OVC Pet Trust – Daisy’s Story

It was just one of those odd days that
it was incredibly hot and humid. At first we didn’t realize how serious it was but that became evident pretty quickly that she was in a lot of trouble. Daisy came to visit us like many
patients on hot summer days. Most of those patients need to be ventilated for two, three, four days. She had a lot of invasive and very serious medical supports in place. They were doing everything that they possibly could to help Daisy. Immediately we felt like we were in good hands. It wasn’t until later on that it set in that she might never come home. At that point it was trust them and and hope for the best. It’s incredibly important that we have
the support of people who believe in what we are doing here. Donations are amazing for us – in fact, one of our ventilators was donated and it’s been hugely helpful. We oftentimes have two separate patients each on their own ventilator. That has been supporting us immensely. It was kind of a reset as to, you know,
what’s important in your life and where you spend your time, where you spend your money. They were there to help Daisy and to help us. What we usually talk about is the level of dedication of the people that work there. These people that dedicate their lives to helping animals.

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