Our Big Bear Family

JIM KOWALCZIK: We’re one big bear family! JIM KOWALCZIK: Our bear family is like every other family and stuff, you love them to
death, but there’s other times they drive you nuts, right? COMM: Jim and Susan run a centre for orphaned wildlife in Otisville, New York. SUSAN KOWALCZIK: I’m there every day, but he is the one that walks in the door and everybody
lights up. You know and it’s kind of funny, because they just love him to death. SUSAN KOWALCZIK: Come on, go inside or get out of the way! And I’m the one that does
all the work and he just has to walk in the door. COMM: This is Jimmy, a 21-year-old Kodiak bear rescued from a closing wildlife park.
He’s just one of the eleven bears that lives with them. JIM KOWALCZIK: They’ll knock you around a little bit and stuff, nothing, you know,
not maliciously, you know, but you gotta watch you don’t get scratched or poked in the
eye or something. Hey! You know better than that, what’re you doing? It’s all right. They could kill you, you know. He’d just have to hit you on time. COMM: Kodiak bears are one of the largest species in the world. SUSAN KOWALCZIK: He’s about 1400lbs and if he stood up on you on his hind legs, he’d
probably be about 9 feet tall. JIM KOWALCZIK: Think the strongest person you know or whatever and you can magnify that
by a thousand times. Yeah, he’s big! I mean, a small bear will kick your butt and he’s
got so much strength, all he would have to do is lay on you. SUSAN KOWALCIZK: He’s like them, he’s like a bear. He has no, no fear of them, it’s
really amazing! JIM KOWALCZIK: We’ve had Jimmy for 21 years now, got him as a little cub and he’s been
with us his whole life. COMM: Taking care of bears throughout their lives means that Jim and Susan develop deep
bonds with the animals. Interviewer: It’s actually the same as somebody who is mourning their child. Susan: Yeah, it’s, you know, it’s the same thing. You spend a lot of time with them, we care so much for them. We lost 4 altogether so far here. Jim: Would be just like burying one of your family members. I can’t do this! COMM: Back at the centre, it’s lunchtime. COMM: In the wild, these bears need to eat up to 90lbs of food every day. Everything
from baby elks to spawning salmon, berries and plants. JIM KOWALCZIK: You guys ready to eat? COMM: And here the bears enjoy a daily diet of meat, grains, breads, fruit and veg, with
the occasional marshmallow treat. JIM KOWALCZIK: These bears once in a while, they’re always looking for food, they really
don’t want for anything other than attention. COMM: One of the other bears at the centre is Jenny. SUSAN KOWALCIZK: When the bears are little and they’re with their mother, after they
drink their milk, they’ll suckle on her for a time and they, they make this little
noise that you hear. She just never grew up, she still does this. She looks at me as if
I’m her mother. When she gets to the pinky, she likes to just bite down on that pinky.
I love being around her and I’m happy that she feels that way about me still after all
these years. Oh peanuts? All right, I have some peanuts. SUSAN KOWALCIZK: It’s all a wonderful thing to watch them grow up and, and to have them
from very little and, and to make an impression on them.
JIM KOWALCIZIK: They’re like your children, that’s how much you love them. And they
give a lot back to you too, you know they, they love you just as much. Sometimes you
take it for granted, but it is a special relationship. SUSAN KOWALCZIK: Yeah, the bears are everything to me. I, I would do anything for them. I
spend all day with them every day. JIM KOWALCIZK: This is our life and we’re one big bear family!

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100 Responses

  1. Jonah says:

    the only thing bigger than a majestic kodiak bear..

    ..is this dude balls

  2. ryan murphy says:

    there lucky they haven't got eaten alive yet

  3. faris almalki says:

    food should be offered for poor people

  4. Molly Morrison says:

    im using this for homework LOL

  5. lalalarebecca23 says:

    The bear that nipped the other bear put his head down so quick cause he knew he was about to get in trouble with Dad

  6. Bob Wagnon says:

    He is so cute. The problem is even if he moves is paw fast one way by accident he can brake a man's leg or arm:(

  7. Andre Acario says:


  8. Truyện kinh dị says:

    when we (human) make friend with animals, we almost were hypnotized by them, we use all our life to live with them. so far, i have not any BF, because i don't have time enough for my dogs.

  9. ryantube says:

    Bears are more predictable then big cats. So

  10. J Baldwin says:

    These bears are magical! And so are these people. Thank you for doing such great work.

  11. Boumesbah Rachid says:

    Super star of the movie " the edge "

  12. Emily L says:

    This is terrifying…. 😕

  13. Emily L says:

    How do you even bury a bear?? How would you even lift its corpse??

  14. Martin Quin says:

    I wonder if Jimbo the big bear is still alive? He seems to be very old for a bear.

  15. AquaticPath12 says:

    That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

  16. Mr.G says:

    Can you image someone walking a Full Grown BEAR down the street on a leash?!!! 😂😂😂😂

  17. Hycix says:

    Imagine you want to rob their hou and you just see a fucken bear horde running at you

  18. Stole your beans says:

    The way the bear say behind him was so awesome

  19. SUGAR LIFE says:


  20. Landon Trammell says:

    This so cool, i thought I wanted a dog until now

  21. Lynn Morris says:

    Those big beautiful babies!!!😍😘💕 So sweet!!!✨✨

  22. Rivo Mino says:

    Was wondering why was he wearing seat belts while petting a bear? And have noticed they aren't seat belts lol..

  23. Aidan Leather says:


  24. ALI Faheem says:

    This guy is like a ceaser millan but training with bears XD i should learn from this dude the next time i play red dead redemption 2 XD

  25. Ethan McLaughlin says:

    They have some real weird dogs

  26. DrifterMW says:

    Polish blood that explains everything

  27. C Money says:

    They better NOT ever let them go hungry.

  28. Melanie says:

    Those bears could turn on you and bite your head off.

  29. Aub rey says:

    i want to hug a bear too 😭😭😭😭😭

  30. Monica Molina says:

    I cried, the bears are so beautiful

  31. Manohar HC says:

    Nowadays kids, I have teddy bear. This family I have a real 🐻..

  32. badroger68 says:

    becoming a human burger is a matter of time those 2 have a death wish.

  33. Kostěj Nesmrtelný says:

    So are those people still alive?

  34. いとうちえ says:


  35. dennis dringle says:

    lol youve lost it youd be like cheese on taoast for one of these…maybe just toast

  36. Danny Danko says:

    I love bears

  37. Raymond Brokke says:

    I love these bears and their friends also!

  38. BOBO c says:


  39. Antonella Riquelme 7w7 says:

    How many food eat that thing in one day?

  40. T Br says:

    We need crazy people like this for our entertainment

  41. HowToChange Now says:

    This man can fight in ww3 and take on the world

  42. Kamal Rahman says:

    When you say big bear, you literally mean big bear.

  43. gottaloveit gottaloveit says:

    Awesome family!

  44. Frank Rampersad says:

    Now kids, you see what happens when you feed your Teddy Bear after midnight?! The more you do it, the bigger it grows until one morning–BANG!! You wake up and you can't get out of bed, on account that there's this 1400 pound beast lying on top of you…slowly crushing you! That's why there is absolutely, no eating in bed! Beware!

  45. Tina Smith says:


  46. Robert L. Crocker says:

    Gotta get one of your kodiaks on the gridiron. It would be a star.

  47. Hayden Cook says:

    This is like the third time it's been recommended to me

  48. psychotic kittykat says:

    This family is the bears next target..the bear has been plotting to have this family as his buffet for years, but he's waiting for the right moment.

  49. Tie'ths Rose says:

    Am Believable…

  50. Elvis Meitei says:

    Animals don't fake emotions

  51. andrej stojkovic says:

    When your pet is bigger than you

  52. Raphael Aegis says:

    You are fantastic people with a beautiful bear.

  53. Ritchie Valens says:

    Bless you both and your Bears ❤️

  54. juan ponce says:

    First of all when u feed bears human food raw meat ur turning them in to bad animals

  55. Naomi Alexia says:

    Bears:am big
    Thieves:No your not your just a big fat bear.
    Bears:-eats hoomans-
    Bears:am donald trump bear version

  56. Deborah Pearl says:

    Big & ferocious animals are not supposed to be reared but to be left alone.

  57. Jignesh Tawde says:

    These people are angels in disguise!

  58. Maajo Valdez says:

    They’ve already lost 4 bears. I know that they love them but isn’t it better to let them free??? They should be in their habitat

  59. Article 69 says:

    how can he move around with those massive balls

  60. Atharva Kulkarni says:

    Boi they t h i c c

  61. WillJM81280 says:

    While I appreciate people who save wildlife, these folks are asking for it. One day the bears won’t feel like playing.

  62. Gordon WEST says:

    Big 💙 to Beasly.

  63. Gordon WEST says:

    Beastly correct spelling

  64. Gordon WEST says:

    Beast Buddies. These folks are something. Is what I meant to say. Jimmy is a big boy. Wow.

  65. alex west says:


    no need lock doors EVER!!!!!!!!!

  66. Boston Chris says:

    When the bear bit the other bear I feel like he was protecting the human.

  67. Boston Chris says:

    Anyone else noticed that massive scar on the side of that guy’s head? I’m guessing he got it playing with bears. So for him to still be fearless is just awesome

  68. Litsa Macri says:

    Waking – Waking…….

  69. Aline 21o says:


  70. SuckMy SpinningBalls says:

    Wow. I'm glad it hasn't turned because there's virtually no way of escaping such a beast if they decide to.

  71. Mike Fitzpatrick says:

    The head and neck of that bear ways as much as jims whole body

  72. lemeilleur92 says:

    That hairy animal is huge! The bear is pretty big too.

  73. CristopherAlexander VelazquezGranda says:

    ese senor esta mamadisimo

  74. Wagner Barboza Cunha says:


  75. keeana cannon says:

    BRAINS REALLY!!!!!?.??

  76. laurenbear18 says:

    awwww big fat chubby fluffy brown bears 😊😊 💗

  77. Gary Fischer says:

    Very impressive, but…one day a nice older couple has gone missing until bear scat was checked.

  78. Chris Semmens says:

    I'm a bear hunter and its not like people gun down bears whenever they see them. So you probably wouldn't get shot but if u in the woods, you'd better not play any pranks or else u might just end up dead.

  79. 2070Tube says:

    bears are so cute

  80. Steam Powered Maniac says:

    Rest In Peace Jimbo the Bear.

  81. josh walts says:

    Plot twist he is a gay old bear found him on grindr

  82. Tommy Desimone says:

    Sup with the monkey in the advertisment ?

  83. Zsombor Pigniczki says:


  84. Zsombor Pigniczki says:

    Magyar vagyok úgyhogy nem nagyon tudok angolul én németül meg spanyolul meg oroszul tudok de angolul nem

  85. Chandra Danuarta says:

    Wow thats a big dog right there …

  86. مزعل المالكي says:

    الطائف 😘⁦🇸🇦⁩✋

  87. Exclusive drill leaks says:

    robbers cant bear this

  88. yo yups says:

    Respect for u sir n mam

    Here in india there is no emotional attachment for animals..the organization for animals care eat up n scam up the fund for animals.. I wish the economic corruption can come to end in india and populaton and unemployment gets controlled before this country see people killing people for money n property..

  89. yo yups says:

    I wish those who care for animals n nature never get old .. Wat they will do without u..

  90. Sharon Newberger says:

    Real heros! beautiful story~

  91. ZOUHIRE ZOUHIR says:

    Khabibe nurmagomedov is here

  92. 24KGoldRock says:

    Wife: They love him to death
    Bear: Hold my beer

  93. Robert M says:

    Do you wanna get eaten? Cause this is how u get eaten 💯

  94. Voulez-vous français avec moi ? says:


  95. Tina Mercuri says:

    I couldnt do that even if i was given 150.billion dollars

  96. Ian Lopez says:

    Getting far cry 5 vibes

  97. Moraco Mole says:

    Jim disables all the comments in his Jimbo videos
    guess it was too painfull to be remembered of his loss every day

  98. Ирина Огей says:

    https://youtu.be/2KKE9Abpfx0 ПРОЛЕТАРИИ ВСЕХ СТРАН, ОБЪЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ!!!!

  99. SuperHkang says:

    terrific people ! awesome.

  100. Fadia Alameddine says:

    Your so lucky I have a dog but bears are better!

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