Paw Patrol and Puppy Dog Pals Hide n Seek in the Park with the Assistant

– [Girl] Family fun for everyone. – Yep! – [Man] Whoa, there she goes! I’ll get you though! (girl laughing) Get you! Oh, good job. Hey assistant, who are we gonna find? – Puppy Dog Pals and PAW patrol. – [Man] That’s right, they
escaped those silly puppies. They’re hiding from us. Let’s see if we can go find ’em. Okay?
– Okay. – [Man] Get down from there. That’s a giant ant hill. Alright? – [Girl] Yeah, it’s like life-size. – [Man] Wait a minute,
can you go through there? Whoa. – Ooh, it’s a tunnel. – [Man] Wow, look at that. – The middle. – [Man] Alright, let’s go find them, okay? – Okay. Let’s go. – [Man] Okay it’s the scene. Here we go! We gotta, that was a fun net. We’ve gotta find it so they
gotta be around here some place. – Yeah. Let’s go. – [Man] Let’s see, where
do you think they are? – Let’s check up here. – [Man] Now go all the way up here. Okay? (girl laughs) Anything? Wait a second, I don’t see anything. – Here I am. – [Man] Alright. – Go over here. – [Man] Okay. – Look, I see something green. – [Man] What do you see? You found Rocky! – Right. – [Man] Good job. You found Rocky from? – PAW Patrol! – [Man] Oh, PAW Patrol, that’s right. So let’s see Rocky. We found Rocky. So, wait a minute. This log is hollowed out, isn’t it? It’s kind of hard to see. Okay so let’s go down this
hollowed-out tree, okay? – Okay. – [Man] You think you
can make it down there? – Mmm. – [Man] Okay, whoa! Wait a minute, where are you at? – Right here. – [Man] You’re going all the way down? So here’s the tree. Where did the assistant go? – Right here. – [Man] Right where? Oh there you are! Whoa, alright. So let’s see if we can
find anyone else, okay? – Okay let’s go this way. – [Man] Let’s go this way. – Hey, there’s a brown
something right here. – [Man] What is it? You found–
– Rolly! – [Man] You found Rolly
from Puppy Dog Pals! Right?
– Right! – [Man] We found Rolly and Rocky. Hey these both start
with a letter R, right? – Right, that must mean A,
B, C, D, E, F, G, H (mumbles) – [Man] So we found Rolly and Rocky. Hey, you know what? We gotta keep looking! – Okay, let’s go! – [Man] Let’s go. Where could they be? There’s that bridge you went across. Let’s see. Should you go up the slide? – Sure. – [Man] I think Rolly – Gotta run. Can’t make it. – [Man] Whoa, okay. – I’ll try again. – [Man] Try it one more time. Oh, good job. Let’s keep looking, okay? – Okay. – [Man] Hey assistant, what are you doing? – I’m gonna ride down a zip-line! – [Man] Zip-line, really? – Yep. – [Man] Whoa, there she goes. I’m gonna get you though! I’m gonna catch you! (girl laughing) Oh, good job. – Whoa! (laughing) – [Man] What are you doing? You’re going backward. – I know. – [Man] Okay assistant, you ready? – Yeah, I’m reading to go down a zip-line. – [Man] You’re gonna go down a zip-line? – Yeah
– Ready, set, and go! – Daddy catch me! No! – [Man] I can’t hold it back. (girl laughing) Whoa. Now you’re going backwards! Ha, you’re gonna get me! (girl laughing) Good job, high five? Alright, good job. Let’s keep looking. – [Girl] Okay. – [Man] Okay assistant. Hey, this is a pretty fun, you’re on the teeter-totter. – Jumping. – [Man] So, wait a minute. Am I big enough for you to, we gotta keep looking
though so you rode all kinds of fun things, now we
gotta find other members. Alright, let’s go.
– Okay. – [Man] Let’s see. – Looks like under this bridge. – [Man] Yeah, what’s under the bridge? – Nothing.
– Nothing there. Let’s check on this other side, okay? – Okay. – [Man] Wait, what’s under
the bridge, assistant? – Oh, right. – [Man] Is there anything, do you see it? – Nope. – [Man] Nothing there. – Hey look! – [Man] You found, wait
a minute who’s that? – It’s Rubble. – [Man] Rubble on the double. Good job! He was just sitting
there in the tree, right? “Rubble on the double”. (groans) – He’s probably working on this tree. – [Man] He probably was
working on the tree. Alright, let me see Rubble and we’ll see if we can find anybody else, okay? – Okay. – [Man] We’ve got Rubble. Let’s keep going. Let’s see. Let’s go this way. – Okay. (playful music) – [Man] Okay, this is it, look
and see what you can find. – Okay. Going across the balance beam. – [Man] Going across the balance beam. Good job. Now onto the rocks. – Now there’s a tunnel. – [Man] A tunnel! I’m gonna go through the tunnel too. Assistant, where am I at? Assistant! – You’re right there. – [Man] Now there’s a big tree. Hey look, down there!
– Okay. – [Man] Right there, I see something! It’s Chase. – [Man] It’s Chase, wow! Let’s see. So Chase was on the case, right? – Right! – [Man] Hey Chase. So you found Chase, you found Rubble, we found Rocky and Rolly. – Right and if I get this one out, his tennis ball shoots. – [Man] Wow! Alright, well we gotta keep looking, okay? – Okay. – [Man] Let’s go. Okay assistant, so we
found a bunch of characters but we still have more to find, right? – Right. – [Man] We gotta find Skye. We gotta find, let’s see, Marshall.
– Marshall. – And we’ve gotta find Bingo.
– Bingo. – Right? – Right, let’s go. – [Man] Let’s keep going. – Hey look, there’s a swing that swings. – [Man} Hey, it’s swinging. Wait a minute!
– It’s Skye! – [Man] Skye was in the swing! Why was she in the swing? She can just fly. Isn’t that silly? She can fly through the sky. (girl laughing) Alright, so we found Skye. Let’s keep looking, okay? – Okay. – [Man] Let’s go over that way. – It’s a swing! – [Man] More swings. Hey look, there’s instruments over here. Do you want to play em? – Sure! Let’s go. – [Man] Let’s go. Well, look at all these cool things. Okay assistant, show me how you can play. – Okay! (laughs) (taps)
(gentle music) I think it works better on this side. – [Man] So it’s a xylophone, right? – Right! (taps)
(gentle music) – [Man] That’s pretty cool. Hey look, there’s more
instruments over here. Let’s try this one right here. – Okay. I think you have to grab
some sticks for that. – [Man] I think that’s
just hand-drums, right? (drumming) (drumming drowns out voice) Don’t lick it. – I was just looking at it. – [Man] Oh, you were looking at it. So those are hand-drums and look right here this is pretty cool. – I’m gonna try it. – [Man] Okay. This almost looks like a giant organ! – Uh, huh. (gentle music) (clanking) – [Man] I think if you hold
down further, like right here, right? (girl laughing) Hey, go all the way
across like you’re going (imitates instrument) (rolling chord) Try that the other way now! – This way? – [Man] Yeah, cause
they’re different that way. They’re different in how they sound. Assistant, you’ve got one more try. Assistant! – I think it’ll work better with this one. – [Man] Maybe so. (rolling chord)
Good job! (drumming) Oh, that looks fun and then what are these over here? – They’re giant! (metallic tapping) – [Man] Hey look, somebody’s down there! – It’s Marshall! – [Man] You’ve found Marshall! Wow, good job. (metallic tapping) Yeah those pipes are different
heights, aren’t they? So they make a different sound. – These pipes are different heights. – [Man] And so you found, who’s that? – Marshall! – [Man] Marshall from? – PAW Patrol! – [Man] Not Puppy Dog Pals? – Nope. I’m trying to see if I
can get him up there. – [Man] Oh, alright assistant. So we’ve gotta find, we’ve found, – I think we just have to find Bingo. – [Man] I think we’ve
gotta find Bingo, right? – Right, let’s go. – [Man] Let’s go, let’s find Bingo. Okay, this is, we looked through the park. I think we’ve gotta go on our trails now to find Bingo, right? – Right! – [Man] He got a little bit further back than the rest of em. Assistant, do you think
you can cross that stream? – Yeah, I think so. – [Man] Whoa, you made it. I don’t know if I can make it though. (laughs) – You’re a lot taller than me, so. – [Man] I know, I’m gonna try. (grunts) That was close, alright. Now, you’ve gotta go across those logs? – Yeah. – [Man] Oh, I don’t know. Be careful. Did you make it? – I made it. – [Man] Alright, now I’ve
gotta try to make it. Alright, ready? Whoa, I think I’ve got it so far. I made it! – You made it. – [Man] Alright. How lucky of us. Let’s keep going though and
see if we can find Bingo. – Okay. Hey look! – [Man] Hey look at what? – It’s on the tree. – [Man] Oh, is that squishy? I bet you Bingo left it
for us to find, right? – Right it’s like a trail. It’s toast! – [Man] Toast! Oh, it’s a little
Shopkins Squish-Dee-Lish! – It’s that toast? – [Man] Can I eat it? No, it’s not real food right?
– No. It’s just supposed to be a squishy. – [Man] And I could squish his eyes in. “Hi there!” Alright then, so we found
our Squish-Dee-Lish. Now we still gotta find Bingo, right? – Right. This is a weird thing, right here. – [Man] That’s a
funny-looking tree, isn’t it? – Yeah. – [Man] Alright, let’s keep going. Alright, let’s keep going that way, right? – Right, let’s go. We’ve gotta follow the trail. Follow the trail. Follow the trail. – [Man] So we’re in the park. We like coming to parks, don’t we? – Yeah, I love coming to the park! – [Man] We like the fun, we play, we– – And most importantly we
spend time with our family. – [Man] And you know what assistant? You make a lot of friends when
we come to the park, right? – Right. – Alright, so. Now what’s your favorite
thing at this park? Was it the zip-line? – I like the zip-line. That’s probably the most fun at this park. – [Man] People at home, do you have a park with a zip-line near you? That’s pretty cool. – Yeah. – [Man] Alright, let’s keep going. – Just keep following the trail. – [Man] Follow the trail. So, this is actually called
going on a hike, right? We’re just going on a little hike together and we’ve hidden some toys or
some toys have hidden from us so we could try to find em. – Let’s go this way. – [Man] Yeah, oh good idea. Just hiking in the woods. (leaves rustling) (girl laughs) What? – I see something. – [Man] What do you see? What do you see, assistant? – I see Bingo! – [Man] You see him where? – In this tunnel. – [Man] Oh look! That was a great hiding spot wasn’t it? Right there. Can you put him back where he was hiding? – He was right there. – [Man] He was right there. It was like he was staring
right at us, right? – Right. – [Man] That is where Bingo was hiding. Alright, you can grab him now. Pretty neat, alright. So we found all the members of PAW Patrol and Puppy Dog Pals. – [Man] So who do you
think was hiding the best? – I think I like Bingo’s the best. – [Man] He had a good spot, didn’t he? People at home, what do you think? Have your parents leave a
comment and let us know, right? – Right. Alright everyone, we
hope you had a lot of fun hiding with us and playing
hide-and-go-seek in the park and on a hike. – Yeah. Hope you have a great day! Bye! – [Man] Bye everyone. Hey, there everyone! Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe
to The Engineering Family so you see lots of cool videos! In fact, there’s another
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PAW Patrol, Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Blaze, Masha. There are so many videos to watch! Bye!

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