Paw Prints – Official Full Short Film | Utthara Unni Malayalam Short Film 2017 (English Subtitles)

Argh! John Uncle, ball please! You want to play by smashing it
on someone else’s house? Bloody kids! [Door Bell] Hi Uncle Yes? Uncle I have to go to Bangalore urgently So? I don’t know how to say this.
But I know it’s a really big favor to even ask.. Sarath tell me what the matter is.
Don’t waste my time! Sorry Uncle, I’ll go today and
come back immediately. Till then you have to please
take care of him Eh? To take care of your dog? I have got a hundred things to do.
Go find someone else! Uncle please Uncle.
I have no one else to go to. Please. Listen, it’s true that
your dad and I are good friends, But don’t come to me for such non sense!Go now! Please Uncle Just go! Hello, I’m good Ha as usual… Preparing breakfast Aha then? How the things are going on? One second! Didn’t he leave? Hello, I’ll call just you back! Where did he go.. Sarath? What the hell has he done! [The mobile number you are
calling is switched off] What crap! Stay there! Sit! Don’t move Stay there ok? Oh! Oh no.. Made it a mess! Crap! Come here! What the hell.. Sit here. Now don’t move! Shh! Sit there ok? Here, have this. Why don’t you stay at one place… Oops!
And now you peed here also. Crap! Go away! Go… Go!! [Coughs] Come Here, Sleep [The mobile number you are calling is
switched off. You can now send a voice..] Good Morning What’s that barking noise coming from your house? Oh don’t even ask, that Sarath dropped off a pup
one day and vanished away. I tried calling him a lot of times but his phone is switched off . What more to say.. I’m not even able to do any work! Oh its really hard to maintain.
There’s one here also. Chinnu put the whole responsibility
on my head and flew off to Mumbai. That’s all what kids care! Yes. Anyway I’m giving it away. Unnecessary headaches!
– Bye Oh no! Snake! No [Coughs] [Coughs] Thank You Leo Aha! Who’s this with the umbrella and all Was expecting it to rain. That’s all Ah Anyway you have a companion now. Yes Yes Come come.. Ah good boy! [Phone ringing] Hello Hello we saw ur post regarding
pet adoption. How old is the dog? Oh sorry… That was a wrong post. Oh I’m sorry People are calling to say
they want you Hi Sarath Hi Uncle Come in! We moved to our house just
last week. To be honest Uncle,
I had to dump him on your head. I know I troubled you a lot. No nothing like that. And since she likes dogs, we thought of taking him back
when we come here Oh no We have an outdoor cage there Garden is there!
He will give the food and all But dogs eat only once in a day right,
so its fine I feed him three times in a day Anyway you needn’t take trouble
anymore! I’m here! Even if he shits inside the cage,
we can wash it off with the hose, So we needn’t really get him
out at all. I never put him in cage.
He’s mostly inside with me. And moreover he’s happy and
used to the surroundings here. Anyway this is my dog!
You needn’t worry much! Hey listen Sid is waiting
for us it seems. Let’s leave? Ok let’s go Hey
-Hey what’s his name? Leo Hey Leo! Hey! Ay! No no no.. I don’t like touching! One second
– Ya Ok! Hey, Labradors are quite expensive
right, we could get a good deal
even if we sell it. – Yes definitely! And I hate this smell of dogs. Even if we put him in cage, the house is going to be stinky. It’s going to be fine Oh God I can’t imagine all this
Sarath. Chill no ! Here’s the leash No no no! Hey Leo. Come here! Oh God I give this pet food only once a day.
At night. Afternoon I give him rice
with some.. Remember this Tanya chick
we met in Coorg? – I know She’s getting married it seems!
– Oh really? Please feed him on time.. Wow! This colony is really beautiful I love it
– Ya it is Sarath, next month is his
routine check-up. Ya ya! Try to consult a good doctor
in Bangalore itself. I’ll do that

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