Our faces are in the newspaper! The reaction of the cat and his brother

Brother’s reaction Oh, I’m camera-shy! Cat’s reaction Is it me? Great!
Where are my refreshments? That’s another matter! Now we can play with the newspaper!!!

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100 Responses

  1. Pomeranian dog Macana says:

    Amazing cat

  2. Rosalind Kincannon says:

    Lil brother is gentle and kind n so is Pusic. Joy to watch both

  3. грв П says:

    Наша "Пуся" так уничтожила работу по немецкому пришлось переделывать а ещё деньги может подхватить

  4. Melissa B says:

    So cute! My desk chair looks similar – lots of cat scratches… ugh! Pusic could be either one of my boys though…

  5. Lanthis Lombard says:

    Pusic is such a clever, beautiful boy… 🤗😻😽😸😼😺💕

  6. jane doe says:

    Congratulations to Pusic and family! 🎉🎊👏 You have two very smart & loving boys ❤️😻😘

  7. muheen ahmed says:

    Gosh! I just love this cat. 😻😻

  8. chris vende says:

    The way Pusic considers the newpaper is so funny !

  9. Sandi Blohm says:

    Awwwww… love how he kissed his picture! Too cute

  10. ariana lavender says:

    I love this cat. So cute😘😘😘😘

  11. Indira Aguilera says:

    💜💜💜 awwww Congrats Pusic!! Love from Florida.

  12. my Minouch says:

    I love you family Pusic ♥♥♥♥

  13. Mariana Arambula says:


  14. M P says:

    Cat Pusic, i love you! 💓

  15. Fatin Farhana says:

    I want that newspaper too❤️❤️😍😍

  16. Forever Kim Seokjin says:

    Pusic's brother look so proud..

  17. miss miss says:

    Cutest baby ever

  18. karina lucas says:

    Que hermoso gatito

  19. Pera King says:

    I love cats❤️❤️❤️❤️😻

  20. Lee A says:

    Stunning beautiful boy pusic you made the papers such a famous boy!!🐱❤❤❤❤ xxx

  21. Neidemarques says:

    Gracinha ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  22. THUY QUYNH LUONG says:

    Where is pusic come from?

  23. Hello Kitty says:

    Yay Pusic!!! The kiss from your brother was priceless.. Keep on being you and making over a million people happy 🙂 xxoo

  24. Max manni says:

    Ottimo canale mi piace molto e vorrei iscrivermi reciprocamente al tuo canale che ne pensi ?.

  25. toppa toppa says:

    Cats love treats.. dreamies

  26. uTorrent Production says:

    Так ты русский?

  27. Sultanija Bl says:

    Cute family…. Love falls from everywhere ❤️💌🤗💓🤗☺️💋💓💌🤗❤️

  28. Arpad Bolyos says:

    Whats the meaws ? 😁

  29. Saint Barthélemy says:

    Pusic was on Foxnews last week !

  30. Teresa Aguila says:

    Pusic nunca falla

  31. Petya Hristova says:

    The ending is hilarious.
    It matches perfectly with the music
    Adorable Pusic!😻❤️

  32. FurFuzzle says:


  33. AceKingSuitedAK says:

    These videos are great. Didn't realize you were russian too!

  34. Виктор Смирнов says:

    1м подписчиков у канала кота. Что не так с этим миром?

  35. Mullins Family says:

    Omg he on newspaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  36. Alicja Tomza says:

    Cudowne filmiki. Moja kotka, obok na zdjęciu jest identyczna, ma na imię Pucia. Oglądając te filmiki z mam wrażenie że to moja koteczka występuje. Czekam na kolejne i dziękuję za nie niestrudzonemu autorowi😸😆🤗🐱

  37. Antonio Vaz says:


  38. Alvi cat channel says:

    High paw from Alvi cat to Kat Pusic!! ❤️

  39. Verónica Averina says:

    ❤❤ "Bloger Pusic"❤❤
    Congrats Catpusic!!☺

  40. shariys1 says:

    Pusic is just having too much fun playing with the paper! 😂😂

  41. 정young says:


  42. Jojo Lloyd says:

    Pusic is the cutest

  43. Dhira Boon says:

    awwww so adorable.

  44. Carmen Rubio says:

    Que niño más hermoso ,cuánto cariño por su hermano gato ,hermoso video♥️

  45. biebe08 says:

    Who dislikes this video? I don't get it…

  46. Azaeliah of the South says:

    cat brother is growing up fast!

  47. Елена Выгодчикова says:

    Всё видео с лица не сходила улыбка. Спасибо, очень позитивно. Пусик рулит! 👏

  48. Peter Kachala says:

    Pusic dislikes paper..

  49. Hassulaini Ar says:

    Is it really true?😕

  50. Tracy Robinson says:

    Oh such a sweet little boy❣️ Pusic is lucky in Love with such a lovely family ❣️

  51. Hafidzgamer says:

    Are you russia or serbia

  52. Jayalakshmi Jayalakshmi says:

    Ohh great he is on news paper our pusic is famous now but why is pusic on newspaper

  53. Mohamad Haidar says:

    I really like his cat😗😗😗…….kawaiii!!!

  54. Jan Mots says:

    Timofei's reaction to that was so cute he went to kiss brother Pusic whom he loves so much. So precious! 😁😍😍😘

  55. OLENIK RUS says:

    Вы из России

  56. Tarabas Basbas says:

    The brothers pure reaction melts my heart

  57. And Roid says:

    Now I know there HAS to have been an article of some kind written about Anton (AKA Robin Seplut) over in nearby Zheleznogorsk, he has about the same number of subscribers.

  58. FLEDRISE - Brawl Stars says:

    хеи ты же не русский почему гозета русская или ты пошутил что ты не русский

  59. Clarice Loguercio Leite says:

    Great! I do love yours videos.

  60. Dark wolf girl The Killer Polish says:

    Your kid its grow perfect

  61. Joanna Tekieli says:

    Greetings to all family from Poland 😊🇵🇱

  62. Nastya Klibanov says:

    I am also russian!

  63. Michelle D says:

    Loved this!

  64. Adrian 1212 [ИZ] says:


  65. / É R K Â T Ø M [Еркатом] says:

    Why newspaper Russian?
    Почему газета русская?

  66. Анур Хабаров says:

    Я из Казахстана. Умею гоаорить по-русски. Обращайтесь, мой номер телефона:+7 747. Шутка)

  67. TimAnimation Channel says:

    Вы что, русские?

  68. Vlad R says:

    The cat that reader a newspaper

  69. pallabi saikia says:

    I love you pusic…pusic ur so blessed to be a part of that family.ur brother loves u a lot..❤

  70. Queen name of the song Cleopatre says:

    Everyone take notic baby pusic is so awesome he knows he has a cameo movie star appearance So he doesn't even tear his picture up this lil boy s so smart and intelligent.Amazing and adorable We love u pusic.

  71. Queen name of the song Cleopatre says:

    I agree that s Egyptians praise cats they r so angelic I completely believe in Egyptian culture.

  72. Просто Женя. says:

    У Вас такие умные дети… Удачи! Дай Бог здоровья Вам и Вашим малышам… 🙂

  73. Brawl PITYA says:

    Я и не думал что ты Беларус
    Можно сердечко?

  74. Lisa Castro says:

    I love the way you play with you cat. You are very creative and loving.

  75. Yanti Yanti says:

    Pusic cat so cute

  76. BLOXI COLA says:


  77. Fung chun Luk says:

    So what was it about? Was it that pusic is the smartest cat? Or the cutest cat? Or the most loving cat? OR ALL OF THEM?!

  78. Anne Fenimore says:

    Your videos are delightful. Thanks for making and sharing them.

  79. Elanur Unlu says:

    Whats The cats name

  80. Pelit Mamani says:

    I hope you get the 💎 play button

  81. Horse Magic says:

    My cat is blind he's never gonna be in news even if he is inside he be proud of his achievement

  82. Greendip says:

    Так вы Русские, а живёте в Беларуси?

  83. Nyan ortzz says:

    Блогер Пусик : Blogger Pusic, is that right?

  84. 丂ㄩ丂卄丨__ says:

    Не ожиданно, канал на английском, а в газете на русском???!!!

  85. gabriela dancea says:

    Dear Pusic you look like my beloved cat Kitty! But I don't know to upload the picture with her…

  86. Swati Saxena says:

    wow i loved that he did not play with the part where he and his family were in the newspaper 🙂..so intelligent

  87. Leda Gomes Abade says:


  88. Arjan Van houten says:


  89. Sarah Basto says:

    Timofei is fabulous

  90. WhiteKitKat Games says:

    They are Russian! Они русские! 😸 У вас крутой кот! 😸

  91. Susan Jewitt says:

    I think Pusic and his little brother will be close forever. I have never seen a child that in tune with a cat. It is so lovely.

  92. Sweet Drakosha says:

    Congrulations to you Pusic❤😻😻😻

  93. Alexey PG says:

    Лучший кот в мире!!!

  94. Бейсенкул Тулебаева says:

    Ласковый и васпитонный мальчишка и кот большой труд молодцы Благо❤️Дарю 🙏🌹🌹🌹

  95. Diary of Anita S Kenneth says:

    awwww i love your cat pusic and your little baby

  96. GiM 47 says:

    ive got a yellow cat with white little lines that has the same behavior like this one, man i have never had a cat like this one

  97. Ehzeer co co says:

    Are you in Russia????

  98. Darryll Harden says:

    Should have got another copy to get it framed on the wall.

  99. ViaLynxBooYah says:

    Why was he in the news

  100. Bożena Maria says:


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