Pack of roaming coyotes kill family pet

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14 Responses

  1. PISQUE1969 Francis says:

    we took their habitat when we built cities … now that we are moving into the country more and more, these animals are being pushed back into the cities. Keep pets close.

  2. BLKsheepdog Tony G. says:

    LMFAO they have to ask the homeowner association for permission 😂

  3. Milton Benton says:

    Hopefully this wont affect me here in kitimat

  4. grumerguy says:

    It's texas. Shoot them! They aren't supposed to hunt in packs but here's proof they do and they're taking pets. SHOOT THEM!!!! OH. Katy texas. That's liberal bleeding heart territory. Ya'll are gonna get what ya'll deserve down there. Up here in North texas, specifically, the panhandle those coyotes would already be dead!

  5. Atlas WalkedAway says:

    What? Animal control told him to hire someone and the neighborhood wannabe nazis have to give him permission? First off, if that's animal control's response to coyotes then defund and disband them. I'll take that budget and a few other Marines and I will take care of a damn bear if that's what you call in. Secondly, screw the HA. If you put them on a vertical scale that ranges from George Washington at the top to the cringiest soyboy wannabe tyrant at ground level, they'd be doing KungFlu in China.

  6. The Darkman says:

    The good part is they got a cat.

  7. an grey says:

    Coyotes can kill humans.

  8. Maximum Chooch says:

    Too many democrats moving to Tx.

  9. Mussa Musumeci says:

    This is perfect free range cat destruction group!
    I’ll pay extra to watch this!!
    when your close enough!

  10. Opie the trucker says:

    Worried? You build on the animals habitat and expect them to do what? Disappear?? Humans are so selfish

  11. tnscavenger says:

    You bring out a live news crew for that?! Really?! In Tennessee coyotes are out almost every night.

  12. Nick Koutsou says:

    The coyote looking for da road runner beep beep 😁

  13. Ricardo Mendoza says:

    any and everybody who ain't your friend is your enemy you got to eat


    They need to get a donkey in the neighborhood.. Lmao no more coyotes

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