Panosteitis in the German Shepherd Dog – Panosteitis – Pano

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  1. BLUESKYS4EVE says:

    My GSD Nigel was diagnosed with Pano. The Vet gave him a NSAID to relieve the pain and inflammation. Not wanting to do nothing, I decided to supplement his diet with unflavored un-sweeten gelatin found at my grocery store for less than 2 bucks. This worked for Nigel. He runs and jumps like before and his lameness is gone.

  2. BernesePuppies says:

    Drs say there is no known cause for Pano. I know this to be a lie from way up & I will explain. In 2009 with gene mapping, stem cells that regrow finger tips, nails, growing hearts & heart valves in the lab, genetic programming to perform specific tasks, nanobots that replace the blood cell to produce 6x the oxygen & with genome mapping of every living thing on this planet there is no way scientists don't know the trigger point for pano.I dug up the info & I am 99% positive that I know the cause

  3. BernesePuppies says:

    I spent years studying vaccines inside & out for humans & animals.Prior generations saw plagues that wiped out humans & animals alike so there are elements that insist vaccines are necessary regardless of the percentages of children or pets that die due to the vaccine but the deadly or crippling reactions to vaccines must never be officially publicized or admitted to by doctors or vets.If all the stories were made public then it would collapse the vaccine industry as people would refuse vaccines

  4. BernesePuppies says:

    If you notice that the time when Pano hits is the age following the puppy series vaccines & the first rabies shot. 1 study I found where joint fluid was extracted was found the vaccines had accumulated in the joints. When I keyword searched Vaccine Symptoms it read Joint Pain.
    It's the vaccines that cause Pano along with IBS, Colic, allergies, sudden death, swelling of the brain, Autism etc etc etc etc.

  5. BernesePuppies says:

    Oh I know, the medical association adamantly denies vaccines cause Autism but what u have here is a group of people determined that vaccination programs save lives & they will say or do anything to protect the vaccination programs to prevent the plagues not to mention a multi-Trillion dollar industry which I will cover another astounding cover up & lie to sell more product to the innocent unsuspecting public…

  6. BernesePuppies says:

    The idea of vaccination has sound reasoning but here is where the drug companies have everybody bamboozled. 1st u must understand the basic functioning of the immune system & most people do so pay close attention.Simplified:all any human or animal needs is 1 exposure to an antigen or virus, this triggers the anti-bodies to battle the invader, once the data is received for the best way to battle the invader it stores it in the T-cell.Done,that's it for life.There is no reason for booster vaccines

  7. BernesePuppies says:

    The drug companies scientists want u to believe immunity lies within the anti-bodies, it doesn't. Immunity is in the T-cell for life from 1 exposure & another lie is they can't test the T-cell for immunity. Anti-bodies disappear after a time because they are not needed but drug company scientists convince people to keep those anti-bodies in constant production mode with continual vaccinations in animals, so why don't humans get yearly or tri-yearly vaccinations?

  8. BernesePuppies says:

    The reason mercury is in vaccines is to keep the antigen or virus in the body longer to keep anti-bodies in constant production. The virus binds with mercury as it travels through the blood stream it actually penetrates the red blood cell as well as muscle & organs. The immune system cannot eradicate the virus because it is attached to the mercury so it spends years in constant battle mode. Some immune systems are so powerful it will kill the red blood cell to get to the virus…

  9. BernesePuppies says:

    This is called Hemolytic Auto Immune Anemia in the case of a Standard Poodle of mine that was near death 3 months after receiving the entire gamete of vaccines. The vet said he will die in 3 days if I don't get him to emergency care for bone marrow transplant & blood transfusions. I argued it was the mercury vaccine in the blood cells & all he needed was a heavy metal detox, the vet was angry & said don't be surprised if he is dead in 3 days. I gave the dog EDT to remove heavy metals…

  10. BernesePuppies says:

    He was lethargic & hadn't eaten or drank for 3 days, his gums were pure white (anemic). I had to force him to drink gatoraide & water, I forced down his throat antibiotics, Iron hemoglobin supplement, EDTA liquid, heavy metal detox herbs, & wide array of pet & human vitamins. Miraculously in 3 days he began eating & drinking like a horse. In 3 wks I took him back to the same vet for tests. The vet says he is normal, when I looked at him funny he said oh yes this can reverse with nutrition

  11. BernesePuppies says:

    I presently have a new Berner pup now 8 months old. He got pano 3 days following the rabies vaccine. He limped severely for a week as I gave him high doses of Glucosamine, Chodroitin, MSM but did not help so I gave him EDTA liquid 15 drops 1 day & he stopped limping & was normal for 2 days, 3rd & 4rth day he limped, I gave him another dose & stopped limping now for 3 days. I'm telling you it's the mercury / vaccines

  12. BernesePuppies says:

    Also in the video above you mention a connection with high white blood cell count & pano. That is only a tiny piece of the puzzle but do you see it now? Vaccines contain Antibiotics, Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, ether, detergents & more & infected puss or something of the like that the virus is grown on, you are injecting infectious disease substances into your animal or child repeatedly when once is enough for immunity. These toxins are carcinogenic & do cause health & behavioral problems.

  13. Ilonggo Sa Amerika says:

    My GSD is only 12 weeks old and already had PANO after x-ray. He is limping with a swollen hind leg. The vet prescribed 25 ml Rimadyl twice a day but so far the swelling has not come down.

  14. hollykatew says:

    search hind leg muscle pain
    My GSD (nearly 2 years) has just started walking funny on both back legs. Vet found sore thigh muscles (possibly) it went away for 2 weeks, but has come back!
    She has heaps of protein in her diet…

  15. lawnshark19 says:

    I have a 12wk gs and will yelp holding his left paw in pain for like 30sec than will continue on like hes ok vet gave him some anti inflamotory medicine and pain killers.He didnt say anything about pano but i was wandering from your exsperience when the limb goes gimp with pano does it stay that way for awhile my pup seems to go back to normal soon after

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