Paralyzed Dog Gets Wheels – Ricky Bobby

I’m Jen Kulina-Lanese a member the animal rescue team Sampson County Animal Control called the Humane Society of the United States when they have been investigating
a large-scale breeder for quite some time a suspected puppy miller when we walked into the buildings, the stench of urine and feces and illness kind of just hung in the air and it’s just a very sad, sad scene I remember walking down one of the aisles and that’s the first time that I saw Phoenix who is now named R.B. he kinda dragged himself, making himself invisible I don’t know what he was trying to do I remember just wanting to pick him up and make him safe well this is Phoenix, he’s paralyzed in his back legs he’s covered in urine and feces right now
and his poor back end just has no muscle left it’s just all bone he was really shaky when we first picked him up and now he’s kind of seemed to calm down and relax a little bit and that’s a good feeling he knows we’re here to help he’s got plenty of chances and
opportunities he just needs to be with somebody who loves him my name is Megan bliss I’m a veterinary technician at
CareFirst in a hospital in North Carolina I first met RB when the Humane Society, hi honey, had brought dogs from the Sampson County puppy mill to our office oh boy! I immediately started working on a cart I
knew that I could build him one and the second I put him in the final
product nothing could stop him he’s just are our best little guy and he’s got his big brother tucker and they love each other so much seeing him today, you never would know that that’s where he came from and and I think that’s the best part because that’s the life the dog should have sorry the Humane Society of the United States
rescues thousands of animals every year just like Ricky Bobby but they’re
still so many more out there suffering we can’t do this without you be a hero for animals please make a special gift to support rescues like this and all of the work that we do

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100 Responses

  1. SA M says:

    You are awesome!!! We need more caring people in the world!!

  2. Alejandra Castaneda says:


  3. dizzy tiesha says:

    You's are so kind

  4. Ryan Poulsen says:

    so sad waaaa

  5. fairybits says:

    Jerks who gave a thumbs down. Shakes head.

  6. Slime Stax says:

    Your an amazing person.
    Thank You

  7. Fredbear Fazbear says:


  8. Donnie Gates says:
    Please take a moment to share this for my baby <3

  9. Wedding Channel Cebu says:

    Dogs are kinda like human but diferent

  10. Ashley Brown says:

    You are so nice you saved your dog so it could do everything a dog can

  11. Kaiya Haas says:

    All these beautiful rescue videos are making me so happy…. It's such a beautiful and inspiring thing to see animals go from small, hopeless, filthy lives to amazing and happy ones is so wonderful!! I love what you do, HSUS!!??

  12. Миланка Рзаева says:


  13. jose zuniga says:

    I still like the Dog

  14. Gurdy the Cat says:

    I have a dachshund and he's 6 years old

  15. Isabel Clemmons says:

    So cute

  16. AshnKksmom2 says:

    Thank you for taking this cutie in and giving him a happy life.

  17. Livin' That Vegan Life says:

    aw soo cute and adorable I want to save animals lives when I'm older I have started to work my way up to animals

  18. Dan Anthony says:

    God bless you people. God in heaven knows you are angles sent to them. dogs are the greatest gift to man ,sorry kids.

  19. Francisco Fuentes says:

    I need help on how I can build a wheelchair for my dog

  20. Don Grose says:

    nice rims, ricky

  21. Shifterv Limiter says:

    I am crying bro he is sooo cute

  22. parisGK says:

    very nice!!!!

  23. Asko Jokikokko says:


  24. Yahya Aljaff says:


  25. paulina sabatowicz says:

    my Peanut is paralyzed to;( 2nd time;( he has wheels but he would not use it now becouse his front os not strong enough:( such hard time for him and my family;( just heart breaking

  26. J F says:

    This is not the quality of life a dog needs, this is sad and not the humane thing

  27. Dennis Logan says:

    I am not a violent man, but I believe that anyone who runs a puppy mill should be made to live in the same conditions for at least a year. Anybody agree?

  28. PowerOf One says:

    Damn those onions…………

  29. Lemon Cake says:


  30. Seb says:

    i swear dogs are just the best creatures on this earth

  31. Coracao Formoso 123 says:

    lindo Anjinho amor ??

  32. Hilda AYBAR says:

    Aw what a sweetie ?

  33. Summer of Kitty Love says:

    Oh my those big brown soulful eyes!!

  34. Karla ALVA says:

    Que hermosa historia, me conmovió mucho que agradecida la perrita con su dueña, súper cariñosa ??????????

  35. CrescentMoonDancer15 says:

    I was doing so well. But then I heard her say "big brother Tucker" and I started getting all teary eyed when I saw them together.

  36. Amy P says:

    I saw this video before.  It's one of my favorites.  I just LOVE Ricky Bobby's story and how good it turned out.  I hope the other animals get a great home too!

  37. pat sizemore says:

    so sad it breaks my heart

  38. Son Trinh says:

    how can anyone not like this story idiots……

  39. Wendigo Gaming says:

    hello I need some help should I be a vet or be a part of humane

  40. PSN iiDearly says:

    My dogs back legs are paralyzed ):

  41. Demonrose64 says:

    Oh my gosh I'm crying. He looks like such a sweetheart and the fact that he's a dachshund makes my heart aches even more as I have two that I adopted from the local shelter and they are the sweetest old dogs I have ever seen, always wagging their tails and begging for love.

  42. lps Ava says:

    he's so cute

  43. Christine Trzcinski says:

    so awesome seeing him run!

  44. galatia dervisi says:


  45. Joe Moe says:

    Anyone know the music in the background it's beautiful!

  46. bianka silva says:

    Chico meu amorzinho da mesma raça!

  47. lpanldemonium says:

    I remember seeing him on one of the rescue videos!

  48. Sammy Lachebek says:

    Try to make him swim five times a week and you'll see the big changes he will make, he will be able to walk again because the nervous system is able to be revived through swimming sport in the swimming pool… I am sure…

  49. Michel Mullaney says:

    Beautiful, God bless you. My baby legs just went out tonight. I am very frightened. Going to try to make a chair for him

  50. Siddhant Tyagi says:

    What breed is RB?

  51. Jesse aragon says:

    I have a pug with the same problem

  52. Depressed Wolf says:

    How is their only 4k likes it should be 111,11111,1111,111, million likes

  53. Depressed Wolf says:

    Soon good people when I grow up I'm going to be like them ?

  54. the existential crisis says:


  55. Marie Teresa says:

    Please Repond

    My Aunts Dog, this breed, fell l a stone wall chasing a squirrel. He was paralyzed in his back legs, and surgery failed. I want to make a wheel chair like this for him with my grandpa. Do you have ,measurments I can shape?

  56. Jakob Hinkle says:

    There’s nothing sweeter than a disabled pupper

  57. David abott says:

    How's RB doing today 11/03/17 would really like to know thanks Dave from Michigan

  58. Rose Slimes says:

    This makes my heart melt ????

  59. Jagroop Batth says:

    Sewwt and I love bogs

  60. Guillermo the gamer says:

    I love hem

  61. Lillian vlogs says:

    R.B is so cute that lady is awesome for making that wheelchair for him

  62. juliane says:

    Who diced onion!

  63. Myrthe Peek says:

    I, one day, want to visit you and help and work with you, the people of humane society of the United States, but… I’m only 15 so I have to wait a couple of years! But know I’m already saving up money to buy a plane ticket!

  64. benjamin Hvilsted says:

    I know a grown ass man is not crying but this brings tears in my eyes and if you are not cryin or have tears in your eyes you my friend are not human.

  65. Will Jordan says:

    Tearing up the who time watching Thank God for the love and help y’all brought to these beautiful creatures I donate and buy from our local shelter store all the time it goes to helping as well God bless y’all

  66. Novie Vasquez says:

    how to do a wheel like that?:'( my adopted daschund dog is also like him. I want my baby to run again :'(

  67. WhitewolfPotter Yang says:

    I know this is an odd question but anyone know the name of the song? Also Ricky Bobby is a smart beautiful lil pupper and I'm glad the Humane Society team was able to find him and rescue him just in time. Not to mention the other wonderful pups in that disgusting vile place. Thank you Humane Society.

  68. Daniela Casadei says:


  69. chris walsh says:

    Why would this have thumbs down you twats. A huge huge thank you to those that make a difference Ricky Bobby you're awesome!

  70. Pewdiepie Fan says:

    Whoever these 62 people who disliked this video I will expose you for the evil person you are. My dogs name is actually Ricky bobby

  71. Laurel Girard says:

    What will it take for puppy mills to be made illegal? Maybe a caring administration would help.

  72. Amy P says:

    I can watch this over and over again!

  73. Justiceforall says:

    Love you Ricky Bobby ?

  74. Balu Waghmare says:

    This video make me cry

  75. madhu chandra says:

    Even i also crying after watching this

  76. silverquote skylord says:

    keep it up , its amazing, thank youu so much

  77. Cynthia Hawkins says:

    What is probably MOST wonderful? As you pick them up, and carry them out of the Hellish places where they have been confined, these suffering dogs still can often wag their tails, and lick your face from sheer gratitude at being saved. The work you do – it's why we support HSUS. Amazing. It is now 2018. We are proud to be HSUS sponsors here in NYC. Bless y'all..

  78. Phuong Tran says:

    ❤️❤️❤️???????????❤️❤️❤️ so cute?????????❤️❤️❤️

  79. Dawn Wilson says:

    I have a basset hound her name is daisy and she's 15yrs old,she is now paralyzed in her back legs,she can kinda drag herself but her front legs isn't as strong as they once was.We've tried to make her a wheelchair but she cant move in it,do you have any ideas or something I can try?It would be very much appreciated.

  80. Fun says:

    How did you build yours wheelchair my little Dachshund lost the use of his back legs

  81. Adrianne Sills says:

    "If you ain't first, you're last… " –Ricky Bobby

  82. sleepy55 says:

    Good, that you could help him! All the best for little Phoenix!
    My Dachshund was paralysed too. And we had a hard time. But luckily surgery at his spine could repair it and now he can run again! We all are so happy. (Sorry if Imy language is not correct, I am from Germany.)

  83. Judi for America French apple pie says:

    Be careful, now that your pet has mobility, a cop just might find it to be a threat and shoot it, we pray that the demon Blue ISIS domestic terrorist will never harm this sweet precious animal.

  84. Furby Gaming 125 says:

    It’s jeffys dog

  85. Akj Zun says:

    Nothing can stop him.

  86. sandra ross says:

    Sweet,sweet loving story??❤️

  87. Brian Ariel says:

    Who's cutting onions

  88. Lauren Duran says:


  89. Big O says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. I cried since I saw my little doggie. I have a doggie identical to this one. And this Monday he woke up screaming and was dragging himself. I took him to the vet and he said he is going to lose the use of his rear legs. They put him on meds and he started to walk but barely. I would love to know how you made that little wheelchair. I would love to make my doggie one too. It breaks my heart to see our baby drag himself.

  90. r lynn says:

    There's such a plethora of evidence to prove that letting dogs lick your face and mouth is extremely dangerous or at least very disgusting. I can't believe people working at the humane society would do it. Are they uninformed?

  91. chiranjibi adhikari says:

    When I watch like that vedio I like to cry

  92. logmeindangit says:

    I love what you've done for RB. Thank you. I was curious, though, about the weight distribution between his front legs and the wheels. I know this video is six years old, so I hope RB is still around. When I watched the video, it looked like he might do better if the wheels were moved a bit more forward, so the axle is at least where his hips are, so his front legs carried less of his entire weight. Also, with a "wheelie bar" like I see he has, so he would not flip over when he bounced on those happy front legs! I hope he's still around and doing well!

    Thanks for sharing this success story. Puppy mills are so awful.

  93. Yavor Hadgiev says:

    Stop buying animals – adopt them and treat them well! 🙂

  94. Wawa Willegers says:

    Poor innocent little angels.
    Thank you for saving them.

  95. Lucy Hemmersen says:

    I hope those puppy farmers get paper cuts every day, the sick freaks.

  96. Pollipi Pop says:

    I love seeing this, it brings me to tears, you see my Pom has his disk ruptured and his doctor said he may be paralyzed, he refuses to eat,drink or go out to use the bathroom and he can’t walk.
    My guardian works until night and I won’t get home till afternoon from school. So we decided the best thing is to put him down, it brings me to tears to know tomorrow is gonna be his last day and seeing these people have the time to give this dog the best life. Such wonderful people❤️

  97. Matt - says:

    I also have a dog in a wheelchair and he’s living a happy life just like every other dog i love seeing people help dogs like that

  98. Derrek Milby says:

    I'm trying to keeshond used to the wheel. It's his 1st day with it and he struggles, and wanted to get off the wheel.

  99. A. Mrio says:

    Just live baby, just live bby boy! Brought tears to my eyes ?

  100. zoltar808 says:

    Does anyone have design plans for this cart? I want to make one for my mini Dachshund.

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