Ozzy Man Reviews: Chook vs Corgi vs Duck

Let’s get ready to fucken rumble. This corgi is like “I’m gonna bloody smash you, you’re dead. I’m gonna use all my best moves, YA! Take that. YA!” The chicken says “just cause I’m a chook it doesn’t mean I’m a soft cock.” And the fucken gloves are off now. Chook is fired up. Corgi has to do some defence. Not for long, he tries a chokehold. Or should we call it a Chookhold ha ha ah. Corgi says “I’m getting hungry and I feel like chicken tonight. Do you have any awareness of how well you go with coleslaw and mayonnaise?” Chook says “please don’t talking about how tasty I am. It’s genuinely below the belt, mate.” Corgi says “sorry not sorry”. Look at the fucken duck to the left. Laziest referee ever. Corgi starts arcing up again.
Chook gets in a nice peck. Duck suddenly wants a piece of the action. He says “I’ve had a fucken gutful of you quit piss farting around and go home.” Chook has a fresh burst of confidence now he’s got an ally. Corgi says “I didn’t know I was allowed a jump in. I’m gonna call Rottweiler.” Duck says… “you think I’m fucken scared of Rottweiler!” This has already been better than McGregor vs Mayweather.

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100 Responses

  1. FierceKnight - Kakoi Otaku says:

    The corgi is so cute hahah , I can't concentrate on what Ozzy is talking , I'm 100% focused on the corgi

  2. Danny X says:

    Man, this is hilarious lol!

  3. Bobo Rex says:

    Dont fuck with duck

  4. personmanin says:

    Haha brilliant as always.

  5. Lawrence Eric L. Taer says:


  6. roxy k says:

    What Koreans see?
    Food fighting 😆😆😆

  7. Blessed Evil says:

    The corgi is already doing a doggy style in front of the cock 😳

  8. No skins have feelings too files says:

    Just because I’m a chook doesn’t mean I’m a soft cock hahahahah great one uncle ozzy man !!! #ozzy man is the best

  9. therasheck says:

    The butt fu is strong with this one!

  10. Sam Lay says:

    Chickens go for the eyes, could of left that dog blind.

  11. jakisa emma says:

    This dog fights like a cat

  12. Yash Sinha says:

    ‘Soft cock’ had me 😂

  13. Ubiquitous Viper says:

    Corgi's main weapon is his butt lol

  14. Prithvi Raj says:

    0:51 You quit piss-farting around and go home.
    15 June 2017

  15. Sheila Armenti says:

    The fucking duck xD

  16. The Lost Lemurian says:

    "I didn't know I was allowed a jump in, I'm gonna call Rottweiler" 😂

  17. Chingangbam Mahesh singh says:

    Suck vedeo.

  18. Catfish sensei says:

    That's a hen

  19. Preity Sidhu says:

    That Corgi is a cutie pie.

  20. Mr. Chapa says:

    PissFart !

  21. muheen ahmed says:

    Best YT recommendation ever

  22. Ratel.H Badger says:

    Better than McGregor v Mayweather? Still a better love story than Twilight!

  23. Александр Поляков says:

    Норм 😁 😂 Norm

  24. Richard Oliver Espina says:

    *Corgi gets goosed off after playing with food

  25. asmit pandharbale says:

    2019 sheilass?

  26. Whatever Floats Your Goat says:

    The Hound VS Fucking Chicken

  27. Paolo Mura says:

    The Hound was saying 'think I'll take on two chickens'

  28. Tad Ficus Catus says:

    Ducks are the best, fuckn funny cunts.

  29. Not Interested. says:

    What a lazy duck refferee 😠

  30. Jason Dye ORIGINAL MUSIC says:

    Dam that's funny

  31. Gabriel says:


  32. Divyansh Walia says:

    The dog was trying to be friendly you Fucktard. He wasn't looking for a fight. I own a dog and he does the same thing when he wants to play.

  33. Liam Cockcroft says:

    before i watch.. fucking get him chook!

  34. Ivan Storey says:

    A battle for the ages

  35. Catalyst - D B says:

    Still a better fight than McGregor vs Mayweathe XD SHOTS FIRED. SHOTS FIRED

  36. Janos K says:

    Your puns are fun but use of 'fuken' just sounds stupid and overacted.

  37. Karen DeBiasse says:

    Too bad swear words I’d love to pass on your funny videos.

  38. Logan Mackenzie says:

    The corgi is fighting like it doesnt realise its legs are short

  39. meaty cabbage says:

    No joke though, this is actually more entertaining than Connor vs Floyd

  40. Drontz says:


  41. experiment54 says:

    YouTube algorithm why am I here?
    5 seconds into video…
    Oh never mind I see 😂

  42. Kind one says:

    Man!!! that thumbnails makes me click on it every time

  43. 나꽃피는 봄이오면 says:

    인형이 닭과 놀고 있어요.

  44. ZuRriX says:

    'You think I'm fucking scared of Rottweiler!?'

  45. David Scanlon says:


  46. longbeardchomu says:

    They all gonna be eaten If this is in china

  47. Glyne Martin says:

    Corgi has improvised on Kung Fu. He uses Butt Fu…

  48. JCloud howe says:

    The dogknows to keep that head away

  49. Claude Carriere says:

    Corgi dog are so funny, I love it 👍🤪

  50. Claude Carriere says:

    Corgi says: I’m hungry, i feel chicken tonight 😂😂

  51. Anirban Mukherjee says:

    I'm dieing 😂

  52. Ne_Pakai says:

    Anyone else love how ozzy man can turn a cute animal play fight into a badass well commentated brawl 😂😂

  53. Mayra Carcamo says:

    Mayonnaise is in coleslaw

  54. Rahul Yadav says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  55. Dawn Pettet says:

    Just too funny. Love them…..

  56. Ronald Quinn says:

    Up side Down great video – thanks for a good laugh!

  57. Bharath kumar says:

    "SOFT COCK" .11 😂😂😂

  58. Vikas Zutshi says:


  59. Jo Ski says:

    Best channel out there to watch on a comedown

  60. Thelby1 says:

    Quit Cussing! Makes you sound uneducated!!

  61. Sayian Master says:

    YouTube recommendation

    Nothing Else.

  62. Nilguiri says:


  63. brownpunk says:

    Can someone else pls explain where the duck came from?..its just so random lol..also what was it doing before

  64. akshay bhadouria says:

    Laziest referee

  65. ramiz raza says:

    Duck : Stop bullying my friend Hen you dirty dog.

  66. Hamish Munroe says:

    That genuinely was better than McGregor Mayweather

  67. Chuck Kellar says:

    Corgi chokes chicken and duck comes…🤔

  68. Moe Kazan says:

    lil LayLay look gooooooood ‘n’ mufaka.

  69. Luis Arturo Alatriste Roman says:

    Es mas intensa y verdadero No como las del canelo

  70. Aravindh Balasubramanian says:

    Oozy makes my day 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Zalamael Semper Dius says:

    Shit, it just occurred to me, that Ozzy Man sounds like the commentator from the Scott Sterling videos.

  72. BEN TSAI says:

    Do these guys get any treats for their excellent performance?

  73. Joboo Luvs u says:

    I just found your channel, good shit bro makes me laugh. Thank you.

  74. Success. Inc says:

    Chook Ya Chookcold

  75. Jussara Corrêa says:

    Que coisa mais linda.

  76. flyerzy says:

    american dog

  77. Fernando Hong says:

    You talk too much and using FFFFks words, Remember the young kids like to watch videos with animals. Damned, remove your voice.

  78. Lillian Glenn says:

    Take this person on YouTube he's got most disgusting voice

  79. Patricio Alvarez Gonzalez says:

    Solamente mierda!!


    😁 Snickering Hard Here 👈🏼 ……
    ( KNUCKLE👊🏽BUMP ) Ozzy Man Reviews

  81. MOG CHO says:



    Dog🐶: hey chick, let me show you some of my wrestling🤼 moves.
    Chick🐔: No! Cause I'm a lady.
    Duck🦆: Hey guy, why don't you pick on someone your own size, like me?

  83. Dina Lopez says:

    Its so cute likes playing

  84. Maria da Graça Marinho says:


  85. Jhadiell Mendoza says:

    the corgi chook kick hahahahahahahahahaha

  86. Sergio Mann says:

    Que lastima el idiota que habla!😒

  87. Tomas Aquino says:

    Ese perro ve dragon ball… triple xxx .. rendise nunca jamas ese berraco se las ve todas si señor

  88. Anna D says:


  89. Motilal Kaiwartya says:

    nic comentry

  90. Mersada Sakonjic says:


  91. Ved Sharma says:

    Epic Games saw this and was like…


  92. Kitcat_007 says:

    Who told you that is a DUCK ?!

  93. Sabores & Cia Com a Eidi says:


  94. eddt430 says:

    OZZY guy you make my life worth living. Epic every single time!!!!!!!

  95. aarobbins99 says:

    Anyone else rooting for the chicken? 😃

  96. dan horne says:

    Nice piece Ozzy .

  97. kqueenz77 says:

    Please get the dog another dog to hang out with

  98. Seba Contreras says:

    Bird power!

  99. names are says:

    The corgi is attacking like a minecraft wolf

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