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  1. RAVEN ELYSE says:

    DISCLAIMER I know people get super sensitive about pets and are super opinionated about the "rules" of pet care. Just want to make it clear that although this is my first cat, we've always had cats (and pets in general) in my family growing up so i'm not completely ignorant to caring for animals. I'm also an avid google-er and I'm always looking to learn more and adjust things as needed by paying attention to what he likes and doesn't like over time! Every cat is different. Please don't ever feel like Bougie is not in good hands! We are always making sure he's happy and healthy! He is very very loved!

  2. Kendyll Orange says:


  3. 이예진 says:

    한국 자막 넣어주세요ㅜ

  4. Janez Novak says:

    I know this is out of the context, but how are your breasts now, 2 years from surgery? It's not possible to comment there. Do u still have the same opinion? This is my opinion. Woman can be feminine with small boobs too! U have skinny body type, of course your breasts will be small too. And to have a filler at such young age…c'mon. U'RE BEAUTIFUL! U don't need plastic… It seems that u don't have a lot of self esteem, plastic surgery is not the best way to grow your self esteem. So annoying nowadays when i see young girls with fake lips, boobs, ass…. imagine that plastic is moving around your ass when u move or seat…

  5. ViejoLoKo says:

    omg so beautiful

  6. Katrina Grosa says:

    U know its OK if u want u can raise ur pet how u want to there is no percific rule on how u should raise your pet so whatever u want to put on him go head I ain't goin judge you

  7. Beautyqueen101 says:

    The topic of pregnancy is also a thing in my 5 yr old sister and brother so idk if it's just when you see it or what it is cuz no one they know are pregnant… It's just something I thought about

  8. Naporche S says:

    The caption while talking to Ziya about get another pet 😂😂😂😂

  9. Summer Bourne says:

    my cat is at least 6 months and she is meannn

  10. bhvd_bevutyyy says:

    yayyy!!! please keep and love him FOREVER! luv u raven

  11. bhvd_bevutyyy says:

    not sure if u havent already (commenting while watching) i would get some cord protectors for cords…helps alot!

  12. Jessica Marquez says:


  13. itz_ lia says:

    Oh my gosh raven kitty boi suits your fam so much ❤️😭

  14. Natural Lina says:

    Omg I miss ziya so much! I got a new phone for Christmas and the last video I watched of you guys was your Christmas party 😭 I’m so happy I found your channel again. Keep up the great work! Ziyas so cute ❤️

  15. Szechuan Sauce says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we're not ready for your sister being pregnant.

  16. Mary Freeman says:

    Its ok dont worry cats always land on their feet

    Why:Because they have a 360° spine like a owl's neck

  17. Get Pretty With Puff says:

    i can’t wait to see Ziya and Boujiee grow up together 🥰🥰

  18. XxKingDominusxX says:

    u should buy one of them amazon that will move the poop to the back so u can though the bag away

  19. Bee Mari says:

    I would close that washer and dryer at all times.he could get in there and who knows what might happen

  20. Stephanie Perez says:

    Soooo cute 🥺🥺😍

  21. Super Awesome Angel says:

    Love love love this video! Your lifestyle and love is meant for bougie! And you know he is so loved! Your pet your family your rules! I do enjoy the videos keep them coming!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Sadie Marks says:

    Even the cat matches her house

  23. Snoddle games says:

    Awww I got my kitten a few months before you and they both seem quite similar and fluffy 😂❤️xx

  24. Wondering says:

    @RAVEN ELYSE  Its So Funny That The Cat Tree Is Called Mya And Your Sister's Name Is Maya Too Lol.

  25. jenniechrismateo says:

    When my mum get close to cats she feels weird so I never really see a cat but I like cats and dogs so I am a cat person and a dog person

  26. Azaria Jade says:

    my sister had 6 cats and treat him like a human if he scratches on something or jumps on top of things that you dont want him to discipline is always necessary nothing too harsh of course but also once he gets older dont let the cat fool you they understand perfect english lol

  27. Crystal Greggs says:

    I love the intro it gives me vibes but I don’t know how to explain it

  28. Sabrina Wilson says:

    You spelled small wrong

  29. Xeriah Wilson says:

    Girl I love that show too

  30. The Ratio says:

    ☺️Him is so cuuute! 😚

  31. Marjorie Coleman says:

    Kitty is soo cute, Ziya loves him! They're very playful when they're kittens. Loved this video. 😘💟

  32. Basically it’s Ty says:

    You got a cat to become a super Virgo is what I’m hearing… got it lol

  33. Kat B. says:

    Can you, and maybe your mom, do a video about the best/safest neighborhoods to move to in Austin?

  34. mary marie says:

    Awwwwwww he's soooooooo CUTE ❤❤❤❤❤

  35. Peter Pascoe says:

    Whoo needs shop when we go AMZON

  36. Sham Sham2 says:

    Your cat is sooooo cute 😻

  37. Jordan Victoria says:

    Ragdoll cats cat get bigger then an average cat if they are male. And I own a ragdoll kitten as well they are so cute 😻😻

  38. Tristina Mills says:

    a cute name is snowball if it was a girl it should be snow

  39. AJah Ross says:

    When it said February 6th and that they had him for a month that day was my 11th birthday

  40. tomarly says:

    The bell is fine

  41. Asma says:

    why zaya didn't have a dad?

  42. Siera D says:

    i wouldn’t mind these people trying to tell you how to care for a pet. that’s like ppl trying to tell you how to raise your physical child and ion like that. it’s mommy/pet shaming 🙄. tell these people to mind the business that pays them. i’m sure you would put neither of them in harms way so do as you please. & congrats to Maya!! you just kinda slid that on in there 😂

  43. hunny blush says:

    Why not slide the litter tray into the corner where to poop bags unit sits then her food will be separate from the litter box.

  44. Bria Jourden says:

    Ziya is so cute and grown now🥺💕

  45. Riley Hawn says:


  46. Devon says:

    Call him winter xxxxxx

  47. insertfemaleusername says:

    I need suggestions on how to keep my friends house from smelling like cats. She’s clean but her house smells. Is the kitty litter genie helpful?
    I have 2 dogs but they go potty outside.

  48. TONY D WATSON JR says:


  49. Belgiana10Love Love says:

    You ar e veri god mom LOVE You gajs❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. Destiny Delaney says:

    Girl I'd get your kitten desexed as soon as he is old enough, male cats squirt, I got my daughter a rag doll 14 yrs ago best cats ever but the hair on furniture and she ruined my leather chairs scratching even though we had a cat tower, so I hope you don't have that issue with your nice new home and furniture.

  51. Portuguese Queen says:


  52. Sophia Hutchison says:

    Man I’m late Bc my phone got turned off but bougie is literally the cutest and you have the cutest family I love I guys so much 💖💖💖

  53. Erin Stewart says:

    Im a cat person

  54. HeeyMariahh says:

    Here’s a top opening litter box in case he kicks the litter a lot & it’s aesthetically appealing. I call my cat KittyBoy & BoyCat lol https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075VTWX7V/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_q0XuEbSS52T8S

  55. Being The Bakers says:

    Little Bougie is so adorable. Haha that side hop was so funny & cute!

  56. jessicaoddone says:

    He’s so cute but I’m definitely a dog person

  57. sarxh_05 says:

    I would get another cat, because most of the cats can get lonely when they are alone. Of course not every cat but I would get another one. And if you do don’t wait to long so that they are not so long apart, oh and another rip if you get another cat get another him. 🙂 the kitty is so cute, awesome video raven 🙂

  58. Enrish Cakes says:

    Ok there is literally nothing wrong with a cat having a bell or bells on. But just make sure it’s a break away collar. So if he gets stuck somewhere or stuck on something he can pull out of the collar to prevent him from choking.

  59. Z L says:

    Wait no. Won't he possibly pull out the plug of the fountain???

  60. Alondra Herrera says:

    Aw I love that you have a cat now! I first got a cat with my husband our first year of being married and she’s been my little structure and routine in my life, and for introverts such as you and I, they’re perfect pets! 🐈 now I’m expecting a baby boy in two months and I’m going to have to rewatch all your baby videos with ziya to see how you managed because im stressing lol

  61. Ashley Tomaszewski says:

    I’m going to give you the best tip I use for a litter box. * sensitive people to waste exit now* I go to the dollar tree, get two litter boxes and two scoops= $4 last the whole month. I scoop as needed but honestly don’t like cleaning the scooper so I throw them away when i’m done or tie a bag around it. After two weeks I throw the whole litter box away…lol because I don’t like cleaning it and it’s the grossest thing ever to me. And it only cost me four dollars a month to replace the litter box. Also I have mine hidden in a IKEA console
    table that I cut a opening and I had a bench by the opening but when my cat got bigger I realize he could actually just jump in without the bench. So I keep all of his cat stuff under there and it keeps my space looking nice I’ll give a link to a picture that’s on my Facebook of the console table just keep in mind I did end up switching out that litter box for the dollar tree ones and I added a auto light in there. https://www.facebook.com/100006885013109/posts/1757810914458392/?d=n

    Also start cutting his nails and bathing him regularly so it gets used to it because mine hates it because I never introduced him to it!

  62. Yom goldilocks says:

    When ziya was a maitaiy baby did you take showers alot ?

  63. Lilly Beck says:

    Kitty Boy is so cute. He is a great addition to your family and will be such a loving companion to have for many years. 💗

  64. Latrice Grey says:

    Your cat is soooooo cute

  65. Just me says:

    At around 20:34 that jump was so funny

  66. Belinda Murdock says:

    Beautiful kitten! Two kittens are even better….get another one so they’ll have play mates and never be alone….I have two tuxedo kittens and they are both a joy to have in my home their my family.

  67. Layla Trammell says:

    How old is ziya

  68. LittleMissHailey says:

    Awwww this is too cute!!

  69. Kayla Imani says:

    Ziya only wanting one cat and saying no to all your pet offers ……. MINIMALIST QUEEN!!!

  70. Renika McGregor says:

    Who else was like girl your face Is looking good! you look beautiful with or without 💄 makeup 💄

  71. laksie rae says:

    I’m literally petrified of cats but he’s so cute, kinda wanna pet him 🥺

  72. Demi van der Kust says:

    Hey Raven, I also have 2 cats in my house and at first we also had stuff in the litter box that made a lot of mess. Now we use another type of stuff for the litter box that doesn’t make a mess and my cats have no problem with the change! Maybe if your stuff in the litter box keeps making a mess you can use another type? Btw bougie is such a beautiful cute cat😍.

  73. Avrey the princes Avrey says:

    That looks like my cat

  74. Enchantress Fx says:

    No the bell is not irritating everyone always know 🙄🙄🙄🙄. I have 4 cats 1 has a bell because he doesn't have a voice so the bell is there for us to know his whereabouts. And the VET RECOMMENDED IT.

  75. Bulara Powei says:

    Lovely babies ❤️🥰

  76. Desirée Chase says:

    "did u a bamboozle" 😭

  77. Jaria Martin says:

    Ziya had her hands on her hips like she was workin hard to take care of Bougie 😂

  78. Linda G. says:

    Your kitty is so adorable.

  79. Mitoshi Stephens says:

    Hello… its a good idea to keep the cat food away from the litter box maybe on the other side of the room
    a space to eat and a place to use the bathroom. Cats are very clean and find that nasty 
    Cute Cat

  80. ava-kate-ria says:

    Is it bad to want to be that CAT 🥺

  81. Sakari Norris says:

    A good way to keep your kitten from clawing is buy cat toys to occupy

  82. Sakari Norris says:

    A good way to keep your kitten from clawing is buy cat toys to occupy

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