Our Deaf Puppy Is Getting So Big!

E: Hi Java! E: Hey Java! E: Look at you you’re so big already E: You can see her stripes are coming in so her E: she’s a brindle so she has these stripes E: and when she was younger, it was hard to see E: but now they’re getting lighter E: so she looks like a little tiger E: and the top of her head is getting lighter too. Good morning Sign Fam. An update on Java: she has grown so much. I swear she grows every time she takes a nap She grows, maybe like a centimeter or something. Her palms grew a lot, too. You’re so big already. Also, we’re getting the washer today, finally. I’m running out of underwear and I need a you know, wash my clothes they should be coming soon. We’re getting it delivered and installed. But Ryan needs to clean the garage. He has some of his car stuff Because he’s been working on his transmission. His transmission. *clanging dishes* Sleep. We need to hurry so we can clean the garage. Because the washer is coming today. Need to clean. Oh, do you need help? Yes. I need help. I need help. You’ll see why. Not proud of it, but I mean you’re working on your car. It’s gonna get messy. So, prepare for a messy garage. I’m so happy we’re getting the washer because like I need clean clothes. I need clean towels. Can you help me move that under the car? Can’t scrape because it’s expensive. Gotta lift it and then push it under. Then that should be fine. I’m rebuilding the transmission now. I need the measuring tape. It’s in another one. Why do I have this? I don’t even use it. Actually, should be fine. Cute Ellen tried to leave to run errands but look what happened She’s laying on you now. Almost was leaving and then she went and walked up like “Where are you going??” and brought her back here. You little silly goose. Now I have to stay. Yes, when is the washer going to be delivered? 9 or 11? Yeah, I thought 11, but actually checking again is at one. E: They must have changed it. I don’t know, I wasn’t really sure. So 1 o’clock. That’s like two hours He’s like this You’re probably wondering why the garage is a mess and why the engine and transmission is everywhere. Well now, I’m building a track car. Full build track car and take me longer than I expected for sure. But, it’s getting there. Now, I’m rebuilding the transmission because it’s bad. So, rebuilding now waiting for the parts to come because it’s a European car. The parts take forever to come in so. I keep forgetting, like wait I should have been done but I keep forgetting the parts Like one part takes 2 weeks one part, 3 weeks Order Arrives Ready Oh, another part Order, it arrives I went to the dealership yesterday. I hope they have all parts, right? Because it’s the dealership They should have parts, but they didn’t have the parts. They said we have to order from Germany, two weeks. Why did I even go to the dealership. Then I planned to drift Learn to drift, I have never drifted before. I want to learn. Why not build a car and do it myself? Learn. Or race. I forgot the name. there are different levels of classes You can go to different classes. I think I will go into the lower class because I plan to keep A/C It’s heavy. The A/C is really heavy I plan to keep the inside I want to keep the inside nice because I plan to bring Java too I have to go to the races I want to keep it nice inside I don’t know yet I think most like to drift for sure. Ever since I was a kid I was around cars because my father taught me everything about cars. He had himself a 1951 Chevy truck. It was really nice. He built it all himself. That’s why I saw and learned from him. Now, I am trying to do the same thing Try to build myself Smells like peanut butter We put some peanut butter and ice in her kong. E: She’s bored now. E: why are you bored? Was there not enough left? She ate it all. Had to stop at Cream Pan. So good. If you guys haven’t been there you guys should go. It’s really good. E: Bring it back! E: Yay!!! She’s so good at fetch. Ryan taught her. She’s good now. Every time she brings it back Every time she brings it back, but almost every time she bites it for a little bit before she releases it. *squeak* E: Bad throw on my part. E: Java! She gets distracted easily though, it’s a bad throw. E: Java What do you do if she tries to play tug of war with you? I just let it go. I mean a little bit it’s fine like, you know, but not like Tuggy See she drops it anyways E: bring it back! E: Yay! *squeak* She knows that we we’re happy with her when we do this jazz hands *whining* E: Java (ELLEN SINGS) Ha ha ha ha, I la ha ha love you, you are so funny, ba da da da da ba da da da da E: Love you It is the next day and it has been a night. Night R: I don’t even know mare The past day for 24 hours. We have gone without water. When we got a new washer we paid for people to install. $25 for hose and everything. Paid for them to install. I didn’t want to break it. Don’t want to be responsible So, they came and put it in and looked great, no damage perfect. Then, they tried to turn on the water faucets E: These things? E: Yeah, those two. That one was fine. This one was stuck. He told me, “oh it’s stuck.” I was like, “Oh, Okay.” I didn’t really have time to think of a response because he was hurrying Then they asked,” you have a main line?” Water line from street to the house and I said I don’t know where. There were two guys, One guy, left I didnt pay attention but Turns out he did turn it off from over there And guess what? He broke it so we had to fix the whole thing. They wouldn’t fix it, so we had a talk with their manager. We had a talk with Home Depot and honestly, all of them just weren’t very helpful and It’s just, it was a pain in the butt and Ryan and his brother had to get it fixed themselves. Anyways, I’m really, I was really upset. What did you say? I’m saying I was really upset. I told them we’re returning it and we’re gonna get it from Lowe’s okay? just It’s not worth it Okay, just let it go Just find another way right? Yeah, but the one thing that I’m so thankful because when the guy So when they bring deliver the washer they have you they have you sign a release form it says you release your they get to release liability from the washer because you sign and say we accept it and One part said no damage to the property and they did do damage to the property so we were like no, we’re not going to sign it and he was trying to say well you Well there are were three lines and then the signature at the bottom He said, that the signature didn’t apply to all of them but I was like no, if you sign that then it applies to all of them. Yeah, he was trying to like say that not Yeah, for 15-20 minutes he was pushing it and I was like, let’s just sign it because I’m such a pushover, you know. ah, you’re not a push over just they tried to make you feel bad like you were wrong. Yeah, yeah, anyways, for you guys out there, R: Keep that in mind. E: yeah R: Keep in mind if that if something happens, don’t sign anything Talk to Home Depot first Yeah, you guys need to protect yourselves. File a claim first. Last time we weighed her, she was 12 pounds 12.6 12.7 Wow, heavy She has like tripled her weight and her size in the past two weeks She’s growing so fast. she’s gonna be an adult soon. don’t cry, it’s okay. E: I’m not crying E: I’m not crying! E: I’m not crying! E: Java Thank you guys so much for watching our vlog! We really, really, appreciate it. And if you’re not subscribed subscribe to the Sign Fam and get your notifications when we post and we’ll see you guys next time. Love you Bye!! Sign Duo OUT!

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66 Responses

  1. Ace Me says:

    Am I just so early that there aren't any captions yet? Lol.
    Hi Ryan, Ellen, and Java! Love you all. Hope you're having an amazing day! Especially Ryan, because he's adorbs. ❤️

  2. Blossom Bunny says:

    Yayy! I'm always waiting for an upload from you guys! ❤

  3. Luz Valle says:

    Cute java ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Who's reading? ??

  4. crystalg1087 says:

    So happy I had my notifications turned on!!! Love you guys and of course Java!! ????

  5. Shaikha Almasoud says:


  6. jordy s says:

    love you guys!!!???

  7. Ancient Asmr says:

    I love your videos! So educational and inspiring ☺️❤️

  8. OurSignedWorld says:

    RYAN IS SO GOOD AT MECHANICS! I wish I knew more. Where did you learn or are you self taught? -Zach

  9. B121 says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!! A new video!! I just discovered y'alls channel (trying not to do my homework) and I AM ADDICTED! I hope you and Ryan are doing great and hope you both have something planned for Halloween!!
    Love you both, keep up the good work! <3

  10. Christine Nadolski says:

    Adorable Java!

  11. Riley .H says:

    Puppy’s grow so fast! It’s insane it’s like you go to bed and the next morning they’ve tripled there size.

    But Java is soo cute!! And for her to let you touch her paws and not freak out that shows a lot of trust. You guys are doing
    1:30 was soo cute!! I can tell Java has Ryan rapped around her little paws ?

  12. Taniaaa v says:

    Sign fan!??‍♀️???

  13. Thegaia Mind says:

    When you pay for someone to do a good job but break it and don’t wanna take responsibility

  14. blackquiver says:

    I saw somthing cool..a person takeomg pictures of their cat…from birth to old age..it was pretty cool.

  15. Thegaia Mind says:

    No way Ryan is getting played he’s like nope once you sign it it applies to all

  16. Scott Goldie says:

    Awesome video. That’s not right, The guys delivering should take responsibility for the damage.

  17. LovelyJacklie says:

    oh my gosh i always love your dog like i love to see your dog to grow up 🙂
    sorry i am deaf and i am not good at grammar this is my second language lol

  18. Faith B says:

    Ryan where did you get the soy sauce shirt ?!!

  19. Savannah Roberts says:

    You should’ve gotten your money back. That’s irresponsible on their part, not yours. I’m glad you guys were able to get it fixed though.

  20. Jo Jo Kukahiko says:

    Omg!! I can't believe that happen.. I am so sorry thats not cool.. how can ryan stay so calm!! I would be super mad..

  21. Katrina K says:

    1: Java's so freaking cute I love her so much.
    2: WOW HOME DEPOT TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY. I'm sorry you guys had to go through that. I'm frustrated on your behalf!

  22. Molly Koski says:

    I am so sorry about what happened to your house!! And of course Java is such a cutie pie ? I love her tiny puppy nails! They’re so cute (it’s a weird vet tech thing, we like puppy nails!)

  23. Chase Webb says:

    Hi Ryan, Ellen, and Java. Wow, Java grow so much. I am also deaf like Ryan and I have same kind dog what Java was. But my dog " Bear" is not deaf. She will grow to be beautiful dog!

  24. valeria delgado says:

    Yayy ! I missed you guys ! I wish you would upload every day every hour I love your vlogs ??

  25. Amy Westbeld says:

    Java is beautiful and growing so fast!

  26. Joy says:

    Oh wow! Java did get so big! ◡̈ Also, so sorry to hear about the nightmare about your washer, I’m glad you guys didn’t sign for it and thanks for the heads up in case this ever happens to any of us in the future! ◡̈

  27. V Bentley says:

    Bad + dream, but I had to look it up. I watch to learn. ?

  28. Roberta says:

    Do you plan to spay Java or breed her?

  29. Kellie E says:

    I have been watching you guys for maybe a month now. I love your relationship and I feel like watching is helping my Signing A LOT. Thank you for that.
    I don’t know if you’ve ever talked about this or even care to share… but Ryan were you born deaf or did something happen to cause it?
    My grandpa was born deaf, never met him but my aunt know ASL and I have been fascinated by ASL because of her.

  30. Thalia sweet pea O'Neal says:

    Awe ❤️

  31. Macayla Brooks says:

    Java is getting so so so big!!! She’s is the cutest doggy ever!! I can’t wait to get a dog one day!!!! ???

  32. PamelaGoesToNars says:

    i want to see you guys to day-to-day things like grocery shopping or doing chores!

  33. Kody Gee says:

    I like his shirt, they don’t make those shirts anymore

  34. Tamiie Forbes says:

    S I G N F A M. you guys honestly inspired me to learn sign. Lots of love !!!

  35. Ashley M says:

    Omg Java is so cute! Her little tongue when she was sleeping ? & smh on those delivery guys that was uncalled for! Love you guys ! #signfam ??

  36. Haley Haley says:

    Java..so cute..you guys are a good dog mommy & dad..love your channel..

  37. Madison Cua says:

    Do you guys sign in ASL, PSE, or something else?

  38. Bert McGirt says:

    I found your channel because I was looking for someone who signs while they speak, it's a bit easier for me to learn that way, but I have stayed because you two(now 3) are absolutely wonderful!

    You're so wholesome and thoughtful, wonderful teachers, incredibly empowering and silly ? I just want to say thank you for taking the time to teach us. The advice you give in your videos is solid and I'm grateful you choose to spend time sharing with all of us internet strangers. ?

  39. Ynw abby says:

    finally!everyday ive been checking if you uploaded. but NOW U DID ! ? JAVA HAS GOTTEN SO BIG OMG

  40. Natasha Okah says:

    ahhh one of the many joys of home ownership!! my husband and I were 'younger" when we bought our condo and due to our age we were jerked around a lot and often ran into similar situations, and when brought to the attention of the company that infect something was wrong on their end we were often challenged or just brushed off! so so frustrating! way to go you guys for being aware of the situation and standing up for yourselves (and your faulty washer install!) since buying a home together or just in the past overall have you experiences where you felt that maybe you were being brushed off or not taken seriously because one of you happened to be deaf?
    -miss java is adorable and why does java and ryan have the same eye color?? freaking jealous how did you guys give birth to such a pretty puppy girl LOL

  41. Christina Rahn says:

    Hi the couple! Oh boy, that was not easy,stressed,so upset & you guys went through bad times & especially without the washer to wash the clothes for a while long. You guys did the mostly right thing going through but at first,you guys don’t want to sign on the release forms. The man is wrong because he kept talking to make you guys signed.
    I strongly agree with Ryan about what he was saying “ Keep in mind,if something happens, DON’T Sign anything on forms! Be yourself protect!” When I was working at an agency & worked with my former Deaf consumers for 13 years. My Boss/ ASL Interpreter of ILRC(Independent Living Resource Center) trained & taught me & other staffs, When the Deaf consumer/consumers & the person was discussing on any forms to explain on the written papers by the person who wrote WITHOUT the ASL Interpreter presented to make them to sign, Deaf’s Right: Never Sign on any forms without an ASL Interpreter & Request an Interpreter! Miscommunication!!

    Missing you guys & enjoy watching you guys & cute big Deaf ?. Oh by the way, my mom just adopted her new puppy three weeks ago, her friend from Church who had puppies for sale. Her friend gave my mom real good deal SALE so she adopted Molly, “the Blue Heeler”(real breed) about 8 weeks old. We fell in love with Molly. ? Sweet girl! Will grow big about 35lbs. My mom is learning,training,playing, & other responsibilities to take real good care of her puppy,Molly. She is almost 11 weeks old. She born on Aug 4th. When did your puppy ? born? This weekend, I will go over to my mom’s house to help her on Facebook to create it : Molly’s Fb (her own). I will let you know when it’s done & you go on FB to see Molly❣️ Have a nice weekend! ? & ?all

  42. Crystal Figueroa says:

    Java literally winked at us in the beginning of the video ?

  43. Reenarenu Ree says:

    Love you guys?? from South India

  44. Makayla P says:

    I love these vlogs. My favorite ?

  45. Mackenzie Fritz says:

    omg your puppy is so cute

  46. Jazz B says:

    You two handled that like champs! Good job for not letting them take advantage of the situation. Hopefully Lowe's will do you better.
    Loove the videos, loove you three ?
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  47. Jade says:

    Them refusing to fix it is so wrong ! I hope you can get your money back or some sort of compensation

  48. monkeyboy c says:

    I mainly watch the hands as you guys sign, but I never noticed Ryan actually mouths the words he signing

  49. Bean Sprout says:

    Cutteee ????


    Hello Ellen and Ryan! There's a movie called 'Isa Pa, With Feelings" and it's about a deaf and hearing couple, and the struggles and wonders that goes along with it. I think it comes out in the US on October 25. I hope you guys will be able to watch it and give your insights after! <3

  51. Christy S says:

    So sorry Home Depot employees broke your water line. Feeling rushed by their actions is a perfect storm for things to go sideways. As a customer I do feel pushed to sign the form first. But honestly, it should be signed after things are installed and working, saying things went well. So if there is an issue, it can be taken care of. It is a long run around if something goes wrong. They are a selling place more than a place that manages their mistakes or issues with the appliances they sell. my personal experience

  52. Vickie Truong says:

    Hi SignDuo! You guys should totally tweet them and share this experience with them. Make it Public and show them what happens. Bad PR for them!

  53. Helen Burnley says:

    Aww I love y'all! Thanks for updating us!

  54. mayavril1 says:

    Yay great video ?. Missed you guys. You should have brought it to Twitter or your social media and tagged them. The bad publicity might have helped. Sorry guys but so glad you were not pushovers ?

  55. Timmy Trimmer says:

    At 1:44, Java is saying 'Daddy, let me sleep please'

  56. Monish Kumar says:

    Splendid, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , if you like to 🙂

  57. swisstrader says:

    Yesterday I saw my wife walking around in her sexiest lingerie. I thought this could only mean one thing…It’s laundry day!!

  58. swisstrader says:

    Should have said “we are the sign fam”. We not gonna sign?

  59. David McClellan says:

    i love you both love David

  60. Dallas Pepper says:

    Ugh that is a annoying situation for sure. Accidents happen but they should take responsibility.
    But omg cute little Java! She's getting so big! The sqeak toy made me curious. Are squeakers one of the things she can hear?

  61. Suzanne Hedderly says:

    She's grown so much! I love how Ryan looks at her! ?

  62. 0MegaBeast says:

    screw Home Depot, that’s bad business

  63. Chronic Danica says:

    Omg, Java's little TEEFS!!!

  64. Sadie Carroll says:

    I love the captions that you guys put for Java and what she’s thinking, so cute! ? sorry about what happened to you guys with Home Depot, that’s frustrating, but you guys handled it so well! ??

  65. Claire Porche says:

    Hello ! I just discovered your channel and I find it really sweet and interesting ! I am from France and I wonder whether sign languages from different countries are in some ways similar or not… Are some signs common in a lot of different sign languages for example ? Thank you for your great content !

  66. Renée Johnson says:

    Dumb question but… what’s “drift” in terms of cars? LOL

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