it just shows you’re in
for the subs thanks a lot I wish you a good life and I’m sub me and it’s like
man if I did this two months ago you haven’t noticed the pattern by now this
happens to everybody like you know I had some suss and I’m just like you know
what I’m not chasing after you he’s been going on all my life he’s been liking
all my videos so I always appreciate it he deserves a lot more than 2-hundred
like I hope to god that just takes off like you know get in the live streams
and stuff like that because you definitely you deserve way more than
thank you they were laughing that we should rename
this livestream you know honor us to do a thousand questions from Blackstar it
would have been pretty cool to have them onto like pro questions and everything
so next time if somebody knows guest so close and some big fans just tweet to us
so we know maybe we can get you on as well it would be awesome
definitely yeah like party I don’t believe in the short amount time we’ve
done this how many people want to be on with us like this this blows my mind I’m
honored I’m honored and I sometimes don’t even understand why it like not I
don’t I appreciate it and it means a lot but
you know so it’s always awesome when you know you you actually feel like you’re
getting a connection with people you know yeah and I think people really
leave here having a better connection I’ve talked to some that’s been on
already and they’re saying like they’re getting you know more views and the same
ones coming back more and making more personalized comments which means
they’re appreciating your work even that much more cuz we don’t see when we went
on we went on I’m a creator the first time James was getting some fly we went
on to kind of like support him yeah and he said oh you’re gonna go on do live
streams I’m like never like we never wanted to be in fact we never want to
even touch being in front of the lens we both agreed never that was not in our
cards no interest but then we realized that like that so many people connect it
with us because I mean I think I’m a decent editor and people were always
commenting I love your edits you know my god but nobody knew what I was they
didn’t know if because she would answer some questions and I would so exam you’d
be on a makeup channel saying oh I love the shade that’s such a pretty color for
spring and I’d be telling some guy oh I love the Hemi they put in this thing so
a man or a woman they didn’t know very younger all didn’t know a father skinny
they didn’t know if we were ten people or one or some binary thing like they
just didn’t even know what begin to think of us when you find these
channels and there’s no real video or faces you’re like who is behind the
channel oh yeah of course faces with it and we built the mystique
that way cuz we went on just before we hit a thousand yeah so we were getting
nailed like we only have fun February 2nd we had 42 subscribers and we hit the
thousand and now we’re getting close to 1300 there were just that’s that’s
awesome I didn’t start to see real growth until
I put my face and in front of the camera well it looked thats the way it Rockets
up so that’s why my daughter actually got this for me from my birthday she was
like you should wear this on your streams oh it’s from Dragon Ball and it
actually makes the noise I don’t know if you can hear it out let me try to get oh
that was so nice of her yeah well I told her I was like I’ll
wear it during my gaming streams but I tried to do it but there’s like a
holograph here and it makes you super dizzy yeah no I can imagine but that was
my server though hell she was just like Daddy you gotta you gotta look funny on
there because it’ll get people to what she’s an expert on YouTube and so she’s
like I I watched so many YouTube and all these gamers always have funny
headphones and stuff one you should wear that and I’m like okay I guess I got a
good good review from it because I can always be like it’s over 9000 I can’t
get over how nice I was that she got that free free birthday eye that was
that’s really well this the the mall we went to the mall because we had to
return something and she saw it at one of the stores and she goes to my wife
and she’s like I want to get dad the scouter for his birthday
oh my god Suzy says oh my god the kids are the best so cute yeah that’s right
Mable of us we’ll get together again sometime have the kids on for a little
bit when it’s a longer yeah somebody was saying that we still have so many
questions and have so many questions and SureStart has
thousand and one questions so what I think we’re gonna have to work on like I had a glass we’ll have to have you back
for droning I would love to see you drawing work oh my god that’s what I was
I was saying earlier is yeah being that with with OBS I would have been able to
stream to you guys yeah is that be able to see me draw and
I can talk at the same time during the stream yeah that would be so awesome
maybe we get him Annie’s only can really do the Bob thing you know like up on the
top don’t know Canadians are welded you know the TV show that was on the 90s
kids in the hall yeah I love that show they do this great impression of him and
it’s the tall guy there McKinley that saans he’s on the TV show superstore in
the state yeah chubby he doesn’t but he didn’t blow and he would always he’s
painting and the painting of course has already sent me complete and there’s a
guy staying there and he always does you know cuz Bob would always leave
something extra and this one he leaves a tumor on him I and I did so kids at the
hall is this big blob right the side of his head now we’re not gonna tell
anybody with this just a nice little cute tumor right up in here
hello mister tumor how are you today that show was was like my introduction
to skit comedy that show was so far ahead of its time
oh yeah they think they literally could have done anything in the show and you
see memorizing walkable Canada kind of being a bridge yeah go a little more
riskier than Canada good then but a lot more riskier than the States and Canada
kind of play in that gray area more like it like I’m Canadian TV that you
wouldn’t be able to see here yes that’s right
like you know Super Dave Osborne no no I don’t oh you’ve never seen him oh he’s
on the Norma Dawa that he used to dress up as it was the time of Evel Knievel
and all that stuff and he would dress up as evil like an
evil Knievel type or these Daredevils and you’d always get crushed and
everything beat the devil they drop shit on like a pillow so I’m getting too
comfortable sorry folks you know like huge ships like the
Titanic yes that’s right you were the first person ever get me comfortable
enough that that’s slick so I guess hats off in a hotel over there and like eight
o’clock at night or nine o’clock at night and one of the French channels
there’s like straight-up nudity oh yeah French channels are pretty liberal yeah
and I was just this would not fly in America a Montreal here the American
like they English stations excuse me you can’t square but on the French ones they
do swear like French words but they do the which would be kind of pretty
comparable to some pretty hardcore I mean like not endless runs of it but
they have a lot of expressions that you can never say here I understand some of
them because Spanish has like pretty close to the same well yeah and I mean
French if you’ve ever gone to a Catholic Church from almost every swear word in
the French language is based on items found in a Catholic Church
so it’s they’re kind of universal they might sound a little different but you
can easily pick them out I actually it’s easier to square in
French because it rolls off the tongue better yeah and then you don’t have to
worry about the people that don’t understand it said seize your first
warning why do you have to swear in the language that is not your everyday
tongue and I find it because like my boys or or like not your mother time
yeah because they wish is not my first language and I never and I don’t really
do it so you don’t swear very oh yeah but it’s still kind of easier anyway
it’s a different language you know it’s not so personal or so I’m also I mostly
swear when I’m playing video games that’s why I streaming
is gonna be a little tough yeah you gotta be careful especially if you’re
live street you know ever had from people live streaming and that’s why I
was trying to learn Latvian but it’s an extremely hard language to learn so she
was I’m learning rush and I stopped for a little while but I want to get back in
it and that’s one of my dreams is I want to be able to blow a gasket in Russian I
just think that would be like the greatest that’s what
there’s my life dream yeah some people want to cure cancer do all these things
I just want to learn how to be able to pull off a streak in Russian because it
just sounds so formal and you’re gonna sound like you’re from one of those
World War two movies yes yes I do I do and she’s teaching me these words
like and I’m mostly using other things to learn them and I was so frustrated
cuz they all don’t sound Russian the words I’m learning and I want finally I
learned pillow is padushka and I’m like that’s the type of word I want I want
padushka I want something I slammed the fist on
the table it has a punch to it when you say it I’ll get there there’s I was just
gonna show you that’s a you probably didn’t know these guys oh yeah I can’t
believe they don’t look that hole at all no this was back this was the first time
they got back together again after years and was in Montreal and Scott Thompson
had Kerry I had to be carried by I forget his name now so we decided to
change it up and I would carry him for the photo to give him a break so do you
that’s so funny that that uh that guy’s last name is boo Jo likes that it’s such
a rare last name and I have a friend called Evan video oh really oh that’s me
well Evan nobody Andrew Andrew visual deer oh okay my friend in Syracuse is
called Evan video well that could also be a family member again he did say he
was from like his family’s from Canada so yeah it’s a really old French the
world world you never know yeah that’s me
holding them that’s why when I used to work for that music company I used to go
backstage so all these things all the time and that’s that’s uh that me and my
cousin used to watch kids in them all the time and we thought I can’t but I
think it’s mckinnon right arm McKinley McKinley yeah I always thought you was
hilarious because you always look like big bird yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I
think he got asked where he was big bird yes and he was always the straight man
out of all of them like you know like the the business guy one or something
like that but he was so good being that they were really talented yeah and and
you catch him every now and then in different movies and shows and you’re
like yeah they they deserve so much more oh they and then they’ve had a lot of
big shows like them freely uh not freely what’s his name the the he was the
little guy Dave he he had the show news radio with Joe Rogan into it years ago
and stuff like that and the little one right yeah he’s always like the weird
character just like yeah oh no not the little one that I was holding but the
other guy was kind of blonder hair okay all right yeah he had a show called news
radio that was really big and then their turn in Hollywood I gotta catch up on
all those little shows yeah me too I still watch the little eggs and you came
over she hadn’t seen a lot of these shows when they originally ran so that’s
when we started watching them again so we went through a lot of them that way Doug wants to know what tablet I use oh
I actually have two so the one that you see on the live streams is this one
right here and it just allows me to draw right on the computer and then when I do
more intense stuff this is this is an actual it’s actually a whole
computer and then I just draw on this this one’s called the Cintiq and it
sucks free it sucks for live streaming because the camera is like aimed right
up my nose oh I’m gonna start it’s like black stars
taking off and saying goodbye and since black star was so and tonight I want to
make sure that you know he was leaving to say yours Oh black sir thank you so
much for coming on I really appreciate it
yeah I love all your questions yes sorry to interrupt you but the tablet please
continue just because I felt better that was pretty much it I just wanted
people to see what brand it was but that’s cool
do you find it hard like when you started like transition into using that
the tablets so to say because I tried it as well
for like editing photos but I find it so hard like yes you kind of see what
you’re doing like I have the same type that you showed the first one but I find
it so hard to coordinate what I’m doing watching the screen but doing it on the
on the tab and I I never really took oh he took it on I wonder how did you find
that transition it was a huge learning curve because I’m so used to seeing what
I’m drawing yeah I had to learn to position my head straight you know and
make sure that I’m following along and I a lot slower
I noticed if you see me sketch on paper I’m just going crazy but I I’m very
steady I’m just kind of like every little stroke the other night when you
were doing that’s why I noticed it was like literally like you were doing like
technical drawings you know what I mean like it was so and that’s not as fun but
I noticed that when I draw digitally then I go back to drawing on paper I
have a steady your hand and more focus so I think it it’s almost like a
yin-yang they help each other out so when I hand draw it helps me draw dearly
but when I draw digitally it helps me draw traditionally so it’s a
give-and-take well it’s good though I mean if you get
you’re getting something out of it and strengthening your you know your other
skills it’s a would it’s definitely something that’s beneficial to you and
it’s good to know other ways you know you’re always gonna be a preferential
way of doing things but it’s always good to be versatile that way yeah and if it
wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have a way to stream the drawing other than you know
putting a camera on my drawing like doing traditional art right it’s opened
up that avenue that I didn’t have prior and so it’s just nice to have that type
of technology available cuz 20 20 25 years ago I don’t think the technology
was there yet even though I tried it in 2000 I went to school that’s when I
studied when they call the multimedia integration at the time and let me tell
you the technology was not there yet it was the more thing and I’m no artist I’m
no artist but even just trying to do the most simple I found it completely and I
think you had to learn how to it would probably take you you know it would be a
trade on someone just to learn how to use one of those like just you know not
to become like the perfect artist but just to be able to do anything with it
was so cumbersome I’m so surprised now like Susie Channel she said when she
worked for Marvel she used to welcome tablets in 80s yep
oh yeah Wow yep they are they are the standard no I’m just surprised about the
eighties it was really it was really rudimentary before because he usually
real ports and not USB but the Apple and now Microsoft are kind of eating into
their market share right so like the Apple pencil and then the Microsoft I
think it’s called it’s the little Microsoft tablet I forgot what it’s
called but those are becoming like where artists are going to know because
they’re cheaper that the other tablet that I showed you that had the screen on
it in 2015 that cost me $3,000 oh yeah it’s an expensive piece of
equipment but surface the surface pro you’re talking about yes
yeah the surface pro is about $1,200 so it’s a quarter you know a third the
price and it does it is comparable to use not really the pressure sensitivity
is not as high okay but this one has 8,000 pressure sensitive positions
whereas the Microsoft only has a thousand 24 so it has the 1/8 of the
pressure sensitivity so if I were to draw a thin line it would show up better
on my tablet than it would on a surface but if someone’s looking for something
affordable that they can just get their art on it’s worth it to save a little
bit of money and go with the surface but I bought that in 20 in 2015 and it still
runs perfectly today well yeah so you get what you pay for and the surfaces
are known to break very easily so I I felt like I went with the right choice
well yeah but not your livelihood you know and that’s the big difference
between somebody who’s like not sure yet right the surface would be a good
intermediate way to decide and you can always sell it within early on you can
get most your money back and then put it towards you know well that the newer
version of it cost about the same but they got rid of a lot of features so
it’s better to stay with the older model but that computer was the first time
that I told my I told myself I was gonna splurge something that we love doing and
we do is our day to day thing as well and part of our self development it’s an
investment and it’s not a gadget it’s investment like that’s where we’re
working here we do a Tech Talk Tuesday we actually talk we take Q&A and talk
about shooting editing all that stuff and we talk about editing and people are
saying you know like I use filmora or I use you know some are even using Windows
Movie Maker I use premiere because that’s
I do that’s my that’s my whole thing on YouTube where somebody else their main
thing is making violins so it’s okay you don’t it depends how far you want to go
into something not everybody needs a Ferrari to go for milk at the corner
store right and right like when I buy a car I get the base model well yeah I TV
I get the smallest size I can yeah it comes to my art stuff I like to get
top-of-the-line because that’s your that’s your thing
that’s you know put your money into and that’s what makes sense and then you
don’t have to buy a new one down the road because you bought the crap useful
well you know and or you get some guy that’s like you know I was thinking
about drawing a little bit now you know I do it’ll here and there I want to get
into it so yeah surface would be a good
introduction tool instead of dropping the three grand right away which I want
some people do and then that you know they don’t do anything with it I mean if
you have like a burn that’s why my wife was ok with it because she was like I
know you’re gonna use it to make art yeah it’s just gonna sit in a box I
don’t know the one that doodles by Doug brought up the Hylian and spheroid those
those are kind of like even cheaper alternatives for for drop people who
want to draw but you have to have it tethered to a computer ok which whereas
this one it it’s its own computer so acted as a secondary computer and when I
used to travel all the time it was like my mobile office so I loved it now it’s
just sitting there because I’ve been using this one for live shapes there’s
been quite versatile to you to say the least
you know I still use it every now and then if I go to karate with my girls and
I just want to get some work done on the side that’s nothing wrong with that it’s
good to have something that’s used the more multi-use especially for three
grand the better so it definitely helps it pay for itself I have a question for
somebody that like for kids because I seen that River
outdoors wants to get a tab or pad yeah for somebody for the kids that want to
get into the drawing and especially the comic books and animation what would you
suggest like what what to start with or how even to start getting into something
like that well the the biggest mistake I feel that you know kids make is that
they want to copy the the cartoons and comics that they read yeah the problem
with that is that that’s somebody’s interpretation I I always tell the kid
is to draw real life so draw fruit draw your hand you’re a lamp draw a table so
that way you can come up with your own interpretation of real-life things and
some of it so and then their imagination goes wild it’s like and also tinkering I
used to take apart a lot of electronics so when I draw robots now I have the
images of all those electronics I used to take apart oh that’s cool that’s so
cool and and I always thought kids just use their imaginations and to have fun
that’s the number one it is if they don’t have fun doing it then what’s the
point it’s like music you know some people want to force their kids like no
this is a G chord and they’re like near gluing their fingers enjoy the
instrument first it’s not important if they don’t learn every note right away
or every chord let them just get familiar let them experiment with it and
then when they go to learn those things and apply the techniques it comes a lot
easier I find well that that’s a that’s what sucked when I went to middle school
because they kind of push a instrument on you and I didn’t like the instrument
that they gave me I want to do guitar and you’re like well we don’t offer a
guitar you got to do a brass instrument or string yes and I was just like no I
don’t want to do it I’ll just take another art class that’s too bad
but I still love like I can’t play the guitar for my life but sometimes I like
to just hold it and just you know mess around the chords well yeah I mean same
as somebody picks up a pencil and doodles on the side you know yeah
there’s something about it it’s not that there are nerdist they just enjoy that
feeling of it you know yeah exactly I just enjoyed just sitting there art I
have a keyboard at my parents house and sometimes when I go or just like playing
on it everybody learns like chopsticks or they got something I can just kind of
pick out or they hear a couple of notes that brings with them they remember you
know all the only four notes I ever learned on a piano was the Terminator
theme Oh so I’d always keep playing that and
drive my brother crazy we’d wind is it such an easy chord but it’s so I loved I
loved how they used it in that movie well that’s with me
that’s what makes it so memorable yeah you know like going going back to the
kids is a Suzy channel brought up a good point schools these days don’t have any
fun and yeah I noticed that with my girls they they come home and they’re
like I’m so bored from school I don’t want to go back man I remember when I
was a kid going to school is fun because you’d be there in recess trading trading
baseball cards we talked about what’s better Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo it
was fun to go to school now it’s just all standardized testing it is Riaan an
obviously in this class as well there’s so little room for being creative
creative so for somebody with a more creative mindset it’s very hard
sometimes due to fit in in this very straight you know for example math
thinking you know if you are completely different
wired so it’s not imagine being a kid right now going at school because yep
I’m so I’m just out there and so III just have a lot of fun and I’m always
goofy I cracked jokes about everything and so I’ll probably get kicked out of
every class I’m in yeah well I was even back then I I got kicked out for other
reasons I got kicked out for for not paying attention and doodling on tables
I was like hey you took my paper away I got a draw something exactly
you can’t float me down kids today are almost like a bit of a show cuz the one
thing they’re not doing is festering any passion and kids now in school and I
find that’s dwindling a lot as the arts go down you know when people put that as
the money started getting shorter everybody said well then get rid of the
arts career the arts but well they’ve taken away that plus also you take away
the physical education side has also gone down a lot yeah poor kids you know
there’s no stimulation left you know and then they’re supposed to sit there for
the whole day no one is diagnosed with ADHD more and
more and all these things like that they can’t burn any energy off well the funny
thing is that they’re always taking away arts and music
yeah what’s first thing people listen to or watch when they get out of work or
school one arts and if you go into high-end schools what’s the first thing
they promote is arts and music right you know you look at the better Ivy League
schools or the better private schools and stuff that’s a huge mandate of
theirs is the Arts so there’s gonna be some reason why they’re doing it
yeah cuz they want to push sports and you know and people standardized I don’t
mind sports but it you know the arts and literature you know all that stuff is
what makes humans humans and they push sports so he brought up a good point cuz
there’s a big dirt stream that the push sports but they’ve taken away physical
education but that makes it inclusive for all kids
to be burning off that energy but yes they put more into the organized sports
we’re only a few key selected few get the benefit the rest are kind of shot to
the side it’s the 1% of the 1% yeah yes all are
it smaller yes you got that right that’s a very good way of putting it and it’s
true and it’s sad because the kids really are the ones who pay for it you
know cuz I see that with my kids like my daughter has got a lot of energy and
she’s a great example my son who I wish sometimes was more and had more energy
you know nothing I don’t mean him as lazy there just to do very different
people all right what could benefit from more physical education from the like
the different spectrums well that’s the reason why I made the effort of as soon
as if my kids wanted to get on to get to do something I put them in karate
because they didn’t get enough gym time at school so yep now they’re there
they’re working out for 45 minutes and they’re learning all these positive
things in karate that they don’t teach in school I agree with you 100% honesty
they don’t teach respect and courtesy no they just expect you to know it they do
that things like what it is there’s nothing like that at schools anymore
it’s unbelief and you can see it in what’s coming you could our children
that’s one thing I can say is especially they have respect and our daughter is
seven son is 11 every day they have chores they do that
supper dishes they take out the garbage is their responsibility their rooms and
I see a lot of their friends don’t get any of that but it’s important to me
that if I if we don’t get them to think for themselves and be able to take care
of themselves in any shape or fashion who’s going to at this point nobody
nobody and then and I’m and that’s a just that’s a disservice we’re doing to
them if we don’t do it I I think that’s why I act the way I do in public because
I want my girls to see that you can be a goofball
you can be outgoing yep and you know cuz especially here in New York everyone is
kind of like doing their own thing mm-hmm
nobody really says hi to each other right blinders on yeah and yeah I always
try to spark up a conversation with anybody especially if I’m bored you know
especially at karate sometimes we’re there for two to three
hours because the girls classes are not right after each other
right it feels like the whole waiting room is talking with me because I’m
constantly starting a conversation here and there and my rule is I try never to
bring up politics or religion I leave those things out and I only talk about
fun things yes it’s better to play in the safe side though if you avoid those
two you’ve cut out about 98% of the conflicts that could come crashing right
those are the two things that people take way too to the heart oh yeah cause
you don’t talk about that yep or sport sports people takes forward exactly with
so much in people like my sister used to tell my friend all her friends all the
time she said my brothers should work for the FBI cuz he knows everybody and
that’s because I talk to everybody and we’ll be out sometimes that she’s
looking over at me like the other day at the kid’s dentist yes well we go there
every six months now I know the security guard and I talk to him every time we’re
there we go away actually you seek a cigarette and just have a chat yeah you
know when I walk in he knows me outside and you you bum a cigarette or you then
you start a whole conversation I think that’s why I learned it from it does
it’s like its own little private club you know it’s like only he doesn’t smoke
though he just comes out with me that’s the thing is like at conventions I know
other artists that that still smoke and I’ll be like hey you want to come
outside for you know I’m gonna go smoke weed be out there almost
our just chit-chatting with other fan fans of the show you had that then
they’d come back to our table and buy something zero but you’re pretty cool well it’s it’s customer service you know
exactly gotta keep the mop be my friend there are a fickle group those smokers
so you gonna the other good side and smoking is bad
yes monkey is bad don’t do it thank God train man is gone we we we have some we
have moderators I’d well there’s James Cox and what’s a guy I know Terrell I
always got I’m sorry to roll and we have another guy named train man which we
found out the other day was excited because it was his birthday and like oh
that’s great because I think was you asked how old he was gonna be yeah I’m
gonna be 10 like only got a moderator this person makes sense his first little
bit of responsibility to young he was getting a little trigger-happy with the
old time oh but yeah our first married someone came over to my channels they
supported it commented and so I went to their channel and I I liked and some and
supported back and and I’m looking I’m like this is a this is an eight year old
it’s you don’t expect it but it’s cool that you know I eight years old they’re
already getting it they have a channel oh definitely
you know it’s it’s crazy whole new world that we’d never even dreamed of living
we were just talking about the other night
like I wish I would have had this as a teenager I would have been on a night
and day like I would have been a broadcasting studio one-man show that’s
I’m jealous of them like my daughter she started her own channel but it’s it’s
like it’s her just kind of like dancing around and stuff I told her I was like
you might not want to put that up you know Leslie just put it on my channel
well that’s the thing you never know how it’s gonna be with consequences for them
in adventure you know who knows what’s gonna be important with her sister when
her sister plays it for when she gets married and then she what I found yeah
that’s not like a Polaroid it’s gonna 100% you can burn a pole right you can’t
burn the net oh no they live in a completely
different world than we ever grew up and do that’s for sure oh yeah well I
remember it was always just cartoons for me comic books and video games and that
hope the whole internet didn’t really didn’t introduce to me so I was like
maybe 12 or 13 is what it was it got you know it blew up yeah we got our first
broadband and I loved but it was only for my dad to do his work buddy
it was such a bit I remember downloading win oh my god
I remember downloading a certain piece of software that’s an operating system
way back when windows 98 yeah I I remember working in Dawson you know
downloading it on 56k took five nights and Sun dollars each oh man that’s crazy
and the chat was kind of like you’re seeing here but it was all it was called
a channel called mIRC and there was channels that would open up their own
FTP sites that’s how far that goes back where they turned their own computer
into a server empty ones and yes yes yes went back when IQ execu existed
anybody’s wondering I can’t even remember my own name half the time but
my number was seventy-five 608 for one I still remember by eight my I have no
idea and I tested it last year after all these years and I got in I had one
guy that I used to trade stuff with he’s still there but I still I still remember
my aim login and and AOL Instant Messenger was like that was your text
service well you see everybody got screwed in where I live because they got
those AOL CDs not realizing that the number was calling the states
oh they got nailed with huge huge ass bills like well you would think with how
close we are they’d finally figure out a way to call each other cheaper but I
still have to add a package to my cell service just so I can use it over there
but you know in Europe every country as small as they are every one of them you
still need another like if you’re using like pays you go SIM cards yeah none of
them will work in any of the countries I got a bag of them here literally a bag
of SIM cards states is cheaper to buy a package to call to Canada I know there
are lots of people have been talking about on media here the ones who live by
the border are actually going and having their phone packages monthly packages
registered even states because it’s cheaper to register them there and use
them here as day to day phones because states offer cheaper North America wide
packages and Canada does yep and and I think that’s to why you have to have an
unlocked phone in Europe yeah yes I was thinking about getting an unlocked phone
for when I go to Canada and then just pick up you know like a phyto account
and just yeah but it would be cheaper for you to get the package put on
probably than the Getty here because you guys as packages are a lot cheaper than
ours that’s true you know and I only really use my phone over there for GPS
yeah I know mostly because Toronto isn’t the same it
was in 2005 there’s so much construction everywhere by the way where are you are
you in the same areas so because we have to be careful when we go downtown
Buffalo Niagara Falls because phones will jump to Canadian towers all the
time same with us getting on the Border’s same thing for us he
gotta be sent it was that our doesn’t pop up sometimes when we’re coming back
from Canada my phone will stay on Rogers and up until we hit the 90 yeah so here
and it does jump away India very quickly well it scared I’m like I should turn
this off and turn it back on I might hit a sprint tower when I’m here because uh
I I used I use GPS and I stream music or or podcast that’s pretty much I use my
phone for well that’s what we’re saying the other night a phone that’s funny
they still call it a phone it’s like the only thing and it’s almost the least
thing it’s used for anymore yeah they should just go back to calling
them PDAs yes exactly because it suits that for what it’s used I agree what’s
the first place assisting I got a bag here I think I got 13 from 13 different
countries I got SIM cards a Suzy Channel I’m actually in Rochester New York so
I’m like if you look at Lake Ontario there’s Toronto we’re like right below
it that’s about the other is a perfect example because it seems like they are
somewhere right there when we were in but I was gonna say likeable prices of
cellphones in Latvia when we went for the summer
we got the SIM card we got it through Zegna cuz it was a tude came on to a two
year old break if you were a citizen right yeah we had unlimited calls and
six gigs of data a month and I came out to six dollars Canadian it’s insane Iceland at the top of the friggin world
where you should cost a fortune to do anything right I have my SIM card there
I always get the same package I get you know it’s five gigs of data yeah and 500
minutes for 18 dollars Canadian what yep I would love to have that here luckily
that’s why cuz everywhere we travel we do we do a lot of driving in Europe and
places so we’re always using my phone as the GPS and that’s why
because a rental car place will want 25 in Europe they want 25 bucks a day
Canadian for a GPS oh that’s that’s too much yeah where do you buy a SIM card
you know for five 10 bucks and have enough doubted he used to get you
through it’s unbelievable and technology hopefully it will keep you moving
forward where they’ll just get rid of gps’s – well yeah exactly our Middle
East make them global so you don’t need to connect anymore – you know – into a
net to get the names and stuff another thing over there – is flying like flying
over there so dirt cheap it’s the trains are expensive it’s the
flights that are nothing I flew from Edinburgh Scotland the Liverpool for
$15.50 Canadian that’s cheap yep we looked the other year there was we were
gonna do five cities together and we were flying on a Riga the capital odd
for you so it’s not like a big hub like London or anywhere we’re gonna do five
cities for 300 bucks for the two of us that’s that’s crazy it cost me 300 bucks
just to go down to Florida oh yeah and it’s the same country you would never
want to know what it because Canada’s got one of the highest flight costs in
the world it is beyond pathetic what you gotta fly from here to Vancouver you
wouldn’t believe the price you’re looking at a grand
well the that’s uh actually when I was looking at because I was gonna do a show
in Toronto and I was looking at flights to go to Toronto I was like holy crap I
might as well just drive well you said about the how much was it 300 you say to
fly to Florida bucks okay two years ago I had my trade show in Iceland it was
cheaper for me to drive from Montreal to Toronto than spend $300 for the ticket
from Montreal to Toronto alone Wow for a 55-minute flight you’re only horizontal
for literally 15 minutes in the hole but I I hate flying but sometimes you just
need to get there fast oh I love flying that’s the one thing I truly miss I love
everything about it I miss flying I missed when I left the
business the music business because they used to fly all the time and then when
we were traveling and I miss it every time I don’t want to go to the
airport or pass it because I think I want to start bawling my eyes the flying
part is what bothers me but I like the hustle and bustle of getting out of yes
and some will hate that I love it I love that yeah that feeling when you’ve
planned and so and you’re ready to explore you know it’s you can’t beat
that and even when you get to the airport like to kind of like the hustle
and bustle the excitement there’s all people coming and going you know it’s an
exciting place I really love that part of it because people take that for
granted you know everybody is at the airport for a reason it’s not and it’s
not like I just came for a walk you know they’re flying halfway across the world
they got a business opportunity coming up they’re getting married I mean
there’s a million stories just in that Airport going on every moment and
they’re probably all tired – yeah yeah exactly
I’ll I thrive on that kind of stuff I love it I grew up in a small small town
in eastern Quebec so I think my whole life was based on wanting that rush like
all the you know I was always craving that faster pace and stuff yeah it’s
always changed for me because you know I grew up in the city and so I I feel
comfortable in fast pace but now as I’m getting a little older
like my dream is to just get like a farmhouse in the sticks that zigzag is
dream right now – she’s in a car for 20 30 minutes just bumper-to-bumper with
someone yeah yeah the traffic doesn’t win me over I’ll be the first to say
that one yeah and you like if you ever go to New York City it’s the worst for
traffic oh yeah I used to be I was a 19 year old guy I’d lived a year to a
Montreal but I mean I used to come here to visit and I did Toronto and then I
decided to become a truck driver and when you get you know down with a
53-foot trailer running through parts of Brooklyn and stuff like that you realise
just how big the sidious and you’re definitely not prepared for it in any
shape or form as long as you didn’t go into
rocks yeah that’s right back then there’s all you know week we’re told by
cops never to stop with the lights at night just to drive through slow down
but never stop you’ll never get a ticket because you know between a truck and a
trailer you have those hoses yeah well that’s your airline hoses that’s it
supplies the air to your trailer they used to jump up on there at lights and
take a knife and slit the lines and then you lose all your air to your trailer
the big springs come out in your sitting duck and they would rob you at gunpoint
right there yeah that’s a lot better it’s not as bad as it used to be like
now they don’t even if you gotta come in at night usually have walk-in gates to
keep you at you know they get you what in the day whenever possible the
security is better they cleaned up a lot of those neighborhoods but when you
drive truck you’re always going to the worst part of town right no traffic
exactly there’s not a yuppie neighborhood surrounded by a bunch of
factories in that area you know yes they take factories that are abandoned and
turn them but not running ones or but you know all those dozens of place or
buy ports are horrible Sam good to see the scenic side of it
and you never know what’s around the corner sometimes you just it’s always it
the worst time like you think you’re so relaxed and then something pops up
hangover it always happens since yeah oh I feel so calm yeah that’s when the
lightning strikes you’re on edge nothing this is true that’s why they get you
when they get you yeah so it’s been we’re not I can’t thank you enough for
coming on tonight thank you enough for having me I had a blast
I’m so happy you got to know more about you I love your channel when we can set
up for your drawing and talk time because again I still have so many
questions like Germany and all those that you mentioned at the beginning but
I will keep them for the next time and I want we would love to have you again
next time I’ll try I’ll try to set up my phone as a secondary camera okay I see
that Google Hangouts lets you yes in dari camera yep though I’ll try that
and then I can draw as I’m talking that is amazing
that’s so so amazing and you’re really a man of many talents amazing it’s only
talent when you learn out of necessity well necessity breeds great things my
friends and you really do have an amazing talent thank you very much I
really appreciate it and thank you for having me on
I had a blast answering questions I wish I wish I could be here all night
oh well like I said we don’t have to begin I’m sure the wife wants you a bit
too here’s your birthday and that was very generous on your birthday I had a
blast right before the stream we my my wife bought a pizza for me so I we did
celebrate my birthday before I got on so it was nice to share it with with
everyone here so I that’s unbelievable that’s so nice you to say I’m so happy
you were here tonight and we’re definitely gonna be in touch real soon
okay sounds good thank you you take care of yourself okay I will
bye have a great night I know you still subscribe to his channel go and check it
out okay if you if you’re not convinced yeah yeah don’t know what will convince
you because to hear about his amazing talents and he’s such a talented artist
you got to go and see his work I just supposed to delink a little bit above so
please go and check it out heaters that are so much more I really think in
drawing in an animation yeah she’s still young enough to enjoy a birthday lol
here is so visible bottle caps we gotta get you on we gotta find a way we gotta
get you on the same doodle I hope you edit our channel cuz I’d really like to
keep connected so yeah oh yeah yeah oh my god it’s not my night
that’s why my husband has a ten-year-old younger boy that’s right my retirement
sometimes my brain gets fried too but some young bottle caps you’re stuck at
597 see you got six abortion errors in the last hour by the way I was just
reminding bottle caps an hour ago that he hit his 500 on the 12th of April and
now not even a week later I was almost hitting his 600 yeah no hassle no stress
he’s right there so if you haven’t supported bottle caps yet go over and do
it the Corky Canadian yes he is noble on the pieces and doodles thank you so much
sorry about that yes thank you so much and we are here
every night from 8:00 to 10:00 or longer p.m. except for Sunday Susie thank you
so much yeah it was so amazing to get to know that you were a colorist colorist
yeah that’s what we love about this is getting to know all these interesting
facts about everybody and as we see it’s not only about our guests is it about
our supporters visitors as well that’s so amazing seven overall I love your
voice and send send you happiness from New Orleans Louisiana well I grew up in
the gas busy which is right across from New Brunswick which of course is true
Acadians as well just like you guys so there is a connection thank you so much
yeah I don’t know what happened with the stream some people I’ve seen were booted
out like he lost his routine out for a bit and some few other people during the
stream so I don’t know maybe it’s a YouTube is shit today
I hope yeah you were able to get back yeah we’re one of those no one want to
leave okay guys and so once again II just wrote here thing great host and you
were an amazing amazing guest for so happy you got to get on this on the
street yes Susy was so nice she tweeted me a link to a Cole store online where
they have my wonder built perfume that I was talking about yesterday oh because I
was saying that I can’t find it okay they stopped making it so she was nice
enough to get in touch with me on Twitter and give me a link for it so I
haven’t checked though if they do if they are available in Canada through
that though but I I do appreciate it and was so sweet and you thought of me I
thought it was so nice mwah what’s so great bottle caps thank you for guys for
all your help North American trains hello oh we’re just please please please
please subscribe to us and leave a message so I can go in right to your
channel right after we’re done the live stream and we’re on every night except
for Sunday’s and then I gotta get a train guy on here soon that’s my next
step yes for sure and please yeah we get just
a message if you want to be a guest on our show we have a great lineup for the
rest of the week well we still have some spots left for the next week and we
would love to have you guys you’re all so amazing love to know tomorrow is here
to roll Tyrell Tyrell Emerson TV railroad tracks Oh stained glass
oh nice like I love that some people complain when they’re by
railway tracks I would be outside all day watching and if you haven’t
supported bottle caps please know one diva like a only three away from 600 I
just posted a link so just go and check it out and if you like it support he’s
been amazing supporter stream thank you so much Susie for
coming and being such a active participant in our live studio tonight
all through we love your channel I still remember
making a while when you were doing I don’t know if you wanna be done I said I
made you blush she was those night cream cakes yes it’s
just the rug with her fingers like that and I said yeah let’s get the little
blue but I enjoyed the review I still think every time I could see and yes
North American trains please like I say do that and come back as well because I
definitely have tried to connect more with the train guys as well I got to
meet some I definitely want to meet more oh yes the cream cakes yes yes yes
that’s what it is Antonia I find was to take that clip oh just change the music
onto it and slow down your fingers my 20% I think we’d all be kicked off for
you to custom card so not only is your channel great to watch I’ve gotten over
100 supporters over the last two weeks lots of great people here thank you so
much I went from close mm to 303 IQ dropped is that what you’re saying wow I
hope not that’s kind of weird I would be writing a letter to you too
you know because some fluctuation is normal everybody goes through it but to
lose like 70% of your supporters is quite unusual so I would be contacting
YouTube support getting them a message out and see what they say about it that
might be some mistake too you know AI and and so on yeah that’s really good
yes that that’s shocking yeah it’s more than shocking I know
Wow but as we said like it gets unsupported automatically Oh
you don’t show your uggs I want to call what you don’t show your subs yeah
really you should be showing your subscription I kind of just because it
prompts people to subscribe if they can see how many do you have in the imma
crater chats and stuff like that wanna see me talking that’s one thing people
notice they do a lot better once they start showing their numbers and it’s
funny if you’re worried because you have a lower number it actually helps you
more I’ve seen that as we’re getting higher up now we don’t it’s not as easy
to get people to come to us they I think they almost think well now that they’re
higher they don’t want to you know they don’t want to support anybody else so if
you’re hiding it because your numbers are lower it actually works better
you’re favored to show it yeah it’s like hiding something yeah we’re not doing
but people’s minds work mysterious ways so you want to get more supporters
probably would be better if you show how many do you have no matter how many are
there I still can’t get over that yeah and please please right – no – you need
support just a quick note and tell them what
happened and see what they say because it can be also a mistake you know um I
love off studios good being very kind with people all the I’s you’re so sweet
you we have such such great supporters yeah warm I wouldn’t do this if it
wasn’t for you guys not like I’m saying I’m doing it before you got like you
guys make it work you know just to hear this oh yeah I’m just yeah it’s so nice
I like that you guys are all actively involved in supporting each other and
talking with each other it was a guest and it feels like no matter you know
it’s not the conversation only with the guests that we have no matter how
amazing they are but it’s always a conversation among all of us yeah you
know you guys in the chat and person that is our guests and us
and that was that’s what we like so much and we try as much to get everybody
involved in the conversation because it’s awesome you know it’s about all of
us like we say about our text Tuesday’s you know me and I have questions
me and you have questions and and me and you have answers exactly we all found
each other through community and this is just extending the community and exactly
like I got to know so much about Suzy for example tonight
it’s amazing would have never guessed you know minee as well as we talk with
more and more guests they find more and more similarities among all of us and I
think that’s what makes us so close-knit that our stories intertwine and we get
more associations with our personalities we definitely we forget that that’s
exactly what I was gonna say we forget that there’s people behind all these
videos that go up and it’s amazing how sometimes the person is so much
different than what we thought they would be based on the the content that
they share yeah like I still shocked about the other week when we had musky
horns on mm-hmm and for those of you who doesn’t know we had musky who has a
channel for his fishing coffee well when he came on our stream in and AB that we
get to know the keys and actually PhD student in is investigating the
connection between soil and salt concentration and all that so PhD
student and our live stream I’m still shocked by it so that’s just an example
of how we really don’t know what’s going on behind the channels and that’s what’s
so amazing about it step up all you’re taking for tours of
the trains do you follow us on instagram because i would love to see your images
are you on instagram or maybe you are on another platform that you post your
pictures on I love to see Reis it’s well thank you for saying that push
the studios well it’s true I mean our channels a little is us and that’s where
we found where to fit into him and we started like a lot of you guys that are
here in the I’m a creator movement and we’re just an extension that but we’re
not we’re promoting it but we always promote it always recommend people to go
there are still telling people today like I’m meeting new ones and telling
them to go check it out it’s a great place to build support we are there we
just kind of do it a little differently we’re not that it we you know as many
other channels have gotten supports through it and to die that but everybody
you know it’s like going to kindergarten and then to school and then to
university eventually in branch out and I think each of the channels who are
also are or have been a part of one creator has found their own niche and
what they love doing it and you know I ranching out as well not forgetting it
no Brad you know and we’re helping it in our own way because you guys are coming
here in that’s an extension and if we all did the same channel all day I feel
like the message would get totally lost and this way everybody’s kind of
contributing it’s like meal time you don’t eat the same thing that you eat
for breakfast for lunch for dinner for supper and for snack and I really
believe we’re kind of a bit for people like that bedtime snack if you will we I
don’t want to just sit here in a couch and talk about you know full exam you
folding clothes and me complaining about the hockey team doing bad you could you
guys deserve more than that and we really do put a lot of work into it to
to what we bring to you guys it is a lot of work behind here and I’ll and I think
we love doing it you know it’s exam he’s only scheduling people working with
Twitter we have people who reschedule we found in a couple times in the last
minute and yeah there’s always more to behind a tourism you see
yeah you start all this hijacking studios there was a question from custom
cards Oh offer studio said you can use two cameras when you stream live is that
true and can you use more than I’m not sure if you can because he’s using OBS
which he can do but I don’t know for your transfer back to us that’s kind of
the catch with it the problem is is that hangouts is really good at doing multi
panel of chats but it’s awful pretty much at everything else where OBS has
graded everything else except for multi panel chats so that’s kind of the catch you can also do from two different
accounts like yeah if you want to fool it yeah do your stream from your own
account and then the secondary well the other cameras from other account invited
yourself in and then you can switch to it there’s a trick with that you’re
gonna be careful as you’re gonna make sure that you do have a lot of not a
real estate bandwidth which is true but it’s your upload that counts an upload
is usually the poorer side of any bandwidth so that’s where it can get
tricky yeah so if you have it in a good level then you can do it if not and
probably not but like I was saying a while ago guys really really and find
your own voice remember where you came from always remind people where they can
grow and do it in your own fashion that’s really important to remember and
do that in everything you do on YouTube guess we hit a 1k mark but we’re not
done growing we’re just beginning and I like meaning channels I’m doing one
today that had 13 subscribers and I think no less are no worse than the one
that has 20,000 every everybody has a voice here and when I first when we
first started excuse me we only had 42 and there was lots of bigger channels
that helped us and really in the scheme of things were what I I think we just
hit 1285 which is great it’s
huge never thought we’d get this high in such a short time but we’re not a
gigantic Channel I mean we’re a blip I check on social blade ranking we’re well
3.6 million something or other but when we started this in February we’re
actually 11 million so in that scheme of things we’ve jumped six million ahead
but there’s still watts you know we’d only dream of being that
sighs just don’t would remember to support each other and join all the
chats and like I’m creator there’s a lot of new ones coming in on those chats
that they’re waiting for somebody like us to help them out as well same as here
well tracking Studios asking what is a good camera to livestream with that is
or that is not expensive I assume you would yeah who you would want to know
not expensive well you want to tell what we have yeah right now we’re using $100
we just bought it after what a second a third livestream yeah like that yeah and
it’s the Microsoft the Logitech excuse me I should say c9 22 and that’s what we
use we’re not running a camera through right now so and it does the trick for
what we do I mean if this is taking off the way it is and it seems to be I may
will upgrade later but so far has done everything we want okay yeah I mean it
depends again you know that HD cameras there are different prices this seems to
be good it’s also came with a little cute tripod that I can’t show you now
but no I just thought that thing I thought I think it’s okay but great you
don’t really need any bells and whistles on it really you know yeah also lots of
laptop cameras are good enough to you it just depends again what kind of laptop
do you have so well thank you it looks good yeah Oh Paulie you have Facebook is
run by fans your films what is I want to check your
face yeah here in the meantime there’s there’s the camera that we is so you can
see it comes with a little tripod there’s another picture of it I don’t
know yeah oh it unfolds to see I didn’t know yes
here oh I didn’t know this option because we never keep it on top of the
laptop that’s why yeah now because of your different bands my channel is damn
demos on YouTube so it’s me for sure okay
are you gonna be secretive or can I find you on facebook just they just got very
interesting there’s almost no information on your channel like didn’t
you have your videos but there’s no like about section or anything yeah and you
have fan page and Facebook I would like to know more y’all are so cool together
and uplifting thank you yes thank you yeah lot of DSLR well I don’t know about
this a lot but like SLR cameras some of them are not compatible with direct
streaming so before you go and spend money on like SLR Rd DSLR camera like
Canon Nikon Sony and all that check if it actually is compatible with
live-streaming because sometimes for example it’s compatible with live
streaming but you can’t see what you’re doing like it’s it’s very different like
yeah cuz they’re really not meant for that so it’s kind of like a side feature
yeah and and lots of people use it but mostly for recording videos not for live
streaming so check before you buy anything and like a big camera check it
out if it works that or not you don’t make the same
mistake I did and buy crappy Kanna well I hope it wasn’t poisoned shit lol no
mine is not Canon – sunny but yeah it’s an older version but I’m still happy or
it does we talked before it’s not really doesn’t matter what kind of camera do
you have some welcome back this natural journey yeah just going just thing by
people didn’t want to leave so we were we were ending the stream like a half an
hour ago but nobody wanted to leave so we’re just talking away can you do throw
I don’t think you can do alive I don’t believe I’m not say 99% chance no but
why I’m saying it because our balloon man yesterday he was saying prior to
having a stream with us that he usually has a GoPro he takes videos with the
district who is using his laptop yeah so that’s why I would assume no much and
as a disclaimer were not we’re not experts on live-streaming like I’ve said
time and time again we had no plans of ever doing it we had nothing ready never
looked into it so I that I wish I have to bring myself up more to speed on to
myself so I can’t really give out a lot of great advice on the hardware and the
I love trying a live stream and while I was with my testing channel the only
thing I don’t understand is the screen share that was very confusing
okay the screen shares yeah I do that but it’s gonna like dings I love so but
you’re just gonna picture there you have your screen share so the best way to do
it is take up if I will say you want to share a web page well you have your
Google Chrome and then you have your windows hangouts put them side by side
on your desktop then click on share screen and then always the easier one to
do is to share is the application window I want to try entire stream but I always
have trouble with it let’s just see what happens yes see this starts to go so I can’t
even show where I’m grabbing there okay well you can see there okay
so we’ll try this and see the worse so there’s your screen share where I went
you’re gonna click it oh and it turns it off the straights oh yeah that’s not
gonna work at all you can’t show yeah I was trying to see
if there was a way around I’m pretty sure there’s a video on YouTube yeah you
go and check in YouTube how to use a screen share on hangouts there’s gonna
be somebody who recorded it and that’s your journey oh sorry yeah and by the
way we’ll do a dry run with you okay so don’t worry about that the natural
journeys of what some of your vids last night very cool
thank you I’m hoping a god at some point I can get some more new ones up
you must rouse though waiting uh you crowd yeah you ain’t for I was gonna
come hopefully so that’s been sitting there like like 99% ready to go for well
since we started the live streams or just after and yeah even that one is
still not done it’s heard I know life just don’t seem
like much it’s just saying I’m talking but there’s so much in getting guests
and doing up the promos and stuff it literally is a way bigger job than we
ever guessed was gonna be mixed in with our regular work mixed in with the kids
it’s a time has become a very precious commodity lately it feels like so do you
have any where you upload your train photos stuff I just would like to see I
have some train photos too but mostly because I just was sitting beside a
Andrew when he was taking his videos ah yeah she’s a good she’s oh my god
killing her she’s here yes that’s true yeah we were hitting different people
here yeah okay well cool yeah well guys yeah any more questions
tomorrow we’re gonna uh I will tell you about our next week somebody had taken
away my calendar well okay anyway without the calendar I can tell you that
tomorrow we’re gonna have a very interesting conversation as always I’m
not gonna tell ya so you gotta check out Twitter in the afternoon or check in at
8 p.m. Eastern Time tomorrow that’s gonna be amazing
a little bit basically Kara she technically Paul I don’t even know who
it is tomorrow and then Friday Friday we’re gonna have a very touchy oriented
guest so although we have our Tuesday attack top usually on Tuesdays yeah I’m
sure there’s gonna be lots of questions you are gonna have on Friday because our
guest knows a lot about that and so that’s gonna be quite exciting if you
have any questions and you haven’t managed to ask them on Tuesday during
our live streams then come on Friday 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time and ask your
questions to us and our guest you say your webcam is fuzzy hey if we can make
you out and nobody can tell you’re there it’s all good don’t worry about that
yeah yeah don’t worry about that don’t don’t get those dressed sometimes talk
is joy that’s right it would be cool to GoPro livestream I could sit on my porch
of New Orleans and share the beauty oh my god I want to be there you’re halfway
to your goal of 1.2 K killing her excellent yes you’re gonna be shaving
you know when you keep the goal that’s right so please come you know and go
support killing art definitely your fellow artist was here you are you have
a little bit different style but the same the same category
hey we had order of studios today on as the guest so killing guard you haven’t
seen it after we upload go back and watch it was some awesome stuff which
were talking about drawings Jake Carroll is that take care of this
need not oh my god now we’re getting now we’re getting
tired you can tell we’re all stumbling on our words have this natural journey
you take care of this guest DM us if you know somebody that you think is gonna be
a great guest on our live stream d amaz that on Twitter or social studios just
hit me up with the message and we’ll figure it out don’t worry about anything
we’ll walk you through it come back and give a like to their live stream you
haven’t yet and leave a comment that you have been here we do guys sorry about
that I think we’re starting to stumble on our words it’s time to yeah I’m sorry
okay for a G yes I know I feel so bad cause I mean I love you guys and
definitely will they were talking when I get you on soon so yeah
do you love bikes cars come on tomorrow 8:00 p.m. Eastern creating

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